Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

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"There was an idea…" Avengers: Infinity War. In theaters April 27.
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Orion Wolf
Orion Wolf 時間 前
11 times of watching Infinity War later... I’m still here
Mr Plaza
Mr Plaza 時間 前
Purple punk
flippodynamics 2 時間 前
0:30 thank me later
Hopi-Wan Kenobi
Hopi-Wan Kenobi 2 時間 前
Who’s still watching in February 2019
Makan Shah
Makan Shah 4 時間 前
First captain was best 👌
Cobra The Gamer
Cobra The Gamer 4 時間 前
Did this hit a billion views?
IpadID 4 時間 前
Shrikesh Kumar
Shrikesh Kumar 5 時間 前
NICK FURY: There was an idea... TONY STARK: To bring together, a group of remarkable people... VISION: To see if we could become something more... THOR: so when they needed us, we could fight the battles... BLACK WIDOW: That they never could THANOS: In time , you will know what it's like to lose to feel so desperately that you're right yet to fail all the same Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives T'CHALLA : Evacuate the city! Engage all defenses! And get this man a shield! THANOS: Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe but this... (chuckle) does put a smile on my face. THOR: (panting) who the hell are you guys?!
shubham Raut
shubham Raut 5 時間 前
Anyone February 2019
Anant Lihine
Anant Lihine 8 時間 前
Who is here today?
Saukhya Telge
Saukhya Telge 8 時間 前
Hey there have a nice day
Saukhya Telge
Saukhya Telge 8 時間 前
I love how the first scene we got to see of infinity war was one of the last ones in the movie.
Jerati Fecalmatter
Jerati Fecalmatter 8 時間 前
OmG its Th🅰️NUS
Sunny Kumar
Sunny Kumar 9 時間 前
At the end of this trailor it shows hulk but hulk was never in the movie
Raman Poddar
Raman Poddar 9 時間 前
Can't imagine how epic it would have been to watch Thanos laughing at 1:45 but sadly, it was snapped from the final edit. 😭😭😭😭
Bagel Master
Bagel Master 9 時間 前
Not that I expect anyone to respond to this comment but the one thing that I hate about infinity war and all marvel movies for that matter is that I can’t watch them for the first time ever again now don’t get me wrong I do and always will like them, but that giddy feeling you get when you watch one for the first time not knowing what will happen or what is to come in the film and that actually makes me a little sad as after endgame and far from home I may never have that feeling again.
karisa filmpresents
karisa filmpresents 10 時間 前
anyone here to realize that the hulk is the trailer but not the movie?
Aehfaz Momin
Aehfaz Momin 11 時間 前
2:01 single greatest goosebumps moment in history...
Jordan 10
Jordan 10 12 時間 前
there was an idea ....
Daddy Tranny
Daddy Tranny 13 時間 前
Mynx The Jynx
Mynx The Jynx 13 時間 前
1:59 False advertisement! Someone is there that shouldn't be
Revolution 14 時間 前
2:02 :)
GDpro 64
GDpro 64 15 時間 前
What the hell am I doing here
yoyoyo esketit
yoyoyo esketit 17 時間 前
“Dread it , run from it. Fortnite will die”
Indian gameplay institute PC/android
2:02 I always gets hyped....😡😡
Movie Bazaar
Movie Bazaar 21 時間 前
Who is here after "End game " trailer
hasala dananjaya
hasala dananjaya 22 時間 前
Read more
mn mhz
mn mhz 22 時間 前
Why trailer and movie are different?
The Anomity
The Anomity 23 時間 前
G O O S E B U M P S still here after one year 😂
Tejas vlv
Tejas vlv 23 時間 前
Who is waiting for Avengers endgame trailer 2 ?
Tejas vlv
Tejas vlv 23 時間 前
Rohit raghav
Rohit raghav 23 時間 前
Painfull but thanos is right
Mamta Kumari
Mamta Kumari 23 時間 前
wtf is hulk doing in wakanda?????
Sahidul Alam
Sahidul Alam 日 前
2:00 Can't find this Scene in the Movie 💔
Knowledge Titbits
2:00 how hulk is there??
Seth Walker
Seth Walker 日 前
THE SWINS 20 時間 前
Seth Walker that’s funny🤣
Aron Nomdoe
Aron Nomdoe 日 前
I hope this that happens in real life but he snaps his fingers and 50 percent of all real life evil disappears.
fernando rangel
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fernando rangel
chupameunhuevo jgy
VioletFiber 日 前
Anyone still watching this cause there keen for endgame?
DG15 日 前
Who is waiting for avengers endgame official trailer
dishank Singh Thakur
Can anybody tell I watched iron.mam 123 captain America 12 avengers 12 ,civil war..Guardian of the galaxy 1 2 ....thor 123 Dr strange antman 1 spider man black pthaner .......any movie miss to watch avenger 3 ????
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 日 前
Theres 83k dc fans they unliked this epic trailer 😠
N.G. MEDIA 日 前
0:52 Me when hearing Avengers theme song.
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 日 前
*omg is that Shrek!* 2:00
Kevin Jr. Umanzor Gomez
Best. Trailer. Ever. Made.
