Modern Music's Death By Auto-Tune

Rick Beato
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In this episode I discuss the over use and impact of Auto-Tune which has become ubiquitous in all genres of modern music.

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Joe Gancher
Joe Gancher 時間 前
Have a read/listen to 'wet tuning' on accordions. What distinguishes different genres within accordion music , tex-mex, french, acadian etc is how many cents the doubled or tripled reeds are from one another. The reeds actually 'beat' or start throbbing when they get within a few cents and that is how accordion tuners hit their customer requested marks. You don't however want the different notes beating at the same cadence though. You go higher, you want faster beating. So mathematically the cent spread is nonlinear. Horn players will often practice single notes against a drone and try to manipulate the beating as they land almost perfectly on top of the drone note. Have a listen as well to Dunane Allmans isolated solo on Blue Sky. He is embarrassingly out of tune but you'd never know it mixed into the rest of the song.
Steven Kapela
Steven Kapela 3 時間 前
this guy make me wish I knew how to play music
NoneOfYourFingBusiness AlsoNoneOfYourFingBusiness
I hate autotune when used by generic talentless people. But that Daft punk album is phenomenal for example. I loooove vocoders...where the voices sound like the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica (1976), it's a fetish of mine.....looooove it. Bands like Midnight star, Newcleus, Jonzun crew, Man Parrish. And the talk box....Roger Troutman/Zapp, Mico wave....love it.
Kevin Stone
Kevin Stone 日 前
Autotune is to music what CGI is to movies. Something meant to supplement a good song (or story) that's been used to make up for a bad song or story.
Chickenwomp 日 前
Rick, i promise you no matter how loudly you yell, the clouds aren't gonna move dude.
John Bender
John Bender 日 前
Along those lines listen to mozarts gran partitia on period instruments and modern instruments and the difference is huge
Robert Zwaska
Shania Twain is the queen of auto tune.
justin blake
justin blake 2 日 前
Just gave me a reason to like indie a bit haha Metal rules only real musicians left
Eero Iiskola
Eero Iiskola 2 日 前
I suspect that Cher heard Neil Young's performance when he used vocoder or like in the song "Computer Age" Live in Berlin somewhere in the mid 80's. By the way, the lyrics of Computer Age are awesome.
Knight on Bald Mountain
Frampton and Walsh were masters of the talk box. Now imagine rock music where every guitar player on every song used the device. That would suck. This is the thought that crosses my mind whenever I have the misfortune of being exposed to today’s pop music. Every damn song seems to have that auto tune “robotic voice.” It sucks.
Cody Lee
Cody Lee 2 日 前
New singers are not as talented. Look back at the righteous brothers. Pure talent
103eaglecrest 2 日 前
It boils down to selling an image, such as how they dress, their overall looks, how they carry themselves. "If only this person could sing, we'd make a fortune." Shazam!! Autotune! I assume these "artists" couldn't carry a note if their lives depended on it. More power to them I suppose. If people enjoy paying for and listening to crap, then a perfect marriage has been created. This is just a symptom of the society we live in.
The Monster Under Your Bed
Autotune is the facebook of the music industry. Everything is faked and you only see what they want you to see (or hear).
fu2lvio 3 日 前
9:43 blows me away
John Harag
John Harag 3 日 前
What you call small I'd call thin. It's lacking most of the body of the vocals, the full nuance of the overtones, and of course that minor pitch imperfection that fills more space, be it vibrato or just plain 'feeling'. I knew I couldn't stand [heavy] auto-tune for a reason.
Alexie Astachenko
6:30 - yeah, I liked the video just for that part alone.
PJ Snijders
PJ Snijders 4 日 前
Well, luckily lots and lots of singers still don't need or use autotune, you just don't see 'em in the Spotify top 10.
Dennis Lindqvist
I met a conductor who hated when the orchestra sounded perfect in pitch. It sounded too thin, he thought. The same applies when tuning a guitar, it sounds better without digital aids. But I understand that it helps when you can't afford enough studio time.
