Must watch: Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC

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(Video credit : Dan Ladue) A New York City woman's impassioned plea to a group of looters to stop what they were doing is resonating with people across the country.
Desiree Barnes said she approached the group Saturday night in the East Village after they began looting the stores below her apartment.
That is when a man on the street noticed her message and started filming.
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Joseph Upton
Joseph Upton 時間 前
In a land of liars speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.
Chihiro Sen
Chihiro Sen 7 時間 前
I want to give this lady the biggest hug she's ever had in her life
Ezequiel Echeverria
Ezequiel Echeverria 15 時間 前
The place was bad ; they just make it worst. At least there still reasonable people to stop the mess.
Robert Dill
Robert Dill 15 時間 前
Tell it like it is, good job young woman!
sinor chingon
sinor chingon 15 時間 前
Did she say they "made a melee"? What does that mean because I thought melee was a when you use a handheld weapon
Orion Atlas
Orion Atlas 15 時間 前
I stand with my fellow veterans! I stand with this woman!
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 15 時間 前
Crazy lives matter, looters and antifa are Satan and monsters so they are hungry needing blood to drink that.
edcar61 16 時間 前
Amen sister.
William West
William West 20 時間 前
Lots of liberal socialists out there destroying and looting. Yes, it seriously hurts these neighborhoods which are struggling.
gor nilang
gor nilang 21 時間 前
I agree with her. Channeling emotions to bring systemic change is non-violence.
Black Rocket
Black Rocket 22 時間 前
BLM is an organization against freedom.
Brian Williams
Maurice Norfleet
Maurice Norfleet
What have you done for me lately 😕 😪 🙃 hate
Maurice Norfleet
Welcome to real world 🌎 💯 😎 😌 reflection
Robby Patterson
Get these racist BLM and Antifa cowards out of your city...they don't even live there...George Soros is busing them in
Richardo Anthony
Identity politics. Only she can give this speech.
christian lopes
My Sister!!
olivia sng
olivia sng 日 前
Send her to jail
Nick M
Nick M 日 前
The last true unifying protest was the march on Wall Street. Since then the media has been working very hard the keep us all divided and against each other. Wake up kids. This women is 💯 correct.
But before these idiots can vote I hope they do a little research. Otherwise there will be more leaders like idiot AOC. Go home, and better not vote. These rioters should not be allowed to vote, as they clearly hate the country and its people.
Rolling Pirate
All of this behind high leaders that wants African American people erase. Why and what for? Please stop it. No more murder no more killing kids, it's time to look at the mess that happen in the world.
Lucida Rose
Lucida Rose 日 前
Thank you .
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 日 前
I called this woman a queen not because of the color of her skin but because of the courage to stand up for others that can't stand up by themselves I would gladly kneel before this lady I don't even know this lady and I will defend her with my life because she has a heart of gold and that's hard to find I thank her I couldn't thank her enough God bless wow all's I can say is wow the more she speaks the more I love her wow
Christina B.
Christina B. 日 前
Ive seen this women in other video telling off looter its not the first time, if genuine she is amazing, if she is acting sad.
Felix Bofil
Felix Bofil 日 前
Speaking truth ! 💥💥💥💥🙏🙏🙏🙏
rezzman1 日 前
These BLM/Antifa are using the black people to destroy property.
C H 日 前
She is awesome and totally right! Notice how no one wanted to step up to her!
Sarah W
Sarah W 日 前
She is brave, and I salute her service to this nation. And she's right about registering to vote, that's how the Irish in the late 1800s turned their situation around. Use your voice in the voting booths to get people in office who will actually help you
Ricky Hursey
Ricky Hursey 日 前
Wears the black protesters, all I see are far leftist DEMOCRATIC morons.
Derek Tomlinson
These so called protesters obviously think that black lives do not matter as they destroy the communities of the hard pressed black and mixed race communities.
Eco 1234
Eco 1234 日 前
When she is encouraging people to vote, I wonder who for. For the people who want to use force to stop these rioters, or for the people who enable and make excuses for them?
Composer Coleman
I really hope Trevor Noah caught this and addresses it!
Bruce Harrison
Media one of them?
Keith Allen
Keith Allen 2 日 前
Tell 'em gal!!!
Тимофей 2 日 前
Fellas doin' what fellas does. Read Colin Flaherty's book "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry"
Carlos youtubeSINmentiras
They go back to their parents basement.* Fixed
Luz Aida Perrone
Gentry Brown
Gentry Brown 2 日 前
Vote democrat maybe things will change! Orange man bad!
Vendetta ReseiZ
Vendetta ReseiZ 2 日 前
Vendetta ReseiZ
Vendetta ReseiZ 2 日 前
Gonzo 2 日 前
She pissed and has every right to be, I would like to say to her thank you for your service to this great country.
mogznwaz 2 日 前
Go girl! Now she is a smart brave lady to stand up to the mob.
