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Man in cave. Trapped.



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Wendigoon ヶ月 前
I’m still not sure if trapping me in an actual cave for 72 hours was necessary to record my lines, but it certainly got results. We should probably go check on the editors though, even if “they don’t deserve food” I don’t think sealing them in was appropriate.
Luka Tv
Luka Tv 27 日 前
Look it the man where the auto-generated subtitles work!
Drast ヶ月 前
Drast ヶ月 前
Yoshimitsu4prez ヶ月 前
Lol I fully burst out laughing when your face randomly appeared
Bad Dragonite
Bad Dragonite ヶ月 前
Gotta have that authentic feel
イゴール / igor
i was like... "damm three days stuck in a cave must've been terrible, poor guy." and then the hours kept on going and going and going and going
Victor Hamacek
Victor Hamacek ヶ月 前
i was sweating my hand HARD at the one week mark .... then i was just downhill for me
Marco Bott
Marco Bott ヶ月 前
@credit crazy it is gross and will probably seen as comedic for some people , but he was pissing and shitting himself down there for that whole time he was trapped--which is easy to forget since the video didn't deliberately point that out. wouldn't be surprising if he got infections from his wounds while waiting to die.
Hell no remora
Hell no remora ヶ月 前
I've never truly experienced a claustrophobic situation, but I sweated profusely throughout the entire story.
credit crazy
credit crazy ヶ月 前
And to make it worse is how little he could move not to mention how he probably couldn't use the bathroom ether honestly I'm surprised how quickly the story blew up most story's today with the internet don't go viral that fast
kotzpenner ヶ月 前
when they were drilling that hole and were at about 360 hours, I was like "alright he's probably dead now", and then the hour counter just speeds up and never stops. It's insane.
Lord Alzorn
Lord Alzorn 15 日 前
Two things people also gotta realize: The Turnaround Room isn't really a room. It's a widening of the tunnel that collapses to the 9 inch gap. It's just big enough to get your bearings, decide which way you want to go in, or turn back. It's not a 10 foot tall room that you can stretch your legs in preparation to go into the squeeze. The other thing: The squeeze didn't allow you to change directions. The video makes it look like you can go in head-first, turn around at the 10 foot drop, then go down feet first. You have to decide if you want to go in head first or feet first. It's then 20 feet to the drop. Floyd went in feet first to clear it out then got stuck. His brother went in head first to clean out the rubble, then had to climb up the 10 foot drop BACKWARDS! Now you know a bit more why people turned back
ACogloc 3 日 前
@Fabi Most people wouldn't, and it's not even being a chicken, it's a basic survival instinct. But you know how there are all sorts of weird people. These people, like Floyd, just lack any sense of survival.
Shatterstar 4 日 前
There's actual drawings of what the inside cave looked like and how the pathway to Collins was. I don't know how Collins thought he would have made that thing usable for tourism.
Fabi 6 日 前
i don't give a shit that i can't change direction at the drop i wouldn't even go into the aqueeze in the first place.
vomix 7 日 前
the 2 guys i respect the most are the random journalist that just went in no hesitation and the childhood friend moving 500kg of gravel in a single session
Tony Peppermint
Tony Peppermint 7 日 前
God damn.
plixplop ヶ月 前
The contrast between the hilarious animation and voice acting versus the incredibly intense story was amazing. One of the best YT documentaries I've ever seen.
TommygunnerM1 2 日 前
Agreed. I loved this video
R D 2 日 前
The contrast really amplifies the horror for me…
E 15 日 前
Geoffrey Excellent
One of the best YT videos ever made imo
junesuprise 21 日 前
Kirsten Golnaz
Kirsten Golnaz 20 日 前
The sentence "the cave refuses to let him go" always gives me chills. It's as if the cave is alive, and has a will on its own. On every turn, the cave is just refusing to let him go. Floyd tried to profit off of it, and now it has screwed him right back. Probably the closest thing to a real Eldritch abomination as it can be.
Daniel Kiran
Daniel Kiran 日 前
Its like real life 1408
OH SHI- !!!!
OH SHI- !!!! 日 前
well you know since the earth itself is a living creature, and cave is part of the earth.. so it is kind of it i think xD
PandaCoasters 2 日 前
The man was trapped in the Mystery Flesh Pit.
Kodeb8 2 日 前
People who believe in animism believe everything has a soul, so the cave itself could have a soul.
Liaminator 5 日 前
New scp
DustedThrusters 24 日 前
Gerald, Homer, and Miller really were the realest here. Absolute Kings trying to get their friend and brother out. And Miller didn't even know the guy but he put his life on the line.
Smac 日 前
The mvps 🐐
vomix 日 前
@R D yes miller was the biggest homie out there he went in no hesitation into a hole that even professionals struggled going into yet he didnt just go in he even did it HEAD FIRST and then had to climb out BACKWARDS
R D 2 日 前
And to anyone posing that Miller was only in it for the clout: That man risked his life actually chipping in. You cannot fake this.
vomix 7 日 前
miller and gerald are the realest there is and the realest there will ever be
Your Favorite Shiba
The fact that Gerald moved a half TON of rock is just awe inspiring. The strength and willpower to do that is just insurmountable. I wouldn't doubt that he would have chipped away the whole damn cave to save his friend.
