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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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Criticism Everywhere - Roblox stuff
Man Eminem looks like Dwayne Johnson when you look at this guy.
Kev Pearson
Kev Pearson 4 分 前
Why does he sound like Eminem they sound so similar
Semena the possessed girl
This sucks
Lesego Seitisho
Lesego Seitisho 13 分 前
mgk diss is nxa
Saurabh Tripathi
Saurabh Tripathi 14 分 前
i love eminem , yet this song has an attraction too ...fell sorry for him after killshot
Tony Lando
Tony Lando 14 分 前
E&E old news MGK got his bodybag E&E a old has been rich depressed ass his lyrics ain't shit fr I don't care how much he ryhm he garbage now, he's a rap slob
Kyle McCallister
Kyle McCallister 20 分 前
your not good like Eminem
M. A.
M. A. 21 分 前
Who want a Real Old fashion face to face RAP👊BATTLE? MGK VS Eminem?
Andrew Ely
Andrew Ely 23 分 前
this is why eminem dose not get messed with because black rappers know what will happen if the do and mgk just wanted fame eminem has 4.3 mill like and 137 dislikes but mgk has 2 mill likes and 1 mill dislike so eminem won
Dead_Afro 27 分 前
I had to change my like to a dislike after I heard killshot
Brittany Blubaugh
aha tell me this aint a stunt...lol and em's beard is sexi but he is just tryna rap w eminem, for publicity. This is obvious cz he still admits em is rap God and Em's diss makes it quite clear theyre laughing at all the dumb people that are falling for this, like Drake. I am so mad I can't even turn on God's plan anymore. why is Drake doing this tho. Drake has changed since he got famous.
Trey Holmes
Trey Holmes 29 分 前
Yo his shovel is yellow thougt he sayd it was black
Chris Rudan
Chris Rudan 31 分 前
What many of you do not know, MGK never came up with any of these versus.
UnkleRonnie 32 分 前
MGK admitted defeat the second he called Eminem the GOAT. Fight me.
Local _rels
Local _rels 34 分 前
The day eminem dies is the day the disses come out
Peter Revelos
Peter Revelos 39 分 前
🗑 trash
Mohammed Khalid
Mohammed Khalid 39 分 前
bruhh what is this. u are showing that u have nothin to say dog.
Ashleigh Nunya
Ashleigh Nunya 40 分 前
I am a Eminem Fan!! I’m a Lil Wayne fan!! I’m a MGK fan!! N he’s Fine AF!! Why y’all beefin! Should be doin some choppers shit together.. get off that hater bs! Make && together not off hating on each other y’all both DOPE af!!Can’t y’all see the MFin worlds ending!! So sad😪🤮...
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 23 分 前
Wow...low standards!!! Em is sexy asf, this fagot here is NASTY ASF!!!
Matthew Morrone
Matthew Morrone 41 分 前
MGK just commited career suicide with this cabbage. Lost all respect for him and his music. Bruv you aint relevant so you have to take swings at somebody that is on a completely different level than you. Bone thugs still sold more than you.
i only clicked on this terrible rap hoping to find killshot
Selwyn Abraham
Selwyn Abraham 49 分 前
I had respect respect for MGK untill I saw this. I didn't know them two had beef w/ each other. I do give him props for his flow though. If he was dissin Jay Z instead I woulda definitely gave the video a thumbs up.
Lukas Gaubert
Lukas Gaubert 50 分 前
did he use auto tune on part of it?
Jonathan combs
Jonathan combs 50 分 前
He tried but em slaughtered him havent heard a reply since em went mcgregor where u at mgk did u realize u can't step into that ring with em cause I see a tko like ground and pound and its so bad like em is standing there hand raised in victory but mgk can't stand up his corner is around him while he is still laying on the mat trying to recover
Olga Kan
Olga Kan 50 分 前
Man bun.....you lost boy!!!!
