Markiplier Makes: LEGO

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Lego sets are harder than they look...
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Sophie Tyrell
Sophie Tyrell 8 時間 前
thefurryfox 8 時間 前
How could anyone build things with legos that have alot of small peices even with the instructions? Its quite simple for me... the majority of the time is looking through the pile cuz i dont organize but im a fast builder x3
Ekaterina Sizov
Ekaterina Sizov 10 時間 前
Handmade tortillas! Or your own salsas
Great Gaming615
Great Gaming615 14 時間 前
Eat ass smoke grass sled fast -dan the meme man
LOLgirl728 15 時間 前
That boat be an attacking tarantula
Phoenix Borealis
Phoenix Borealis 16 時間 前
You're all winners!
weirdos life
weirdos life 16 時間 前
6 seconds in and im already laughing
Gare Jobe
Gare Jobe 17 時間 前
I flicked Tyler in the face when he interrupted marks bit.
Creepy_otaku_artist 5245
When you could see the apples in the background from mark makes pies that’s actually really funny I love your vids thank you god for making this youtuber 🙏🙏🙏🍎🍎🍎
Tay Underground
Tay Underground 19 時間 前
How dare you talk to Heapass that way!
Avery Keenan
Avery Keenan 20 時間 前
Its sounds like they speed up the video when they talk. Do they????????????//
Blazing Chris 06
Blazing Chris 06 20 時間 前
4:05 Mark: we gave you these bowls for a reason. 2sec later replays heapass punching the shit out of his bowl in slow motion
Jamesen Bardfield
Jamesen Bardfield 21 時間 前
YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH, thank you Amy, thank you, I appreciate you, and you updates, thank you. I love how even when he’s joking he’s reassuring Amy of how much he loves her❤️ I have using this term but fucking couple goals
Potato 13
Potato 13 日 前
My microwave exploded
zxy lee
zxy lee 日 前
I luv lego
Kimi San Gabriel
Ethan: do you smell the pies? Mark: *gets mad at Ethan revealing them staking recordings* Also Mark: *tells his viewers about staking recordings*
MaddieDonut 日 前
Wolf Blood
Wolf Blood 日 前
I love you guys so much 😂😂
PJ McJamma
PJ McJamma 日 前
Me: How's it feel to be the worst cop eva? Me @ me: Shut up! Your mother buys you Megablocks instead of Legos! Me @ me @ me: Hey, you take that back!
Mark: "you know how Tony Stark" Avengers Endgame: *Releases today*
Milo Mohr
Milo Mohr 日 前
i called the number and its a hardware company lmao im guessing they are so confused as to why people are suddenly calling them a lot
UltraSquid 0227
Ethan..... Is an anxiety riddled cutie
RainDropsOnRoses -san
Sled fast
Chimmy DJ 아미
When hepass smashes his bowl. I . Decided to laugh while laying on my bed and take an edgy turn and fell off the bed. I like some GoOD lAuGh
Laynie Stuggs
Boats when you put them in water after a long winter of collecting NUTS have thongs to put under them to lower their asses into the ocean. the thongs do has three whelios. HEAPASS WAS WRITE (PARDON MISSPALLING(its supposed to be funny))
Otaku-chan Anime
Children... here we see Manchild trying to build a Lego here.... Do you hear many children experience CRINGE for the first time? Lego Technician... I think I might buy a BIG one...
The Creep Artist
Let's all take the time to realize when Tyler put the wheels on his eyes he looked like a male Other Mother from Coraline. Also, get out of here 1-800-CONTACTS... it's 1-800-HEAPASS
Color heart 11
Color heart 11 2 日 前
'The Lego Group began in the carpentry workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen, in Billund, Denmark. In 1916, Christiansen purchased a woodworking shop in Billund which had been in business since 1895.[1]:8 The shop mostly helped construct houses and furniture, and had a small staff of apprentices. The workshop burned down in 1924 when a fire ignited some wood shavings.[2] Ole Kirk constructed a larger workshop, and worked towards expanding his business even further. When the Great Depression hit, Ole Kirk had fewer customers and had to focus on smaller projects. He began producing miniature versions of his products as design aids. It was these miniature models of stepladders and ironing boards that inspired him to begin producing toys.[3] In 1932, Ole Kirk's shop started making wooden toys such as piggy banks, pull toys, cars and trucks and houses. The business was not profitable because of the Great Depression. Farmers in the area sometimes traded food in exchange for his toys; Ole Kirk continued producing practical furniture in addition to toys to stay in business. In the mid-1930s, the yo-yo toy fad gave him a brief period of increased activity until it suddenly collapsed. To reduce waste, Ole Kirk used the leftover yo-yo parts as wheels for toy trucks.[1]:15 His son Godtfred began working for him, taking an active role in the company.[1]:15 In 1934, Ole Kirk held a contest among his staff to name the company, offering a bottle of homemade wine as a prize.[1]:17 Christiansen was considering two names himself, "Legio" (with the implication of a "Legion of toys") and "Lego", a self-made contraction from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning "play well." Later the Lego Group discovered that "Lego" can be loosely interpreted as "I put together" or "I assemble" in Latin.