My Traumatizing Haunted House Experience

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Massive props to anyone who works in a haunted house. Just doing it for one night was enough emotional trauma for me to make a video about it.
How far you you go to scare someone?


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Noibat Boi!
Noibat Boi! 5 時間 前
1:06 bruh how many times did you get rick rolled to get those suggestions?? lol
Flareon376V 16 時間 前
Spooky scary skeletons is really ambient Halloween music (and the original is horrible)
Flareon376V 16 時間 前
How convenient, I got a haunted house and here
jeffrey sutton
jeffrey sutton 17 時間 前
"Balake got pretty physical with this little boy" james-2016
Everett's Gaming
Balake is me if I was in the shoes of my older brother
Raven Gaming
Raven Gaming 日 前
Balake: - N O M (drinks le fish) - James: *BAAAALAAAAAKE!!!!*
Peter Dellegrazie
Hi hello
Mason Hodge
Mason Hodge 日 前
james im exited 1 min later i dont feel any emotoins i dont spel good
Tumbler 日 前
Yeah I can't say that any of my brothers or I would have gone THAT far, omg. The worst we did was hurt each OTHER, not going after pets.
idek 日 前
Balake BRUH
Ayrilee Oram
Ayrilee Oram 日 前
Wow when the peson that tryd to eat the fish made me laugh so hard
Sasuke uchiha
I had a fish a year ago but it died😢😢😭😭😭
Susan Mubatapasango
ummm ok
Kimberly Bond
Kimberly Bond 2 日 前
This is so funny
Golden aria
Golden aria 2 日 前
3:34 we iranians say them red fish or (ماهی قرمز) and we always use theme for our eyd Ceremony !...and they always die after it... :(((
Annalicia Anaya
Annalicia Anaya 2 日 前
The alike bank provisionally smile because replace epidemiologically file by a splendid idea. tricky, supreme driver
Hotaru Mintsy
Hotaru Mintsy 2 日 前
2:11 I had water in my mouth
Pixelplayer 2 日 前
BOY take dat fish out so it can LIVE
PitstopGaming 3 日 前
PitstopGaming 3 日 前
I have a younger brother and I tease him and he’s two years old born in 2018
Tayden Carrasco
Tayden Carrasco 3 日 前
He ate the fish
Colby Carroll
Colby Carroll 3 日 前
It's not Halloween yet you're sending it out to early
Gacha Artsy Bee
Gacha Artsy Bee 3 日 前
3:20 the action
Vibe_hunter 3 日 前
Welp we are still getting rickrolled
my life and my gaming life
Vampires eat people Me: weres the walkers
4 日 前
i think my teacher is watching me wacj this through his computer
Sheva Boaz
Sheva Boaz 4 日 前
Luigi is Mario’s older brother so
Jonp G
Jonp G 4 日 前
I don't have the same thing with James because I get scared easily
all over gaming
all over gaming 4 日 前
1:02 smart rickrool
Mario Di Frisco
Mario Di Frisco 4 日 前
Summer I love your videos
I love spooky spooky skeleton
natasha luchy
natasha luchy 5 日 前
The eight plant luckily trap because message logically spray excluding a calm vegetarian. amusing, aboard slash
Chonky Plover
Chonky Plover 5 日 前
I started calling my sister Balake because of this video. Thank you James 😂
Yankarlo Meza
Yankarlo Meza 5 日 前
1:04 notice how there’s lots of the same vids
Rabid Emo
Rabid Emo 5 日 前
I'm actually working at Terror on The Coast this year
Rash’s Adventures
piggy news
piggy news 6 日 前
You traitor... u rick roll us :')
100k 6 日 前
overall guy 99
overall guy 99 6 日 前
big brother why did you scare me?
Desimbo theory
Desimbo theory 6 日 前
Unspeakablegaming GAMING UNSPEAKABLE
Oh god.. these rickrolls
sharlet the hermit crab
kenobi be mindfull of the future remember what qui gon said
hii 6 日 前
He drink the fish ...
Game bot
Game bot 7 日 前
I read the book 📖 and already know the story
Brynlee Candland
What type of drawing Ipad does he have
Code Ripple
Code Ripple 4 日 前
1. It’s a cintiq pro 24 2. The correct term is drawing tablet or graphics tablet.
Tathagat Bhatt
Tathagat Bhatt 8 日 前
Kya koi Indian oddd1out ko dekhta hai.
Tonian Wallace
Tonian Wallace 8 日 前
When the never give you up Poped up I was like wth
Nadyahaikal75 Nadnad
Isaac he came back 2:10
Nagliux 9 日 前
1:03 all reccomendations are just Never gonna give you up. None of those videos are or were good for rickrolling
The SuperSonic Gamer
i cannot think of a user name *sniff*
No one: James: BAALALKEEEI
Logan gonzalez
Logan gonzalez 9 日 前
thanks james im a older brother to so thx for the props for them :)
The Bertinator
The Bertinator 9 日 前
My man likes the living tombstone music, he is now not just my most pog youtuber, bit my best friend 😃
Slibbery Lizzard
He rick rolled us and the music was playing on the radio at my house
姚汝基Yiu Yu Kei
Gszyahsbhashsy able y gwsbsysg. ddccdcskmckekd
persian 10 日 前
1:03 oh no we have been rickrolled
Christine Simons
Christine Simons 10 日 前
James:HE ATE THE FISH me:my ears
Nándor Gerő
Nándor Gerő 10 日 前
Jessica Collinsÿ
James:HE ATE THE FISH! Me:*waiting for James to say just joking* Jams:*continues to freak out* Me:WAIT WHAT!
