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Moments You Wouldn't Believe If They Weren't Recorded #10

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Believe the unbelievable and impossible. Here is another amazing episode of Moments You Wouldn't Believe If They Weren't Recorded. This is the 10th edition. Make sure you guys watch other Unbelievable videos and Unbelievable moments. You can find them on the playlist named Moments You Wouldn't Believe.
Unlimited TV Presents Moments You Wouldn't Believe If They Weren't Recorded #10
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Chris Gentry
Chris Gentry 時間 前
Just so you guys know, that triangular ufo is actually our b-2 spirit bomber. My dad being in the us navy and me being a military brat I've seen them bunches of times.
Spartan 3000879
Spartan 3000879 5 時間 前
I see half the shit in this video on a daily God damn basis
James Kelman
James Kelman 7 時間 前
Lots were impressive, made me smile for lots, curled my toes on a few! Awesome ! Thanks!
Charles Sphere
Charles Sphere 9 時間 前
The world is not a good place with idiots teaching kids to smash planks with their fists.
Trevor Clive
Trevor Clive 15 時間 前
This would be better if the title wasn't a lie.
truckersteve1973 17 時間 前
Waisted minutes I will never get back
Jgally_18 22 時間 前
Passenger planes can't barrel roll, literally impossible
Lethal CoCo
Lethal CoCo 日 前
anybody know the place at 8:56?????
Maima 日 前
1:47 eyyy its aunty mabel with pippin from come outside
Robert Gift
Robert Gift 日 前
7:30 787 Dreamliner with no passengers and little fuel. Not impressed.
Toto Latetatoto
00:10 Si c'est vrai, je m'en mors une ...
Paul Timmerman
I believe it
Kanto Swagiary
Wow....so NYC video...1000kdislikes from me and your friends
Robert Sorenson
6:12 Been there, done that.
I Am A Whovian
I Am A Whovian 2 日 前
1:12 is at brisbane river fire. happens every year
F0RTPHL0X 2 日 前
1:23 the start of Ali a intro
Andrew Cuber
Andrew Cuber 2 日 前
there's no way that second one is real...
Ttoxic 2 日 前
I’ve seen a stealth bomber before
J Gamer
J Gamer 2 日 前
4:42 Props to that dude hes actually a boss
Trail Shooter
Trail Shooter 2 日 前
Can anyone tell me why I would not have believed half the things in this video, the majority of them weren’t even that amazing
EM NY 2 時間 前
It's cool video tho, but I do agree.
Android's Art
watch #1 of these
Redrect oof
Redrect oof 2 日 前
That second one smh Physics are quality there
friscoHub415 2 日 前
the real trick with the jump rope was he was a White guy With his back towards the camera then he turns around and hes black
Rejean Masciangelo
The flipping jet disturbs me tremendously.
Joey Mayes
Joey Mayes 2 日 前
rob ghd
rob ghd 2 日 前
it carnt be legitimate can it?
Brancy Pacheco
Brancy Pacheco 2 日 前
2:06 the Piper club can land on any terrain
tinh le
tinh le 2 日 前
8:05 Vietnam Airline
Peter Bird
Peter Bird 2 日 前
Didn't know Vietnam had airliners 😂
Stefano Mannelli
Masnada di stronzoli figli di troia
Batbayar Baasanbat
Oh my god I can’t believe the recorded the airplane landing safely.
Ryan OBeirne
Ryan OBeirne 2 日 前
The intro airplane barrel roll was bad enough for me to leave a comment and close the video.
atahan ercan
atahan ercan 2 日 前
0:13 NİCE photoshop
Miggy Arceo
Miggy Arceo 3 日 前
8:05 Title of the Song Please >3
Voices 74
Voices 74 2 日 前
Found it below! It is: The song from 7:55 on is Diviners - "Savannah"
Voices 74
Voices 74 2 日 前
Been looking for it too!
RUBY 3 日 前
The dreamliner.... gliding in the air. Only good engineers would feel the power in their buts watching it fly like that.
Zacto Magma
Zacto Magma 3 日 前
5:24 Dude I’m a green belt just like my JPvid logo XD 5:53= the heart attack
Dallas got his medic bag
People actually think the second clip is real? Long range Commercial jets like that don’t have a roll rate that quickly and that close to the ground, even with a single seater single engine aircraft would definitely crash in that situation
JΛMΛ 3 日 前
click off after 0:10 it almost stops completely mid air and it's supposed to look realistic 💀💀
太陽ダビデ 3 日 前
It was wise of you to turn off ratings lol
Super Durp Pig
Super Durp Pig 3 日 前
0:10 any pilot here or anyone with even a remote knowledge of large aircraft knows what i am talking about when I say:: "HMM"
s4eed 3 日 前
I hope it wasn't rest of fuel dumped at 0:23
Agnelo Fernandes
8:55 beautiful.
PatCruiser 3 日 前
13.000.000 clicks with shit.... wow
Zijie He
Zijie He 4 日 前
0:01 I can even imagine the smell.
AttackChoper97 4 日 前
1:03 now the real question here is who recorded this
QueasyAsh 4 日 前
1:36 Omg!!! I had no clue planes landed at airports! I've always wondered what airports were for!
