Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell

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Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old.
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Keith Lanser
Keith Lanser 2 時間 前
Anyway, more than beauty, more than money, more than talent there is one commodity on earth since the dawn of civilization you either have, don't, or aspire for: POWER!
Keith Lanser
Keith Lanser 2 時間 前
Oh, BTW. I don't consider her model quality. She's cute. She's not a stunner.
Keith Lanser
Keith Lanser 2 時間 前
Beauty is a one way ticket out of poverty for a poor white trash girl.
Brooke B
Brooke B 37 分 前
this girl's parents are the 1%. her mother is a successful businesswoman who founded Zipcar.
Keith Lanser
Keith Lanser 2 時間 前
Thought experiment: Burning building. Two babies on different floors. Two crying mamas. Save my baby! But one Moms hot. The others a dog. Bloated fat body. Chin hair. Whose baby would you get first? This is an evil test.
Keith Lanser
Keith Lanser 2 時間 前
Ill hold the door for a hottie. Fatties and uglies get your own door!
Filo Bedo
Filo Bedo 10 時間 前
I bet she wouldnt date a fat poor guy no matter how nice he was
Jay K
Jay K 20 時間 前
Looks aren't everything... if you are good looking.
csc61 21 時間 前
Hey, a white privilege argument years before it became trendy ---- There's little we can do about our looks. Race and beauty are a genetic roll of the dice. So why do people feel guilty for being white?
Stuart Morrow
I have no idea what I'm "supposed to think of her" based on the two outfits, am I autistic?
Cris P. BACON Yummy
Being a smartass isn't that cool always. Believe me, im an "idiot"
Ashley Mackenzie
She is very bright she will have no problem starting a second career after she’s done with modeling...
Dudley Dooright
All female models were born Male. The people who run this world hate real women. My question is this did his parents transgender him in the womb or after birth.
Gary Norton
Gary Norton 日 前
Then let's go out.
Jenn Morgan
Jenn Morgan 日 前
And for some of us, it is a guaranteed lonely single life regardless of what we try.
Richard Morley
Good on her
علي المنصوري
You are wright, Looks are not everything. They only 99% of the reason someone may be happy. 99% is not everything though.
Sparta Batallion
More race baiting.
Kristen B
Kristen B 日 前
They aren’t to women, but they are to men.
yippi kowudillalotsavichadoodle
Todd Bellows
Todd Bellows 日 前
That's like a billionaire declaring that "money isn't everything".
Mark Jacob
Mark Jacob 日 前
I like she is a beautiful woman, but she can see past the outer beauty and see inner beauty
Mark Jacob
Mark Jacob 日 前
No, looks are not everything ! I learned the hard way..my ex was a model..things started out wonderful between us and she gave up modeling..she did that on her own wanting to just be with me full time..but as time passed there was this new mean angry hateful side and very selfesh that came out of her..it was no longer the very loyal caring loving wonderful highly moral girl I fell in love with.. everything be amended my fault and me working two jobs was not enough ever for her..one day she came home and just broken off with me and I was crushed, devestated in my heart..I truly loved her way beyond her looks and body..from that day she did not keep her promises and shunned me and never gave me a real explanation..23 years after a deep dark depression over this she emails me and goes off to destroy my looks in an a abusive way..I was confused because she was always throwing herself all over me day and night intimately..so that much more I went down hill and more crushed..I learned woman don't truly care or love..every woman I tried to date and move on was all about what they could get out if me financially from that point and then they was gone fast..all I ever wanted was true love and a marriage.together until we both die of old age together some day
You absolutely cannot cancel out the halo effect. It's literally impossible.
Jew-wise Missionary
Ted - Deep State Approved Commentary
Scott Bishop
Scott Bishop 2 日 前
But wait, those Black and Latinos look very evil and have negative demeanors, and they continue to commit crimes regardless of laws, and they have become 80% of our prison population and it is their fault not someone else's fault. But they will never admit that it is their own faults that made them look evil. Evil carries an aura that you can not hide for very long, just like good does. You ain't fooling anyone.
azores15 2 日 前
She started down the anti-white path early in the lecture.
jason royale
jason royale 2 日 前
handsome men who marry ugly women do it for money or they are bi-sexual, or narcissists who don't want the competition from a good looking women. ugly men with beautiful women are either rich or famous, but eternally grateful
Joshua A. Kennedy
That lady is actually a woman! She understands what men really want is a genuine woman Who has lived life and came out with cracks, bumbs, bruises and embraces them and she is no longer a little girl.
