Mark and Ethan Attempt an Escape Room

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Escape Room... such a simple concept. You are trapped in a room and you have to escape. If you fail, the darkness will take you. Ethan and Mark venture to The Basement in Los Angeles to attempt their most devious escape room yet... THE COURTYARD.
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コメント数 80
Lucy Rice
Lucy Rice 58 分 前
is nobody gonna talk about how ethan is just clinging to mark at the end
Emerson M
Emerson M 時間 前
Climbing into that freezer is a panic attack in a box
Lucy Friel
Lucy Friel 3 時間 前
What is this escape room called?
Eye Games
Eye Games 5 時間 前
If mark and Ethan made an video an hour ago why aren't they dead?😶🤐
Sinner Man
Sinner Man 8 時間 前
I got huge resident evil 7 Vives
enrique alvarez
enrique alvarez 8 時間 前
Quinn: *dies* Mark and Ethan: 😂😂😂
CarnoRex 15
CarnoRex 15 10 時間 前
s e m e n
Ryan Lam
Ryan Lam 11 時間 前
Actor: "I can't breathe!" Also actor: breathing heavily
Skartrixx 15 時間 前
Mark: Again?
TheNerdontheStreet 17 時間 前
i love that they carried the head of uncle jeb the whole time
Dawson Min21
Dawson Min21 17 時間 前
Mark don’t even care the fact she is bout to die this is what he got to say 8:03
why am I still here?
why am I still here? 19 時間 前
Me: reads title Also me: oh no...
uGhost 20 時間 前
12:42 Slav Mark
Annabelle Sinclair
Annabelle Sinclair 21 時間 前
Me wondering what happens if you don't die on earth like in space is ti instead earth to earth like space to space or something. ??!!
zenn pang
zenn pang 21 時間 前
ok but the lady playing quinn is a hella good actress. i couldnt have kept a straight face with those two there.
zenn pang
zenn pang 21 時間 前
my claustrophobia said hello
Herr Doktor von Nuremberg
Quinn: "How did you get here [into this mess]!?" Ethan: *Uh We DrOvE hErE*
Sara Logan
Sara Logan 日 前
the voice sounds like corl
Matthew Fish
Matthew Fish 日 前
Is she actually fuckin dead?
EdgyEddy WantsSpaghetti
“Just chill out”
Seanrey GT
Seanrey GT 日 前
Ethan:whats that red light Quinn:My heart Mark:No thats a machine
Kyln Hutchinson
Edward jeb a great man
R2D2 the Droid
Mark and ethan: is this uncle Jeb? Guy's on camera: there really obsessed with this jeb guy
L3m0n41d Official
Cop:My life is in the hands of an idiot!? "No two idiots" -Unus
L3m0n41d Official
Funny part is while they may escape this room they won't escape death.
iBe _BACOOON 日 前
Uncle...uh what is it? Edward?? No...edward!
Froot loops enthusiast
8:00 quinn telling mark and ethan wjats going on very seriously : mark: alright
Eliot _3
Eliot _3 日 前
Jamie Wheeler
is my life in the hands of an idiot: NO ITS IN THE HANDS OF 2 IDIOTS
Mikayla Van B
16:15 17:18 Ethan Reassuring Nestor
ddootzles 日 前
Okay all jokes aside this escape room is cool as shit. Really well designed and unique!
Vocal Vortex Studios
"Pretend its Chica" '... What?'
Myra388 日 前
In this Thumbnail Mark reminds me of Eddie Gluskin😱😂
Ella Verner
Ella Verner 日 前
We Stan Quinn the lesbian police officer, our girlfriends have the same name
Andrew Glouberman
18:16 😂😂 “just chill out” funniest shit
Dontworryits ABSTRACT
can we just appreciate the actor for Quinn for a second... ok thanks
Arbatuko 2 日 前
Ethan: 16:06 *Also Ethan about 3 seconds later: 16:09
sunnA sunU
sunnA sunU 2 日 前
Lucy Mihaljevic
Lucy Mihaljevic 2 日 前
This gave me the hee by jeebies and made me terrified even tough I know it’s not real and it’s just an escape room
Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn 2 日 前
I love how Ethan doesn't know anything and is trying his best to make her feel secure while Mark has to fix his dumb mistakes
Shy D
Shy D 2 日 前
I love the pinky promise 😂
Ruben 2 日 前
Wo we t Van ook niet to
Pepzi 2 日 前
I like how they are taking none of this seriously 😂😂😂
Lil Flower
Lil Flower 2 日 前
Fallen GuardianLR
Actors:*acts* Mark:have you heard of death?
