My Mom Cut Me Off Financially And Kept Everything For Herself

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I Hated My Mom Until I Found Out The Truth
My Mom Cut Me Off Financially And Kept Everything For Herself
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Hello, I’m Layla.
I grew up with the best parents an only child could ever ask for. In my mind, I always thought of my parents as my big brother and sister. Life was calm and sweet; until everything came clashing down.
As a teen, I was so excessive to the point that I didn’t take no for an answer. I got all I asked from my parents, but I was never satisfied for some reason and I kept feeling unfulfilled. That’s why I kept asking for more.
On the eve of my fifteenth birthday, I had a huge argument with dad over whether or not I should go out. After things got really heated, I told him I hated how he treated me and furiously ran to my room and shut the door so hard the house reverberated from the anger inside me. After a while, I heard a loud bang coming from my parents’ room that put some fear into me, I strolled towards the room feeling my anger sip into my fingers and opened the door. Nothing prepared me for the sight. I saw dad on the floor. My heart sunk. Mum was scrambling, jerking him, and ran to call the neighbors. It happened to fast or I'll say my visions were blurred from the tears and the trauma that plagued my mind "Did I have something to do with it?".
Months have passed since we lost dad to the heart attack, my first real taste of life’s bitter whip. We managed to get things in order, so to speak. Mum was working about two to three jobs; I really don't know. I see her most nights exhausted, passed out on the couch.
After dad's death, I was pretty much out of sorts - picture the narcissistic teenager who just lost her dad, I was deeply shut out from everything and everyone. I felt angry at myself and everyone I know. Most times, I was angry at my mom. She was always too busy for me, always said she had to work, and despite her working all the time, she barely provided me with the money I needed. Like one time, I was dying to learn piano with my friends. And when I told mom she said that she’ll register me at The Arena near us. Which was a really horrible place. It was too public, and I hated that. I wanted private lessons!! However, my mom refused and said that private lessons were expensive. I was really angry with her, cause I was sure she could afford it!
"If dad were here, he would have agreed and paid for the lessons". I stormed out right before the tears well up in mum's eyes. The following week, I was already learning piano. It felt good but as usual mum wasn't around on most Saturdays.










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Hj Yayah
Hj Yayah 10 時間 前
She is so spoilt brat she don't even care her dad died and became 100% spoiledd
Danish Azrry
Danish Azrry 15 時間 前
How dare !!!!!
Freddy Wonder
Freddy Wonder 16 時間 前
Your so mean your mom is chring her best you are spoyold and ungrathol and bond beaserve enything😡😡😡😡
Roger Jr
Roger Jr 20 時間 前
Spoold brat
eva karaivanova
You are a brat!
BlitzPotion 日 前
You are a brat
Pru Lambey
Pru Lambey 日 前
She is so spoiled her mom and her are gonna go broke if she keeps doing what she does
Rain 日 前
She is soooooooooooooo dumb she probably have C- and D- and F-
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis 2 日 前
Just saying your a little bit of a BRAT!!! Your mother loves you and this is what you say?
Darja Bednarik
Darja Bednarik 4 日 前
I feel bad for her mother.
Miaka Tama
Miaka Tama 4 日 前
How is this stupid soty even got animated??????
ihasmuffin 4 日 前
You are so spoiled,your mom sacrifices everything for you and you should be grateful. No one feels bad for you,you spoiled brat
abena duodu
abena duodu 5 日 前
if this is a real story then you are very ungrateful if you wants luxury stuff for yourself I think you have two legs and two arms and a brain you can work for it
Linus Schaxmann
Linus Schaxmann 5 日 前
It’s all your fault you selfish jerk
Linus Schaxmann
Linus Schaxmann 5 日 前
Really and selfish
Akpe Josh
Akpe Josh 5 日 前
You don't have a heart you are really really ... irony know wath say
Aleanise Sanchez
Another spoiled brat...🙄
hardcorekillerk 8 日 前
I hate your guts
hardcorekillerk 8 日 前
U are so ungrateful for
king julian
king julian 10 日 前
Yo spoiled af
Audrey Rose
Audrey Rose 11 日 前
In the suggested videos after this was a video called my daughter hates me
#blessed life
#blessed life 11 日 前
Hajer 497
Hajer 497 11 日 前
You are an ungraceful
Hajer 497
Hajer 497 11 日 前
Dawid Tran
Dawid Tran 12 日 前
I want to go to her house and slap her so hard i can and then she gets the heart attack
You are lucky to have parents that do anything for you. Glad you learned a lesson. Perhaps dad's job made much more money.
Gina Babyyy’s
Gina Babyyy’s 13 日 前
1 like =1,000 slaps for this girl
Jermaine Benimerito
" I appreciate what she's done for me "
Cami Flora
Cami Flora 16 日 前
Not sorry
Jenna Lynn
Jenna Lynn 17 日 前
She is terrible
iiCherryCokeii O
iiCherryCokeii O 19 日 前
This girl is a spoiled brat. Can’t she see her mom is working 2-3 jobs?! And she hates her mom because she didn’t buy anything she wanted? She’s stupid.
