Lost piece of gaming history UNCOVERED

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THE THRILLING CONCLUSION!! Arin gets that one cartridge working that only showed an error message and the results are something no one has ever seen before. We're VERY excited to share this with you all.......
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I came in knowing this was just an ad and I was still fully invested lol
Konstantin Simonov
o guys, oh my God, why you all are soooo stupid .. ?? and make videos for the same people ..
Abigail Serenity
I totally thought this was real. I’m not upset. I really don’t understand why people are mad. This was the best advertisement I’ve ever seen!
Eternal rewind2
Eternal rewind2 7 日 前
All a scam
Pickle Otter
Pickle Otter 7 日 前
This is amazing Arin!
Jacob Garvey
Jacob Garvey 8 日 前
You pissed off a lot of people with this lie
Toxie Cookie
Toxie Cookie 8 日 前
I want those pin-up characters stickers that's on the laptop's back.
Thelast ps2gamer
Wow this feels all so old techy. Like watching tech from Fallout Games
dpouch03 9 日 前
Blairwitched us
Mama Hong
Mama Hong 9 日 前
I would have been excited to try this game and maybe throw some money at it if it was marketed more like dream daddy(Which I own) but this deceptive click bait garbage is under handed and really telling of the unfortunate direction the channel has gone. I miss two buds on a couch actually enjoying themselves and its less and less that with every upload either due to greed or burnout of both.
Auj DuBois
Auj DuBois 9 日 前
Why is everyone upset about this, it's a creative advertisement. It's a game based around The Soviet Union so they used actually Soviet propaganda games to slowly ease it into a creative fun commercial
PoofyPie 9 日 前
A lot of people apparently think the Game Grumps were going on an Indiana Jones trip to uncover the super secret Russian game. *By pure concept alone you could tell this is a bit. A bit to immerse you in the game's supposed backstory, as a retro game. Come on.* Can't wait for April Fools.
GoldAnnaple 9 日 前
Loved it. You guys love doing bits and this was a great one. Just because it's an add doesn't make it less fun. If it were for someone else's product maybe but this is yours so ignore whiny sad grown babies.
Chizypuff 10 日 前
So this was all some kind of hoax? Ahhh that's so disappointing. Seems like a genius scheme but I only had an interest in playing it under the circumstance that it was an mysterious game lost to time.
Chizypuff 10 日 前
Rewatching this I think I'm most disappointed because Arin seemed so excited about it. Like a lot of me was just happy for Arin.
K_OTAKA 10 日 前
кто бы мог подумать.
Scorpion Bloodborne Clips
So none of this was real?
Abazore 420
Abazore 420 10 日 前
“Racist” jontron has way more integrity than this
Abazore 420
Abazore 420 10 日 前
This is a scam
Антон Злобин
Ppl complain avot add blah blah. Cmon really ? Of all garbage on JPvid
Антон Злобин
Any Russian GG fans out here ? As a Russian I never heard about this game.
Cat 10 日 前
guess you can't try new things anymore, just gotta keep making ads over and over again. real thick skin these folks nowadays have, crying over stuff like this.
Smacknducks 10 日 前
WAS THIS FOR REAL A BIT.. I'm a little salty
blade6309 10 日 前
Big :/
Orochigirl17 10 日 前
This is honestly so freaking funny, like I can’t believe people are mad 😂😂
Matt Tillenburg
Matt Tillenburg 11 日 前
Good to know the controversy comes from children feeling tricked, because anyone above the age of 15 should have enough comprehensive skills to realize this is scripted and fake. For fucks sake, there are jump cuts on his phone calls.
james halfhide
james halfhide 11 日 前
Awww everyone in the comments are so innocent
WALN Zell 11 日 前
How far do the lies go? Was the cartridge fake the whole time? Was the error screen fake? I need answers!
Drake19995 11 日 前
The thing that gave it away for me was how hard he tried, because he tried for like 5 seconds on other games and just gave up
Emm Wa
Emm Wa 11 日 前
Stop feeling “betrayed”. It’s their job to present games in a fun and entertaining way. Just cuz it exceeded your expectations doesn’t mean you’re right.
bibbleboo 11 日 前
how does literally nobody know what an arg is in 2019 lmao
Brendan Ness
Brendan Ness 11 日 前
I thought this was fun! I don’t care what anyone says
CTE Lucas
CTE Lucas 11 日 前
Y’all need to calm down & take a joke, Arin, love ya buddy
Noah Leitch
Noah Leitch 11 日 前
I think this is the best ad I've ever seen. Should go down in history books.