vomix 7 日 前
@Artorias Of The Abyss another person commented this wich really puts into context how incredible it was for him to move 500kg in a single session "Two things people also gotta realize: The Turnaround Room isn't really a room. It's a widening of the tunnel that collapses to the 9 inch gap. It's just big enough to get your bearings, decide which way you want to go in, or turn back. It's not a 10 foot tall room that you can stretch your legs in preparation to go into the squeeze. The other thing: The squeeze didn't allow you to change directions. The video makes it look like you can go in head-first, turn around at the 10 foot drop, then go down feet first. You have to decide if you want to go in head first or feet first. It's then 20 feet to the drop. Floyd went in feet first to clear it out then got stuck. His brother went in head first to clean out the rubble, then had to climb up the 10 foot drop BACKWARDS! " now i am imagining you in bed on your phone looking at a comment like this and most likely dropping your phone at times because your grip gets too loose to hold it yet this dude did 500kg of rubble with a tin can and his bare hands upside down in a narrow hole that didint even allow for him to turn
vomix 7 日 前
@Jess H another person commented this wich really puts into context how incredible it was for him to move 500kg in a single session "Two things people also gotta realize: The Turnaround Room isn't really a room. It's a widening of the tunnel that collapses to the 9 inch gap. It's just big enough to get your bearings, decide which way you want to go in, or turn back. It's not a 10 foot tall room that you can stretch your legs in preparation to go into the squeeze. The other thing: The squeeze didn't allow you to change directions. The video makes it look like you can go in head-first, turn around at the 10 foot drop, then go down feet first. You have to decide if you want to go in head first or feet first. It's then 20 feet to the drop. Floyd went in feet first to clear it out then got stuck. His brother went in head first to clean out the rubble, then had to climb up the 10 foot drop BACKWARDS! " and he only had a tin can in any other conditions hed prolly have to move 5tons within 3 hours with no tools to even compare to what he did here
vomix 7 日 前
@Joe another person commented this wich really puts into context how incredible it was for him to move 500kg in a single session "Two things people also gotta realize: The Turnaround Room isn't really a room. It's a widening of the tunnel that collapses to the 9 inch gap. It's just big enough to get your bearings, decide which way you want to go in, or turn back. It's not a 10 foot tall room that you can stretch your legs in preparation to go into the squeeze. The other thing: The squeeze didn't allow you to change directions. The video makes it look like you can go in head-first, turn around at the 10 foot drop, then go down feet first. You have to decide if you want to go in head first or feet first. It's then 20 feet to the drop. Floyd went in feet first to clear it out then got stuck. His brother went in head first to clean out the rubble, then had to climb up the 10 foot drop BACKWARDS! " now if we were to adjust this to an open space with alot of room to move then it would also be adjusted for you to have to atleast move 4 tons within 3 hours with nothing but your hands thats how impressive that is even just being upside down for an hour is hard enough now doing that while shoveling 500kg of gravel with a tin can and then having to pull yourself up for a 10ft drop is just mind boggling to me yet some people say "500kg is actually not that hard i could do that"
Nutzeeb ヶ月 前
Some of The people in this comment is literally the local on the story
Abiola Animashaun
@dandy dasyt You are the biggest excuse for a human ive ever seen
TheKaein ヶ月 前
41:00 holy shit thats one of the scariest moments I've seen in a video. For both sides. On one hand, Floyd didn't want to be alone in the dark. He just wanted to have someone with him. On the other, that guy only came to help and Floyd tried to get him to stay to his probably doom just so he wouldn't be lonely. What a horrifying situation.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 3 日 前
@Some One well yes. Gerald already said it, that so many people near the cave, lighting fires when most of the cave was held up by ICE, it was gonna melt it and cause a collapse. No one listened. Till it was too late. They probably would have been able to save him if they went away at least 100 meters. But nope. Let's all round up and light fires NEXT TO THE CAVE. Bloody morons. Of course, it's very possible that it wasn't just them. It was the lightbulbs in the cave as well. While it did light up the cave unfortunately it also heated it up. The fact that it protected Floyd from freezing and dying from exposure says it all. Hell, Floyd himself apparently dies moments after the lightbulb goes out. From exposure.
Some One
Some One 7 日 前
@fatalynn7 Makes me think that if everyone just stayed away and a few people who knew what to do went into the cave, he would have lived. Miller alone almost freed Floyd from that rock just by himself according to this video. If there weren’t hundreds of people ruining the integrity of the cave, melting snow around the opening, and being a distraction; one strong, capable, focused team may have been able to save him before the cave-in. Everybody wanted to be a part of the excitement, and didn’t stop for a second to realize their own inability or the very real consequences of their actions.
fatalynn7 12 日 前
What broke me entirely after this moment (and I was already horrified at this part) was the stuff right after where they could have raised his head so it wasn’t sitting in the cold water, or the feeding tube or the radio or the phone line. All things that may have saved his life in the long term.
E 15 日 前
Daniel Preciado
Daniel Preciado ヶ月 前
Was this way darker than Internet Historian's usual stories? Absolutely. Did it give me an entirely new spectrum of hopelessness and utter horror? Like you wouldn't believe. Was this one of the most fascinating gritty real life stories I've ever heard? Without a goddamn doubt.
Brekner Catalin
Brekner Catalin 11 時間 前
Far from it, "The cost of Concordia" is about a shipwreck where 34 people died. That's waaaaaay darker, but I guess it's a case of Stalin's ""The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic", eh.
Minev 10 日 前
I mean it's inside a cave of course it's gonna be dark.
weldonwin 11 日 前
That dream sequence was certainly pretty Lovecraftian
Василий Гашечкин
@It's Me Who is criticizing what?
It's Me
It's Me 22 日 前
@Василий Гашечкин 🗿someone can’t accept criticism
Cymes 19 日 前
Floyd: I'm going to make a fortune with this cave! The Cave: Sorry , mate. The best I can do is pay you in exposure.
Jack Bobb
Jack Bobb 2 日 前
massively underrated comment
R D 2 日 前
„Incidentally, that‘s also how I‘ll kill you. ❤“ Rip, man.
DevTook 3 日 前
Underrated comment!
Karma 24 日 前
I think the most tragic part of it all is that, you hear the details of what methods they tried and you think "I could've done that better" which is the exact problem that caused so many to show up and hinder the rescue in the first place
Wave Luke
Wave Luke 12 日 前
Yeah, like if it weren't for all the people, the cave probably wouldn't have collapsed/
Natasa Roksandic
Natasa Roksandic ヶ月 前
My man went from covering 4chan raids to being an actual historian, that’s impressive.
bornaora 4 日 前
Georgia is full of caverns and underground tunnels !
They should have just placed a torch then all the falling gravel would break
Stacey Obrien
Stacey Obrien 12 日 前
Depends on your definition of historian. I do like this though!
Brennan K
Brennan K 19 日 前
I absolutely loved *The Ball Pit* video!
Gaybraham Lincoln
"My man". Why do you talk like an absolute bell end?
Dune ヶ月 前
Never heard of this tragedy but damn the chills I got towards the end. Just the embalming and disrespect towards his body. And then how long it took to give him a proper burial. Incredibly sad but props to everyone who tried to rescue him
Fidozip 7 時間 前
A person in desperate need of help will grab hold of some help, even if it is insignificant.
Jakob Johnston
Jakob Johnston 10 日 前
The way that Floyd’s body was treated after his death is possibly the most appalling, disgusting and disrespectful things I have ever seen happen to an individual in my life.
Kari Runk
Kari Runk 時間 前
@TheJumper Were "fine people" such as; Mao Zedong, Stalin and Pol Pot "rich capitalists"?
[Incognito] 5 時間 前
@Kari Runk i wonder what system encourages the existance of greedy immoral people
TheJumper 5 時間 前
@Kari Runk They were heavily antagonized for their believes because rich capitalists feared that they would loose their supremacy over their workers
Kari Runk
Kari Runk 10 時間 前
@TheJumper The ages old cope, no one was more successful at killing communists than communists themselves.
Kari Runk
Kari Runk 10 時間 前
@ZNA Is that why Finland (CAPITALIST) is more succesful than all c*mmunist countries combined?
