Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records










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Yusuf Larney
Yusuf Larney 11 時間 前
She was in love the way you lie and now she's here
lil vic Winters
lil vic Winters 11 時間 前
I feel like the tile is from the movie bloody valentine
Tk Podcast
Tk Podcast 11 時間 前
Mgk sucks at rap I'm way better on god jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-248IUI5vs24.html
azam987654321 11 時間 前
Theres a bit of coke on his nose
Michael Lepird
Michael Lepird 11 時間 前
@Tk Podcast I don't even need to hear a single line to say you are garbage and never be MGK
Tk Podcast
Tk Podcast 11 時間 前
Mgk sucks at rap I'm way better on god jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-248IUI5vs24.html
Savanna Squires
Savanna Squires 11 時間 前
okay this is not the same machine gun Kelly I last listened to, I really like this!
Tk Podcast
Tk Podcast 11 時間 前
Mgk sucks at rap I'm way better on god jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-248IUI5vs24.html
Damien Lally
Damien Lally 12 時間 前
How did this guy try diss Eminem 😂😂😂😂
Tk Podcast
Tk Podcast 11 時間 前
Mgk sucks at rap I'm way better on god jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-248IUI5vs24.html
Rock girl
Rock girl 11 時間 前
Meagan fox has absolutely destroyed herself. She seems like a very insecure woman at least with her appearance
shine galvez
shine galvez 12 時間 前
1:35 Look at how MGK look at Megan when she put the pink tape back or is it just me 😲: )
therawwfilmmaker 12 時間 前
The best rock song I've heard in a decade.
Mageneated 12 時間 前
Megan Fox????? Of COURSE I’m clicking!
Kogami Zoe
Kogami Zoe 12 時間 前
Juice wrld would have killed this beat ❤️❤️❤️❤️😩
Ronald Marty
Ronald Marty 12 時間 前
What happens with MGK and sommer??
Mike Foglestine
Mike Foglestine 12 時間 前
Can't wait for EM to roast his duumbass for trying to sound like backstreet boys and try to look like them.
Michael Lepird
Michael Lepird 11 時間 前
I'm convinced you have zero musical knowledge
Cyrus De Virus
Cyrus De Virus 12 時間 前
Yea he really disappeared huh, lol, all the minions said he was done and would never be able to continue, LOMMFAO, yea he's hurtin fo sho now aint he Emi Em Minions........
Krista D
Krista D 12 時間 前
Why do I like them together so MUCH!!
Lokwal - ElseUprise Leader
MGK Before < MGK Now
xZEHRA x 12 時間 前
Aaaahh megan değermiydi şu adam için 3 çocuğunun babasına kıymaya
jessica mackechnie
jessica mackechnie 12 時間 前
you look so fit in this lmao
Outono Legendas
Outono Legendas 12 時間 前
cheese cake
cheese cake 12 時間 前
What's transformer gal doin in here
Allison Campbell
Allison Campbell 12 時間 前
Anyone else prefer his singing over his rap?
fieryandfloury 12 時間 前
Echoes of All American Rejects and Blink 182. I love it.
Christian Reid
Christian Reid 13 時間 前
Meagan fox has absolutely destroyed herself. She seems like a very insecure woman at least with her appearance
A G 12 時間 前
Christian Reid how?
Abigail Leet
Abigail Leet 13 時間 前
i’m here for this i wasn’t a fan of him before, not because i didn’t like his music but because i just never gave it a chance. THIS IS FIRE
M D 13 時間 前
Just GREAT!🎢
Kenneth Ordidor
Kenneth Ordidor 13 時間 前
Wtf hahahaha still a fan for sure.
schngstbr 13 時間 前
This song will be a classic in 2030
travis clark
travis clark 13 時間 前
Fucken legend love your music been a fan for ever. Please keep making music no matter what.
april 13 時間 前
no one's gonna talk ab how gorgeous mgk's eyes are
jason moghomayie tobithe
Anyone else thinks this girl looks like Megan Fox
Jones 385
Jones 385 13 時間 前
What a awesome Track 😍
Aztiro 13 時間 前
Good song but it's still funny asf the emenim dissed him so bad that he moved to another genere 😂😂
Robert Buric
Robert Buric 13 時間 前
One of the realest lately
Pillowdrive Camelride
Pillowdrive Camelride 13 時間 前
So good.
Siah Carrillo
Siah Carrillo 13 時間 前
Meghan, you are gorgeous. Leave your face alone girl! You are this close to ruining it.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 13 時間 前
Be mine babbbbbyy
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 13 時間 前
MotardInc 14 時間 前
MGK is garbage but Megan Fox is still fine.
Julius Vossel
Julius Vossel 14 時間 前
Is it just me or did Megan Fox get hotter.