Jody Michelle
Jody Michelle 2 日 前
This woman is what America needs. No big words or slang, no political correctness or you owe me. Straightforward and intelligent with enough profanity to emphasize her frustration and anger all while still being respectful. And thank you for your service in the military and then in your own community.
Kelli Mason
Kelli Mason 2 日 前
U GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!
homerclint50 2 日 前
Vote Trump and stop all this marxist BS. The US will die if the marxist's get in power
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts 2 日 前
Warrior woman. Thank you for your courage.
ChiquitaSpeaks 2 日 前
She sound like my outraged teacher
Patricia Palmer
Patricia Palmer 3 日 前
Now c'mon folks !! They are taking things to establish George Floyd Memorials and shrines !! Why, right now, candles are being lit and prayers said in front of Nikes all over town. Shame on you.....
Patricia Palmer
Patricia Palmer 3 日 前
I am proud to be an American and proud of her !!
annie lane
annie lane 3 日 前
Ever notice that it’s mostly white privileged kids protesting for BLM ? 🤔
Justin Y
Justin Y 3 日 前
The 6.1K down votes are the problem that we have.
I noticed theres only white people standing there listening to her cuz trust me a black crowd would’ve told her to stfu and move especially if they were looting💯
cynthia Deg
cynthia Deg 3 日 前
What can we presume about the thumbs down? They are creepy, mean monsters. Incredible. What if this young lady was their sister? God have mercy on their souls
John C Fernandez
Its not enough to be registered to vote its who you vote for that makes the difference. If you vote for the wrong party, regardless of your intentions, you're only making yourself part of the problem. Make informed choices, not choices based on "go with the flow". The correct choice isn't based on color or sexual orientation. You can start with learning the difference between the 2 parties, who are the candidates, what have they done in the past. Talk before election time is cheap. Consider what's important to you, your family, your values. It might really surprise you to find out who was behind the KKK and why, who voted in Jim Crow laws. Who opposed minority federal loans making it very difficult for minorities to start businesses. Research under what presidential administration were more blacks killed by police then all others combined. Hear out what others like you have to say and why they're not voting for your party. Do the research who are the leaders behind BLM. The truth makes a difference.
Tony Battipaglia
God bless her 💓😇
Chris Casa
Chris Casa 3 日 前
This woman truly believes and defends her community. More people like her and mountains can be moved to accomplish positives...
Seth T.
Seth T. 3 日 前
She is courageous.
moner Mccarthy
moner Mccarthy 3 日 前
God Bless this women
Mae 3 日 前
YES MA'AM 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Carmen Sosa
Carmen Sosa 3 日 前
What happened to the audio...
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 3 日 前
see the black what he do ? @t
Rick Williams
Rick Williams 4 日 前
God tier.
Casey Zembol
Casey Zembol 4 日 前
Smart Woman!!
Sonaj 6969
Sonaj 6969 4 日 前
That's the problem this dumb b**** doesn't realize that they're never going to change their votes they're always going to vote Democrat which is why the mayor's allowed them to destroy her City
P8-RIOT- RISE 4 日 前
Gets shot by looter.
Joe alonzo
Joe alonzo 4 日 前
This is what Democrats WANT for your states. On Monday morning, NBC Chicago reported the total number of shooting victims was over 60 for the weekend, with 16 people dead. The Chicag0 Sun-Times reported one of the weekend's fatalities was a 10-year-old girl who was "inside a Logan Square home on the Northwest Side" when she was shot in the head by a stray bullet. She was shot at 9:40 p.m. Saturday and pronounced dead just hours later. A one-year-old boy riding in the car with his mom was also shot and killed Saturday. He and his mother were driving back from the laundromat when a car pulled up next to them and opened fire. The mother was shot as well, but her wounds were not life-threatening. At least 100 people were shot in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago last weekend, which was Father's Day Weekend, and 14 of them succumbed to their wounds.
Martin Balber
Martin Balber 4 日 前
Is she single ?
E Louise
E Louise 4 日 前
She is absolutely right!
arreolaa2010 4 日 前
So true sisters!
Patricia Bilinkas
I wonder what she thinks of DeBlabbio.
Marvin Brando
She voted for him
HisRoyalMajesty 08
Another critical thinking women See what I did there I didnt mentioned her race that's how we stop the racism where we go based on character not on color
patricia wilson
patricia wilson 4 日 前
What a real woman looks like. Please elect this woman for city council . She cares about others !!!!
Lisa King
Lisa King 4 日 前
coco smiles
coco smiles 4 日 前
She served her country for 10 years.
JMichael C
JMichael C 4 日 前
They clap for her after they destroyed the place 🤦🏻‍♂️
misty blue40
misty blue40 4 日 前
Yesssss preach on...
ASGod 4 日 前
That’s how moral people need to be with postmodernists, and disabled people to ableists
Mia L
Mia L 4 日 前
Homo sapiens lives matter !
joyner lucas fan guillen
Give this award fr