Misbah Naqvi
Misbah Naqvi 4 日 前
Loved this episode Ricky! 👌🏻
Manly Men
Manly Men 4 日 前
Along with Cher(mother) I feel like Britney Spears was a the daughter of auto tune lol
KB 4 日 前
Jay’z wrote a jam called death to auto tune
Andulamb 4 日 前
The only reason extensively autotuned songs can be popular is that music fans aren't good judges of what sounds good. They have no idea what they're listening to. They can't tell the difference between a natural voice and a synthesized voice. Which makes you wonder how they can even be music fans. It's like saying you're a fan of Citizen Kane but you've only ever seen it out of focus, or you've only seen it colorized, or whatever. You get my point. People have to demand better of themselves. If you can't tell the difference between slop and art, then you're not a fan of art, you're basically tone deaf. And apparently there are a lot of tone-deaf people out there.
Bob Westerholt
Bob Westerholt 5 日 前
Hey Rick! What about a video featuring classic metal singers like Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson and RJ Dio?
Korials18 5 日 前
Ariana is like : What is your auto tune thingy?
Adam G
Adam G 5 日 前
It's kinda like the bad plastic surgery of music.
Timothy Monaghan
Good example is Alice In Chains, they would have sucked if they tried to mess with their voices.
From Shadow To Substance
Auto-Tune-the patch that makes everyone’s song sound like everyone else’s song. Great video! Always wondered how the “Cher Effect” was done…
Aubree S.
Aubree S. 5 日 前
Autotune can be used as a really cool artistic effect. It becomes a problem when its overused.
Phu Vet
Phu Vet 5 日 前
It's the opposite of Peter Framptons device.
jordel2010 5 日 前
As one youtuber once put it about the overuse of CGI in flims: "Convenience devolved into laziness". This is yet another case of that.
YodatheHobbit 6 日 前
I don't mean this as an insult at all, just an observation but it's crazy - I used to watch a lot of VH1 as a kid, lots of Behind the Music, and you in that clip look really familiar. I've lost my hair and you've gone grey, but nevertheless, in the face I feel like I've aged less from age 18 -37 than you've aged from that age to your current age, whatever it may be. I don't smoke or drink, so that might have a little to do with it, but it still strikes me as odd. Is that common?
Blake Schreckenbach
The autotune algorithm is borrowed from a petroleum geology 3D seismic correction algorithm. Instead of sheet music the algorithm would use existing geologic records for the field to correct for the different formations and densities.
Turksta TRK
Turksta TRK 6 日 前
other than daft punk, its redundant to use auto tune at such a high capacity takes away the emotion/vibe with that robotic feel (as suggested). Daft Punk's identity is robotic which compliments the music. .... E.G - DAFT PUNK ROBOT ROCK
your momma
your momma 6 日 前
i am anti-autotune.
TomBob 277 South
I definitely think auto tune or any pitch correction plugin has a place. I even thought Cher’s use in the chorus was good because at the time it was a unique effect. Now it’s come to a point where labels sign people based on the image they can promote no matter their actual musical talent and ability to stay in tune or even in time. It amazes me that people now will pay to go to a concert knowing they are lip syncing to a studio track. I’d be pi$$ed if I paid for a concert ticket and found out I wasn’t hearing a live performance.
Imho as someone whose Into synths etc., I agree with the ultimate premise, and think auto tune is used inappropriately, However, there are ways to use it that allow for this same "dynamic expression." You're still have rhythmic freedom. I try to think of it more like a keyboard voice at that point. It's synthesized. If you're gonna acknowledge it's synthetic nature it can do wonders for making a track uncanny and off. That said, most people let their tools write for them instead of writing for their tools. The problem with all synthetic music is that people let it become their master, rather than realizing you have to master your tools. That's why there is never a substitute for theoretical knowledge and your skills as a player. Its the best defense versus the control modern tools will exert on you if you don't make the effort.
