My Thoughts on ASMR

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It's pretty weird.

This is the longest video I've ever made (so far) I worked really hard on it, I hope you like it! If any of the ASMR channels are watching, thanks for making content for me to talk about!

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Foxy_Gacha 46 分 前
Wickapidia is not a reliable source you can change the information there…so you might want to find a new website to go to ;-;
Itz_høwłer Gacha
Itz_høwłer Gacha 3 時間 前
I like how he usually is in a blank room
Armag Defy
Armag Defy 3 時間 前
2:53 .... your welcome?
LIN Zhims
LIN Zhims 4 時間 前
I thought ASMR is to be as quite as possible so that we are not disturbed by other sounds and concentrate on the things that they are showing us or eating.
Pugprops4 4 時間 前
After 5 years they put it in out recommendation
Aiden Liekz Mudkip
Aiden Liekz Mudkip 23 時間 前
5:01 No! You cannot make ASMR!! Please don't make ASMR...
wii505 日 前
¿A mi que chuchas me importa weón?.
scoutps com
scoutps com 日 前
ASMR is also the best type of mukbung videos recommended channels #zachchoiasmr and #eatingwithboki and these are just 2 of MANY amazing ASMRists
Castoxity 日 前
im just a little late but i know how to prevent lips smacking, CUT THEM :)
Isabella Duron
Make a my life story
CamdenGamez Skipper
I am 4
Some dude lol
Some dude lol 3 時間 前
I am -99
Gabby 18 時間 前
I’m 0
Yandereboi 日 前
2:52 woah woah woah now. You got to much dip on ya chip
Yandereboi 日 前
No offense intended
Kimberton Grey
i heart dnd
Kimberton Grey
bob ross is boring p.s im a kid
People who new about ASMR 😬😳
Ninjix Uchiha
Qm é BR deixa like :D
maeli more
maeli more 日 前
the fact that this video was the video that got me into asmr and am now low key addicted... thank you james :))
cool guy dez
cool guy dez 日 前
yo how do did you not know asmr
Creative Manava
Creative Manava 2 日 前
Wrecker VR
Wrecker VR 日 前
thanks for smashing your head into the keyboard, really needed that.
Random Gentleman
I honestly watched asmr before, because of the sensation it was giving. To some people it doesn’t do anything, but for me and other it’s...kinda weird actually. For me it’s just something in the « junction » of my neck and my head. I watched it because i didn’t really have it often, so i was curious about it and wanted to get used to it because...idk
Polish Dragon
Polish Dragon 2 日 前
1:12 this is so... ew
=°Tamaki°= 2 日 前
5:48 actually this is a fetish for weebs like me lol, not creepy at all, as long as it was our fav voice actor/ actress
Futang 2 日 前
me: man he must be good at school also me: oh yeah he was the odd guy in class no one liked him bc he was odd and he had nothing better than school to do -_-...
i dont really know
I still watch this video altho it was 5 years ago
A Doge On A Rocket
I cringe when I hear asmr I just hate it
Nofriendlife Vr
Nofriendlife Vr 2 日 前
I forgot that undertale came out in 2015
Jarrett Powers
Jarrett Powers 2 日 前
You...might not want to look at it now
EB waz 'ere
EB waz 'ere 2 日 前
Steve1989mreinfo is practically asmr
Phoenix Z.
Phoenix Z. 2 日 前
2:52 Anybody Know The Vid Source
Mr. EmmyNiko
Mr. EmmyNiko 2 日 前
listen to the last 30 seconds of my asmr video that is super cringy. your welcome
Meire C
Meire C 3 日 前
to stop lip smacking just stop lip smacking (The more you know)
Sheila Savard
Sheila Savard 3 日 前
it went from him searching how to stop lip smacking to this: 6:15. ;-;
Joshua Manriquez
to prevent lip smacking your tong has to not be on the the roof of your mouth, open your mouth and close it while doing this prosses and and you won't here any lip smacking.
