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Today I'm revealing a medical secret that has haunted me for most of my life. We go inside the operating room and I share something I never thought I would be talking about. Don't ever feel embarrassed for what you can't control. Embrace your flaws.
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2:13 I know that this is serious but this just had me weakkkk
Mom2 Lm
Mom2 Lm 7 時間 前
i think i have that too but never knew a name for it. :( thanks though jeffree i appreciate you naming it for me. i lost my voice for over 2.5 years because of choking while i was drinking and not because it went down the wrong pipe but because sometimes i cant even swallow water or a drink. thank you.
Paola Amidzic
Paola Amidzic 7 時間 前
It whas so hard
Paola Amidzic
Paola Amidzic 7 時間 前
Omg jeff i have it to
Levi Schryvers
Levi Schryvers 22 時間 前
Going under is always funny
tracy ogden
tracy ogden 日 前
I’m watching this a year later. You were too funny,! I’m also feeling hopeful because I have these same symptoms. Now I can take this video to the doctor and show them I’m not crazy lol❤️
Gilyanis YT.
Gilyanis YT. 日 前
Omg I also have eoe I have have been struggling with this disease for most of my life I also had so much trouble swallowing and chewing it's been a very difficult time in my life I am 12 years old yet the doctors know what it is but we still don't know how to treat it I have gone through multiple and oscopies and I come from a military family which means I have access to the world's best doctors and I know that there's a lot of people in this world with this disease if this is a very new disease it's only been discovered as of 20 years that I'm writing this and doctors still don't know much about it I know that people that don't have access to the doctors that I have there are struggling with this disease and they'll probably not have a cure I have still not gotten the Cure there is no cure yet and I really hope there is a cure found soon if you finished reading this thank you for taking the time and reading my story and thank you Jeffree Star for talking about this there's a lot of people that struggle in silence thank you for sharing your story lots of love
Geibaby Guyton
I’m just happy your ok and your better
10521577A 日 前
Ah so Jeffree's so thin bec he has a small esophagus!
missbsb95 日 前
I know im late to this. I have a schatzki ring and this same thing. Thanks to severe food allergies as a child damaging my esophagus.
Katie Garrison
Katie Garrison 2 日 前
This nigga said who has a star mirror let's do this ☠
Lydi@ 2 日 前
Both my mom and I have this issue. I take omeprazole every morning to abate the symptoms. But if I forget to take it, my day gets ROUGH.
Nicholas Wirth
Nicholas Wirth 2 日 前
How ironic you were in Wisconsin thats were i luved but youre eppaglatis is small and its not lubed
niraku321 2 日 前
So sketchy. What went on while you were out? Mystery..
AmandA Huskey
AmandA Huskey 2 日 前
Ur eyes are on POINT THO
AmandA Huskey
AmandA Huskey 2 日 前
Where in huntington beach?! I live in HB!
Twilight Nightborrow
no one: literally no one: jeffree going under: *EEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAA*
Doggo Animator
Doggo Animator 2 日 前
His mini backpack at his side
Psychoxo xo
Psychoxo xo 2 日 前
Can we please have the teeth story? X
Sidia MSP
Sidia MSP 3 日 前
jeffree's hair always looks so soft im jealoussssss
Rebecca Pollvogt
Omg that happened to me on my first date. They gave me a bunch of drugs at the ER , but it didn't work, they had to put me to sleep put a camera down and remove it! It's dangerous. It tore my esophagus, and they glued the tear. It is scary, and painful.
Endrit Kamili
Endrit Kamili 3 日 前
It is a grl or by
Cassey Fleming
Cassey Fleming 3 日 前
My fraternal grandmother had to have hers done literally every 4-6 months and over 25+ times in her life my bio dad also has had to have it done many of times too. I do believe I have this same condition just not as bad I do feel as I get older it's getting worse. But due to no insurance I'm not finacially able to have this procedure or even have the initial consultation.
Amanda Butler
Amanda Butler 3 日 前
First you look stunning. & yes this is a serious video but your doctor cracks me up. Pero Antiways, my grandma is 76 and has this same condition, I have seen her struggle with it for 22 years of my life and it is utterly horrifying, however, I want to THANK YOU for this video bc until this my grandma has gone her whole life worrying every time she eats, 1 week before her 76 birthday she too was able to get this procedure done and I don’t think anyone understands the joy my family has now! She is able to eat and enjoy dinner on holidays, birthdays and just every day in general!
ODSTAdrianFii 4 日 前
I had a similar situation happen to me but it turned out to be a symptom of a much more serious condition called Primary Biliary Colongitis. It’s an autoimmune disorder that is destroying my liver. It comes with a whole host of complications and for two years my esophagus would seize and catch food. It was made worse because PBC destroyed my teeth and I had dentures which made chewing harder. Apparently though... I’m similar to you under anesthesia. My husband thinks I’m hilarious! Much love to you!
Yellow Flower
Yellow Flower 4 日 前
I remember when I had whooping cough, I cried because I had a really sore throat and. I couldn't breathe. It scared me so bad, and I know that's nothing compared to what you've been through jeffree, but I've had a small glimpse of what you've dealed with your whole life and I just wanna say, girl, I'm proud of you for coming this far. That's really something.