Fernando Saab
Fernando Saab 6 日 前
I understand your point Rick but auto tune is an aesthetic choice nowadays, is part of the sound. If you can hear the effect like in a trap song its an artistic choice, like the excessively nasal sound of grunge vocals. they sing well but this artistic choice makes me wanna die, like the excess of auto tune to you. its just a trend, and there is a lot of good use on auto tune nowadays, it is just a tool to make music
RavenCreations 7 日 前
I'm totally with you. Autotune has ruined most modern music. I don't even like it being used as an effect - it's just cheesy, like the electronic drums constantly used in the disco era. I just cringe when I hear Cher. If singers can't hit the notes, they're not singers. They have one job - to sing the lyrics to the notes of the melody. If they can't do that, they're in the wrong job. Of course, a real singer puts personality and emotion into their singing too, but autotune strips out any of that, leaving a lifeless computer voice that could have been sung by anyone.
Channel Family
Channel Family 7 日 前
Rick Beato is very important o us Mr Algorithm
Slammy555 7 日 前
Texas and facts is is the worst rhyme I've heard, though rhyming danger zone with danger zone is up there (he gets points because he wasn't trying to hide how bad it is). Even if they didn't have the best voice they wrote music to suit their sound. Sinatra is a good example, didn't have much range so he recorded songs that didn't require range, and Dylan's voice is real but is it good?.
Rusty Gold
Rusty Gold 7 日 前
Who mostly wins the TV song shows ? People who have had a back ground of practising live . Whether at Church or a Club . Who has the songs we love and play at weddings ? The ones who 's early careers were at live venues !
Shannon Mckitterick
All the best to U Rick n family I really enjoy ur analysis I BELIEVE MUSIC IS TRANSMITTING UR SOUL uknow REAL
Marco Castillo
Marco Castillo 7 日 前
Otto Matic Robot Otto Matic Robot Otto Matic Robot Otto Matic Robot Otto Matic Robot
HotrodCow (Wes Morrison)
Agree 100%. I prefer Melodyne, but NEVER correct everything. I often shift entire phrases first instead of individual notes, which preserves the feel and makes individual note tunings (if any) require less radical changes.
Sharoon John
Sharoon John 8 日 前
This is why you are the best, Rick!!
Louise Bonivento
I am! Death TO auto tune. Kill it with fire NOWWWWWWW!!!! Ugh :( Lol. I automatically turn off any newly released 'pop' songs if they've been really over the top (badly) auto-tuned. I can't stand the stuff! Lol 🤪😝 Omg, who is that woman 'singing' that you played?! YUCK. I used to sing and if somebody did that to my voice on a recording (etc) I would feel seriously insulted. Maroon 5, don't do it. Stop it now!!!!! 😭 LOVE your videos & totally agree with you - and your kids! Lol ❤💋
ChildOfThe1970s 8 日 前
Karen Carpenter's voice was so perfect that she didn't need auto tune. I just can't stand what they call music today.
Legion of Weirdos - ADHD & more - Christopher Mast
Regarding the Queen example - fun fact, a lot of the heavy lifting in the harmonies was actually done by Roger Taylor, the drummer. No shade on Freddie, who was an absolute god, but Queen had three very good singers.
LockeTheCole 8 日 前
Autotune as a gimmick is fine, if it's your whole band's schtick or a singer relies on it, that's where it becomes boring. I think the gimmick autotune will be looked at down the line like the vocoder, quaint, out of date, but sometimes used to great effect.
Dino Svenningsen
You are so much on point. I tried to explain this sooo many times.. And you did it in under 15 min.. Tnx! Now i just have give them this link ;)
Kevin Stevens
Kevin Stevens 8 日 前
Recently saw Summer of Soul documentary and was just blown away at the pitch and intonation of the performers - especially on an outdoor stage with very minimal 1969 stage monitors. I was thinking the same thing - singers were just better back then, because they HAD to be. There were not the shortcuts of today.
Beorn The Bear.
