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Machine Gun Kelly "Rap Devil" (Eminem Diss) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Rap Devil" by Machine Gun Kelly.
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Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 2 分 前
Who are you
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 3 分 前
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 3 分 前
Why u eating porridge ya wee freek
Toxic 3 分 前
joseph miller
joseph miller 5 分 前
fake tattoos
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith 6 分 前
Atleast Eminem doesn't autotune
Firedragonboy 600
"somebody grab some clippers his f*@!en beard is weird" huh what is that
joseph miller
joseph miller 7 分 前
awe screw you man Eminem is lit and you know it. you just jealous
Sineeka Latimer
Sineeka Latimer 8 分 前
Yo my dad is going crazy
Mike Dodd
Mike Dodd 9 分 前
Think he likes 2 try with some1 elses rap lol. Sell a few nice.
Shawna Guillot
Shawna Guillot 11 分 前
Man these kids crazy calling themselves rappahs. Eminem brought a whole anothah enity into the rap game. Had us ole heads talkin. I really thought dis kid couldn't touch him. Lil bro brought it. I hate it but i think its bettah than what eminem put out. Its tight eminem brought up the frustration of these kids that out here living thuggery cause aint no one have no control ovah them and they thinks it koo but can be home with momms chillin then call it gangstah rap versus a thuggery lifestyle cause its no option just survival. Thats the shit i honor. Big bro need to let it go and let this fuckery play out.
sten260 13 分 前
more I listen to it, better it gets
Seth Pond
Seth Pond 14 分 前
Foul Zaida
Foul Zaida 15 分 前
Wow Jake Paul isnt bad
Jason Gonzalez_25
0:57 fucking auto tune start
yami yami
yami yami 18 分 前
homie we get it ye we know that you are the greatest raper alive ya but take this beat ^ .^
Anrijs Eglite
Anrijs Eglite 18 分 前
Davo La Jones
Davo La Jones 8 分 前
Anrijs Eglite nice
Axel Klein
Axel Klein 18 分 前
i dont think this is bad at all, even better than eminems diss
Brandon Kaine
Brandon Kaine 19 分 前
He needs his facts straight
Tnt Jay
Tnt Jay 22 分 前
Fuck you nigga!!!!!!!!
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog 22 分 前
*_both songs are really good, and lets apprecaite the try he put up_*
Peter Kell
Peter Kell 24 分 前
Eminem and MGK vs drake and lil Wayne
Huarache Gang
Huarache Gang 25 分 前
I dont hate eminem, but ima be honest. This makes killshot look bad
Pwillie Jones
Pwillie Jones 27 分 前
Does anybody really like this guy after killshot?
mohamed jalal
mohamed jalal 28 分 前
Eminem stiil the best even this clash from MGK
Olympian Genesis
Olympian Genesis 29 分 前
He was just 29 RIP
Trent Green
Trent Green 31 分 前
MGK Hatting on Eminem he mad because he’s a rap god MGK is a tattoo adic
Carson Salmon
Carson Salmon 33 分 前
Gayest shit ever
Davo La Jones
Davo La Jones 7 分 前
Carson Salmon not if you dont look him in the eyes
Paul Kavanagh
Paul Kavanagh 38 分 前
Nice try
Intel Gaming
Intel Gaming 40 分 前
Gotta say, instrumental is pretty good
Emerson trout
Emerson trout 46 分 前
Em steam rolled him
King StraleTV
King StraleTV 47 分 前
Retarded mumble rapper!
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor 49 分 前
I Actually Prefer This To Killshot, But Not Venom...😈😈😈
Anastasis Andrikopoulos
Just shut up dude. You are nothing.... 😠🖕
Captain Singh
Captain Singh 55 分 前
0:28 "yelling at the mic" *yells at a truck*
Olympian Genesis
Olympian Genesis 31 分 前
Scott Selvidge
Scott Selvidge 時間 前
Mgk and skits craven need to make a song together it be fire
Hayden Whalin
Hayden Whalin 時間 前
JaieWall 時間 前
You MF’s talking the Em won the diss shit are delusional. When MGK dropped this it was over at that exact second. O’er Wit. You named after a candy, I’m named after a Gangsta. 😂
Olympian Genesis
Olympian Genesis 30 分 前
Binge went plastic Kamikaze went platinum
Hayden Whalin
Hayden Whalin 時間 前
I bet mhm could’ve responded to kill shot and put Eminem in a hole
Hayden Whalin
Hayden Whalin 時間 前
KATU 時間 前
Sea water
tannishcoast 17
tannishcoast 17 時間 前
better than MandM
Raegan Strabala
Raegan Strabala 時間 前
Dude he roasted him.... Right from the start 😂😂😂 MGK 😘
Mohd hairie890
Mohd hairie890 時間 前
Yupz...everybody hate you in this komen
Nathan 時間 前
Beat still goes hard asf
Teuta Sylejmani
Teuta Sylejmani 時間 前
Mgk Toasted Eminem roasted
Saad Zebda
Saad Zebda 時間 前
Rap devil 20%, killshot 120%. Rap devil? Who created devil? GOD did, eminem did creat you kelly so let's talk about it!