Stoneheart Sailor
I’m part of the Estes family, originally from the Cave City area, and this is an amazing write-up of this story! My grandfather met Floyd Collins when he was young, and we still hold land with caves on it in the area. I wish I had found this video sooner, but thank you for making this! ❤
Mustofa Akmal
Mustofa Akmal 6 日 前
That's awesome dude
vomix 7 日 前
the fact that you are from one of the familys mentioned in this video is a crazy coincidence but the fact that its more of a side character that is only mentioned shortly makes it believable
Disgruntled Cashier
Internet Historian: *describes the most claustrophobic, horrifying situation I could possibly imagine myself being put in, told in excruciating detail* 5 minutes later IH: Tank you for being a friend.
Durmomo0 19 日 前
Nutty Putty cave was pretty bad too. It wasnt nearly as long as this however. I never knew about the gravel in Sand Cave. I had thought he was just trapped by the rock wedged agasint his feet.
salaryman 27 日 前
It's very sad story and it actually left me with hard feelings for a couple days after watching. Can't even imagine how horrible this death was. However, I'm also thinking about "what would you expect?". You know, it's not like it was misfortune or uncontrollable events that lead to this - going inside a 9 inch hole covered with razor sharp crystals to jump into another even smaller hole covered with razor sharp crystal is basically a suicide. Like, he shouldn't have returned even the first time he decided to go there. And yet he continued to piss off his luck each day. And it also wasn't one of those situations where the person just didn't know how dangerous something is, he knew everything.
Mitchell Halvorson
Mitchell Halvorson 5 時間 前
@Daniel Smith yea that's not true. If anything people were probably smarter and more capable than the average Joe today. They didn't have the internet, calculators, and computers to rely on. People had to know how to do things and how stuff worked. Do you think that you could have trekked all the way across the country in the 1800s without a car and McDonalds to stop and get food at? No, because very few people in the world can. People weren't dumber, they just didn't know what we do and lived completely different lives.
Abel Pulido
Abel Pulido 8 日 前
@Agente Polaris also, this dude was an experienced caver and knew how to go in and out of a cave. His only mistake was breaking his lamp. Doesnt make him dumb, just an unfortunate accident. It’s no different from experienced climbers who die on Mount Everest.
Agente Polaris
Agente Polaris 9 日 前
@Brennan K people in the past didn't had all the knowledge we have today but they weren't stupid as some imply
Sheeshism 9 日 前
@MysticMetaKnight First, the notes are made to look like simple copyright disclaimers, not warnings about the lack of journalistic integrity. Second, there is a difference between satire and demonizing a dead man's father unecisarilly and literally lying about the place that Floyd was buried, which was the only reason he went in the cave.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 10 日 前
@MysticMetaKnight “they” did not do the best they could have done. They hosted a freaking carnival above the cave creating an inevitable collapse.
yellowelmo 25 日 前
I was shocked as it was slowly explained to me how Floyd was trying to get another man to die with him. Obviously so much of this story is shocking, but that part... I felt like I finally understood the level of torture he was suffering.
Broeckchen 26 日 前
God I don't think I've been affected by a story this much in a while. The constant rise and fall of hope. The desperation. The mere premise, brrrrrr! It shakes me to my core! I legitimately wanna cry for Floyd and I'm not all the way through yet but this makes me feel SO ANXIOUS!
Durmomo0 19 日 前
I knew the outcome already but I still found myself hoping for him to make it.
Gruppetstudios ヶ月 前
For those who don't know, this incident also proved as inspiration for the film "Ace In the Hole" (1951), which recounts the story (until after Floy's death) in a really captivating and exciting way. Definitely check it out, one of my favorite films of all time.
Haze 日 前
Thank you.
Johnathan Kindall
Was looking for this comment.
Mc Carthy
Mc Carthy 27 日 前
Thank you for the recommendation!
Show Time
Show Time ヶ月 前
Oh damn I just realized, He wanted to turn the cave into a tourist attraction, but the cave turned him into a tourist attraction
Ant ヶ月 前
man that's such a horrifyingly brilliant way to phrase it
Game 733
Game 733 ヶ月 前
Holllyyyyy damnnn
Delta0451 ヶ月 前
@Zap Gun don't ruin it
Dagda ヶ月 前
"I want to turn this cave into a tourist attraction," he said as the Monkey Paw curled its finger.
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher ヶ月 前
"Fate it seems, has a sense of irony."
Bruno Paes
Bruno Paes 5 時間 前
It is tragic, and horrifying, but i have to say, he got what he always wanted. He worked and toiled in the cave, trying to get people's attention, and in the end, he definitely got it. And while he died in agony, his story lived on. Amazing story
geniusface 2 日 前
I knew how this story ended but it was still grippingly well told. that nightmare sequence was one of the most effective bits of horror I've seen in years
r 28 日 前
thanks to Jacob Geller's video, i already knew what happened to Floyd Collins, but the storytelling still made me so hopeful and then, as that hope got crushed every time i Remembered, so very deeply sad. i haven't even gotten to the end and i'm already crying a little
Josie 27 日 前
Right?? I almost wondered if I was misremembering the name from Jacob Gellers video, tempting me to hope that maybe this one was a different story, and would end happily
Orion ON1-K
Orion ON1-K 27 日 前
My stomach dropped during that initial zoom out from Floyd's position to the cave entrance. It was a lot farther, a lot *deeper*, than I had hoped it would be. There is something terrifying about that on a primordial level.
Educationey ヶ月 前
This is straight up a Greek tragedy. Floyd's will and fate was to make that cave a popular tourist attraction, and, in the end, it was.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees ヶ月 前
greek tragedy?? this was more like the quintessential american comedy
Lucas Emanuel
Lucas Emanuel ヶ月 前
So this is how tales are made, i feel like i'm in 2000bc
sunflowerdogs ヶ月 前
@Zoe Smith why would you read comments before watching lmao
samiamtheman 73
samiamtheman 73 ヶ月 前
More like in the end, HE was.
Samsara ヶ月 前
Oh wow ...
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 22 日 前
Sad as it is that he did not ultimately survive, it is inspiring to see the sheer amount of effort that went into attempting to save him from the cave.
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richard omoore
richard omoore 2 日 前
I never understood the whole caving thing. Now I get it even less. At best it's a tight squeeze through a cold, damp, dark, dirty, claustrophobic maze without knowing whether you can even make it through. At worst, it's what happens in this video. I wonder if he ever thought to himself "WTF was I thinking?" Kind of like jumping out of a plane holding a parachute, then trying to put it on while falling hoping you'll be able to pull the cord before you hit the ground. Good luck !
TheAdvertisement 3 時間 前
27:18 I love how Floyde's like "Go on... do it." slowly and labored, accepting that this is his only way out despite the pain, then Burdon just immediately goes "All right, strap em up!" all happily like this is an average workday lmao.
