My Thoughts on the Science Fair (I didn't like it)

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Were you part of the 21% of people who didn't enjoy the science fair? I was. If you liked it, great. If you never did it, (lucky) let me tell you why I didn't like it.

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roham ebrahimi
roham ebrahimi 13 分 前
My school did science fair in 6th grade and my project was about phone( I still can't believe that I wrote them there is nothing wrong with phones if you use them right) my friends project was about cigarettes I mean we all know sigarettes are bad so why the f*ck do you have to write a mount of words to explain that
Heart bloggers
Heart bloggers 28 分 前
:3 ;3
Bestie Rana
Bestie Rana 時間 前
i'm.. homeschooled
ReyTrey 2 時間 前
one time my private school that i was studying had a science fair but instead of creating graphs and stuff you just gotta make and show random science creations (like the baking soda volcano) I didn't have to do it because I was in 3rd grade
Depression 5 時間 前
I can confirm, rockets are the best for a science fair
Rainbow Unicorn by Shazana
0:04 lol
Barbara Cornacchia
Barbara Cornacchia 12 時間 前
I started the science fair in 3rd grade and ended it in 5th. I did in fifth grade but that was the last year.
X4 12 時間 前
I actually used to put our batteries in our fridge for my Xbox and they did nothing.
Sarah Casper
Sarah Casper 14 時間 前
I’m doing a since fair 🤣
The Default Trickshotters
5 years ago today😔
Queenie Playz
Queenie Playz 17 時間 前
its 09/27/21 meaning today it has been exactly 5 years since this video has been posted i remember watching this video for the 1st time just like it was yesterday it has gone so quick and i miss the good old days
AK Gaming
AK Gaming 18 時間 前
Ehl. 日 前
"Science fair"??? More like a science "afair"
Not me watching this knowing I have a project due tomorrow:
Beamng player
1:17 why the hell is grain there?
Flappy79 日 前
i did it and it was the WORST we didnt even get PARTNERS
Add13 日 前
are science fairs still a thing?
Starshine beats
The reason most of us including me started liking science is because of bill Nye the science guy and the magic school bus say Im wrong
Cheyenne Roper
I didn't do the sentence fera
Super Baby
Super Baby 日 前
“Oh I didn’t have to do the science fair”
3 minutes ago🤜
Kokomi best mermaid🤌
I’m in 6th grade and at the end of year you have to present it to the 4 graders and when I was in 4th it was so awkward-☠️
⋆ p o t a t o  ⋆
No one: Me rn still wanting to do the sience fair-
Captain conla
ha I live in the uk
CreamyFeets 日 前
Tyler 日 前
I haven't done the science fair YET
Justine Fowler
No a video of my favorite fan Miku
5190 hk
5190 hk 日 前
thank goodness my teammates were actually good
bassma Eljaouhari
I didn’t do the science fair (bc im british) but we do a bake sale!
Blxck_Unixn 2 日 前
I didn't do a science fair but we did a fundraiser for charity and we got one of the highest amounts raised but we kept some of the money (it was like 5 of us and we each got like 9 or 10 dollars)
jayavardhan vardhan
i never had a scince fair
takeshiAsahi 2 日 前
You were suppose to buy the sand first
The Barber Crew
The Barber Crew 2 日 前
I had to show the intire school
2 日 前
The only time I did the science fair was in second grade and I made one about why we need bones and what they are made of and everyone thought I was a child genius but I don't remember a thing.
Matthew Knauf
Matthew Knauf 2 日 前
I had to do a stupid science fair multiple times in elementary and middle school. I did not like it.
LGNDEndrzall 2 日 前
grian? Grian? GRIAN? GRIAN!? now GRAIN!
Nikola Mirković
7:25 Unsubscribes
Mr Curious
Mr Curious 2 日 前
Maddy Kayak
Maddy Kayak 2 日 前
I live in Britain.
