Maggie Returns | The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale Sneak Peek

The Walking Dead
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Get a first look at the final episode of The Walking Dead Season 10, which will air later this year.
Watch the latest episode of Bottomless Brunch at Colman’s! jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-jTsf0Opt_mU.html
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The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead 24 日 前
Watch the latest episode of Bottomless Brunch at Colman’s! jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-jTsf0Opt_mU.html
Jose L Gutierrez
God bless you.
Jose L Gutierrez
When will the walking dead will return.
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 9 時間 前
maggie and negan is going to fight alot.
StormZ_ Collin
StormZ_ Collin 21 時間 前
I hope there will be more seasons.
tony cee
tony cee 日 前
They’re still alive?
r c
r c 日 前
Wait so where was Maggie?
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel 2 日 前
True evil always behind the scenes...
Sarah Quesnel
Sarah Quesnel 2 日 前
mystery Music
mystery Music 2 日 前
I cannot wait
Ivan Escobar
Ivan Escobar 2 日 前
Maggie who the new character is sick
Grace Mita
Grace Mita 2 日 前
The mystery person with Aaron and Alden seems to be standing down and kinda shocked to see them, right before the scene cuts to Maggie. So maybe it’s someone Aaron or Alden knows? Thoughts?
yeah 4 日 前
This show has something against people’s eyes - The Governor - Carl - Denise - Glenn - Gabriel
Mr. Asshole
Mr. Asshole 5 日 前
Rick comes back as the Nemesis. Lol
Danny Murnin
Danny Murnin 5 日 前
I bet Maggie shows up with Commonwealth soldiers and they save the day.
Dominick Torres
Dominick Torres 6 日 前
Juanito Gonzalez
When are they gonna release this episode already almost june
Brandon Asciolla
Maggie is going to find rick
Baze Nash
Baze Nash 8 日 前
Honestly, I’m not excited about Maggie’s return at all. I just don’t think she has anything left to offer. Unless she hooks up with Daryl.
G Peralta
G Peralta 8 日 前
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 8 日 前
Can't believe this crap is still on. I stopped watching at season five.
Lindsey Horist
Lindsey Horist 8 日 前
I am just going to say it now. I think Gabriel is going to die.
LifeisReal1990 8 日 前
This was all I could read from the letter in 10x16 trailer: "Maggie, You need to come back. Jesus is dead. So is Tara, Enid, My son. They were murdered by a group called the Whisperers. Have you heard of them? They wear the skins of --- hide in herds. Live with the dead. Whisper When you come across walkers, you need to watch hands for knives. Do NOT underestimate ---" Most likely written by Carol, because her son, Henry, died.
David Brown
David Brown 9 日 前
This show is the real walker. It just refuses to die.
Roberto Martinez
I hope yumiko and her group survives this episode so that they can meet Maggie
3lement2010 9 日 前
I'm currently on season 9 episode 14 on the walking dead. I know I already spoiled myself by looking at the title of this video, but I need to know if there is a place where I can watch season 10. I've been watching the seasons on Netflix and I don't have cable. I also don't feel like paying $40 to see season 10. Is there a place where I can legally watch season 10 of the TWD thats cheaper than $40? If there isn't I guess I have to find some sites where I can.
Wilson 8 日 前
3lement2010 the episodes are on amazon at $2 per which is really worth or like you said find it on a different site
JokerPoker !
JokerPoker ! 9 日 前
Dwarf in The flask
The hell??? This entire scene is no wear to be found in the final I just finished season 10 last night.
wierdo090 11 日 前
are you an idiot the last episode isn’t out yet
samantha 13 日 前
i really hope carol doesnt die.
DrClayBrady 14 日 前
Season one walkers with rocks start banging on the on The group: Oh S#!t
Austin Abbott
Austin Abbott 14 日 前
Maggie is coming back in season 11 as a season regular. Google it like I did
Brent Aiken
Brent Aiken 15 日 前
Who else is waiting to binge-watch the last two episodes with the finale when it premieres?