Joe King
Joe King 53 分 前
Rap devil < killshot
AzX GaMiNG 53 分 前
Mgk=Dick sucker Slim,marshall,8mile,eminem=Dick giver
Melker Linder Gustafsson
no nas is the greatest rapper dead or alive
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 22 分 前
Wrong, biiiiitch. Em the fuckin GOAT...period
your ass going to get shot
1 million dislike
Maief YelaOwl
Maief YelaOwl 56 分 前
no.... just no xD
Prostall 時間 前
Birdbox lol
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 時間 前
Mgk sux cock
Camilo Taylor
Camilo Taylor 時間 前
This is still a W
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 21 分 前
Cody Thigpen
Cody Thigpen 時間 前
Trash as white boy
jeremy garnett
jeremy garnett 時間 前
"You five eight, nd I'm six four, seven punches hold ya head still" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
SumOne 時間 前
Well this dude has balls to diss Eminem. Gotta give him some credit
Arxhend Qufaj
Arxhend Qufaj 時間 前
Xeno Gaming
Xeno Gaming 時間 前
Damn this fuck backs out from killshot but 3 months later he's in bird box, this was obvs a clout chaser move
Minniamse 2.0
Minniamse 2.0 時間 前
187 klicks hmmm
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob 時間 前
Dude workout Once in a while
TYgames_YT h
TYgames_YT h 時間 前
srry but his rhymes are so lame it doesnt make sense like: *your fucking beard is weird* why…. XDDDD what was your point???EMINEM dont facking care if you dont like his beard XXD and you call yourselve rap devil but do you really think the devil can defeat god so let me get this straight: he says the devil will kill god well if you think that you may have issues and the funniest thing is mgk says about himself that he is rap devil but EMINEM fans gave him the name rap god so how can you take someone serious that give himself a name :///// but anyway i am Eminem team
Natasha Schmidt
Natasha Schmidt 時間 前
I think it's absolutely hilarious that he's walking around eating cereal out of a paper bowl while he talks shit. Idk why, but that's fucking hilarious to me. He's so casual.
Kyle Muirhead
Kyle Muirhead 時間 前
He's holding shovel so he can dig his own grave 😂
ZzJoshi3BoyzZ Rides
This is crap
BaKuPe 時間 前
This is absolutely nothing compared to KillShot
damessah stewart
damessah stewart 時間 前
1m dislikes
might33duck 時間 前
Petty schoolyard rhymes. Oscar the Grouch? Weird beard? Old man jokes? Cmon.
BamBi Merk
BamBi Merk 時間 前
Am I the only one that hasn't seen/heard of MGK till now 🤔🤔🤔
Dan Achim
Dan Achim 時間 前
Bitch still alive? :)))
pine apple
pine apple 時間 前
Eminem will always be my favorite but that doesn't mean mgk ain't the shit
pine apple
pine apple 13 分 前
U drop JPvid comments he drops alumbs Shut uppp
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 19 分 前
He's shit, not "the shit"
k and m makeup
k and m makeup 時間 前
This song 🔥🔥🔥
david kolar
david kolar 時間 前
and he calls that music....fuck me
Treytheartist 3guddn
fuk you dumbass, this blck Lucifer, black tsunami 26 bitch, trying the goat, yiu fuckn dumbass billy goat, im Lucifer under the God. you still our dick you bitch, you fuckin albino rkelly, ole kid living fuk nigga, trying to wildnout with under age youngies , you fukn fagget, reality not fantasy, you devil worshipper, you fukn follower, i just a artist paint, you fukn wannabe , that wanna be a God, n you cant even look up to Lucifer, you fagget bitch. come to Fayetteville north Carolina. ill beat the fuk out you, with no equipment you corny ass tryer, to be a rap God as nigga. shoutout to the goat eminem.
game on
game on 時間 前
Eminem kill you how you still don't delete this
joe hill
joe hill 時間 前
A million hater's disliked this lol
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 18 分 前
Reco Watts
Reco Watts 時間 前
New G.O.A.T
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 18 分 前
Most delusional comment ever
Jay Cyn
Jay Cyn 時間 前
Eminem has achieved ten number-one albums on the Billboard 200. He has sold more than 42 million tracks and 49.1 million albums in the United States, and 100 million albums worldwide. MGK has 20 million Records Sold, no number-one albums on the Billboard 200. This is like an amateur boxer taking on Mike Tyson. Em is a heavyweight, MGK never had a chance.
RageUp 2 時間 前
The beat is tight🤘🤘
dsevwrh 2 時間 前
think Em did shut hes mouth up behind the scenes? hmm
Leighann Mathers
Leighann Mathers 17 分 前
No but this little bitch went into hiding real quick after Killshot
Alfonso Santino
Alfonso Santino 2 時間 前
credits to this guy
mh ali
mh ali 2 時間 前
Adam Reiland
Adam Reiland 2 時間 前
Enjoyable stuff comes out of music drama
tyler morey
tyler morey 2 時間 前
Omg.. recovery.. by man.. one song has 1.2 billion views.. and one that has 1.6 billion... you fucked any way. All you songs together probably don’t even add up to 1 billion.. better luck next time chump
Michael Salmon
Michael Salmon 2 時間 前
fuck mgk die hard eminem fan boooyah
Michael Salmon
Michael Salmon 時間 前
oh btw i like this but im sorry eminem is better by far fuck yeah!!!!!!!!