[4] Ole Kirk selected his own name, Lego, and the company began using it on their products. Following World War II, plastics became available in Denmark, and Lego purchased a plastic injection molding machine in 1947.[1]:25 One of the first modular toys to be produced was a truck that could be taken apart and re-assembled. In 1947, Ole Kirk and Godtfred obtained samples of interlocking plastic bricks produced by the company Kiddicraft. These "Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Bricks"[5] were designed by Hilary Fisher Page.[6] In 1939, Page had applied for a patent on hollow plastic cubes with four studs on top (British Patent Nº.529,580) that allowed their positioning atop one another without lateral movement.[7][8] In 1944, Page applied an "Improvement to Toy Building Blocks" as an addition to the previous patent, in which he describes a building system based on rectangular hollow blocks with 2X4 studs on top enabling the construction of walls with staggered rows and window openings. The addition was granted in 1947 as British Patent Nº 587,206. In 1949, the Lego Group began producing similar bricks, calling them "Automatic Binding Bricks." Lego bricks, then manufactured from cellulose acetate, were developed in the spirit of traditional wooden blocks that could be stacked upon one another but could be "locked" together. They had several round "studs" on top, and a hollow rectangular bottom. They would stick together, but not so tightly that they could not be pulled apart. In 1953, the bricks were given a new name: Lego Mursten, or "Lego Bricks." Plastic products were not well received by customers initially, who preferred wooden or metal toys. Many of Lego's shipments were returned, following poor sales. In 1954, Godtfred had become the junior managing director of the Lego Group. Godtfred's conversation with an overseas buyer struck the idea of a toy "system", with many toys in a line of related products. Godtfred evaluated their available products, and saw the plastic bricks as the best candidate for such a "system". In 1955, Lego released the "Town Plan" as such a system, using the building bricks. The building bricks were moderately received but had some problems from a technical standpoint: their "locking" ability was limited, and they were not versatile. In 1958 the bricks were improved with hollow tubes in the underside of the brick.[9] This added support in the base, enabling much better locking ability and improved versatility. The company patented the new design, as well as several similar designs to avoid competition. Ole Kirk Christiansen died that same year, and Godtfred inherited leadership of the company.[10]' I like Wiki.
Amy Nutter
Amy Nutter 2 日 前
Undertale Trash
Undertale Trash 2 日 前
The captions are killing me. Start if the video: **Dead inside** Long pause... MARIKMOO!? **Stop the legonoises.mp3** "M: It's up to invention and imagination ME: 😏" (I swear to God the captions are legit saying this just click captions and do the English, not auto. You'll see what I mean. People sometimes leave easter eggs in the captions, and I think it's really playful and fun when they do that.)
Macrov Escramor
Macrov Escramor 2 日 前
bur·geon /ˈbərjən/ verb gerund or present participle: burgeoning begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish. "manufacturers are keen to cash in on the burgeoning demand" synonyms: grow rapidly, increase rapidly/exponentially, expand, spring up, shoot up, swell, explode, boom, mushroom, proliferate, snowball, multiply, become more numerous, escalate, rocket, skyrocket, run riot, put on a spurt
_Orange_ 2 日 前
0:01-0:03 Me rethinking my life decisions
Elizabeth Ridgway
sled gang?
ThankYouLovely 2 日 前
god i hate it when people add extra stuff to the subtitles
Charlie Shadlow
Charlie Shadlow 3 日 前
selling angrys here just 1 like 1:44 1:44 1:44 1:44 1:44 1:44
snooba u shiba
snooba u shiba 3 日 前
It blew up my parents died
Sarah Bear
Sarah Bear 3 日 前
You guys should make macarons. Like the cookie things with frosting in the middle because I heard they are super hard to make and would make a great challenge.
Rosie Error
Rosie Error 3 日 前
I feckin CRIED
pancake! at the disco
i callled 1-888-HEAPASS and it said the line was temporarily unavailable :( mark tell ethan to make his number available
cr1477 Brewer
cr1477 Brewer 3 日 前
Who watched the pie thing before this lol
April Graham
April Graham 3 日 前
Mark talking to Ethan like like he's Mark's child😂
Pinefrost Productions
i love how happy mark got when he was announced the winner of originality it’s adorable i stg
Baby-Cerberus 3 日 前
Everybody is talking about Heapass being Ethan's evil side and I'm just like what about Blankgameplays (Btw I know I'm late)
Goddess 18
Goddess 18 3 日 前
Make jewelry. You all have to make a necklace or something for your moms for mothers day!
EmoMele 3 日 前
Awww Tyler cares about everyone
Spider Man
Spider Man 3 日 前
Did anyone else notice the Grease picture in the back?