Beorn The Bear. 9 日 前
It's time to get back to practicing. I haven't heard Tarja use auto-tune that I can recognize as auto-tuned. She just practices real singing. Auto-tune some times sounds like a duck being strangled. Listen to Tarja's live music, Occasionally a note is a tad flat or sharp, but it's very rare. I don't think Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickenson or Rob Halford use it either. They can blow me out of the water live. My tip is if you need autotune to sound good, practice real singing more until you get it right.
Steve Steele
Steve Steele 9 日 前
And then there's Whitney
Robert Walker
Robert Walker 9 日 前
i read several years afgo that jeff baxter devloped pitch shifting is there anything in that?
Ralph Goldheim
Ralph Goldheim 9 日 前
Good call Rick! We used to have to practice our harmony notes with a strobe tuner (if you remember them) Roy Tomas Baker did some of the Starcastle albums also and they learned many secrets like tracking with a compressor and bouncing the harmony stacking layer after layer each time with compression blending the singers different vocal harmonics and formant structure together ending up with a WALL of Chorused VOICES. Autotune is just like Eventide Harmonizers were in the 80s - overused and digital reverbs when new were overused and washed out the voice mixes compared to today. Toy Matinee was one of the first bands to have the balls in the early 90s to mix the lead voice completely dry dead in the center and they still sound 'modern'. Love your Blog and we should talk about how ROM sampler players killed keyboards and made them sound dead. It took DSP modeling to bring it back. Still nothing sounds like a real Hammond. Peace.
mohammad amin daneshvar
try hatsune miku. computerized not autotune
macewbee 9 日 前
Good point I think on Netflix on what pop music T-Pain had explained it good and even with the inventor had pointed this out also with daft punk from there movie unchained I think when R.I.P. Anthony Moore when he song One More Time and Too Long they used a talk box or talk box or what ever it's called and great video I never knew about this.
That_Canuck_God 7 日 前
Daft Punk uses a vocoder a lot, talk boxes are different than vocoders. T-pain is actually a good singer without autotune, but uses it for the effect.
Kalle Laakso
Kalle Laakso 9 日 前
Autotune is an instrument. Where are the rants about drum machines and synths? Synthesized, computerized and what not. Things change. Elderly people in the 50’s were disgusted by rock’n roll, 70’s by synths, 90’s by CDs, 2000’s by ”autotune”. See a pattern?
Altered Animesh
Altered Animesh 9 日 前
I'm not an anti auto tune .........................I have to say I'm not an anti auto tune......................I don't hate auto tune but.............again I'm not anti auto tune
Alejandro trepiana angeloni
You are si right!!! Autotune killed modern Músic and singers....Also i can care less for.maroon 5 hate those voices. Another thing to notice is that modern Músic lacks vocal harmonies, si present in classics like The Beatles,Beach Boys, Carpenters, Eagles, etc
Flavius Fake
Flavius Fake 10 日 前
Drives me crazy the singing now. Sounds like a robot in a cave to me...
music man
music man 10 日 前
old music, full of soul and nature, texture and idea, new music, plastic fake popcorn crap. no soul!
music man
music man 10 日 前
Thank thezz German for this plastic fake-ness in the vocal world, days have gone with epic artists like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, people that could really sing, they didn't need tech to morph them into talent, they already had it!
Danny Castro
Danny Castro 10 日 前
I thought I was the only that was bothered by that Lenny Kravitz harmony
On Wheels
On Wheels 10 日 前
Worst offenders have to be Michael Bublé's Christmas album producers. No idea why he let that get released.
The Fozzy Bear
The Fozzy Bear 10 日 前
Just like photoshop in photography, it's a tool to use at times but it's used all the time in every photo.
Doc Lockridge
Doc Lockridge 10 日 前
Why do people use the example of purposely abusing autotune to pan it. It's simply a tool.
Rein de Vries
Rein de Vries 11 日 前
I see a parallel with rhythmic quantization and clicktracking. When the dutch band The Analogues were working on reproducing Beatles albums they noticed slight tempo fluctuations. These fluctuations add to the liveliness of the songs. Just like a groove in a good rhythm that cannot be reproduced by a drum computer a good singer's untampered pitch is a source of expression.