Cesar Alvarado
Cesar Alvarado 16 日 前
Ive watched every IH video at least 4 times, but this may be the most difficult to rewatch for me. Floyd's story is just so sad, he just wanted to have something of his own and suffered on life and after death
The cruel irony here is that he wanted to turn the cave into a tourist attraction, but instead HE became the tourist attraction
HT 29 日 前
@Jason Voorhees I don't see what's humorous about a man slowly dying in agony alone
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 29 日 前
@HT so? you left out the details. those are what make this story so hilarious.
HT 29 日 前
@Jason Voorhees a man lost his life and his family tried for years to get a proper burial.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 29 日 前
@HT tragedy don't play out like a keystone cops routine. i was expecting someone to slip on a banana peel at some point. 😝💀
HT 29 日 前
@Jason Voorhees seems more greek tragedy to me
Green Dorito Man
Green Dorito Man 15 日 前
It's testament to internet historians storytelling abilities that, even though I knew what was going to happen to floyd the whole time, I was still genuinely invested in the rescue and saddened by his death and how the public treated his body
Thim Grondle
Thim Grondle 18 時間 前
Caves are so terrifying but beautiful. The thought of being literally swallowed by the earth and entombed haunts me but being deep in a cave is just a special experience
H B 6 日 前
We need more people like Homer, Miller, and Gerald. Truly amazing selfless individuals! They made this very dim and tragic story somewhat bright.
Might Guy
Might Guy 3 日 前
Bruh props to you for lightining up this depressing ass story. At least the guy went out knowing people never gave up on helping him!
astrohaute ヶ月 前
this story really showcases the best and worst of humanity all at once. what a tale
eat hot chip and lie
What really gets to me was Lee taking "donations" at the fair grounds. No doubt in my mind he swindled people by saying the money went to helping Floyd, then he kept it all to himself. Sickening.
Uhh.... hi?
Uhh.... hi? ヶ月 前
There were like 3 people going through that cave, something so scary I can’t imagine doing it. Then there’s mfers ruining the structure of the cave so they can camp outside is basic graveyard
Gojo Sensei
Gojo Sensei ヶ月 前
my man was out here dying and they had a clown juggling. bruh
Luis Antony Otto
Luis Antony Otto ヶ月 前
@Kola I don't think that's a good comparison
Kola ヶ月 前
I think that’s usually the case with these crazy situations. Just look at the pandemic 😅
Thim Grondle
Thim Grondle 日 前
This is so intense and detailed I genuinely felt anxiety watching this entire thing. Completely worth it though, what an immersive experience. Well done guys
Plexy Glass
Plexy Glass ヶ月 前
Your usage of rdr2s soundtrack is so good, you picked the perfect music for how tense this story gets
Fusilier 15 日 前
The Halo: ODST soundtrack bits were also intensely appropriate. "We are dropping into Hell, troopers! Time to grow a pair."
Gamer123766 18 日 前
Oh wait, which scene was that?
Luijomj 27 日 前
Damn right brother. I'm surprised no one else has said anything about it. It makes it more dramatic
JungleWalker 23 日 前
As someone who was in a coma last year, it certainly is a humbling experience to be at the lowest point in your life and see people come to help you and show concern for you.
Why are Jews so ugly?🤔
@Azuri e duck?
Azuri e
Azuri e 19 日 前
just watch out for Buck, because he likes to f...
TheAdvertisement 7 時間 前
I'm not really sure if I have claustrophobia, but I know that this video gave me an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Terrifying story Internet Historian, awesome job.
Random Guy
Random Guy ヶ月 前
He’s just a regular historian now. Not complaining, this is a really interesting story
Random Guy
Random Guy ヶ月 前
@FilthyCasual His content was typically shit that went viral on the internet, hence why I guessed THAT was the reason for his channel name. Until recently.
Joel Friberg
Joel Friberg ヶ月 前
@Cool Guy 77 I mean, considering this is a 1 hour true story about a brutally painful and drawn out death; I’d say he made it fucking hilarious and thrilling at the same time.
Nik Shmytov
Nik Shmytov ヶ月 前
The Internet's Historian
FilthyCasual ヶ月 前
@Cozy He was always a historian ON the internet, was he not? xD
Cool Guy 77
Cool Guy 77 ヶ月 前
@Joel Friberg No, I'm just pointing out the lack of humor in this video compared to his others. Compare this video to almost any other video on his channel and you can see the difference very clearly. I'm not complaining about it though, it was a good choice for this story.
John Wambolt
John Wambolt 5 日 前
I can’t put in to words how great this video is. Not only emotional but it was also high quality.
Nathaniel Swindell
I can’t even describe how well the Little Nightmares music fits with some of the scenes. Make the eeriness much more effective. Great choice on that.
Grandmanitou 15 日 前
Anyone that made it through the squeeze is an absolute legend in my book, I personally know I wouldn't be able to.
vomix 7 日 前
the way the squeeze is described here makes it seem even easier everyone after floyd had to go in head first into a whole that was too small to move while breathing and then drop down a 20ft drop no room to turn just to help floyd and to add on top of that they had to climb up a 20ft drop BACKWARDS using a rope and alot of strengh
Samy Girl
Samy Girl 28 日 前
The feeling of terror I get from watching this comes from me knowing this is totally a problem I would get myself into if I were a cave explorer. The pull to go further into the unknown is so intense.
strangebrew420 ヶ月 前
The part where he lied about needing water and intended to trap that other guy down there just to avoid being alone was so fucking dark, and completely understandable
Aaron 日 前
@obsessed pathetic troll very.
Christina Fidance
@Predalienguy1 OR he felt guilty for leaving him there. Either way, people certainly do that.
Christina Fidance
@Predalienguy1 That’s definitely a big possibility.
Agente Polaris
Agente Polaris 9 日 前
@khhnator agree
Agente Polaris
Agente Polaris 9 日 前
@CactapusCotton who is IH?
Pamelonia 2 日 前
This video was playing in the background as I’m going about household stuff. I glance up at the screen and to my surprise I’m like “Whoa! What the f**k is happening to Wendigoon!?” No idea what’s going but it seems Wendigoon has been buried alive. That’s very disappointing cause I really liked Wendigooon…I’m gonna miss him.
Rafael Arévalo
Rafael Arévalo 28 日 前
brilliant storytelling. this shit got me in tears. you are a wonderful filmmaker and i hope to see your craft continue to develop
missk8tie 4 日 前
I'd heard the basics of this event before, but this is masterful storytelling. Learning about the existence of the Kentucky Cave Wars was worth a watch all by itself.
Daniel Perenyi
Daniel Perenyi 11 日 前
You can judge the power of a documentary if you ever want to pause to google what this is about and what happened in the end. I've done no such thing and sat through the entire video. Amazing
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones ヶ月 前
Floyd tricking that soldier to come down just to die with him just so he wouldn't be lonely is probably the most haunting part of this story, seriously ominous.
