My chromyl chloride cleanup was a disaster

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This is a follow-up to the chromyl chloride video on my main channel (NileRed).

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NileBlue 2 年 前
Oh no, I refreshed the page and now I can't get back to the chat!
Hu Tao
Hu Tao 12 日 前
@Fabio Semino which chrome? CHROMYL CHLORIDE?!?!? jk
Hu Tao
Hu Tao 13 日 前
@Leu shut up
Z0ARY ヶ月 前
anybody else think that he sounds like NileRed
:0 lil burb returned
oh no poor nile red
ToastySNXZ 10 時間 前
How to separate a solidified green tea cake from a fragile glass bowl? Bing: "Peel the bowl" Google: "Same answer"
Wendy burns
Wendy burns 17 時間 前
Nile: That was a clear sign to stop Me: so you stopped right? Nile:... Me: you stopped right?????
Durand [MeFew]
Durand [MeFew] 2 日 前
The forbidden cake.
Brittan Piatt
Brittan Piatt 2 日 前
Erin Brockovich is watching...
Piyu Sarkar
Piyu Sarkar 3 日 前
If Phineas and Ferb were more into chemistry
can i have your autograph?
Being a chemist is doing things you are not suppose to do.
Dusky Racer
Dusky Racer 3 日 前
This entire video is him choosing the greater of two evils at every turn possible!
Jakov Brižić
Jakov Brižić 3 日 前
3:45. One of lifes big lessons... Poke around a bit. Fixes almost anything.
Danish 4 日 前
_NileRed:_ '...The concentration of the solution was not important...'. _Homeopaths:_ *Challenge accepted!*
3 Possums in a Trenchcoat
read the title as "my chernobyl chloride cleanup" and did a double take lmao
Don’t make your waste someone else’s problem.
Allen 5 日 前
man made chemistry weed
Galaxy Gone
Galaxy Gone 5 日 前
feels more like he's making more mess than cleaning up lolol
Miguel Faria
Miguel Faria 6 日 前
How to cook meth
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen 8 日 前
9:09 forbidden pudding
Scott 8 日 前
And he is doing all of this on his coffee table at his parent's house... JK I have no idea.
bransen MacDonald
this dude uploaded a 14min cleaning up video and i watched all of it lol
Jm Cresencio
Jm Cresencio 9 日 前
i mean tbh, 2 plastic bags worth of neutal waste is still better than a jar of toxic liquid waste....just a waste of chemical resources though
TΞSLA 9 日 前
And thats how coca cola is made
sluggy simo - epic gamer
this man said no leaving a pizza in my room for a month isn't nasty enough
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel 10 日 前
Can you eat it?
Hi Nile! That green is used as a pigment in paint- a lot of artists use it . Chrome Oxide Green- Colour of leaves directly from the tube :)
Zaccaria _
Zaccaria _ 12 日 前
Amy's Garbage Can
Oklahoma's solution is to just inject it back into an oil well. (no joke lol)
A Sad Brick
A Sad Brick 12 日 前
The green that it makes is so pretty
GamerFORLife 13 日 前
if only teachers tought like you.. school would be more fun
utkarsh sharma
utkarsh sharma 13 日 前
toxic carcenogenic. and a very fun liquid. this guy plays with death so often. death is like his best friend
King Hrath
King Hrath 14 日 前
Scientist casually creates toxis waste, "for fun;" creates fantastic visual spectacle as a result.
Liam Carr
Liam Carr 15 日 前
This video…. Generated a lot of heat
VivaLaMayo 16 日 前
forbidden green tea
देवांग शर्मा
He dont have intelligence
Tai Bannister
Tai Bannister 13 日 前
Hammad Hashmi
Hammad Hashmi 17 日 前
Looks like a dirty Bong.
Vulpovile 17 日 前
Could you do chrome plating with the chromium in the waste? 🤔
Abdullah khan
Abdullah khan 19 日 前
It really helps me escape the stress of college chemistry. you are making me develop interest in chemistry. I was just cramming information before without any experimentation
Skeeter Yeeter
Skeeter Yeeter 19 日 前
9:44 Forbidden playdough
Brad 20 日 前
I’m still completely surprised at how effective just spraying something with water is at cleaning something.
funkyleah 20 日 前
Next up: how to dissolve and recycle nuclear waste
quaztron 20 日 前
... so he spread it on his garden, and nothing grew there ever again.
Mad Scientific
Mad Scientific 20 日 前
Why not recover the chromium as a metal now?
Terry Maximum-Effort
When the bowl broke I laughed so hard! The drill stopped and you could almost hear the “OH…”
Brooke Bisgrove
Brooke Bisgrove 21 日 前
Can we all please appreciate how much work and time and hell he goes threw just to show us one little project
Elizabete Liepina
me watching NileRed/Blue belike:''This crazy frick is hitting chemicals with a hammer! LMFAO''
FattyMcFox 23 日 前
" I could have just thrown this in a bottle, but i decided to make a caustic casserole, because i am a bored scientist and no one is stopping me."
Where do split the chemical I know that in ocean or sea do you live near
Phantom 25 日 前
resume: to dissolve this i did this and I mess it up. To repair it I did this and repaired it. Now I need to do this to dissolve it and I mess it up. Repeat.