John Foster
John Foster 11 日 前
Something I never hear mentioned is that autotune is pulling notes to the nearest note that an keyboard would play, so equal temperament. But the voice should not be restricted to those notes. Part of the reason the voice and fretless instruments like violins are so beautiful is that they can be slightly sharp when they need to be and aren't restricted to the notes that a keyboard is restricted to. So while autotune may fix a poor singer by moving noted to the pitch of a keyboard it will also make a great singer sound worse by moving notes that sound great a few cents flatter to match the equal tempered scale.
John Foster
John Foster 11 日 前
Autotune has done more damage than good.
SP30305ATL 11 日 前
OMG I've been saying this for so long. I can't stand it. I listen to singers on youtube like Alice Kristiansen and local soloists or 2-person bands at the pub who are just playing and singing. Frampton's talkbox use and Styx's Mr Roboto were fun as a novelty, but every pop song sounds like a robot is singing these days. These singers need to be careful, or they'll just be replaced with AI and VR. What's weird is some of the pop stars actually can sing if you hear them do an unplugged acoustic performance, but a producer or someone must be telling them their voices must be roboticized to sell these days I guess.
Jedimaster420 11 日 前
I been saying this for years . F autotune
pinkdispatcher 11 日 前
What I find most annoying is that even good professional singers like Pentatonix autotune their studio recordings to death, because of a (perhaps mistaken) belief that "that is what the market wants". I've heard them sing some sessions without AT (or melodyne in their case), and they're pretty good, but all the studio recordings sound completely, "perfectly" dead. What's really nice on the other hand are the top-notch classical ensembles like (still!) the King's singers or, more recently, VOCES8, which are great without autotune.
Samuel Feynman Tribute page
I still use Manual-Tune.
Cedric Debono
Cedric Debono 11 日 前
You really need to do an episode about Devin Townsend's godlike pipes. His work with multilayering vocals is mindblowing.
CrazyCow500 11 日 前
It's a technology that's used to make art. There have been plenty of technologies introduced in the past to improve our instruments' intonation: this isn't any different. You can make the same argument for compression and EQ. "The singer should learn to manage their dynamics naturally". "The engineer should learn how to ride the fader perfectly into the recorder as to manage quiet and loud passages. A device that does that automatically is killing music!" "The singer should manage their tone so they fit perfectly against the guitar" "Sucks that the mixer had to take that 400hz out of the guitar that was masking the vocal. The guitarist should have just dialed that in at the amp or just leave it on the record. Now its ruined because what we hear isn't how the guitarist sounded in real life" Is it wrong for a painter to trace a circle using a plate or does he have to draw it free hand? And then we all can appreciate the character from his imperfect circle. Music isn't about how hard you tune your vocals or if you decide to tune them at all. I guarantee you I can find you PLENTY of music that doesn't use autotune on vocals that you won't ever want to listen to ever again. The idea is to make art how YOU want to make it. Autotune if you want; don't if you don't want. Thats not the important part. The important part is the expression. You can't care about how tuned a vocalist is on the piece of art you're consuming before you fret about that fact that they didn't even write the damn song.
Dale Danser
Dale Danser 11 日 前
Karaoke-the last bastion of Not Auto-Tuned music!!
Wannabe Wallaby
Wannabe Wallaby 12 日 前
TL:DR just get good lmao
m ch
m ch 12 日 前
Something unnerving about it….!!! As are the millennials who know nothing else.
princess kenyetta
Art dies continually.
Robert Frapples
Robert Frapples 12 日 前
Whenever I detect "Auto-Tune" I automatically turn it off. It's tantamount to distortion to me.
Benny the Pooh
Benny the Pooh 12 日 前
You can learn so much from this guy about the workings of the recording industry. Bravo 👏
Steven Templar
Steven Templar 12 日 前
I'm always suspicious of songs which rhyme. It seems to me that the second line was a compromise at best because instead of saying something interesting, it is just a bunch of words which end in a rhyme of the first line. Conversely lyrics give the impression that they are smarter when they Don't rhyme.