Alex G
Alex G 2 日 前
Well the batteries that will freeze might've actually laughed and longer if it didn't go to room temp because I put some glow sticks in the freezer and they lasted longer
EclipseTheCat 2 日 前
The sans joke was the best part of the video 🤌
renz foxall
renz foxall 2 日 前
Ive literally got to hand in my dissertation tomorrow for my masters degree and i didn't know what to write for the discussion section because my experiment failed. Me procrastinating and watching this video actually gave me talking points for the discussion and conclusion section LMAOO thanks bro
DoodlingDemon 2 日 前
hypotheses formula is actually "if the IV then the DV"
Heidi LaGrassa
Heidi LaGrassa 2 日 前
My school did not do a science fair.I’m sorry for you
xXGalaxywolfXx 2 日 前
I’m in the 58% who didn’t do it
Cuteasumi 3 日 前
Me a biology nerd : that hurts;)
Baluka0413 3 日 前
i didnt do it
Purple Girl
Purple Girl 3 日 前
our science fair was optional so I decided to never do it
DSB 4672
DSB 4672 3 日 前
Wait you said 4th graders are dumb!?!? Darn it no offensive emojis exist.
Ting tong ding dong 2 Adventures
i never didnt wait what i mean i never did
SupersGuest 3 日 前
I always thing the science fair was just volcanos but the science fair sucks a lot
Arith Viswanath
Arith Viswanath 3 日 前
The Mcree though
Kriselle East
Kriselle East 3 日 前
I didn’t n’t do it
Greg Lange
Greg Lange 3 日 前
6:22 SANS?!?!
Lawrence Dominica
The mysterious nest substantially worry because couch metrically grab by a gorgeous october. fuzzy , questionable apparatus
Lehi Cook
Lehi Cook 3 日 前
when grian is in another youtuber's video
Adva Levy
Adva Levy 3 日 前
My Science fair was LAME! First of all you do it once (luckily) in 5th grade. I (begin the lonely one as always) was assign to do it with the “popular girls” which mean, I have to do anything all alone. I even asked my teacher to switch teams but she did not let me bc she wanted to write in my recommendation to middle school the I’m a leader (I = social anxiety). Me with a team of popular girls meant doing a project on hair, HAIR!. And if we wanted a pretty board we needed to print it at home. AT HOME! (which we didn’t cause the teacher liked the popular girls in my team)
Yazan 2011
Yazan 2011 3 日 前
we had the teacher made the sciense experapent and we were all together and it was everyone single grade
Mütheimムツ広 März
i had Science fair, but i was a science competition student. so, i didn't had to do any of those fiasco. until i was in middle school after retire from competition team. i did once, it's about how chernobyl explode (right around stalker game came out) and you guest it. 2010 halo reach, mass effect, starcraft came out, my science project was an alien.
7A Archibald Mawuntu
We did a science fair show off thing and it was horrendous, alot of people made the solar system so the teachers stockpiled them infront of classes, it was getting mushed left and right, the kids were playing with it, and some of the 6th graders cried because they had to redo it since the teachers didnt even get to see it since it was all destroyed, there was a winner and its one of the only projects that didnt look like it was from chernobyl
7A Archibald Mawuntu
I did a project about the food chain and since it was really good the teachers put it up the display wall for years until they decided to hide it since they needed storage, i felt bad for the others that just got thrown
Harsya Pradipta
Harsya Pradipta 4 日 前
Hey so Grin
Harsya Pradipta
Harsya Pradipta 4 日 前
Hey so Grian
nimal chaminda
nimal chaminda 4 日 前
I hate i itttttt
Kailyn McElhenny
I only did it once in 6th grade so it wasn’t that bad and I got two pet fish out of it 😂
Adam Iqran
Adam Iqran 4 日 前
why didnt you do the science fair with your sister
Difficulty Zero
Difficulty Zero 4 日 前
Death the Girl
Death the Girl 4 日 前
Man, we did this in science without being able to choose what we do, doing the experiment ourselves or making it pretty. So basically, we did all the boring parts. On the plus side, since we did the same thing we didn't have to present our work.