Cathy Marte
Cathy Marte 15 日 前
Maggie comes back, brought LUCILLE and hands it to Negan. how's that for an epic scene.
Harry Baldino
Harry Baldino 16 日 前
whos the guy with the orange bag
Arrowhead 16 日 前
The guy michonne went with to his island and left him
Daryll Farillas
Daryll Farillas 17 日 前
that masked-guy could be HEATH!!!????
Biologically Dead
why isnt season 10 out
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson 18 日 前
Father Gabriel better live, he is starting to become one of my favorites!
Frog Dog
Frog Dog 18 日 前
That finger analogy is exactly what they don't need to hear right about then.
shrek is my lord
shrek is my lord 18 日 前
I really don't understand why they don't just wait for the hurt to pass also this looks like the scene in The Walking Dead game where Lee dies which was the saddest thing
daammmnn this is hell of a peek
Leah Spence
Leah Spence 19 日 前
Where's connie😭😭
Kaloline Vunibobo
I’m waiting...... for season 11
Isabella A
Isabella A 20 日 前
I think that's Morgan in the woods with Adam because it sorta looks like the mask he wore in season five
Sydney Jackson
Sydney Jackson 20 日 前
Why dont they just get a walker from outside and cover themselves with zombie guts and run
Dylan Martin
Dylan Martin 17 日 前
Because the Whisperers are in the herd too
Mike Hounsell
Mike Hounsell 23 日 前
Now rick about to jump down from a chopper with a machine gun and some lazer eyes.
zodiac shishan
zodiac shishan 23 日 前
Damn it Miss Rona it's all your fault
zodiac shishan
zodiac shishan 23 日 前
Connie better be alive or am gonna be mad
Dat Meme
Dat Meme 23 日 前
If coronavirus makes production impossible, how many think producing a limited number of animated episodes in the style of the graphic novel voiced by the real actors would be cool?
bad bmx rider
bad bmx rider 24 日 前
I feel like they should have darl and maggie go back to the prison and get darls chopper and ride off into the sun set
William Moore
William Moore 24 日 前
She was on the show WAY too long like a lot of other cast members were/are as well, and it's actually hurt their careers. Now she'll always be known as Maggie. She's fucked as far as being an actress now, and is going to be hard-pressed for work. Jon Bernthal even said staying on that show would have killed his acting career, and has zero regrets leaving. Look at his acting resume now compared to the rest of the cast who have disappeared and or been killed off. There's no comparison.
Gweneth Cole
Gweneth Cole 25 日 前
Is it going to be like deja vu from the first season? Rick going to come back and find his family, Michonne be with someone else, like Lori with Shane all "Oh, Hi honey . . . let me put my pants on . . ."
Everenferno 25 日 前
No one remembers this is the same hospital where Beth was killed?
Yup Yup
Yup Yup 25 日 前
2:05 is that Casey Jones
Yup Yup
Yup Yup 21 時間 前
Jk maybe Virgil or connie
Rav 26 日 前
Hold up this is like the finale ? Or the season finale
Skyler Hilley
Skyler Hilley 23 日 前
Season finale, the show still has at least 2 more seasons after this.
1776 memb
1776 memb 26 日 前
This show needs to end
Danny Umana
Danny Umana 26 日 前
When will we find out?
I want You to know
This show is such garbage 😂
Michael Lovett
Michael Lovett 28 日 前
“You kill or you die, or you die and you kill” Governor
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn 28 日 前
If they can do this why not just release the episode?
Nick Palumbo
Nick Palumbo 28 日 前
Save some brain cells and don’t resd any more comments. We need Rick back
Sandria Tyson
Sandria Tyson 29 日 前
I’m ready for Rick to return
sicko mode Or mo bamba
Who’s that at 2:05 ?
Matt Simmons
Matt Simmons ヶ月 前
Gabriel is a weirdo.
