Never Doing This Again.

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Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It's time for a change and it starts NOW.










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Kristal Martinez
Kristal Martinez 時間 前
Jeffree stfu..... this situation had nothing to do with you and looking back into this situation makes me realize why i'm not following you anymore
- Konji -
- Konji - 3 時間 前
*When you try and ruin Someone's career, and end up less popular than them, then immediately try to apologize to get 'em subs back. *
harmony mcgairty
harmony mcgairty 14 時間 前
U is too messy lol
scarleth portillo
scarleth portillo 14 時間 前
😂😂you are so false that you are also playing the victime like tati😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌you and tati are really good actors😂😂😂😂
Lomas World
Lomas World 19 時間 前
Everyone on here getting mad are doing the same thing. Commenting on shit you don't know either. And probably involve yourself in any online drama you see. Just cuz he's famous doesn't mean he can't have an opinion. Y'all need to relax
Jasmine leveridge
Jasmine leveridge 22 時間 前
omg u are so sick u should have just butted out
WamBam BootySlam
Yeeeeeeessssssssss!!!! I absolutely love this and respect you so much more! Absolutely love you ❤️❤️❤️ life is about growth and it’s a lesson learned and you’re human! Love you so much!
Dr. Seuss Hentai
nobody: jeffree: we-
Reina Gutierrez
Omg I just saw this! I wish I would have seen it months ago. I fucking adore you. Thank you!! I’m alive another day! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😥
You also owe an apology to James Charles. You were wrong just admit it🤦🏼‍♂️
Caitlin Evans
I hate you
Laurel Purple
I’m proud of you. The negative fucks that are commenting- don’t bother reading. You have been on the receiving end of soooomuch abuse- you are bound to be a little off balance at times. Jeffrey, you are truly trying and growing and with the cajones to do it in the spotlight- I applaud you. You inspire.
How does this guy have more likes then dislikes
alicefromearth 2 日 前
Lola Ewing
Lola Ewing 2 日 前
At this point all anyone can say is, if Jeffrey is still friends with Tati (and hes clearly not still friends with James) then his apology is a crock of shit. I've always loved you Jeffrey for being the honest person you are and not allowing other negative people to bring you down. But you have just treated James the same way you were previously treated in this industry when he's only building himself the same way you did. That's so unfair and unacceptable.
phoebe butrus
phoebe butrus 2 日 前
Please shut up like you need to shut up
cuber 2 日 前
youre a guy
Green Bean
Green Bean 2 日 前
What PEACE OFFERING are you gonna give to James Charles ?
Haven Welsh
Haven Welsh 2 日 前
I wish these things could just be private and not shared with the whole world because everyone is going to have their own opinion on things.
Steve 2 日 前
wheres the part where he says "we"
Jwan Manuel
Jwan Manuel 2 日 前
We??? No honey, You!
Cheryl Sam
Cheryl Sam 2 日 前
0:36 why is jefree putty his head on left
alisson L
alisson L 2 日 前
You need help.... that’s it
Lucy Painter
Lucy Painter 3 日 前
I completely agree with this jeffree, thank you for uploading this video. I adore you and I always will but when you tweeted this stuff and texting James I was like why would you Involve yourself with this drama when none of you was included in it. However this video made me happy, I’m glad you know that you did something wrong. So thank you. 💙💙
joshua quisto
joshua quisto 2 日 前
Lucy Painter only considerate comment i've seen so far
greeko48 3 日 前
Tati as the adult needed to speak to James privately instead of going public. Over vitamins really??
khallelol 3 日 前
You talk to much
khallelol 3 日 前
Dont talk about James all because he is better than you
Doreen M
Doreen M 3 日 前
I sometimes wonder if I had done something different and been as smart as you. Tonite I had myvrent raised again and I'm already workin 2 jobs. He said I could work off part of my rent, and my car is being repossessed. I am just tired of problems Wish id been smart enough to do things smarter like you, your very brave. Wish you much luck
funnny monkey
funnny monkey 3 日 前
Sarah M
Sarah M 3 日 前
He looked so sad at the very end
Leonardo 5100
Leonardo 5100 4 日 前
Shut up don't be gay god sent us not to be gay but to be whit a women
I Am Orange Juice
Jefree you are 33 years old, grow up.
Tomek Przytarski
top 5 scary creatures caught on the tape.