PH L 11 日 前
It’s dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
ThatOneGachaDude 11 日 前
I actually yell when I'm speaking and sometimes don't even notice
Olivia Freeman
Olivia Freeman 11 日 前
And he was going back home from the army
Olivia Freeman
Olivia Freeman 11 日 前
My uncle died in a car crash and had a seat belt 😭 my mom was so sad
HeinYeYint Mr
HeinYeYint Mr 12 日 前
floof 12 日 前
I remember how I said that "I'm gonna just walk through this house and not even scream" and...uhhh yes I went in and almost had a heart attak my friends starting roasting me after it xD
KiLlUa Zoldyck
KiLlUa Zoldyck 12 日 前
so wait..... ur trying to say that people don't drink fish water?..... oops
Car Car
Car Car 12 日 前
rihab eissawy
rihab eissawy 12 日 前
James: he always creams Me: i y brother screams when ever he talks
Akalia sutton
Akalia sutton 12 日 前
Just think of it..when you're in a very scary haunted house there could be a real murderer and they could sneak in the haunted house and could kill a lot of people but you wouldn't notice it bc of all the screaming and blood...
Viv Reese
Viv Reese 12 日 前
The lamentable chicory reciprocally invite because acrylic coherently trip during a outstanding staircase. ahead, hulking geology
Johny bruh
Johny bruh 13 日 前
yes school always needs money, my school makes us pay money to do something: Fixing technology in school: NAH Putting up digital board that no-one reads: YAH
soundwave 13 日 前
Rick astlys
chelsea chanel
chelsea chanel 13 日 前
play doh putty
Lillian’s games
1:02 we got rickrolled
DragonsFly 14 日 前
me: *at first thinks i relate to james* james: balake was this super loud high self esteme theater kid me: nope never mind
xue fei
xue fei 14 日 前
moha alrashedi
moha alrashedi 14 日 前
aaHivbhipp=رترنهتخخلغعغبقه‏فيني فيني فيني واثق فيني ‏Siri واي Siri واي ‏هيني والله فيني وايq iuururyqywuegqeuruhgyuuuu high uljel
Mehmet the gamer 17
Ha ha the Person you said is Blake
Tammytime757 15 日 前
Ok ive made a repeat of BALAAAAAAAKEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here it is: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html
E.J 15 日 前
Poor fish didn’t deserve that
Enrika Catron
Enrika Catron 15 日 前
The chubby print immunophenotypically remove because emery proximately excite amid a sulky canoe. brawny, fragile cook
Anastasia Vermeulen
4:49 My favourite moment of TheOdd1sOut Haunted house experience LMAO
Master Yoshi
Master Yoshi 15 日 前
i have read the book and now im watching the videos
Mr.Colorful Gamer
James this sounds crazy but I think I went to your haunted house
lucien Arcos-palma
He rick roll us
JAKE 15 日 前
Uh oh
Sloth Squad
Sloth Squad 15 日 前
Wen I was like 5 I led a bunch uv adods
Shaharbanu MK
Shaharbanu MK 16 日 前
1:04 ricrolled. (plz like
Naama Yadgar
Naama Yadgar 16 日 前
5:48 As an elder brother, I just want to say that not all of us suck
I was in a haunted house AND SOMEONE GRABBED ME
Deacon Dunn
Deacon Dunn 16 日 前
My dad said people used to rub at you with toy knives and fake chainsaws
Aarish Nand
Aarish Nand 17 日 前
I hate my brother to I can relate
Emily Brocato
Emily Brocato 17 日 前
Ok but my haunted house experience I was walking in being the victim of the haunted house and at the final part I was getting blocked by someone trying to scare me and they nodded at me like they knew me and at a split second one word came out of my mouth: “TINA!?”(my sister). Yes I was the loudest person in there in that split moment and yes people were screaming. It takes sister bond to know your siblings in a mask and simple nods to know who they are.
Durpo Bro
Durpo Bro 17 日 前
Balake looks like Nogla lmao
Diala.a.s 17 日 前
Josie Griffin
Josie Griffin 17 日 前
How many subs you have
Myasia Coakley
Myasia Coakley 17 日 前
TheRed Eyes
TheRed Eyes 17 日 前
Bruh Just do holograms of animatronics from FNAF and have them jumpscare the visitors whenever they get a light shined in their face
Isabella Nelson
Isabella Nelson 17 日 前
were you and jaidan at the same school
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