Suhaib Aden
Suhaib Aden 19 日 前
Bruh she just sounds like a SPOILED BRAT
Daniel Bomb
Daniel Bomb 19 日 前
Awww little mommy didn’t want to get her regular piano lessons and didn’t want affordable clothes she is such a brattttt!!!
Benjamin Bingaman
Daniel Bomb don’t you mean she WAS a brat don’t say at the end that she learned her lesson and does declare she’s going to change
Grey Sausage
Grey Sausage 20 日 前
You are a gold digger.
Riley 21 日 前
Spoiled brat! Your mom is trying as hard as she can to love you and support you. You find love from feelings and care not materials
Benjamin Bingaman
Riley well at the end she learned her lesson and is likely going to change she does say at the end that she is going to change
DOGE KING 22 日 前
Wow I’m so happy my mom and dad don’t spoil me
Laurie Wilkins
Laurie Wilkins 22 日 前
This hurt head mother f
Laurie Wilkins
Laurie Wilkins 22 日 前
This hurt head mother f
rng loco
rng loco 23 日 前
Fortinite News
Fortinite News 27 日 前
That bad Your mom is trying
Fortinite News
Fortinite News 27 日 前
That right
Fortinite News
Fortinite News 27 日 前
Your mom is right
Midnight Dreams
Midnight Dreams 28 日 前
So basically she hates her mom just bc she needs help... 1. This bitch needs to stop being a brat to her mom 2.the mom doesn’t deserve to get treated this way 3. She’s a brat that thinks she can do whatever she wants 4.she killed her father 5.she doesn’t deserve anything!
AnnaWarriorGacha 28 日 前
This world can’t satisfy us Gucci,Candy,dresses,phones,tablets iPads,iPods,iPhone minis,and other stuff like that can’t satisfy us even I’m not satisfied with some stuff I have we have to learn to be satisfied with the stuff we have I have to learn that too I’m not criticizing but it’s true
Thrupy Sarcia
Thrupy Sarcia 29 日 前
You're a bad, worse, and a thief girl
Hachimitsu Usagi
Hachimitsu Usagi 29 日 前
Just another spoiled rich girl. You aren't entitled to anything just because you exist. Grow up little girl.
Exeddy 29 日 前
Is this girl fr?
Jk And Sk Animations
Dude this person is spoiled
dustin kade booth
Ghost_ Tdrippy
Ghost_ Tdrippy ヶ月 前
Sorry but the title don't match the thumbnail looks like she is giving you and umbrella an she is soaking wet
Ghost_ Tdrippy
Ghost_ Tdrippy ヶ月 前
Oh my god this girl is so spoiled its so annoying to even watch this i would probably been disowned by my parent she needs some serious discipline
Desarae Bailey
Desarae Bailey ヶ月 前
You are a spoiled brat
Guava Raj
Guava Raj ヶ月 前
She is SUCH A BRAT and ungrateful
Mickey_mouse_078 ヶ月 前
Ur just a damn spoiled brat. Your mom was trying to provide for both of you to have a roof over your head and food on your table. And what did u do? Took money from her. I honestly hate people who are like this
Damian dimensions Amankwah
U are spoiled I just can’t stand people like u
Benjamin Bingaman
Damian dimensions Amankwah well she may be spoiled but you can stop being spoiled as much you can’t stand people like that people like that can change you know She maybe had been spoiled but she can stop being spoiled and change as she declares at the end of this film But the real culprits behind it are her parents choosing rather to be the friend then the parent no good ever comes from spoiling a child like that So she may have been spoiled but probably will change and stop being spoiled and be a better person when it comes to our promise at the end to change
BrennanChubs ヶ月 前
everyone: SHES A SPOILED BRAT me: at least she learned her lessons :3
Natalie ヶ月 前
She is lucky and is a spoiled brat. I don’t even have a mom and we are not rich but my dad buys whatever I want most of the time. He buys me everything I want because I rarely ask for anything not even for my birthday or Christmas.
Autumn Pammetta
Autumn Pammetta ヶ月 前
This girl's a little spoiled brat
Meem Uddin
Meem Uddin ヶ月 前
This girl is nothing but a brat “my mom wanted me to buy the sale items but I wanted the best “ bro ur mom is working her a$$ Of and ur here taking her money . Like try to even understand, and help her and u don’t need expensive clothes . Like who doesn’t go to primary 😂
Benjamin Bingaman
Meem Uddin Maybe so but from what she had to create at the end she’ll probably stop being a brat and as she declares at the end that she’s learned her lesson and that’s with us videos about her learning her lesson and decides to change
*weird little bitch* :Ω
This girl is a brat i wanna burn all her clothes
BenevolentBlake ヶ月 前
I hate this girl so much
hi imma time lord
The title is really off point
Im just here for memes. BOI
Well...I'm happy what I got what wanted it's not much,but that's ok. Her: BUY ME MORE SH*T YOU B*TCH!
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