Lastinline 2 日 前
So it’s true good looking people get treated differently, so what? I’m not good looking but I don’t hate them or want to take anything away from them or feel like someone owes me something because of it.
Lastinline 2 日 前
I wanted her to take clothes off not put more on.
Positive Leonine
Brilliant speech. Sets in a new perspective. People need to stop with the whole looks thing
Bella T
Bella T 2 日 前
She did not win an interesting personality lottery.
mary chambers
mary chambers 3 日 前
Half is not whole ❤. Love your message.
Gigi Lam
Gigi Lam 3 日 前
Looks aren’t everything but without looks you are nothing.
AAYLV 3 日 前
3:13 "and white skin" Shut up! This is so stupid!
Arash Kheshtkar
Arash Kheshtkar 3 日 前
Yes, looks aren't everything. You also need money, a great house, well paid job and a nice looking expensive car. Otherwise, you won't get a second look.
sks bc
sks bc 3 日 前
Not only was that first bit awkward but it was insulting to the audience. She made the assumption that everyone in the audience saw her in a different way in the first outfit, but not all of us are blinded by a sexy outfit or pretty appearance. It felt awkward because the message was that the audience had so little substance and intelligence that all she had to do was slip on a longer skirt and sweater to be able to 'trick' them into not judging her. Pretty shallow thought process. Not everyone cares about what you look like....give us some credit.
Donna Morton
Donna Morton 3 日 前
I really appreciate you speaking the truth there are so many people who are not as brave as you and would never speak on other peoples behalf.
Prima61 3 日 前
Looks are absolutely everything. Looks are friends, popularity, social status, job opportunities, Financial opportunities. People who are good looking are perceived to be healthier, smarter, and more competent. Nobody goes to a plastic surgeon and says... I want to be ugly.
Peep 日 前
Prima61 Shut up
Samuel Lourenço
I was not expecting that from TED. I was expecting a talk with more substance, and not just a talk about having a cake and eating it too.
Delmus Ingle
Delmus Ingle 3 日 前
I noticed she did not mention a woman could be any of the grueling jobs men do. Nor did she mention any of the dirty, high risk jobs men do. They always mention jobs that require a lot of intelligence and study resulting in high pay. .... I still can't get my 135 IQ, 21 yo granddaughter to replace her own flat tire, whether she knows how to do it or not. She called 911 from the interstate and got a male State Trooper to mount the spare.
yerowww666 4 日 前
first of all, the whole model body type is just that: model body type. its the most attractive body type according to a decent number of guys. most instagram models(aka girls who aren't there to be a cloth hanger for some designer but r actually primarly strive to lock in the attention of men) r shorter and curvier than a runway model. so this woman basically titles her speach "apperance isn't everything" and than gives several examples of how her life is easier(like trust me, if she and a guy were in the same situation, she would be taken care of while the guy would be either dead or homeless) for being good looking.
Elyse Marie
Elyse Marie 4 日 前
I appreciate her doing this...but I would also like to hear from a model who is a minority and her journey
Palak Patel
Palak Patel 4 日 前
For narrow minded Indians, definition of beauty is white skin, that’s all.
Palak Patel
Palak Patel 3 日 前
yerowww666 Of course they are just out there because no Indian men wants to bring them home as a bride. White skin Indian girls gets chosen first for marriage, pale, black and mixed race women don’t really get chosen for marriage. Reality of life...!!!
yerowww666 4 日 前
even as someone who would literally describe my idea of a perfect woman as "pale", i have to admit there r some gorgeous black or mixed race actresses out there.
MisterTutor2010 4 日 前
The truth is that it is easy to say that having a thing (beauty, wealth, etc.) is not important when you happen to have that thing. Getting a person who has much less of that thing to take what you have said seriously however is not easy.