Coochie flip flops
@Jofe_co but tricking a person to suffer that same fate is very cruel. However i do understand that he was not in a normal state
C Porter
C Porter 13 日 前
@Rex Incognito *how about you fucking look look it up for yourself then?*
Rex Incognito
Rex Incognito 13 日 前
@C Porter **insert another laughing track**
C Porter
C Porter ヶ月 前
He wasn't a soldier, nor a worker of Kyroc, though that's jsut one of the many things IH gets entirely wrong.
Reagan Bison
Reagan Bison ヶ月 前
@Casey Dopp military not army
Tauchism 17 日 前
Someone will have to correct me if I'm wrong, but as low frequency sounds can travel through solid objects much faster, maybe, just maybe, Floyd might have heard the faint rumbling and clashing of pickaxes through the last 20 ft of rock as he was drawing his final breath, as hopeless as he felt when the lightbulb had burned out. So close, yet so far.
Sarah Van Donsel
Sarah Van Donsel ヶ月 前
I keep thinking about how he could have asked to be killed quickly so he wouldn't have to continue suffering, but he really did not want to go. And nobody else would probably have the heart to do it. Besides, so much hope was injected into the situation that there was never a reason not to try to hold on just in case. We're all human: When he's as trapped and as alone as a human being can possibly get, he doesn't want to die, and he doesn't want to be alone.
KingAirPilot 4 日 前
This story was an insane rollercoaster and when you said that Floyd was dead it was like a punch in the chest!
jesse jones
jesse jones 22 日 前
As someone who lives not even 2 hours away from Sand Cave, I never knew anything about all this except for the fact that a man had been trapped in the cave. Wonderful storytelling, it definitely put my partner and I under stress.
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Zulk RS
Zulk RS ヶ月 前
At one point the cave started feeling less like a cave and more like a some cosmic horror entity. Awesome storytelling.
dachel ヶ月 前
@cauliflower mystery flesh pit national park is the name of that i believe
An Error Has Occurred
It’s the scariest type of cosmic horror entity: one that tasted human flesh and _liked it._
Owen Kinder
Owen Kinder ヶ月 前
I interpret the Rouge rock that falls onto Floyd's leg as a tooth, clamping down and keeping its prey in place as it squirms and tries to escape, yet all in vain anyways.
Hera ヶ月 前
@Ultima Power I mean atleast they’re real.
cauliflower ヶ月 前
@down town i just found this out yesterday after searching it up- that's one hell of a coincidence
Socially Awkward
Socially Awkward 10 日 前
Great video! So much more entertaining than just storytelling with a couple of photos. I was sad to see there aren't anymore of historic videos on this channel.
KeitieKalopsia 28 日 前
It’s incredibly inspiring that so many people got together to try to save the life of one person even before there was a monetary incentive. The collective effort of everyone and how it caught the hearts of the whole nation is really heartwarming even if Floyd never made it out in the end.
Generic Youtube Account
Only like 5 people had the balls to actually make it to Floyd. Everybody else was chickenshit cowards trying to tell the real men what they were doing wrong.
anxiousteatable 4 日 前
this was wonderfully made and now i'm extremely sad. this will rest at the back of my mind for the rest of my life :( 10/10 video
Rottencore ヶ月 前
I can't help but picture what torture that must of been to be trapped down in that cave for 2 weeks. Pinned freezing unable to move or see, never knowing if the next time you see a face will be your last. The scariest part is they were able to tell he was still breathing when the light went out. Maybe by then he was unconscious, i hope so because if not what thoughts go through your head when that light burns out and your left alone again in the dark. Did they give up and leave me, is this the end? What a terrifying way to die
Harleymotor ヶ月 前
I've heard this story before, and the thing that gets me is just how Homer didn't hesitate to help his brother. He crawled into a cave tunnel, spent hours trying to bury him out with his hands, fed him, chastised everyone who wouldn't help, pulled the rope outta 5 mens' hands, and did his best to get Floyd outta that cave whether alive or dead- like that is some real family. Mad Respect for Homer.
Βασίλης Βλάχος
He was a real bro. Not to mension what he said at the start where he chased the people beating Loyd with a fucking shotgun
The Rooster
The Rooster ヶ月 前
I'm 40 now, but in my early 20's working in a refinery a father/son duo along with a few more coworkers died trying to save the dad after he passed out from vapors in a confined space. We're taught to not go in alone, or at all unless you're part of the rescue team; but imagine standing by wasting precious time waiting on rescue personnel while watching your father passed laid out on the floor. I believe the son, and 1 more guy survived the incident; but the other guys were down in the tank breathing in H2S for too long to be saved. This along with a few more freak accidents have been on my mind everyday since they happened 😪
Runewolf77♀️ ヶ月 前
Wished it worked but nature is so cruel.
fearofchicken ヶ月 前
Probably what homer was used to. “Oh what’s that? My brothers trapped in a cave again? I bet there’s a growing crowd of people.” Even Floyd’s friend seemed like this was a normal occurrence.
j v
j v ヶ月 前
Homer was actually Chris Redfield's dad
hmpf 6 日 前
IH's best work yet. I was experiencing the full spectrum of human emotion throughout this video. What a fantastic piece.
Corina Capuano
Corina Capuano ヶ月 前
I’m surprised there was no mention of the musical they made out of this story. Surprisingly good music and very interesting to put on as a show.
Salim Doodles
What's the name of the musical?
Chris Cherchant
Chris Cherchant 16 日 前
If anyone memorializes me by prancing and frolicking on a stage, I'll haunt them to the ends of the Earth.
Why are Jews so ugly?🤔
Well you just kept the memory of musical alive. Well done👏
RoRo 13 日 前
For all the silliness that made me giggle here and there, this left me in tears in the end. This poor man was disrespected at every turn even after death. This started eerily similar to a Magnus Archives episodes but ended up with much more real horror.
Sebastian Niedermeier
Sebastian Niedermeier 18 時間 前
This was so intense, OMG, horrific story - told splendidly. You habd me on edge for the hole ride.
Michael McDoesn'tExist
This story both demonstrates humanity's best, and humanity's absolute worst. *That part where two random losers just lied that he was fine, is so disgusting.*
C Porter
C Porter ヶ月 前
It was far more than just 2 losers, but it was mostly teenagers that had done this. Though that wasn't as bad as Clyde Hester who told everyone Floyd had died around this same time.
Liam ヶ月 前
@Steve Harvey Nothing is more sad than a person who is incapable of distinguishing between feeling special and important, or actually deserving to feel special and important
Hera ヶ月 前
@nikki terry They wanted to be right so badly they made fake evidence to “be right” about it being a hoax, it’s pathetic.
Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey ヶ月 前
You are 100% correct. It happens in murder cases all the time. People call in and confess to crimes they have nothing to do with. I guess it makes them feel special or important. Cheers from Canada
forSaturn ヶ月 前
there's always a balance
poro poro
poro poro 22 日 前
Floyd was blessed with such amazing friends in the worst time of his life. His death was so incredibly cruel though that I'm really sad.
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Jess ヶ月 前
I can't remember the last time a story had me on the edge of my seat with anxiety the whole way through. Nobody should have to go through that.
Tyrone Jamel Cornelius
Who knew that one person who had fallen into unfavorable circumstances would impact so many people. Floyd may be dead but let his legacy stay alive
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 5 日 前
Thought I'd make a rough timeline of the events and what happened on what day to clear things up. Also, while the video was pretty good, it did get some of the things wrong (for example, Day 6/7 wasn't spent arguing - rescue attempts were made). Also, as the text came out super long, this is spread out into different comments.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 5 日 前
Wednesday, February 11th, 1925 (Day 13): - Freezing temperatures and snowfall further slow down the progress on the shaft. - The two phony telegrams are sent Thursday, February 12th, 1925 (Day 14): - Rescue shaft has reached 48 feet and the sides need constant shoring to avoid collapse. Friday, February 13th, 1925 (Day 15): - On the morning of Friday the 13th, the men working the shaft said they could hear Floyd coughing. - Denhardt reported his office had received more than 2,000 letters-most offered advice on how to free Collins. - This is the day Floyd Collins most likely died. He had spent the total of two weeks trapped in thay cave; one of them without any food or water (if not to count the water that dropped on his face). However, the combimation of dehydration, starvation and exposure through hypothermia ended up killing him at age 37. Saturday, February 14th, 1925 (Day 16): - The military court of inquiry delivered its finding, Floyd was definitely trapped in Sand Cave. - The Shaft is now roughly 55 feet deep. Sunday, February 15th, 1925 (Day 17): - By the end of the night, the lateral tunnel was only few feet away from Floyd. - Most people have lost hope that Floyd is still alive Monday, February 16th, 1925 (Day 18): - At 10:30 a.m., Homer Collins broke through the military guard on duty at the cave and almost succeeded in reaching and going down the shaft when a rumor stated Floyd was being brought up the shaft. - At 1:30pm they break through to a Sand Cave passage. - At 3:42 p.m., rescuers reported they finally connected the parallel shaft with Sand Cave and discovered Floyd Collins' lifeless body: "No sounds came from Collins at all, no respiration, no movement, and the eyes were sunken, indicating, according to physicians, extreme exhaustion going with starvation."
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 5 日 前
Sunday, February 8th, 1925 (Day 10): - The day was nicknamed a "Carnival Sunday", as up to 10 000 people descended upon Sand Cave, hoping to see rescuers pulling Floyd Collins out. The site turned into a carnival-like atmosphere with vendors selling souvenirs, hot dogs, sandwiches, popcorn, and balloons to the curiosity seekers that had flocked to see the tragedy. Con artists roamed around, asking for "donations" to aid the work crew. - The shaft was now 23 feet deep. - The story starts to take a negtive turn in the media, as people start to point fingers and blame each other for failed rescue attempts. Robert Burdon (the firefighter harness guy) goes as far as to say that some of the “rescuers” were “guilty of nothing short of murder.” A rumor is flying around that this has all been a big hoax, and that Floyd isn't even down there. Monday, February 9th, 1925 (Day 11): - Four main theories fly around - that it's a hoax to lure tourists to see Kentucky caves; that Floyd was murdered by someone unknown after he entered the cave; that food and water are purpusefully kept from Floyd so he would die; and that Floyd isn't in fact in the cave at all. The media loves this. Tuesday, February 10th, 1925 (Day 12): - A military court of inquiry convenes in the Cave City to clear up any suspicions and to disprove the rumors. - Despite that, the number of volunteers start to drop as the rumors spread. - Rain further slows down the digging process.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 5 日 前
Thursday, February 5th, 1925 (Day 7): - The Governor of Kentucky, William J. Fields places National Guard Brigadier General Henry Denhart in command of the rescue. - Locals are driven away from the rescue area, and they aren't happy about it. - Entering the cave from the main entrance is now banned, as the risk was life-threatening. - Engineer Henry Carmichael supervises the creation of a 6’x6’ vertical shaft to rescue Floyd. - Drills, dynamite, power shovels, pneumatic drills are excluded from the rescue attempt due to the fear that it will cause the cave to collapse and kill Floyd (video mentioned that they were afraid it would suffocate Floyd, but thats just a tiny nitpick) - The floor of the cavern raised, and walls closed in a few feet ahead of Collins. This would be the last time his voice would be heard. - A guard had to be assigned to Homer Collins, to prevent his entering the cavern. - Many companies and business from all over the country start sending supplies to Sand Cave which is quickly becoming overloaded with items. - A hospital is set up to treat people for cuts, colds, contusions, bruises, and physical exhaustion. - By 7:00pm they are seven feet down with a digging rate of only one foot an hour. Friday, February 6th, 1925 (Day 8): - Massive amounts of volunteers and supplies arrive to work on the shaft. The process is well organized and managed but due to large rocks, gravel, and muck in the shaft it slows progress. - The shaft has reached 17 feet in depth. - Homer Collins and John Gerald are both banned from the site. Homer, because he evaded Guardsmen and entered the main passageway of the cave to see if his brother was still alive (he was gone for some time, and a party was organised to go in after him as well. When he reappeared, no further action was taken against him as he was in a highly nervous state). John was banned because he and the "locals" criticized the rescue methods loudly and publically, which caused many arguments and fights. - Floyd's other brother, Andy Lee, finally arrives from Illinois after nonstop driving. When he saw the cave opening, he collapsed, and he was taken to the Cave City to recover. - Meanwhile, Floyd's father, Lee Collins (don't confuse him with previoisly mentioned brother Andy Lee Collins), is out milking money from the situation by handing out Crystal Cave advertisements, selling phoographs of Floyd for 1$ a piece and by telling anyone who bothered to listen about Floyd's adventures and how this is all "God's Will". - As there aren't as many updates now, different rumors and lies start to spread as journalists become desperate for new things to write about. Saturday, February 7th, 1925 (Day 9): - National Red Cross arrives, and they take over the feeding of the workers. The workers had previoisly had only "black coffee, crackers, and moonshine whisky.” - National Guard erects a barb-wired fence to secure the rescue site. - Several people look for other caves or entrances to Sand Cave to possibly gain access to Floyd from another passageway. This is unsuccessful.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 5 日 前