Anyone else rather watch this trailer rather than the captain marvel MOVIE?!? Lol
Imam Faisal
Imam Faisal 日 前
Who's here after watching aquaman..
David H
David H 日 前
TTV Atrigger
TTV Atrigger 日 前
I come back like every week to see this and just relive the greatest movie ever
Hassaan Khan
Hassaan Khan 日 前
Whenever I forget what color is Thanos... I watch this Trailer.
Paul Catalán
kai hyuga{30 jinchuriki} wood style
I've seen the movie, how does this trailer still give me goosebumbs?
kai hyuga{30 jinchuriki} wood style
I hope they remember, THIS TRAILER.
Big Dave
Big Dave 日 前
This trailer will simply never get old. Ever.
Mohamed Ciise
I completely understand why this movie has more hype to it than Endgame
Stogie2112 日 前
If/When a new, more revealing trailer for Endgame comes out, the hype should accelerate.
Lidia Perez
Lidia Perez 日 前
A y se ve hulk y no apareció en la película sólo en el inicio
Luis González
Luis González 15 時間 前
Fue para evitar spolers
Keziah C
Keziah C 日 前
Some people move on from this trailer. But not us. *Not us*
Syeeet X
Syeeet X 日 前
Now that I think about it, why is Hulk in the scene at 2:00 , he never becomes the hulk in the movie
Frank Martin
Frank Martin 日 前
In Time....You will know what it feels like to lose...to feel so desperately that your right...yet to fail...all the same... Dread It, Ruunnn from it...Destiny still arrives..... That was a powerful fuckin statement
Ritesh Kumar
Ritesh Kumar 日 前
How hulk is there in the last scene Not looks like professor hulk
Shiv Kumar
Shiv Kumar 日 前
Who's here after watching 'Rise' TV spot?
libtard destroyer
libtard destroyer 3 時間 前
Yeap made me want to shoot my self
ChriVas 日 前
The greatest trailer of all time. Try to change my mind.
DS - Mobile Gaming
*Never gets old*
Karthikeyan R
Who's watching
Button Replay - *I don't fell so good*
John Marston
John Marston 日 前
2:01 *this is what u came for*
Nitesh kumar
Nitesh kumar 日 前
Who is see hulk ?
RPGg4mez_Argon 2 日 前
1:01 "Reddit, run from it"
AB N 2 日 前
Who is here after NOTHING 😜😜😜😜
Hit like if u r here after watching endgame trailer hit like
Make this the most liked non music video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
vicky hemanth
vicky hemanth 2 日 前
Hey it is aresome
Job Fun Vids
Job Fun Vids 2 日 前
Press Like if u survive the snap.
Samurai 2 日 前
The last scene where everybody is charging in Wakanda is probably a scene from End game.
Slasher 2 日 前
I’m surprised that their hasn’t been a trailer that has photoshopped the ones that have been dusted in the movie.
Smerpling Brocker
2:02 Goosebumps!!!!
Assam 365
Assam 365 2 日 前
At 2 minute scene moment that was not in avengers 3
Jehandad Khan
Jehandad Khan 2 日 前
love this trailer so much
We were happy, and we didn’t knew it
Nick Ishigami
Nick Ishigami 2 日 前
Gives me chills every time i watch this
Manny5590 2 日 前
0:25 is actually from endgame
DrMaxwell and MineCD DP
2:00 might be too because Hulk
Stogie2112 2 日 前
How do you know this?
*Riki Bros*
*Riki Bros* 2 日 前
margabmar 2 日 前
Still the best trailer of our time. *Maybe* *even* *of* *all* *time.*
Pudgeboy 2 日 前
I have the music for this downloaded.
rose 2 日 前
I miss doctor strange and peter parker
Finn Empire Games
Who is still alive after Thanos disappeared half of the world 🌍
100k without any video
Am I the only one who survived thanos snap
Cobra The Gamer
Cobra The Gamer 2 日 前
How does this not have more views???
Jhonatan Lima
Jhonatan Lima 2 日 前
One of the best trailers ever made.
hello17153 2 日 前
WWE MHS 2 日 前
I am DC Fan Cause U Love Marvel
Dean 2 日 前
2:01 hulk wasnt in here wtf
Any body in 2019 Feb ??
George Preda
George Preda 2 日 前
0:29 every time chills ...
kapamaru 2 日 前
why is Hulk fighting at Wakanda????
KaNe SwagFrag
KaNe SwagFrag 2 日 前
Endgame now
Ruty Nohemix
Ruty Nohemix 2 日 前
me encanto el trailer de avengers infinity war pero cortaron unas e senas porque ya para la mitad no aperase hulk solo baner con el traje
Ruty Nohemix
Ruty Nohemix 22 時間 前
+BladyPutinyo me refiero en los trailers de avengers infinity war que aparece hulk cuando lansaron el 1 trailer que a parecio pero lo cortaron y lo acomodaron
BladyPutin 2 日 前
seran escenas de avengers 4 cuando viajen en el tiempo :V
Syed Mois
Syed Mois 3 日 前
Stop putting butter on the bread And I think Thor should have gone for the head 😂😂
Junior VB Ki Vines
Anyone from India 😊😊
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