Mean Tweets - Hip Hop Edition

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Music fans can be very vocal with their opinions on Twitter, which is why from time to time we like to give those who are the targets of the haters a chance to respond. Tonight, we’ve done it again in an all-new, all hip-hop edition of #MeanTweets featuring 50 Cent, A$AP Rocky, Eve, Pusha-T, Big Sean, Remy Ma, Rae Sremmurd, Anderson .Paak, DJ Khaled, Trippie Redd, Tyler The Creator, Awkwafina, Logic, Lil Yachty, Wale, Ty Dolla $ign, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne & T-Pain.
Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-cFgqZb9O-TE.html

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Mean Tweets - Hip Hop Edition





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aleaallee 12 時間 前
tbh most of those "rappers" faces and way of speech are cringy.
Foti samariniotis
Nah b asap rocky is the 🐐🐐🐐
Beyond Brenda
When Trippie Redd looked read it I was dying😂😂
Spiritual Eyeliner
Did T Pain take the chair? Lol
Cynthia Garza
This mean tweets are savage.😂🤣
Grry Mxwll
Grry Mxwll 日 前
*"they told me you're mad about a tweet, you wanted me to say sorry"* - machine gun kelly who?
Aman Mehta
Aman Mehta 日 前
DJ Khaled ain't got a dicko,he got a booty
bigmedge 日 前
Apparently there's millions of Americans who are braindead enough to adore these talentless niggly bears. Meanwhile China is graduating millions of engineers, architects & chemists every year. Our country truly is screwed.
Alyssah Delgado
Alyssah Delgado 2 日 前
A four loko on a gremlin 😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭
Tarun Raj
Tarun Raj 2 日 前
Celebrities fighting back are the most cringiest thing ever !
1234qwer 2 日 前
Hip hop culture is toxic
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena 2 日 前
2:07 "I'm bi racial, just to let you know"
slimJD Vlogs
slimJD Vlogs 2 日 前
Yo gotti's forehead is so big that when his part came in this video, it LAGGED my frickin JPvid.
Marquell Randle
Marquell Randle 3 日 前
Does Anderson paak have a cousin. Rae sremmurd are cool rappers
Jenna Xo
Jenna Xo 3 日 前
Wayneeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tigress The Gamer Girl
Am i the only one who wanted Eminem in this?
James Sanchez
James Sanchez 3 日 前
Jimmy Kimmel squints even more than he does now trying to locate his dyck to take a piss..
Little Mixer
Little Mixer 3 日 前
The last two are the best😂
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 3 日 前
Dude the only reason I came here is to see trippie redd 😁😍😍❤️😘🥰
Joe’sclip 4 日 前
Remy ma probably went after whoever tweeted that with her strap
dont forget to eat your veggies
2:10 *lmao* he can't even read..
Warlock 04
Warlock 04 4 日 前
Lil Wayne da 🐐
Devin May
Devin May 4 日 前
Twitter guy: "I wish I could make shiity music like Rea sremurd and make millions of dollars" Rea sremurd: "give it a try" 💀💀💀💀
Justly - Lee Coyle
lil yachty calls himself a rapper and can barely read the tweet
Master ISLAM
Master ISLAM 4 日 前
Some of these tweets are accurate
Josephine O.
Josephine O. 4 日 前
I saw Trippie Redd at a Travis Scott concert and I genuinely thought he was mentally retarded.
Paradox Terror
Paradox Terror 5 日 前
Lmao Lil Boat was struggling to read
OdysseyGod YT
OdysseyGod YT 5 日 前
Remy ma is vite
Royale beast Fortnite
TheMoises1213 5 日 前
Remy is funny af 😂😂
Daniel Macias
Daniel Macias 5 日 前
Bre Bre's way
Bre Bre's way 5 日 前
Paak was ab to say I’m from California 💀🤣 XD
TheVarietyBros 5 日 前
The way Lil Yachty says "licorice" makes me laugh so hard.
jesse perez
jesse perez 5 日 前
T pain😂😂😂
Sydney Metlae
Sydney Metlae 5 日 前
The dj khaled got me good 🤣🤣
J T 5 日 前
That's true for T-pain lol
ClemDaS¢um 6 日 前
wtf people doing big sean like that. you gotta be mental
Uriah 6 日 前
Why does Tyler the creator (1:49) look like Denis Rodman lol
Alpha Red
Alpha Red 6 日 前
I’m doing way better than you. Mic drop.
Jenack Slegers
Jenack Slegers 6 日 前
I’m surprised that there wasn’t anyone who said 6ix9ine needed to get the skiddles out of his teeth and hair
SAVAGE Youngboi 21
"i feel like Remy Ma physically fights her beats. Like she can't rap on beat to save her life." Blueface: HOLD MY BEER!!!
dewey trumble
dewey trumble 6 日 前
T pain was the best lol
David Holzer
David Holzer 6 日 前
I liked t-pains the best
0415jacob 6 日 前
Awkwafina needs to be charged with cultural appropriation. I liked "Crazy Rich Asians," but she was annoying in that movie.
Cimajé Horace
Cimajé Horace 6 日 前
the way yachty says liquorice lololol