Monday, February 2nd, 1925 (Day 4): - News that a man is trapped in a cave start to spread around the region and state. - Journalist William "Skeets" Miller, Lieutenant Robert Burdon (from the firefighters team) and Johnnie "John" Gerald (Floyd's caving buddy) arrive and they do their thing. - Roughly 200 people are gathered outside the cave. Two tents have been erected, one to sell hot coffee and snacks and the other for first-aid. Tuesday, February 3rd, 1925 (Day 5): - Floyd has become the top news story in the nation. - National guard arrives to assist with the crowd control. -Skeets Miller and other volunteers rig the electrocal cord with lightbulbs to Floyd Collins, with Skeets Miller placing the lightbulb on Floyd's chest for heat and light - Three men from the Woodson and Kratch Monument Co. of Louisville arrive and try to convince John Gerald to let them chisel away at the rock above Floyd. John refuses to let the try it, as he believes it would do more harm than good. - Henry St. George Tucker Carmichael (Superintendent of Kentucky Rock Asphalt Company) arrives with his workers. He makes the first attempt at an organized and coordinated rescue, but Floyd’s brothers and the locals are convinced that the rescue shaft would jar the rocks and cause a collapse, killing Floyd. Carmichael reluctantly agrees and has his men start removing rocks from the cave passageway to make further cave rescue attempts easier. - As the day went on, the crowd outside became drunkier and rowdier, and a split soon developed between "outlanders" (led by Robert Burdon) and "locals" (headed by John Gerald). Arguments and fistfights became a common thing. - As most of the rubble has been removed by now from Floyd's body, Skeets Miller tries jacks to raise the rock that has trapped Floyd's foot. After hours of trying, Floyd convinces Miller to get some rest and try again the next day. Wednesday, February 4th, 1925 (Day 6): - That morning, Floyd is in decent shape. Churches across the country hold services for Floyd, and he has become a top news story in New York Times. - The jack idea is tried again. - Robert Burdon holds a press converence, stating that they will hopefully get Floyd out very soon. - The ceiling of the cave is starting to show signs of crumbling, and the passageway is turning unstable. John Gerald expresses his concern that as the people around rise the temperature of the cave, the cave is going to collapse. Skeets Miller and Robert Burbon remain optimostic, but most people aren't listening to them as they are relatively unfamiliar with the area and its caves. - Two men enter the cave to feed Floyd and they notice large that ceiling has developed large cracks. Sizeable rocks are slumping downward and debris is falling. They hurry to exit the cave as rocks start to fall. There is officially a cave collapse that separates the rescue teams from Floyd Collins. - John Gerald makes an attempt to dig out the collapse with a select group of men. They will shore up the sides of the cave as they go, but due to several days of rain, rubbing of the walls by rescuers, a midwinter thaw, and dripping ground water, the cave structure deteriorates further creating another collapse in the passageway. In an attempt to get through the second collapse, several rocks fall on Gerald in his rescue attempt causing him to finally leave the cave admitting defeat.
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 5 日 前
Friday, January 30th, 1925 (Day 1): - Floyd Collons enters the Sand Cave in the morning. He ends up trapped, and he spends the entire day in the cave, unbeknownst to anyone. Saturday, January 31st, 1925 (Day 2): - Neighbors realise that Floyd is missing and they start looking for him. They find his coat by the cave, and the 17-year old Jewell Estes crawls to the turnaround point, where he is able to communicate with Floyd. - Neighbors proceed to alert Floyd's family, and his brothers Homer and Marshall join the rescue attempt. They bring Floyd food and water. Sunday, February 1st, 1925 (Day 3): - The next day, Homer starts to dig out Floyd with little to no success. Floyd's other brother Marshall offers $500 to whoever brings out Floyd (in todays money, thats roughly $8500, though in terms of labor value, thats close to $30 000 in todays terms). - Many promise to help deliver food and water to Floyd, but they get scared in the dark, tight passageways (let's face it, most of us would too), so they instead hide the goods in the cracks and creviches. - By midnight, all rescue endeavours had fizzled out, and Homer could only sit beside Floyd during this cold wet night.
Crimson Leaf
Crimson Leaf ヶ月 前
The reason Floyd was even trapped there in the first place was in an effort to turn the cave into a spectacle and a tourist attraction and bring people in. In an ironic twist of fate, although it became an attraction, he himself ended up becoming the spectacle.
Minister ヶ月 前
@Caleb Hagen lmao yeah, with the exploitation of Floyd as a spectacle to a point where theres a whole ass carnival really reminds me of NOPE
his dad sold the land with him in it knowing the clause like "its what he would have wanted"
Krify ヶ月 前
Here in the Twilight zone
gØĐŞ ヶ月 前
Be very specific and heartfelt when u wish/manifest things into this life.
Pastry Scent
Pastry Scent ヶ月 前
He also massively overestimated the caving prowess of everyone else, since he had been doing it his whole life. Nothing he could have done would have ever made that crystal room viable for tourism.
A 17 日 前
What saves humanity from its horrendous actions is those few, against all odds and logic, keep on working, thinking and fighting to save one of their own. There are some truly fantastic people in this story... who ignored the naysayers and just pushed on... they are why our species has a chance.
Light Excalibur
Light Excalibur 6 日 前
Can we just appreciate the fact that a god damn journalist braved what many seasoned cavers couldn't?
Rabie Khali
Rabie Khali 23 日 前
What a story! I'm amazed how he held that long. Massive respect
yourtime 14 日 前
Puuh, your video was bit too good, at least for me. i was the whole day mentally exhausted, just thinking about the same extent, „imagine.. layong around not moving for over weeks.. not seeing anything“ or just not knowing but doing something that basically was your last movement .. anyway i am glad you did another video and it was really good. Very good story telling thats for sure! I feel like animating the story, showing X person for X was quite effective like the last bigger story and I guess made me feel way more empathic than just data, especially the 3D model of the cave was quite much for me to comprehend. I dont know why, but i just hoped all the time, he will come out alive, but in the end it was a ticking bomb all along.
Jgt612 ヶ月 前
For essentially a random journalist with no personal stake in this story, Miller is an unbelievable badass
Ant ヶ月 前
it's literally crazy especially when he was like, 22?????! What a guy
John Reed
John Reed ヶ月 前
For real, man could've just gone back after being turned down, after getting enough material to write his article or even after it gained national attention, but he stayed and he actually helped instead of gawking and asking pointless questions. All for the sake of some stranger that wasn't even important. Forget about being a great journalist. Miller was a great guy, period.
Joshua Iseria.