Shauna L
Shauna L 4 日 前
"Oh at my school we didnt do the science f-" "WHoAaaAAa?"
mostly HARUNO
mostly HARUNO 4 日 前
I took part in every years of science fair 😂😂😂 and always messed up everything on the day of science fair
Vanessa Valdez
Vanessa Valdez 4 日 前
i did the science fair and i presented it to THE WHOLE SCHOOL
Superjack081 4 日 前
Tea is disgusting
we did it totally different
Elli Young
Elli Young 4 日 前
I’m just gonna take yours for mine
Sebastian Brandt
The metric system is better and i will face everyone who disagrees in mortal kombat .
XzLorisH 4 日 前
I just finished presenting my ppt for science fair... i think I did pretty bad :D
Wonder_damn 4 日 前
i know i did
Sara Arfinn
Sara Arfinn 4 日 前
“Science fair” Deep breath *AAAAAAH-*
Asimo Cloud
Asimo Cloud 5 日 前
It happens in asia too
Drift 5 日 前
I know this video is 4 used old, but SCIENCE IS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT ESPECIALLY BIOLOGY AND PHYSICS IS THE MOST BORING KIND OF SCIENCE. Now that I got that out of the way I like physics a lot, but I like biology more
Chicken wing
Chicken wing 4 日 前
M 5 日 前
Hahaha funny scream
Carly Pomplun
Carly Pomplun 5 日 前
Did science fair through out my elementary-middle school....I participated in them, obviously, for a grade, thank god it stopped freshman year high school. I enjoyed only one out of the....20 fucking science fairs. That number is made up, so not reliable. But the battery one was an easy one that the teacher provided for the students that couldn't come up with an original science project. One kid grew mold and shit in a tuber ware, and that was his project...freak got an A and I did the battery one because I wasn't interested and I got a passing B maybe C-. Stupid. I did do a project on prisms and light refraction, got an A and it was by far my favorite. I have a weird obsession with prisms, projectors are fascinating to me because they have an optical block, which holds three prisms; one red, one green, one blue. There's crap ton of mirrors that refract the light through the projector, where there's a color wheel, and allows more variant colors to be then projected onto a screen/wall. Its cool. The DLP chip, get this, has a million tiny mirrors on it, all on pivets to refract the light in a certain angle, constantly shifting, tiny mirrors, and I mean...tiny. Super easy to break, can't even clean it, not even dust it. Projectors are like....magic to me, I mean the inside of them are. I do projector repair at my job, sometimes, when there's not enough work to do in my department. I just get so geeked out on them. Fascinating. Also, adjusting the color blocks...its difficult, like, you have to make sure the horizontal red green matches, and red is the most difficult, to some. Sorry, nerded out a bit. But my project was on prisms and technology for a science fair project and ultimately as an adult got to work on some.
Hunter Camphouse
Kai Kai
Kai Kai 5 日 前
anyone watching in september 2021?
Augusto Souto Brito
I want my school to do a science fair but they never did
Cthulhu Sl4y3r6
Cthulhu Sl4y3r6 5 日 前
Is ari skating on jaidens head
CraigAird 5 日 前
In my school the Science fair was optional
Violet Garcia
Violet Garcia 5 日 前
Im in fifth grand FR-
Deku 5 日 前
I have to do science in 4th grade. And my Math teacher is the worst
Alice Chen
Alice Chen 5 日 前
Me currently learning about the scientific method and knowing everything James is talking about : LOOOOoooool...
Camden Shuler
Camden Shuler 5 日 前
I did the Science fair
Droximity 5 日 前
1:17 why was grian here?
Stanley01 5 日 前
I switched school because the science fair
jewooga 5 日 前
I didn't do it I'm british😝
Kami fangirl333
Kami fangirl333 5 日 前
Gwendolyn Willcox
I don't care if the teacher says we all have to do it the since fare I will do it but I'm ok with not doing it too
KingBoy 5 日 前
At the end of the video why does their hearts and Their are James and Jaidien
geo galaxy
geo galaxy 6 日 前
Im lucky one
God Gamer97
God Gamer97 6 日 前
We had the choice to do the science fair and I got 4th
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