Lauren Tucker
Lauren Tucker 4 日 前
I have had that food stuck in my throat thing before. I have had to go to a hospital to get the food knocked down too.
___\\ 4 日 前
You should make a pink shade and name it after whatever the hell that condition is called
Kyara Brightful
Kyara Brightful 4 日 前
Thank you for sharing your experience with us
Morgan Oakley neonrainbow1987
Some people just stop eating, it's sad
U are GAP
patricia's tea
patricia's tea 4 日 前
Oh my GOD girl! Am I the only one who thinks that his assistant's makeup is super bad, or something that she looks cakier than a fucking cake it self. The lipstick- bitch that's the worst decision btw jeffree was so cite in anesthesia omggg love uu
Teddy Da doggy
Teddy Da doggy 4 日 前
wht the fuck
Sophie Cat
Sophie Cat 4 日 前
I have an ileostomy and have regular surgeries to avoid cancer and forget that my normal seems extreme. But we have to do what we can to live with ailments. But from so many endoscopies I now have aspiration when I eat or drink and have to be very very careful. Luckily I've never got anything stuck but it's all unpleasant nonetheless. Brave of you to discuss it and maybe it helps someone else.
Breaz Freind
Breaz Freind 4 日 前
Jnl Lef
Jnl Lef 4 日 前
Has the teeth video been posted yet?
Jnl Lef
Jnl Lef 4 日 前
Is this why you're so skinny?
I'm so done with this shit
yeah, he mentioned it once in one of shanes first videos with him.
Corey Harbin
Corey Harbin 4 日 前
My husband has this and got a piece of steak stuck and I was totally freaked. They had to go in and remove it.
JCR 5 日 前
I was going back into videos I hadn't seen yet and OMGosh did I laugh when you were coming out from being under with your surgery! haha haha It's 1:00 am so hopefully I didn't wake anyone up in my building :D BTW, I am absolutely in love with your eye make-up in this video. Stunning and magical! My favorite colors!
Lazer mushrooms
Lazer mushrooms 5 日 前
lol your so high
Launa Nispet
Launa Nispet 5 日 前
I love ur eye colors with the grey hair so beautiful 😍💕 love u thank u for ur heart
Linda Kelly
Linda Kelly 5 日 前
I have the same condition. I am right there with the food being stuck. Choke on food also on pills, my meds. When you were telling the back story, it could have been me you were talking about. It's cool that you got yours worked on. Hugs Jeffree!
-Shadow Pix-
-Shadow Pix- 5 日 前
Tbh I’ve had similar experiences. I think for me it was just not chewing enough but I’ve choked on food where I have to literally reach through my throat and pull out the food. I’ve only done this with seaweed, steak, and spaghetti noodles. I was also terrified as I was only about seven when the seaweed one happened. I was at a mall eating sushi and the seaweed got suck in between my throat and I couldn’t breath. I panicked and just reached through my throat and pulled it out. I was with my grandma and mom but I was to nervous to tell them and I just told myself to forget it
onlyhavingaiphone5check Suarez
Sometimes I also swallow food and it stays in that spot and I can’t swallow anything at all until a minute later but I’m so used to it that I don’t choke or get nervous anymore
Denise Morales
Denise Morales 6 日 前
If it’s gonna help you I hope you do it again. It is scary to be put under tho.
Sanda Nacu
Sanda Nacu 6 日 前
Omg,you are gorgeus !!!!
Austeja Daugvilaviciute
You areeeeeee gayyyy
He's fucking another man, preeeetttty sure he knows he's gay. Dipshit.
Pitchaya Nemnual
I love you Jeffry star you come to Thailand pless I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Blue Rosa
Blue Rosa 7 日 前
So this is how Royalty looks in the inside
Taylor Armstrong
Your eyeshadow is so beautiful 😍❤️👍💕
Nicola Ingham
Nicola Ingham 7 日 前
Jefree: I sleep Doctor: jEfReE Okay he a sleep
The Lost Bread
The Lost Bread 7 日 前
2:14 lmfaoo ily
Dab Top
Dab Top 7 日 前
It’s no more secret😂
Jillian Vetter-Santana
I still cant believe that (atleast in NY) anything wrong with your teeth or having to replace multiple teeth isnt medically necessary, its cosmetic. $30,000 isnt something easy for normal people to save in a short amount of time. And that amount is only for the top teeth.
Charmaine McBride
Thanks for the laugh lmao
PaPa-D 8 日 前
Wow. Still sexy af while in da hospital. Wish "I" could pull that off! :) Cheers (from a hetero male.:) Much love!)
Sandra Scott
Sandra Scott 8 日 前
Fucken rough man, how was it? 🤤🤤 Lmfaoooo 😂
Gabrielle Garcia
The eye makeup😍😍
Amy Nguyen
Amy Nguyen 8 日 前
Some subtitles for when ur just waking up would be great. Hope they find a cure for u.
Amanda Hernandez
I love you so much you are so perfect, hearing you talk about your teeth an ur problems, girl I can so relate really my teeth are so so bad. I can't tell you the last time I smiled. But watching you make me fill better
no name
no name 8 日 前
Very educational
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