Gun Owner
Gun Owner 11 日 前
This video gives me strong “our house” vibes
Error[0] 11 日 前
I need arins computer stickers
Waffle Maker
Waffle Maker 11 日 前
Y’all really upset about this? Time to get some thicker skin
Vondrell3335 11 日 前
This was so much fun, y'all gotta do more stuff like this. So freaking creative.
Playlets 11 日 前
8:40 Look Arin predicted the future! Don’t worry lads, it’s just day one. I’m sure the servers will get better! Keep it up!
john samuel
john samuel 11 日 前
Ya'll should creat a horror/thriller in this style. I knew it was an ad going in and you still had me going.
Legato Modi
Legato Modi 11 日 前
totally believable.
Sans 11 日 前
Stop calling every free for all game a "battle royale".
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 11 日 前
Nothing pisses me off more than people acting like little butt babies because they weren't smart enough to realize a soviet famicom knockoff can't actually connect to the internet and run a battle royale. It's a neat bit, why do you have to make a piss fit over it?
Superboologan1 11 日 前
Oh was this actually not a real lost game? I totally bought that they found a game and repurposed it
Hassan Sora
Hassan Sora 11 日 前
Y’all getting mad about 15 second ads but sat through a 15 minute ad
thomas underfoot
thomas underfoot 11 日 前
This is what happens when you tell your kids you're going to Disneyworld and then reveal that you're actually going to grandma's and the Disneyworld thing was a goof.
Jamil Torres
Jamil Torres 11 日 前
Those transitions gave me cancer.
chemicalhap 11 日 前
Psst...Arin, there is so much more comedy to be mined in these comments here. I am so mad that I didn't find this whole lot of ridiculous outrage to...um...ridicule...a month ago. I think more creators can find instant comedy gold in how bizarre comments can get. I know I know...you have to play nice but honestly some of the anger here? Comedy gold.
TheNurseInBlack 11 日 前
Seems kinda obvious when the ad came on with a similar voice as the lady he finishes calling. But who knows what I would of thought if I watched this beforehand
Milwaukee Joe
Milwaukee Joe 11 日 前
Id have more respect for it if they were just like "Hey, we made a new game. Check it out. It's cool, probably. You be the judge. Give it a download." instead of treating me like im stupid with this false narrative. I still liked the video though.
Lea L’cass
Lea L’cass 11 日 前
For the love of gosh can someone explain what the scandal is? Is this not an old game they found? I’m so confused.
Lea L’cass
Lea L’cass 11 日 前
MY NAME BROOK oh ok. Yeah I’m not mad. I think it’s super smart, and hey, it worked.
Lea L’cass It’s a game they made, people are mad that he made up this story line to go along with the release but I personally liked the narrative
M8 Subject
M8 Subject 11 日 前
"this is like the greatest thing that's ever happen to me" not marriage? throw it in the traaaaaash
Just Will
Just Will 11 日 前
So wait? People were actually dumb enough to be mad about this? Dope advertisement
Colonel2005 11 日 前
Arin stop I'm from the future the KGB will kidnap and slap the shit out of you for this
Slipper Nippers
Slipper Nippers 11 日 前
It’s just game why so mad?
Eric Wheelhouse
Eric Wheelhouse 11 日 前
This was a genius ad, y'all are just babies for believing everything on the internet. Get over it. You don't have to play the game. But it looks pretty cool. Stop attacking him for trying to be creative. No one ever said you can't "lie" on JPvid. Besides, were you not entertained watching this?
Vord Joncus
Vord Joncus 11 日 前
Guys, it's fine. I see nothing wrong with this video.
namanda a
namanda a 11 日 前
This is one of the most genius marketing tactics I’ve ever seen. They engaged you from the beginning with some old missing games and then they CAME OUT THAT THEY MADE IT. It’s like that episode of spongebob with the lost tapes. I love this. Y’all are a bunch of babies
Grant Gilmore
Grant Gilmore 11 日 前
namanda a Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees its GENIUS
Josh Kaid
Josh Kaid 11 日 前
You people really thought "history" was gonna get made? It's Game Grumps... They make jokes about Wolfjobs. Seriously people.
Alex Dawson
Alex Dawson 11 日 前
I need all the bloopers