Joshua Iseria. ヶ月 前
I would like to say ...the way this was done was exceptional ... the humor, the information, the back ground story and the jokes and puns .. i must subscribe thank you i enjoyed every bit
songs Plasmid
songs Plasmid 25 日 前
this video was amazing, its shocking how well you can make the viewers feel for Floyd. the descriptions and images make it that much better. id watch it again despite the length, because this was better than a lot of movies I've seen. love it, keep up the amazing content. story telling=immaculate ❤‍🔥
KUMIHÖ 19 日 前
The personification of the cave is unnerving, and scary... Like it's some eldritch horror that consumes people *spoilers if you havent finished the video* You know when youre watching a movie watching the protagonist go through hell and back expecting a happy ending. This was like a gut punch. ii audibly gasped and low key wanted to cry. finsing out after all the hell he went through he didnt get a happy ending. i hope he found comfort knowing the entire nation was rooting for him to make it out and while physically he was alone. he didnt die alone
Gareth Reeve
Gareth Reeve 17 日 前
This was such an incredible and heart-wrenching story to watch... very, VERY well done!! Does anybody know where the 3D mapping at 5:07 comes from?
TheUnNamedBoog ヶ月 前
This whole story was so morbid, so haunting at every turn, and it’s presented in such an entertaining way. Thank you Internet Historian.
C Porter
C Porter ヶ月 前
Key word: Entertaining. He lied about many things in this. Besides the things he got wrong. Had to make a 50 minute long video kust talking about how many damned things he got wrong.
C Porter
C Porter ヶ月 前
@William North He didn't even boother to get his facts straight too. IH has done far more damage than any of the other channels who put out poor quality videos on the matter (not all of them, a few did good.)
Louche ヶ月 前
If you're entertained by a man slowly dying, you might be a psychopath
akrai ヶ月 前
@William North shut up
Alice Angel of batim fame
@William North bait
MattePaste 3 日 前
This is the exact reason why you don’t go messing with Mother Nature. Even without the knowledge of this documentary, you couldn’t have promised me enough money to even get to the turnaround room. Rocks are very heavy and we are very squishy. A cave in can happen at any moment and then, even if you don’t get squashed immediately, you’re gonna be in a WAY worse situation than never having gone in in the first place.
Can you imagine being stuck in a cave and as you try to dig your way out you find skeletons and one has a note that reads, 'This cave is for the brave to live out their days and now you are stuck with them in their grave.'
AlyAce2012 25 日 前
Knowing that he passed soon after the light bulb went out, I hope he wasn’t conscious to see it go out. I hope he wasn’t aware when he was plunged back into darkness, and that he fell asleep one last time to that small, minuscule comfort of light and heat, at the very least.
I wonder if they ever opened that room Floyd was trying to get into. That’d be his goal carried out
J L ヶ月 前
This story shows just how stupid, selfish, and cruel humans can be but also how courageous and selfless. Truly amazing.
Lunasa Gaming
Lunasa Gaming ヶ月 前
@JovialDemon01 and who created capitalism? humans
JovialDemon01 ヶ月 前
this is the system of capitalism, not human nature.
Lunasa Gaming
Lunasa Gaming ヶ月 前
@Cyborg Cuttlefish oki
Cyborg Cuttlefish
@Lunasa Gaming oh yea, i know there's plenty of good people. I'm not a cynic or anything. Just thought the other guy was dumb
Lunasa Gaming
Lunasa Gaming ヶ月 前
@Spicy Dong it was that guy's last attempt at saving his family's financial situation cave tourism
ReinoldFZ ヶ月 前
The hours turned to decades. Probably the most creepily extraordinary story to come from entrepreneurship.
Frito The Demon
Frito The Demon 24 日 前
This might the most invested I feel like i've ever been in a story i was being told before. I can only imagine the sheer amount of work that went into making this but it's an incredibly entertaining video and i'm almost disappointed it was only an hour.
PanDora ヶ月 前
This was so very interesting and entertaining 💜 And I have new found admiration for Wendigoon and all his homies for making this entertaining documentary.
Jordan Merritt
Jordan Merritt 9 日 前
All but respect to this man, May he Rest In Peace.
amped333 ヶ月 前
"It's 100 years later. He's dead. Let's call it even." was a great way to disarm some of the hate I was feeling for the bad actors in the story.
C Porter
C Porter ヶ月 前
@Africa it's the kids and grandkids that are the reason that he was reburied properly. They were the ones who left off after the family did. This whole video gets the Collins family Dynamic wrong in the first place. Pretends like Lee didn't give a shit about his son in this too. Honestly you shouldn't believe a word that this video says. It is practically fictional compared to the true events.
Africa ヶ月 前
for you maybe. I'm gonna track down their great grandkids and cyberbully the fuck out of em tbh.
C Porter
C Porter ヶ月 前
It does nothing really. Especially when he tells the story blatantly falsely throughout the entire doc.
eat hot chip and lie
@Xen N Which just proves there's assholes all over the globe. Ironic isn't it. Under a comment about letting hate go, all the replies are angry people pointing fingers at each other. Humanity will never change.
@Flicks Yeah cause you euroweirdos don't get mad about things dead people did. Hey how long has Britain and France been at odds on and off? A thousand years you say? Damn.
DarkKitarist 23 日 前
Love the cast this time around! Almost a Hollywood level production!
Luna Malefica
Luna Malefica 27 日 前
This story made me feel every possible thing; anxiety, fear, optimism, anger, frustration, sadness, relief, ect. IH; you just keep getting better and better, like a fine wine. I’m showing my grandma (the one that hates everything except you), and I’m sure she’ll love it.
Александр Кононенко
I don't have right words to tell how this story is inspirational and touching, truly masterful video
CHNOPs 27 日 前
Liking these longer videos, this is a very well structured video and would like to see more content like this (obviously don’t always do content like this because I can imagine how time consuming and difficult it was to create this) but still
Kevin ヶ月 前
"Don't worry Floyd, tomorrow you'll be a free man" *Last seen online 95 years ago*
King Ed
King Ed ヶ月 前
George HH
George HH ヶ月 前
@Jordan playes games You are too young for JPvid my friend.
Jordan playes games
how was he last seen 95 years ago JPvid wasn't around back then??
Pilsnerd ヶ月 前
SinnSinny 7 日 前
Every time he describes someone as thin, I think 'This man's gonna be a hero!'
Elysium Dreaming
Elysium Dreaming ヶ月 前
No stranger to horror but the intro gave me so much anxiety and terror of being stuck in a situation like that uhg just gives me chills
Z.O.M.G 6 日 前
The production quality is over the roof. I can't wait for the next one
Ivo Gregurec
Ivo Gregurec 25 日 前
One of the best stories I've ever heard on internet! The storytelling is very intriguing and the humour is dosed very precisely, not to turn it into a horror which it actually is, but to keep it light enough for an average viewer. The choice of actors is pretty misleading though. I'm wondering why haven't you used the real historic photos? It leaves an impression of Floyd as an irresponsible kid, while he was actually a 37. y.o. experienced cave explorer. Also, ethnic relations in the family seem to be unclear. All in all, nice visuals and animations!
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