Anonymous person
Me watching this video and then right after listening to experimental rifts ASMR videos
i like your vids
Raw Cookie dough
The battle of the books paid off
Geo Romero
Geo Romero 4 日 前
I am the only one that thought this video would be different it dropped in 2020. ASMR is different these days.
Daniel Mcleod
Daniel Mcleod 4 日 前
I don't tell people that I watch or listen to ASMR because how exactly do you tell people that you like to listen to people play with toys and rattle shit around for for half an hour to go to sleep?
mr cat martinez
mr cat martinez 4 日 前
2:52 👌
Mrs D Does Some Cooking
you didn't know asmr was!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RD-10 1
RD-10 1 4 日 前
It makes me fell uncomfortable
Thunder Furry!
Thunder Furry! 4 日 前
ASMR is very....weird lol
AM - 03JP 870004 Lorenville PS
Who’s watching this in 2021?
RD-10 1
RD-10 1 4 日 前
Aki Soak
Aki Soak 4 日 前
DeDark Bison
DeDark Bison 5 日 前
James: you think i wound't find out??!!! Me: i am so sowy.... My brain: Why?
Thorsen YT
Thorsen YT 5 日 前
Lol 7:21
Chu. 5 日 前
Why are you using Wikipedia-
Chu. 5 日 前
“ *you can beat me Bobby 😩* “
DragonOfMight 5 日 前
Now its changed so much ever more
DeAndrea Matlock
Geezis clam down oods1out
eltrolaso96 halles
LegoLegend42 5 日 前
Dont watch 0:40 with .25 speed...
Random Internet_cat
Role-play… Yagami yato...
Aiden Kurzynowski
I really don't like ASMR it kind of makes me feel uncomfortable.
# newark
# newark 6 日 前
1:13 L-. *talking*
C G 6 日 前
Look TheOdd1sOut #ASMR
C G 6 日 前
Serenity Roquet
Serenity Roquet 6 日 前
Yea it’s not the best thing, it’s the worst feeling ever somehow
Emily Kinsella
Emily Kinsella 6 日 前
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I don't know why God is okay with same or maybe he's trying to avoid it as much as he can
Man Man
Man Man 6 日 前
Man Man
Man Man 6 日 前
Vexed Burrito
Vexed Burrito 6 日 前
After rewatching I finally realized ephemeral rift was in this video
Zachary Lafond
Zachary Lafond 6 日 前
Wait I think I have seen odd1sout doing dog asmr...
Abhay Sengar
Abhay Sengar 7 日 前
DUDE this is hella uncomfortable
PotatoFanBoy 7 日 前
He got 33 million view talking about it
Kaiju Killer 70
Kaiju Killer 70 7 日 前
Wait what????????
Candy Gore
Candy Gore 7 日 前
2:01 When you think He's doesn't make videos anymore and get mad but he uploads one minute after...
Don Edwards
Don Edwards 7 日 前
The smelly blow noteworthily reject because corn noticeably pump notwithstanding a dirty windchime. slim, material museum
Millers Creations
We gat 2,g
Drop Kicked Murphy
I think it's more accurate to call it 'dopamine-injecting videos that for some reason give the same feeling as brushing a finger on the small hairs on the back of your neck'
Annabel Diggle
Annabel Diggle 8 日 前
R.I.P bob ross
Majka Trebaticka
Tfyuyf. Tu tyivjhuiugvy by yvyvyvtg yyg
GhostMiner 8 日 前
*2:05** My school charges 2CZK per page, so your 65 cents is still less than how much my school charged.* *(2x13 = 26CZK => 1,24$ According to exchange rate on 15/6 12:30PM CEST)*
Lemons Asmr
Lemons Asmr 8 日 前
I remember watching this when it came out, and it unironically started my ASMR addiction.. thank you?..