Everenferno ヶ月 前
Hilltop’s second and third in command are dead including their only doctor. Hilltop itself is gone. The leader of the whisperers who did all of this is dead. Negan has a new reputation. Maggie has been with Georgie this whole time, she’s lucky to even have a kid left to go back to (sorry).
Matt Comuzie
Matt Comuzie ヶ月 前
The masked person I believe to be Morgans son he was never confirmed dead…
Sam Pound
Sam Pound 18 日 前
@Mike The Knight yea but morgan was also crazy so u think he is the brightest source
Orlando Paste
Orlando Paste 23 日 前
@imthatperson yeah it do make sense to be him. Cause his dad showed him how to fight 🙄 like a champ.
cjs bomb
cjs bomb 25 日 前
Ok boomer
Wut Doin
Wut Doin 28 日 前
Matt Comuzie are you dumb? Or just didn’t watch the show lol
imthatperson 29 日 前
It is not morgons son it doesnr really make sense to be him
EmphaticEddy Wilde
Maggie is back !!!!!
jodella branch
jodella branch ヶ月 前
So how old would Maggie's and Glenn's kid be now? Will she return with him?
Wilson 8 日 前
jodella branch probably around what Judith was with Rick
Arlene Maldonado
Arlene Maldonado ヶ月 前
Kinda annoying if this episode was wrapped up and finished, why the fck did they not air it?
Mr. Durden
Mr. Durden ヶ月 前
At this point im kind or rooting for old negan to brain these soft inept lazy whinny half wit characters or for rick to return line them all up and 3 stooges slap the pi$$ out them all. I have questions: why is the 9yr old (judith) the only one with a gun thats bigger than she is; who is letting her wonder around outside the walls in whisper town; who the hell told daryl that is how you fight with knives; why the F are they still using knives and not clubs; whose bright idea was it to destroy carols character; does anyone care if Maggie comes back after being pregnant for 2yrs;does anyone else think the actress who plays princess is great but to little to late; can someone please please hang eugine by that rat tail and nut slap him until he speaks like a real person? Who is writing this garbage. The show has become nothing more than a rube goldberg machine.
J C ヶ月 前
Shes still hot!
Poohs Honey
Poohs Honey ヶ月 前
Maggie you gon be surprised
Oscario !
Oscario ! ヶ月 前
At this point I just want a release date for the release date ANYTHING!!
Edward DeBartolo
Edward DeBartolo ヶ月 前
This show is still on?
Crystal Petterson
I want Daryl in my mouth.. Just saying..
spliter227 ヶ月 前
Sheesh how about just let it be a surprise for viewers?
Kenya Corley
Kenya Corley ヶ月 前
Can we please get the finale🥴🥴🥴It’s not like the show is still being an aired live. You owe it to the fans🥴🥴🥴 The Episode was already finished before the coronavirus hit😭😭
Bts army Forever
Bts army Forever ヶ月 前
Im so excited for season 10 and ik this walking dead movie will go far in life
cmscms123456 ヶ月 前
The Walking Dead, has turned into a joke... Sad... It was a great series, they just didnt know how to end it gracefully.
louis webtser
louis webtser ヶ月 前
The ratings have gone up also
louis webtser
louis webtser ヶ月 前
It goes All out War, Whisperer War, then the commonwealth revolution. If you read the comics that it’s based on
cmscms123456 ヶ月 前
This show is so LOST, I think they could throw in 2 episodes of "LOST" in, and no one would notice. Maybe even an episode of the Duke of Hazzard... lol
David Stewart
David Stewart ヶ月 前
The way Maggie reacted to reading that, it's like she doesnt GAF
The Joshh
The Joshh 4 日 前
Nah thats her revenge look
Amere Brown
Amere Brown ヶ月 前
Music !?!?!?!!
Isaac Dibbens
Isaac Dibbens ヶ月 前
People who are begging for characters that died to come back are SO cringe. Just enjoy the show 😂