Jaje Da Maniac McSluggin
The end result looks like nuclear waste out of a movie
Zaldite 25 日 前
I am guessing dumping waste into a pit in the in the dirt isn't a good idea?
Augusta Septemberova
.. and that's how I created Monster energy drink x)
Gourav Dutta Roy
Gourav Dutta Roy 27 日 前
Chernobyl: First time huh?
PhrozenFox 27 日 前
tfw mom finds the waste drawer
Audrey 27 日 前
So, was this used in the bromine video or did you use actual bromine? They look exactly alike ...
Kaylee Johnson
Kaylee Johnson 28 日 前
3:12 looks like what the evil witch in snow white dipped the apple in. Just me? Ok.
Un piccione amichevole
quante ç ci sono in questo video
ItsAPerfectionist *
What happens when you have too much solid waste to store? What do you do then? Is there somewhere you take it? And what happens if you just threw it away in the trash?
ben h
ben h ヶ月 前
9:10 oh look! Nile made us a cake
Jatin Kumar
Jatin Kumar ヶ月 前
The forbidden crystal meth
K P ヶ月 前
This is some real chemisty, it looks like a childplay tho :D
Yara Saud
Yara Saud ヶ月 前
9:28 and that’s how play-dough is made kids
Kyle Romero
Kyle Romero ヶ月 前
9:51 tell me what is the difference between this and rocks (visually)
DarthKotEI ヶ月 前
I expected him to go How To Basic and start throwing eggs
Trying to hit 1k without any videos
At the start the chromal chloride (correct me if I spell wrong) looked like bromine
404 NotFound
404 NotFound ヶ月 前
I originally read chromyl as Chernobyl since I saw disaster first
CheeseboiCODM ヶ月 前
Kids would be like ohh yay play dough
The Best Kuroo Tetsuro
he should make a science garden!!
Tomasz Buksa
Tomasz Buksa ヶ月 前
What normal people do with waste: Just throw it in the trash What Nile does: Have fun with it
Be careful
KdramasKimchi ヶ月 前
It’s blood red and toxic, I just thought it was really fun and interesting
Dr Dark
Dr Dark ヶ月 前
chomyl chloride lokin ass
Francheska Surmila
at 9:56 the stuff almost looks like rocks because of its texture
Krzysiek Szadek
Krzysiek Szadek ヶ月 前
Parizat Bhatia
Parizat Bhatia ヶ月 前
At 11:33 and 12:18 that green colour looks so beautiful and i also just realised this was posted on my birthday , cool
McPaimon ヶ月 前
you can tell he is good by all the words i dont understand
YEdwardP ヶ月 前
My neuroscience prof did tell me that chemists were a unique bunch.
Singularis Fox
Singularis Fox ヶ月 前
Me, having a red-green color blindness: "I DON'S SEE THE DIFFERENCE!" *cries*
mushroom ヶ月 前
The 🌟science oven🌟
Things Explained
Things Explained ヶ月 前
Legends watching it now
Terrariagamer26 ヶ月 前
9:42 forbidden play-doh
Auracle ヶ月 前
I read chernobyl chloride, for a sec there I was like what in the neutron chain is this
Rav ヶ月 前
9:05 the forbidden cheese
xenwraith tealix
xenwraith tealix ヶ月 前
"Sodium Hydroxide generates a lot of heat when dissolved in water". Yea, learned that the hard way
______ Blank
______ Blank ヶ月 前
me: *dipping ph paper into my girl* ph paper: *blue af* me: fucking basic bitch
Audrey ヶ月 前
it looks like blue cake turned into brownies
JackSepticEye's Dad Is Burning In Hell
"This stuff releases fumes and corrodes everything around it. Let's throw stuff in it to make it boiling hot and splatter all over the place" That's not a science experiment anymore, that's a bioweapon.
Billy T
Billy T ヶ月 前
erin brockovich be like 👁👄👁
Honrobo Kadoma
Honrobo Kadoma ヶ月 前
Your hobby not eco friendly. Take up hippo hunting, my tribal in Africa can teach you to provide enough meat for clan
Dan ヶ月 前
i watched all of this without skipping and i don't even know what was happening
Wulf-Jäger91 ヶ月 前
6:05 looks like some kinda witches brew. probably just as poisonous too
Aiden ヶ月 前
yummy cake
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira ヶ月 前
Uh i think you posted this on the wrong channel
Katter ヶ月 前
Gabri el
Gabri el ヶ月 前
7:07 ah yes, the based juice.
Sad RIPer
Sad RIPer ヶ月 前
Man this guy invented a yellow meth which doesn't require overdosage to kill people
bib theboulder
bib theboulder ヶ月 前
9:44 or looks a little bit like play dough. 😂
Evan Stanley
Evan Stanley ヶ月 前
we have too much power , we will consume and destroy till there's nothing left .
KenKat ヶ月 前
*Do It For The Views*
deadly nightshade
him: breaks bow, pauses for an hour, then goes on
loving_Reaper 2 ヶ月 前
I accidentally read chromyl as chernobyl
There Is No Sandwich
9:42 This is what my kid's play dough looks like when she forgets to put the lid on the container.
Turning plastic gloves into grape soda
Making my favorite liquid carcinogen
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