loyolaneary 7 日 前
Yeah not me
Imafatcat Meow
Imafatcat Meow 8 日 前
I came back to this video after I started using ASMR to relax
Vhep 8 日 前
I watched him since he had 267000 subs
Grade AC3
Grade AC3 8 日 前
mar Ramirez
mar Ramirez 8 日 前
That lip smacking feels wierd and gross 1:14 1:23 like my ears are about pop out
Isabela Gussie Pollen
Me: totally bored and doesnt reaply care about the list of the ASMR vids James: Mentions Undertale Me: OH HECK YES
NinjaFire 9 日 前
first things first i know what ASMR IS and thats all
Kids Tab
Kids Tab 9 日 前
Lets be proud how he has a toy microphone in the thumbnail.
HUI ZHU 10 日 前
Rip boss ross
gavR 10 日 前
Did anyone notice that he changed the thumbnail
Ali Vereen
Ali Vereen 10 日 前
flutealoop 10 日 前
Asmr just makes me feel very.. Uncomfortable
A Ld
A Ld 10 日 前
" You Can Beat Me Boby" 😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Jehna Martinez
Jehna Martinez 10 日 前
I always thought (n honestly pretty much still do) that ASMR was super wierd n not something I ever wanted to try/watch. Then 1 of my favorite JPvidrs, who I routinely watch every day, started making ASMR vids, (kinda playing/joking.) The 1st time I skipped the vid, (upset I was missing a whole video,) then a 2nd vid came out. N then another. I finally gave in n watched the 1st vid (it had the most views n likes) n it *honestly* gave me goosebumps on my head n neck. (Aka the chills) Like when someone lightly runs their fingers gently over your neck, back, or arms. How that gives you goosebumps, this video gave me goosebumps. but instead of up my arms n/or spine/back it was like my head n brain. Or brain n skull. N like spine in my neck. It was awesome. So I tried her 2nd "trying ASMR" vid, and nothing happened. I tried an ASMR not from her, with lots of likes and good(ish) comments, (the best I could find for ASMR.) N still. . . Nothing. So,,, ya. I still think it's kinda weird. N I feel/felt awkward when looking for it, like I didn't want anyone to see me. (like it was porn or something.)☺️ so, uhm, ya. Long story. Haha.
NotTony454 10 日 前
"yopu can beat me bobby" HUH WHAT THE F DOSE THAT MEAN
Leonardo 11 日 前
Wait wait wait wait did he just say HE CAN BEAT ME BOBBY🤣
Randomfilms 11 日 前
You just don't smack your lips lol
The real ALEX 17
The real ALEX 17 11 日 前
My sister watches an annoying amount of ASMR in JPvid.
Lilläääy 9 日 前
Lol why do you bother
Wall bug
Wall bug 10 日 前
It’s an amazing thing
fat boi
fat boi 11 日 前
Ngl this video got me into asmr now I listen to it everyday
Natalie Romero
Natalie Romero 11 日 前
I watch asmr...
Mason Luangla
Mason Luangla 11 日 前
Was it just me who heard is there a turd of the beloved lip smacking
Рыжков Арсений
role playing? its DANGION MASTER
Lynn Evans
Lynn Evans 12 日 前
toooooooooooooooooo oop not that get married:)
RedEnderman The Enderman
6:35 I have insomnia and I can tell you it does not help. In fact it makes it worse, I try to sleep and this gives me the wrong vibes.
pencil jk im not a pencil
I like asmr i think its super relaxing. I personally like to watch ting ting asmr. She's really good
Felicity Gonzalez
I hate ASMR, no hate to anyone- I just don’t like saliva and lips sacking and- yeah. Anyone else?
Felicity Gonzalez
@Lilläääy Yeah, I know but I don't like any of the asmr, the keyboard clicking the eating the music I just don't-
Lilläääy 9 日 前
Y‘know asmr isn‘t just lip smacking right.
Wall bug
Wall bug 10 日 前
Can’t relate
Shane Rooney
Shane Rooney 12 日 前
When you write a tragic backstory
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