Amun and Osun
Amun and Osun 6 日 前
The lil Wayne one was sooo accurate.... Wow
buchapkns 6 日 前
i tought this was hip hop edition... who the f** are they?
Y Flores
Y Flores 7 日 前
I love these videos😂
It’s Your Hamster Mochi
I love how 50 cent replied it was so cute
Sinful Samples
Sinful Samples 7 日 前
So does khaled always use that 'hype' voice? Lmaoo I wanna hear him ordering McDonald's
Anastasia Schroeder
Yo gotti same tho
Little Wolf
Little Wolf 7 日 前
Who else came here for Nicki Minaj
Bonnie Cotton
Bonnie Cotton 7 日 前
Sarat Pradhan
Sarat Pradhan 7 日 前
Ever wonder why there is no Eminem , considering this video was specifically for hip hop Read the title of the video... HATE COMMENTS I bet there is anyone in this world who hates Eminem❤️
Sarat Pradhan
Sarat Pradhan 7 日 前
I can't imagine someone did hate logic . That guy is super awesome and if there is anyone who can fight toe to toe with Eminem .... It's logic!
Fucking Soy Milk
Why did lil Yachty stutter when he said licorice I’m dying 😂😂
Kai Squad
Kai Squad 8 日 前
Trippie has made IT
Yång Saucy
Yång Saucy 8 日 前
Mannnn trippie Redd face bra
nesta wylde
nesta wylde 8 日 前
Remy Ma is actually beautiful af. 😍❤🔥
8 日 前
1:38 that's true! :D
Kookie TaeChim
Kookie TaeChim 8 日 前
These people are really cute. Wow ♥
DankBoi 245
DankBoi 245 8 日 前
On ma momma who cookin on trippie, Don’t let me catch you lackin or imma actually flame yo ass
Jaze Josh
Jaze Josh 8 日 前
Westley Siufanua
50 cents response was too funny😂😂
Inez Coquereau
Inez Coquereau 9 日 前
The 4locos on a gremlin burn, tho! Dying! That person nailed it!
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason 9 日 前
Lil yachty reads like my 6 year old little brother
Memeo 9 日 前
2:10 likuorish
Kay Mutua
Kay Mutua 9 日 前
im surprised these rappers can read on a normal level
Yång Saucy
Yång Saucy 9 日 前
The way lil yachty says liquorice maaaan 😂😂😂 2:09
C LOZ 9 日 前
Yång Saucy 😂😂😂 I love yachty but he like struggled to say it
J. R.
J. R. 9 日 前
after 54n239++3+ the mind was like why Christianity? Because all its prophecies should be 100% correct - the true God does this. Eternal life is free, gained by faith in Jesus when you die. Can't earn it by payments, good works, following all laws but we still try.
Justyna Rogala
Justyna Rogala 9 日 前
Hayden Souza
Hayden Souza 9 日 前
The way Lil Yachty said licorice
Loca VEVO 9 日 前
I'm not suprised Beyoncè never readed a mean tweet , WHO DOESN'T LOVE QUEEN BEY, SAME FOR RIHANNA AND SHAKIRA BTW
Dew War
Dew War 9 日 前
50 Cent will Tweet back they better be careful😂😂😂
Alec Boutoughian
Make part 2!!!
Jezaz 135
Jezaz 135 9 日 前
I want more 😂
Natalia Colon
Natalia Colon 10 日 前
Don’t exactly know why Aquafina was in this, but still, NOBODY goes after THE QUEEN.
Shrek & Donkey
Shrek & Donkey 10 日 前
T- Pain = Tylenol PainRelief
ZeusTruthen 10 日 前
Who are half these clowns?
Bobby shmurdas Hat
How much y'all wanna bet anderson paak was gonna say she was from Oxnard😂😂😂
Quinn drake
Quinn drake 10 日 前
I only know little Wayne. Who are the rest ?
Osbaldo .Vasquez
You don't know 50?
Edward Koch
Edward Koch 10 日 前
For once, I actually agree with most of these. Except for Wayne. The only one who deserves a “lil” title. 🙌
Danny R Barry
Danny R Barry 10 日 前
No one had the balls to diss Eminem
Eshwar s
Eshwar s 10 日 前
They should do a mumble rapper episode too
troll master
troll master 10 日 前
1:51 I strongly disagree
skiLL phrAIM
skiLL phrAIM 11 日 前
yoo remy ma 🤣🤣🤣🤣 tell em girl
Daniel Cropp
Daniel Cropp 11 日 前
Ty Dolla Sign looks like if somebody turned up the brightness contrast on Don Cheadle and gave him long hair.
Usagi Garcia
Usagi Garcia 11 日 前
I love the music kn the background xD
Ro- -se
Ro- -se 11 日 前
When T- Pain carried the chair and walked away I peed 💀
Demonic Angel
Demonic Angel 11 日 前
JSI Crew
JSI Crew 12 日 前
The lil Wayne one was the best lol
mike wazowski
mike wazowski 12 日 前
were is lil pump
LilFiji69 12 日 前
People who likes Lil Yachty's music are the type of people to ask when the Fourth of July is.
Yhenifer G. Diaz
Yhenifer G. Diaz 13 日 前
Ty Dolla $ign’s facial expression just confirmed even HE knows he looks like that crab from Moana😂😂
Do a kpop edition or just add in bts oh my god I'm going to die
Mathew Magneson
Mathew Magneson 13 日 前
Bruh these people got no taste
Filipa Vieira
Filipa Vieira 13 日 前
Big seaaaaaaan baby we love u
josh wade
josh wade 13 日 前
man 50 cent is killing me
Connie Masterson
Connie Masterson 13 日 前
Trippie red is actually scary
rayraytut11 14 日 前
T pain is a brown shirt from my park