Crois GM
Crois GM 時間 前
0:09 when you're trying to be cool infront of your crush
Hakam Alnemer
Hakam Alnemer 時間 前
he RIP from the king eminem
Teuta Sylejmani
Teuta Sylejmani 時間 前
When you try your best But you‘re not succesfully
disciplined kid
disciplined kid 時間 前
honestly this is pretty good imo
Skuro John
Skuro John 時間 前
Eminem fan here but i have to admit that he has the balls to do something like this
Poké Alaind
Poké Alaind 時間 前
alright, so i'm from a neutral point. But i personally see this diss far ahead. Just from the lyrics. But i'd like to change my mind. Don't just say "Killshot" is better, but explain me why
Macfi Howlader
Macfi Howlader 時間 前
Poké Alaind nice
Asia Perez
Asia Perez 時間 前
You should be embarrassed you have almost as much dislikes as likes😅👌🏻😬✌🏻
Austin Pearson
Austin Pearson 時間 前
Shout out to every rapper that’s under me, I won’t do you like this fuckery.........so which rappers are under squirt gun Kelley
Hattie Tunstall
Hattie Tunstall 時間 前
Sammy Ashford
Sammy Ashford 時間 前
The flows dead
the unknown
the unknown 時間 前
Stop it get some help.
Hattie Tunstall
Hattie Tunstall 時間 前
Rap god was better
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 時間 前
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 時間 前
Cunt needs shot dead
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 時間 前
Sooo shit
The Toaster
The Toaster 時間 前
Tatoo artist: so how many tats you want MGK: Yes
Your trash mgk I stg em beat u 👍🏻👍🏻 u suck and should Kys
pepe the frog
pepe the frog 時間 前
The people that disliked this video are Stans obviously they can't accept that this rap was good
Round 48
Round 48 時間 前
Why the muck duh he got graffiti all over his body?
iTrioll4Giggled 時間 前
OG GANG 時間 前
Whos here from Rap God by Dax
Максим Погорелов
What is he eat?
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse 時間 前
Eminem is ALOT better
Yash Aggarwal
Yash Aggarwal 時間 前
3:29 when U have been warned by a dangerous guy....and u feel the fear inside but dont wanna show it
TheLastUchiha 時間 前
You say Justin Bieber, I say Gun & Roses You say Taylor Swift, I say AC/DC You say Lady Gaga, I say Bon Jovi You say Hannah Montana, I say The Rolling Stones You say Owl City, I say Led Zeppelin You say Jonas Brothers, I say The Beatles 95% of teens these days listen to the same crappy pop over and over again. If you're one of the 5% who still listens to real music, thumb this up, then copy & paste it to at least 5 videos. don't let rock die
Leonard Montalvo
Leonard Montalvo 2 時間 前
I think it's lit
Helena Candian
Helena Candian 2 時間 前
Illo es que me lo comia entero amo
Hüsseeyyiinn izz daa
Bro, i am from germany and i understand your english. And my english is very bad. And that means the english in the video is very bad. And thats not good
Epic Sans
Epic Sans 2 時間 前
At least he’s not mumbling
Xeros Leros
Xeros Leros 2 時間 前
Dude I was a big fan of em for a long time but this shit is real. ...he's not fucking wrong. Em is riding past glory, his albums have been getting worse for years, Kamikaze is something past Shady would've spat on in terms of quality.
Hüsseeyyiinn izz daa
Knock knock.....
He brought his own shovel so he could dig his own grave...
AlexOnPoint 2 時間 前
You son of a bitch go die now u can't rap bitch fucker rap like eminem bitch
Walmart Mustard
Walmart Mustard 2 時間 前
What we can talk about is your corny ass raps
Lowkey Maijor
Lowkey Maijor 2 時間 前
He really bodied this man. I mean to tell some one they are a rap god but still corny speaks SO MANY VOLUMES. So many levels to this diss. I mean we all expected Em to respond like he’s suppose to. But MGK first shot was dead accurate.
badboyswag2344 2 時間 前
This is still a great diss, let's talk about it
Lowkey Maijor
Lowkey Maijor 2 時間 前
He really bodied Em tho
copy video
copy video 2 時間 前
im fans Eminem but this song hmm.... very good for me but only this one, whf 😒
Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall 2 時間 前
When you need to make a music video on your own a landscaping business and you're hungry in the morning
Unknown 2 時間 前
At least he unleashed the real Em‘ . Be thankful 👌
Metz Mohi
Metz Mohi 2 時間 前
Fortnite white chauk
DueMagician921 2 時間 前
"Man up and handle your shit" (ugh) So when will this idiot do the same? He had his crew beat up a d list actor who called him a pussy at a bar a month ago since he didn't have the balls to fight him man to man
Ruby x
Ruby x 2 時間 前
Does he thinks he is hard while carrying a shovel ?
Ranajoy Sengupta
Ranajoy Sengupta 2 時間 前
U r bby by lol
Kul Frendovi 10
Kul Frendovi 10 2 時間 前
🔫 me kill you 👊
toooop 😎😎😎😎😎
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes 2 時間 前
Idek see the whole point of saying who better than who, EVERYONE has their own opinion of who they like, personally it's pointless argument.
WINTER 3 時間 前
Еминэм лучше всеравно
n s
n s 3 時間 前
Now he is popular 👍
Sean Baggen the imperial Dragon
This is fukin Fire idc what Anyone says
5am AtSams
5am AtSams 3 時間 前
These frickin´ new wave boys think they got what it takes, writing a bad fuckin disstrack without havening achieved anything... do the lil peep ... Also: fuckin autotune? really... such a fuckin disgrace to rap.
Imane Mrabet
Imane Mrabet 3 時間 前
Is that Ali-A logo tatoo 1:44
Samuel Norris
Samuel Norris 3 時間 前
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 3 時間 前
best diss ever exposing my boi
Tony Lance
Tony Lance 3 時間 前
we need hopsin and eminem to make a song together!!! like and respond if you agree
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