Matthew Hileman
Matthew Hileman 2 時間 前
em is shit
Zeb Pfenning
Zeb Pfenning 2 時間 前
Had to give you a career to destroy it...
tyler morey
tyler morey 2 時間 前
Twan P
Twan P 2 時間 前
But bitch I'm from Cleveland everybody quiet this evening I'm reading a eulogy...
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony 2 時間 前
mgk killed this shit
patriae victoria
patriae victoria 2 時間 前
jelly ripped your loose booty ass and you know it. don't need to pretend you can fire a firearm or flex your silkstring arms, nigga. Jelly got your number and yella too.
Tiago Filipe Filipe
Tiago Filipe Filipe 2 時間 前
You are a joke miss kelly mas que pussy nigga
I will fuck your hoe bitch fuck rap devil I'm Rap God
YoungWolf 67
YoungWolf 67 2 時間 前
This is a good song but a bad diss
SuperShows 2 時間 前
so i guess felix and lucy survived
JaniceViking Bauer
JaniceViking Bauer 2 時間 前
I admire a rapper who don’t rap about hurting his mom ,or ex’s shows maturity and respect .I guess being named after a gangster would make sense
Matt S.
Matt S. 2 時間 前
Eminem killed his ass on multiple songs😂😂😂
VEVO badini
VEVO badini 2 時間 前
better luck next time when u dissing em
James Smith
James Smith 2 時間 前
Little white tooth pick hahaa
Jesse 69000
Jesse 69000 2 時間 前
What good is gun if it's out of ammo Em Shit on this man bun tooth pick
Ant fan Noob loop
Ant fan Noob loop 2 時間 前
Eminem is better if you guys think that too then pls like
loki kartel
loki kartel 2 時間 前
this is the wackest diss song ive ever heard lmao man uses autotune im done
{King} Clan
{King} Clan 2 時間 前
Emniem dissed your ass
Abiodun Ajibike
Abiodun Ajibike 2 時間 前
This is going to be on loop for a few minutes. Got it???
maxwell mayiji
maxwell mayiji 2 時間 前
as a eminem fan I stil listen tp this is 2019, took MGK alot of guts to go against Eminem and for that I respect him
Joshshoewa Dumbaway
Joshshoewa Dumbaway 2 時間 前
You gonna kill For drule still
Anime Collections
Anime Collections 2 時間 前
1m dislikes
zCrxTer 2 時間 前
ArE yOu EaTiNg CeReAl Or OaTmEaL
Joshshoewa Dumbaway
Joshshoewa Dumbaway 2 時間 前
Hey lee Hay lee Who me couldn’t be Then Who How’s he said rest goes
MetalSonic420 2 時間 前
1M dislikes.
Jagnoor Singh
Jagnoor Singh 2 時間 前
look at the dissslikesss oooooof
Alexis Falcón
Alexis Falcón 2 時間 前
Joshshoewa Dumbaway
Joshshoewa Dumbaway 2 時間 前
He’s talking to me Yeah I see and hear #Bullzie
Joshshoewa Dumbaway
Joshshoewa Dumbaway 2 時間 前
Joshshoewa Dumbaway
Joshshoewa Dumbaway 2 時間 前
He’s talking to me Yeah I see and hear #Bullzie
Adi Radu
Adi Radu 3 時間 前
This bitch needs to learn how to spell, his words are so "forced"/mumbled.
Dill Cox
Dill Cox 3 時間 前
That auto tune do
Mina Hadz
Mina Hadz 3 時間 前
Music Time
Music Time 3 時間 前
Fouk you 😂😂😂👅
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva 3 時間 前
Good song, but shady destroyed you, biitch 😂
Karar Fadil
Karar Fadil 3 時間 前
play with your ass better that talking about big man
fck off
fck off 3 時間 前
Are his tatos a roblox shirt 😂😂😂
Don Da Drill
Don Da Drill 3 時間 前
The crabs means nothing ,part of the Game
10 ヶ月 前
Eminem - Venom
3 ヶ月 前
Eminem - Fall
4 ヶ月 前