Ayla Olpin
Ayla Olpin 3 日 前
make the biggest marshmallows you can
TheYellow Biscuit
Me during exams
Destany Belyew
Destany Belyew 4 日 前
Deadly Demon
Deadly Demon 4 日 前
I put a brick in my microwave. Heapass would like my microwave. But not i need a new one. cause the brick killed it.
random_name unicorn
Ethan is the equivalent of me in a few years
Light Ink
Light Ink 4 日 前
Stuart Johnstone
Lol u haven’t seen Lego Disney Cinderella castle sets.... 😂
Reking Memes 2.0
Now just step on it
Hailey willock
Hailey willock 5 日 前
This is my ultimate favourite video of all time. I love everything about this
Marcus Callahan
Marcus Callahan 5 日 前
Heapass the bad*ss.
Maxenti 5 日 前
You should all get different lego house kits but exchange instructions blindly so you're trying to build a house with kinda the wrong parts and you have to improvise pieces😁
Sea Forest
Sea Forest 5 日 前
oooooOOOoo try LEGO HOUSES
Hydrafame 5 日 前
so the quest was to build. but they dont build any. ok
Abedur Rahman
Abedur Rahman 6 日 前
The LEGO TOYS are FUNNY!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁
Kira Fullbuster
Kira Fullbuster 6 日 前
Why is Heapass so freaking adorable??
Jossy bug
Jossy bug 6 日 前
Is that a Grease poster in the background??
cowboy20102 6 日 前
Mark: WHAT ARE YOU DOING Heapass(ethan): Don't you dare talk to heapass like that Also Mark:Your right i apologize
katie eccles
katie eccles 6 日 前
i have a suggestion: edible slime,regular slime or garden slime- make it out of soil regular slime stuff ect
Skylar Adkins
Skylar Adkins 6 日 前
3:57 look at tyler👌🏻
DOOMSHARK cant tell you
15 minutes can save you care insurance
GhostRider 7 日 前
I'm pretty sure Mark told us not to do things that he says to do back when he played FNaF 1 and made a joke about smoking weed to Bon bon
Skiller155 Maybe the best
I think markiplier won (hahahaha)
Jordyn Long
Jordyn Long 7 日 前
Tyler laughs like bob 😐 anyone else hear it? And... I microwaved a brick.... I dont have a house anymore
James M
James M 7 日 前
are they high? xD
Edvards Krastiņš
Called 18884327277, but heapass was busy and answered his assistant idk her name was I think Ethan?
Joel Jose
Joel Jose 8 日 前
Joel Jose
Joel Jose 8 日 前
Triple AAA Battery
Mark still has flour on his hoodie from Markiplier makes Pie. (there are also his peeled apples on the island in the background).
Popularmmos Junior
What is a LEGO thing🤔
Konan Hussain
Konan Hussain 8 日 前
Markiplier is literally the only JPvidr who can make me snort and laugh out loud
Chank Mank
Chank Mank 8 日 前
For Mark: Darkiplier For Tyler:Zyler And for Ethan:Heapass
Ran Wolf
Ran Wolf 8 日 前
Does Heapass drink Hetap?
skiddz stone
skiddz stone 9 日 前
also, try to make a programmable robot, cause i can do that
skiddz stone
skiddz stone 9 日 前
i work with lego robotics and yo need more then 15 mins to build stuff like that
Kanimates 9 日 前
Can heapass help me with my emptiness? *cries*
direwolf 555
direwolf 555 9 日 前
comedy platinum
Good ole heapass
i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i!
The original heapass
Sophia Aiello
Sophia Aiello 10 日 前
*woke boi no!*
95Titanium 10 日 前
5:34 the best moment in the whole video
Septiceye_Ari 226
Heapass sounds like he wanted to tickle somebody's ribs. ;-;
holybiscuit 10 日 前
Tyler is a funny.
Jahkotae Addley
Jahkotae Addley 11 日 前
Am I the only one who did microwave a brick it just got hot lol what about yall
bobyboy sackhat
bobyboy sackhat 11 日 前
ASMR lego :}
alyssa is sad
alyssa is sad 11 日 前
i can't stop replaying 3:11
Mikayla Cameron
Mikayla Cameron 11 日 前
“My little blueberry is very funny” - ty 😉 “My ty is weird” - Ethan 😑
Yankeeschamber 99
Why is there a Greece picture in the back?
Teto Kasane
Teto Kasane 12 日 前
Tyler having the wheels in his eyes reminds me of Coraline
Joeseph Terry
Joeseph Terry 12 日 前
sk8er gorl
sk8er gorl 12 日 前
stop at 0:55 - u won't regret it
エミリー 12 日 前
I love how the piece that fell was actually tylers and mark said it was ethans
HunterPlayzRoblox & Fortnite
*dont you dare talk to HeApAsS like that*
Eva Qqq
Eva Qqq 13 日 前
3:02 ok. (brakes brick out of house house falls down) oh ok.... (finds microwave microwaves brick world explodes) well sh@t
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