Feng Gula
Feng Gula 4 日 前
Tati: I was in a dark place Jeffree: I was in a dark place James: I was in a dark place Me: *In a dark place* I'm Batman
febyanganne viiernes
I soo can relate.. When u are consumed by anger, hatred, over thinking and assumptions u will say things that are not meant to be said and yeah for sure u'll gonna regret.. Still hats off to jefrey by admitting her mistakes.. Hahaha I'm sooo late bloomer to this issue .😆
Terri K Robinson
I think by responding to drama it adds fuel to the fire. Why not let the situations die by not giving them air time. Stop reading and feeding the negativity. This video for instance is still fanning the flames. Let it all go.
susan kim
susan kim 5 日 前
Not even a fan of you or anything but I hope you learned your lesson. I just wish people knew how much impact words can sometimes be because once you say something you can never take things back. And I feel that it was irresponsible on your part to accuse someone without knowing the full evidence, especially if yourself know how much power and influence you have over younger people or people who watch you. If people considered other people's feelings better, I feel like this world would be a better place but too many egocentric people are so fast to judge and call out on others without knowing anything 100%. You have no idea how hurtful it is on the receiving end.
Thaisa B
Thaisa B 5 日 前
I am late to this party and no care to read thru all the comments. But I hope, even with compassion to all involved as I love all of their videos, that someone responded 'blah blah blah all I hear is I am a dirty tramp"
Sabrina Ellison
Sabrina Ellison 5 日 前
Jesus Christ is your Lord. Turn to him. Sorry your going through dark times. Jesus forgives and washes you new in his blood.
• hxn •
• hxn • 5 日 前
who's here after he did it again? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lisette Navarro
Lisette Navarro 5 日 前
• hxn • i was looking for it😂
Princess Bridget
Tati:'I'm in a dark place' James Charles:'I'm in a dark place' Jeffree:'I'm in a dark place' Me:*opens the curtain,switches on the lamp* Me:'there y'all happy now?!'
Becca Weigle
Becca Weigle 6 日 前
I don’t want to piss anyone off but all these people here defending James, who is showing his ass to 12 years old. Tati and Jeffree was completely right to trash talk James. James is full of himself and does everything just cause he wants to. Stop supporting James, PERIODT
• hxn •
• hxn • 5 日 前
meanwhile Jeffree shows his bare ass pics (up on his insta right now) and videos on multiple occasions, has a sex proof mascara video as well as many explicit content videos up on his channel and constantly talks about sucking dick. And I'm pretty sure majority of his audience are minors
Ash M
Ash M 6 日 前
But........ the new video tho
Kaylee Minnich
Kaylee Minnich 6 日 前
All these people making fun of jeffree are in hia birkin give away saying now saying how much they love him
Raymond Adams
Raymond Adams 6 日 前
Is that foundation in Jeffrey’s hair?
Key nut
Key nut 6 日 前
Balls in his mouth lol
Brenda Silva
Brenda Silva 6 日 前
Can people stop saying things if you asking your self what does this person mean read the comments you don't know what's going on ok they might have their different story about this but you guys don't have the rights to say those things ok it just there life "I can't believe he blaming us that's is own drama" blabla stop his telling you guys it's other people saying those thing like omg babla is a lair there making drama with blabla stop pls btw I'm saying blabla because people are saying it's this person so yea don't take it the wrong way
Tommy Callahan
Tommy Callahan 6 日 前
Raina Sikdar
Raina Sikdar 7 日 前
No Jeffrey I don’t want fucking you too “expose” him, I want you too APOLOGIZE TO THE CHILD YOU’VE HURT, this ain’t an apology to the world saying I messed up, it should be I’m so sorry James. TUNE INTO PEWDIEPIES NEXT MINECRAFT VID BYE.
Brooke HyllandMJ
Don't worry about it boo!
Lisa Becka
Lisa Becka 7 日 前
I believe you
Ebcas Maria robell
I'm just a kid i dont understand he say
K&C Vlogs
K&C Vlogs 7 日 前
Why do you choose now to expose James?
GiGi W.
GiGi W. 7 日 前
I know this is old, but kudos to you for this. I hope JC gets help, truly. Before something really bad happens. We are all a work in progress, and that's okay. Hugs from afar to you and your family. 💖
Florelis Cedeno
Florelis Cedeno 7 日 前
James Charles is the best. Bye.
xPlatybelodon 7 日 前
I have one question... why are you so pathetic?
xPlatybelodon 7 日 前
Fuck you
Melissa Eysaman
Melissa Eysaman 7 日 前
Jeffree I am totally get u do whatever u want.... I love u and i am always on your team and if anyone things sething bad of u let it go...
M on Dope
M on Dope 7 日 前
What is this creature?
Raylle Joan
Raylle Joan 7 日 前
By the way, Can You Survive AREA 51?
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Never Doing This Again.
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