Tahlia Barlow
Tahlia Barlow 12 時間 前
Just you. She was once upon a time a natural beaut
Lorcan Murtagh
Lorcan Murtagh 14 時間 前
This is class
Flying Carpet
Flying Carpet 14 時間 前
Stay in this genre, man. Much better for you.
e s t h e r
e s t h e r 14 時間 前
The only reason why I clicked on this is because I saw Megan Fox😍🔥 TRUE ICON
Kizza 14 時間 前
Let a be honest no one is here for the song
Roger Vasquez
Roger Vasquez 12 時間 前
I actually like the song , reminds me the old times.
Alain Charbonneau
Alain Charbonneau 13 時間 前
I am ! And the millions of views on the audio version are proving you wrong
You LAme
You LAme 14 時間 前
This is good. Wow. Impressive
This is awesome man reminds me of the day back when I was a teenager listen to sum 41 blink 182 this song is brilliant need more old school vibes in this world
James Ingram
James Ingram 14 時間 前
I just want to clarify my view is for Megan 😂 what is this shit...
King Smith
King Smith 14 時間 前
Hell yea!!!!!!
MemeSSJG 14 時間 前
0:01 Honestly you've won bro. Just go back to sleep
J. T. Lacey
J. T. Lacey 14 時間 前
Stick to this genre, dude. Works better for you.
chloe dela rosa
chloe dela rosa 14 時間 前
this is why im bi
Seraph Neo Gaming
Seraph Neo Gaming 15 時間 前
Does this count as Eminem destroying a other rap career? Lol.
Apexic-YT 15 時間 前
A other one added to the playlist . Keep making your music bro and don't let the haters ever push you to stop being you!
nepo rongmei
nepo rongmei 15 時間 前
Wth megan never get old🤪
Char1ey Xoxo
Char1ey Xoxo 15 時間 前
This I honestly a bop and a half I love this song and have been listening to this whilst doing online school 😊
silvertitan 15 時間 前
This could easily be a blink 182 tune ....well travis is on drums, right ?.. just saying :)
phil gonzales
phil gonzales 15 時間 前
Pretty fun, summer song. And even with all mindless, desecrating tattoos, Meghan Fox is still way hot!
Nikki Rowland
Nikki Rowland 15 時間 前
She has got legendary legs ever :))) And she's sexy as hell:)))
Kurt McQuire
Kurt McQuire 15 時間 前
Before MGK even started singing, I was like... this sounds good... saving it! Totally smooth and easy on the ears. Dig the video too!
Cheyenne Katsma
Cheyenne Katsma 15 時間 前
Did anyone else see the title and immediately think of the Good Charlotte song or just me...?
Ashlyn Wheeler
Ashlyn Wheeler 15 時間 前
This is why I’m bisexual
Tyler Joseph
Tyler Joseph 15 時間 前
This video it's like the opposite to Love the way you lie
Jen Byrne
Jen Byrne 15 時間 前
Dis sucks
michael rogers
michael rogers 15 時間 前
This reminds me of american pie kind of song u know lol like a 2000a movie style love it
Cheezy Cheese
Cheezy Cheese 15 時間 前
MGK: 'Oh no, Em gave me a killshot.' Bad Boy: 'Don't panic, listen to this, this will TRANSFORM you.'
am I the only one here for megan fox?
ЗлюкенКлац 15 時間 前
Растет девочка
Galxzy Shifted
Galxzy Shifted 15 時間 前
Great song, tbh I didn’t know MGK switched genres. Also, lucky guy got to make video with Megan Fox
T H 15 時間 前
Eminem hurt him bad
Bxxyliaa x
Bxxyliaa x 15 時間 前
I fell in love with this song and it’s on repeat everyday. Thank you for this amazing song and all of your music🖤
Tom Hiers
Tom Hiers 15 時間 前
Jesse Parris
Jesse Parris 16 時間 前
Yes let's all hope casue after we get there it's less than more anyway to last so long
alex hamilton
alex hamilton 16 時間 前
Dude wtf its green day all over
Kevin Lukas
Kevin Lukas 16 時間 前
Vin pelo tode
neosprex 16 時間 前
The killers_Mr brightside
Brandon Steenkamp
Brandon Steenkamp 16 時間 前
I mean wasn't he featured on a Sleeping with Sirens song in like 2013? And I'm sure he's collaborated with other artists in the genre. He even did a cover of an LP song in tribute to Chester when he died, so it's not such a big surprise
Travis o
Travis o 16 時間 前
honestly he is better at this than rap, he should prolly stick to soft rock.
Scopolamin 16 時間 前
Erst auf PH, nun hier. Die verkauft sich auch für jeden 💩
Sting Ray
Sting Ray 16 時間 前
Good to see Megan, its been a while
D Edge
D Edge 16 時間 前
Not baaad duuude...not bad. Megan looks still the same like in Transformers Movies. Thumbs up!!!
Nibba 16 時間 前
2:30 People with epilepsy be dancing along with MGK.
Evan Roots
Evan Roots 16 時間 前
Nice man!
Zuun Pyi
Zuun Pyi 16 時間 前
So glad to see her again. Haven't seen her since her transformers days
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