ShikataGaNai100 12 日 前
I have been a blues/rock singer since 1966...and I hear you loud and clear. Sure, Autotune has it's place...studio time costs big $$$...but, it is not an excuse for just sucking!
pavelkalinine 12 日 前
Thank you very much! Music is made in industrial way and such a volatile business items demand tools to make "songs" fast and in vast amounts. Hence Autotune is inevitable.
Alex Paulsen
Alex Paulsen 12 日 前
"Making every voice sound like a computer". There's probably some computers out there right now that are offended by that statement.
Rain SilverSplash
Mr Beato, I agree with almost everything you said, but Autotune is just the last glaring blow to music from Digital Audio Processing. IMHO the most serious blow was audio equalization, using companders (compressor/expander) to remove all expression from music, removing the rousing, thunderous passages that excite us, played against soft, tender passages that touch our hearts, giving them all similar amplitude. As a producer what is your opinion of such "equalization" and DAP in music production in general?
Nomadic Recovery
Nomadic Recovery 12 日 前
What’s interesting is Rick has not aged Except the hair Which is epic Not older Just different
Guglielmo Corvetti
I agree with you Mr Beato, but I think singers need to learn to signs better, anyway, try to listen to Demetrio Stratos, who was originally from Greece but he finds success in Italy, he used the Diplofonia really well.
RM 1876
RM 1876 13 日 前
Hard to explain.. to me... If it's used as a clear creative tool, I don't mind it. Like adding delay, reverb or even a pitch pedal to a guitar. But, if it sounds like they're trying to hide the fact they can't sing, it shouldn't be considered a vocal performance.
ronnie saras
ronnie saras 13 日 前
im certain milli vanilli never used autotune! they just didnt sing
Wolf Blitzer
Wolf Blitzer 13 日 前
Lets hope so!
Zusha Goldin
Zusha Goldin 13 日 前
There's so many incredibly talented pop singers, yet their producers insist on using autotune even though they don't need it. I don't understand it.
Tony Edwards
Tony Edwards 12 日 前
Less takes = less expensive studio time and therefore more money over time.
Dave Cameron
Dave Cameron 13 日 前
Goddamnit, I have ZERO knowledge of music but am hypnotized by Ricks mastery of it! Can’t stop watching!
cryptoWAVE Radio
cryptoWAVE Radio 13 日 前
There is no right or wrong way to make art. Music and art always change thats the beauty, things sound different in the mainstream each year, it's actually breathing new life and re-inventing, obviously humans like the way it sounds cuz they consume massive amounts of auto tune songs. theres still massive amounts of artists not using it. Inviting new tools will never be the death of anything. Blue grass is massive right now, Billy Strings is huge with young people, snarky puppy also HUGE with young people. Music keeps expanding daily, I think auto tune is beautiful, I think dub step is beautiful, I think jazz and classical are also beautiful.
Anthony Oresteen
Anthony Oresteen 13 日 前
Who is Maroon 5?
ShikataGaNai100 12 日 前
Maroon 5 was heavily Autotuned; they are actually Maroon 4.5.
Eric Braun
Eric Braun 13 日 前
This is one reason I love Nightwish. GREAT performances and music and no autotune. And, BTW, they are a "modern" band, performing and recording to this day.
dlm 13 日 前
It’s about control, it always is. Authority always attempt to bully the individual, political, musical, societal control. It’s just pisses you off in this arena. But it’s friggin endemic.
ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven
Kraftwerk still freaks people out who've never heard them before... d;o)
Markiian Harbych
Markiian Harbych 13 日 前
Rick turned himself to Beatoftune :)
Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast
As usual, I agree with everything in your video. Though it's a great example, I kinda always liked the "yeah, yeah, yeahs" in this song because it sounded different from the straight-nostalgic production Lenny Kravitz had done up until and even through the rest of the Are You Gonna Go My Way album (to my ear at least).
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