Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry Talk Ryder Cup, Golf, Basketball

Stephen Curry
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Stephen Curry sat down with Michael Jordan at the 2021 Ryder Cup to talk about what makes the Ryder Cup so unique, why golf is the toughest mental sport, the similarities between golf and basketball, and more.

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Atchy Konesh
Atchy Konesh 38 分 前
2:28 - MJ looking like my dad, when am going to make a mistake so he can say, I toldya hahah
Daniel Armas Agulan
I like this conversations of the two greats in sports in different era. ..congrats Mike and Steph
FlyAwayChi 3422
FlyAwayChi 3422 2 時間 前
Can you imagine if these two played with each other in their primes? Omfg smh
Blake's Vlogs
Blake's Vlogs 3 時間 前
steph is probably in awe and just trying to hold it in coz mike rarely does these interviews.
Peter El-arif
Peter El-arif 4 時間 前
goat talk
KALYNOS 4 時間 前
Two living legends
MissNobody 369
MissNobody 369 6 時間 前
Greatest player and greatest shooter in 1 video! Hallelujah!!!
Keyshawn White
Keyshawn White 6 時間 前
Michael Won His First Title When Steph was 3
Kent Berame
Kent Berame 7 時間 前
MJ and Anthony Kim, let's go
RK 26
RK 26 9 時間 前
Two Goats
Day Walker
Day Walker 9 時間 前
MJ would never kneel because he’s a man!
Sean Nesbit
Sean Nesbit 11 時間 前
Jordan standing right next to Amaud Rashad lol
DaevonTheSavage 11 時間 前
They on a golf course but looking at Mike make it look like a green screen 🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️☠️☠️
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez 11 時間 前
Whats the most holes you played? lol
Indyshaq 12 時間 前
Michael goes fishing not for relaxing as it is intended, but rather to gain an advantage in golf. Legend!
mtvvendetta 12 時間 前
Two goats
Safe Dave
Safe Dave 12 時間 前
Now I want a round with Danny Ainge.
Priscilla Mac
Priscilla Mac 12 時間 前
Great interview
Ed 14 時間 前
He got a fine ass wife!
9some 16 時間 前
you saw mj look at him and say '…son'? say with his soul i mean
gentleman 17 時間 前
respect the goat young blood :)
Myles Allen
Myles Allen 17 時間 前
Should have asked Bulls vs Warriors
Dante Imperial
Dante Imperial 18 時間 前
Wow...Idol's...so happy to see you together...these two are my greatest players to ever play professional basketball...they are great inside and out...hurahhh!!!
King Decor
King Decor 20 時間 前
Leave golf to them.
Ok 21 時間 前
Wow!😱 couldn't believe watching the MJ the GOAT and the new GOAT (steph) 😊 Im a big big fan of both. I wish i could get a jersey of Steph Curry #30 with signature 😊 as birthday gift 😂 wishful thinking LOL😂
Mark Abucejo
Mark Abucejo 21 時間 前
What if? Michael and Steph are on their prime..who you got?
Layas Culture
Layas Culture 21 時間 前
Steph was so nervous and they both kept breaking eye contact lmao
ISKOmunista 23 時間 前
elwingy 日 前
Be nice to him or you'll hear the magic words "ok... fine". :D
Kai Zhi Cheong
look at lebron's father and grandfather man
Not MainManMané hth
two GOATs
Vincent Hearne
Someone get LeBron James into Golf 🎰💯🙌🧐
Vincent Hearne
Beyond Awesome -2 Greatest Champions 💯
Michael Kawell
He wants stephs money lol go get em mike da best
mj better than lebron
two of the best players in nba
oook coook
oook coook 日 前
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First & Last
First & Last 日 前
Steph talks like 50 Cent 😂
Chingu 日 前
Awww I'm in love ❤💙
GooglePlax1881 2 日 前
10:11 Thought that was a very different question
Christopher Harper
Damn! Wow! Damn! That was a very special, insightful interview. Two men who changed the game of basketball having respect for golf and the challenges it poses to their competitive drive.
Ryan Matuyag
Ryan Matuyag 2 日 前
King Dezo
King Dezo 3 日 前
Hey Wassup Steph Hey I Watched You And Michael Jordan Having A Great Conversation But Steph I Watched You Play And Your Team Playing Against LeBron And The Lakers So Steph Curry You Got Down By 21 Pts And 10 Assists That Let's Me Know That You're The 🐐 And You're The MVP And That Means You're The Greatest Of All Time And You're The Most Valuable Player In The NBA And I Subscribe To Your Channel So I Can Show Some Support To You 💯💯💯🤟🤟🤟👑👑👑
Dark Screen Ambiente
Thank you Mr. Stephen Curry.. I'm MJ fan since 90's.. from this point on.. I'll will support you.. thank you for this interview..
Adaam Hidrey
Adaam Hidrey 3 日 前
5:25 Did he say 'I can see a little of my communism...CONFIDENCE in DJ'
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez 3 日 前
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Jade 3 日 前
athanatos 22
athanatos 22 3 日 前
Compete, compete, compete. MJ in a nutshell. Legend!
EXILED 3 日 前
The G.O.A.T.
Pwayko 4 日 前
Who decided to place them that close to eachother? #Awkward
ddp540 17 時間 前
thx 4 日 前
Robbie Farrington
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One Punch Man
One Punch Man 4 日 前
The best player ever and the best modern player.