Taryn Mulvaney
Taryn Mulvaney 2 日 前
I love how Ethan is acting like this is a real situation. He really is what his shirt says... a soft boi
Mimi the Hufflepuff
Ethan: "We'll be fine, Death comes for all if us." Kyle: "AWESOME."
gabujita •
gabujita • 2 日 前
Alternative title: "two idiots try to save the live of a dying lesbian but potentially killing her in the process"
gabujita •
gabujita • 2 日 前
My life is in the hands of an idiot?! *sobbing* No, no, no , no, no, no TWO IDIOTS.
Igor Alencar
Igor Alencar 2 日 前
SPOILER FOR THE ESCAPE ROOM! Yeah, kinda weird to have this warning in a comment, but you never know, right? I love that Quinn started with "I don't want to die. Don't play his game", but when she noticed they DEFINITELY weren't gong with any solution that would result in her death (since she needs to die for them to proceed) she started with "I have to die. It's the only way for you guys to leave" :V
Alejandro Ferrero
ooooOOOOOH we got different pieces LAD!
Hariprasad Mohandas
The girl who played quin is an incredible actor
Mateusz G
Mateusz G 3 日 前
Quinn : My lifestyle in the hand of an Idiot?!?!? Ethan : No, 2 Idiots!
Hanako Kobayashi
Mark: IM TO THICC Nobody: Me: ha same
AnomalyINC 3 日 前
Quinn's a consummate professional to not break out into fits of laughter.
brielle newland
brielle newland 3 日 前
I don’t know if I should be scared or laughing right now
Kathryn Zjas Zjas
If Mark and Ethan were in a horror movie, then the movie will become a comedy
killjoyprince 3 日 前
1:20 mark's "..again?" had me snort extremely loudly in the silence of my house
by uncle jeb, could they mean....water sheep??
Grow Home
Grow Home 3 日 前
My favorite unnus annus memory
All OfUs
All OfUs 3 日 前
Nobody Mark and Ethan: UnClE jEfF!?
Chippp 3 日 前
Ethan : Thats not Quinn, thats Chica Mark : ......
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 3 日 前
Ethan: thank you, thank you for your help THAT WAS ADORABLE IM-
Allie 3 日 前
Ethan's voice just gets progressively higher from the moment they open the fridge.
MingMingYT 4 日 前
Lmao mark ain’t scared of sh*t
UrbanRose 4 日 前
This must have been the ultimate improv challenge e
The Cynda Scorcher
Mark: “You ever heard of that guy that got stuck in a cave?” Ethan: “I f***ing hate you.”
Lego Gamer
Lego Gamer 4 日 前
Chloe O'Neill
Chloe O'Neill 4 日 前
omg this made me laugh too much
Natt Pano
Natt Pano 4 日 前
During 22:10 I was drinking water then Ethan said " you did this" and I- lets just say there's water everywhere now😅😂
Young gangstas 1
As soon as i say quin i thought harlequin
The Deppy Files
The Deppy Files 4 日 前
And next up JPvid suggested Unnus Annus: "getting attacked by dogs"
The Deppy Files
The Deppy Files 4 日 前
Threcent 4 日 前
Ethan: Don't imagine that's a random woman you don't know, imagine it's the dog you love... Now kill it
Keirstyn Kat
Keirstyn Kat 4 日 前
Mark: "Calm her down" (shortly after) Quinn: "My life is in the hands of an idiot?!" Ethan: "nononononono *_TWO_* idiots"
DAD5Draco 4 日 前
Their interaction with Quinn has me dying. 😂😂🤣🤣😂
Mason Risley
Mason Risley 4 日 前
quin: gets message that she will die mark: idc woman
Chrystyna Dene
Chrystyna Dene 4 日 前
*Uncle Jeb???*
smol dragon
smol dragon 4 日 前
If this was a comedy/mystery movie I'd watch it even if it is rated PG-13,MA or R I'd still watch it
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