Clay .C.
Clay .C. 4 日 前
737 Dreamliner... Isn't that the one where the batteries kept catching on fire?
Abhishek Das
Abhishek Das 4 日 前
3.41 is nyc
FsxDünyası /FsxWorld
thanh danh
thanh danh 4 日 前
7:25 i live in Vietnam !
mark bajanik das
Boeing screwed up with the their 737s, like the Lion air..crash.
tony detwiler
tony detwiler 5 日 前
Fucking ads!!!!!
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan 5 日 前
3:05 is that a pig
o kap mein kap
o kap mein kap 5 日 前
02:17. Nothing short of Awesome!
Dagne Marina
Dagne Marina 5 日 前
at 0:12 is that the plane from fortnite and the driver
Alex M Guimarães
03:01 um porco/suíno fez a imagem!!!
Alex M Guimarães
0:10 montagem mesmo!!
LOS020 5 日 前
ปีโป้ ออดี้
D Muldi
D Muldi 5 日 前
cool video
Tellus Of Athens
How many of these are actually real though?
Das Deutschmann
Das Deutschmann 5 日 前
All of these happen all the time. Not impressed at all.
Epicninjafan 1010
0:01 *bass boost Harry Potter music plays*
Zach Samureh
Zach Samureh 6 日 前
00:10 is do a barrel roll to another level
Матвей Королёв
7.55 who sings ?
Vesta Dhodi
Vesta Dhodi 6 日 前
What is the name of the song which was player for the last few video plz😇
Vesta Dhodi
Vesta Dhodi 3 日 前
+lexv2 thx dude
lexv2 4 日 前
Diviners - Savannah (ft. Philly K)
JosezPlayz 6 日 前
This is just a joke.
dcl4dg 6 日 前
What an utter rubbish title!
Tom McLaughlin
Tom McLaughlin 6 日 前
Just ads bacon to the cheeeeburger
Andy G
Andy G 7 日 前
You'll never believe this normal ass plane landings
Mrfazgamer Gamer
0:11 wow omg like if wow 😮
Mrfazgamer Gamer
Sha Shaikh
Sha Shaikh 7 日 前
That black car is in Kuwait
rachel kikoak
rachel kikoak 7 日 前
I may never eat another burger again.
Mr. Leiduowen
Mr. Leiduowen 7 日 前
6:46 Wish she was my girlfriend :D
Ben Swithen
Ben Swithen 7 日 前
I cannot believe that planes either land or take off.
Jake Liao
Jake Liao 7 日 前
When its your first time flying a plane on X-Plane 11 0:10
习猪头 7 日 前
scott allen
scott allen 8 日 前
The ChickenLord
The ChickenLord 8 日 前
My favorite part 11:33
Joe V
Joe V 8 日 前
0:12, how I die in GTA
Ionut Puscas
Ionut Puscas 8 日 前
11:20. What song is that?
Samuel Boyd
Samuel Boyd 8 日 前
I agree that the man doing push ups is insanely impressive, physically speaking. But what kind of tool has to do that at a subway station to get attention for his workout regime? Lol
Hoten Hitonokoe
Hoten Hitonokoe 8 日 前
2:13 wow
Aviation Spirit
Aviation Spirit 9 日 前
7:35 it’s called a touch and go
Aviation Spirit
Aviation Spirit 9 日 前
This are not that special
Paarden Eter69
Paarden Eter69 9 日 前
That spinning plane gave me serius anxiety
Amit Krupal
Amit Krupal 9 日 前
Who's at 6:29?
Diegonal 74
Diegonal 74 9 日 前
0:13 más mentira que yo apruebe el curso
Be Ka
Be Ka 9 日 前
7:06 OMFG I cant believe this!!!! SO GLAD IT WAS RECORDED!!!!!!!
KarhuKonkari 9 日 前
"Moments you can see every fucking day but you should instead do something else"
Moronvideos1940 10 日 前
I can't see the number of likes and dislikes. So from now on I am not going to like anything and click on dislike for EVERYTHING ...... This JPvid turns everything to sheet....
Moronvideos1940 10 日 前
I downloaded this Thank you
issam khalil
issam khalil 10 日 前
No i Believe !
vashish Ramnarine
0:12 its fricking FSX!
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 10 日 前
I don’t see why you can’t believe a piper j3 can land in about 10 or more feet, it’s made to do that
lottery mania 11
lottery mania 11 10 日 前
7:06 wtf
AlexCool TH
AlexCool TH 10 日 前
2:45 This Guy driving without shifting *WTF*
jools senior
jools senior 10 日 前
This is fucking shit! 13 million views? WTF! This cunt needs to get into politics!
TheCRIT0 10 日 前
Finally! Evidence of flying planes! I can now believe the rumours thanks to this video.
Barbare4032 6 日 前
Now we gonna do the same to proof Earth is not flat...
_ Aquamarina
_ Aquamarina 10 日 前
"The plane rolling" CJ!!! Did u learn to fly again??!
VINNI 11 日 前
9:45 у парня уже рак губы начинается. зря он это курит. потом хуже ток будет.
DannyClancy10 11 日 前
Guy at 5:44 is a peado bastard