Pewdiepie is the revolution 180 Games 360
Mr merabeto would lock your ass in a fight micheal Jordan so as basketball he 6:8 and 350 pounds don’t play with him micheal jordan
columbusohio72 4 日 前
Hey steph dodnt you call mj a hater last year? Now look at you lol
ddp540 17 時間 前
Jordan knew he fucked up...this is him makin up for that comment
columbusohio72 4 日 前
Steph is nervous as hell. He probably pooped himself
bleidy mierez
bleidy mierez 4 日 前
You do not speak Spanish
jervee saclolo
jervee saclolo 4 日 前
Am I the only one searching for a video of MJ playing basketball in 2021?
Desiree White
Desiree White 5 日 前
Two of the best offensive players in NBA history doing an interview on the golf course priceless.
Olamilekan Limolee
Tryna add to my present lifestyle
Rowdy1 5 日 前
When are we going to see Isaiah Thomas and Jordan face to face
Lou The Legend!!
Nothing like watching two GOATS talking about Golf and life in general, so inspirational!!!
Gregory Joseph Kamau
Jesus Christ look at MJ's arms
Poes Reflection.
Wat Jordan REALLY saying is hes training for the Masters
Pianist Armond
Pianist Armond 5 日 前
I bet you Curry think he could beat MJ and size him up lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Juluis Reyes
Juluis Reyes 5 日 前
Nice one Steph..Hope you'll be interviewing Reggie Miller next time in his new profound sport of mountain biking after his basketball retirement..hehe
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 5 日 前
Top 5 all time: Curry, Jordan, KD, Duncan, Shaq.....impossible to beat
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 5 日 前
Two GOATS that changed the league
zooallow 1025
zooallow 1025 5 日 前
Is there like a bag of shit Infront of curry when he talks.
Ajit Pawar
Ajit Pawar 5 日 前
A Lebron Jordan 1 on 1 interview would break the world
Susan Glover
Susan Glover 6 日 前
My 2 favorite people together. I was born and raised in NC too. Loved MJ since the early 80's at UNC. I was a college bb fan only, didn't care too much about nba. Now I love both thanks to your baby girl yawning during your interviews. She drew me into your world nba. So thanks for the much needed distraction from the real world by playing your heart out just like MJ. Thanks again from NC.
Ricky Sanger
Ricky Sanger 6 日 前
You know that MJ is a smart guy from all the interview he's in.
Dee 6 日 前
I have not really seen either played golf. Who's better between the two? Much better?
Russell Ally
Russell Ally 6 日 前
Two alltime greats . Just so amazing seeing this 💫
Malcom H
Malcom H 6 日 前
this so rare man ,and people said it mj doesnt respect nba players today..bullshiit
Steven Obitea
Steven Obitea 6 日 前
When greatest meet greatness 🙌
Alepposyria 6 日 前
Now Mike, would you join the GSW this season? 😁
Rocco Siffredi
Rocco Siffredi 6 日 前
God bless you mike Taken Steph under your wing now Kobe has gone . What a true champion
KBR Sports
KBR Sports 7 日 前
The humility on display from someone as famous and wealthy as Michael Jordan is unreal man.
Chris 7 日 前
One of the few greatest ever athletes of any sport.
hector negron
hector negron 7 日 前
Michael looks at Steph and nods as saying: "Go on son, I know you're impressed".😃
FMD INC 7 日 前
Love this interviews because before this MJs comment about curry was he’s not a hofer and curry called MJ a hater lol.u can tell he’s nervous. Nice to see MJ opening up to the new generation with more interviews. I think he’s doing more of these interviews for KOBE
Mike Drink
Mike Drink 7 日 前
Listen to what the man said
Antwan Azhar
Antwan Azhar 7 日 前
Jordan had a "no talking about basketball" clause in his interview contract 😂😂😂
Łukasz G
Łukasz G 7 日 前
Ok, I'm a big fan of MJ. I watched many interviews with him and if I should rank which adjective in his mouth is top of the top I think no. 1 is the "competitive". That's why he was who he was.
Munish Yadav
Munish Yadav 8 日 前
Can MJ do an interview like this with LeBron?
John Hightower
John Hightower 8 日 前
This classic footage that's priceless.
T Hicks
T Hicks 8 日 前
green screen
Matt 8 日 前
471 dislikes from Cleveland and Utah fans
Jamirimaj 8 日 前
no one really asked here how many titles Prime MJ teaming with Prime Curry can get? I say they have a shot at Bill Russell's record.
TohGaming 9 日 前
Hey Steph im Your New Subscriber
DTR89 9 日 前
Two legends but not the greatest questions tbh
Kevin John Duerme
Michael Jordan in his mind: "You can't survive the Jordan rules!!"
itsbrawlstars 9 日 前
Stephen curry are you from greece??
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 9 日 前
Really fuck golf. U kidding me
Blunt sugar
Blunt sugar 9 日 前
Imagine curry and Jordan at tha same team..can't think most scary backcourt...
Kingston 9 日 前
Jordan rarely does interviews
Raymond Narvas
Raymond Narvas 10 日 前
Watching from the Philippines..MJ and Steph🤩🤩
Jeff 10 日 前
EVEN Steph FUCKING Curry is nervous around MJ. Shows how much of an influence and impact MJ had on Sports let alone basketball.
SKarea51 10 日 前
Michael, how'bout chess?
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