Israel 4 日 前
This is the best ted talk ever. She was born for this moment.
jason speratos
jason speratos 4 日 前
Can she build a good looking sammiche?
David Fernandes de Oliveira
Waman spreading bullshit, whata news...
Praetorian 4 日 前
I wonder if this ignorant lady would like to talk about demographics and crime statistics or does she just want to play the white SJW girl.
gis1gis1 4 日 前
Victoria’s Secret : Tranny alert. A negative body image for women. 1:50 transformed, LoL.
yosser hughes
yosser hughes 4 日 前
Robert CROSS
Robert CROSS 4 日 前
Trying to alter human natutre is like trying to hold back the tide. If you are plain, indeed ugly, life can suck...................................PERIOD
Maria C
Maria C 4 日 前
But would she date a short paraplegic with a deformed face? If the answer is no, then attractive people shouldn't be making these videos: ugly people watch these videos in the hope of feeling validated of a worthy existence in society. Her message is good but the video's title is very ambitious.
Mig Mo
Mig Mo 4 日 前
Good looks, priviledge, money, I applaud your lottery life ticket.
badem 4 日 前
So what was her point?
Migueruta Gaming & Fun
«If looks were not everything! Human beings would not have eyes.» (Miguel Fight, 2005 @fightmiguel )
Gordon Hensley
Gordon Hensley 4 日 前
Do people actually pay money to attend a Tedx speech where everyone already knows all the facts being presented? Because if it was free, I wouldn't object to looking at a pretty girl walk and talk for 10 minutes. (The Tubes- "She's A Beauty.")
Exposing the Emperor
Looks are everything.....until she passes 30.
yerowww666 4 日 前
the real problem is she probably doesn't know what she is gonna do with her life after she turns 30. like really, modeling could be the perfect boost to make connections and gather work experience. but most women doing it don't have a plan.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 5 日 前
She is quite dumb and doesn't know how to talk.
Vicky Zhang
Vicky Zhang 5 日 前
Most privileged people rarely have the courage to acknowledge the existence of privilege. Would give her a thumb-up for breaking the ice
Winnie l'ourson
Winnie l'ourson 5 日 前
If you had to choose between being extremely ugly or extremely attractive, which one would people pick?
Caroline Holmes
Caroline Holmes 5 日 前
So why be a model ?
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 5 日 前
Feminist bullshit, I can see only pretty girl and spoiled uper class privelage.
Mark Hampton
Mark Hampton 5 日 前
I think you are a great person !!! Not everyone can do what you just did !!! Thank you !!!
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar 5 日 前
If looks dont matter how come no one hires homeless scruffy people who wish to work but dont have money to buy a suit for interview or haircut? If looks dont matter does that mean all those people who were fat or buck tooth that got picked on in schools and work or public places the ones that got bullied or suicided due to being bullied for their looks was that all a lie? If looks dont matter can i or one of us average joes from this thread be the new james bond in hollywood or have her job? If looks dont matter how come when the homeless DO save up enough to eat in a resturant go to get some food they get kicked out by not only businesses but the onlookers (public) who eat at these places and observe the treatment of homeless yet say nothing to let the man eat in peace without judging him based on his looks or clothes or hair? I think we all know the answers to these questions. But heres one you can answer ... If AFTER becoming an adult in her senses when she was offered those free things were was her morals? She took the gifts or special treatment while fully knowing its wrong to take advantage of her looks to gain favors in career finances and law (her cop incident) why did she not say "Now i cant accept this free dress ugly people must pay for it so i will too. OR how about... officer ugly people would not get away with just a sorry so in interest if fairness treat me same as you would any other non rich average person law is same for all including me." Might be wrong but she sounds like a hypocrite selling false hopes to public. The truth is always cold bitter and life is not roses for all. Truth is looks matter alot along with finance or status. Thats life. Survive it.
SandyK 5 日 前
They told him to arch his back bc he has a straight up and down back of a man. Women have a natural S curve. Men do not. Ted is more mainstream programming for the masses.
SandyK 日 前
+Dudley Dooright Absolutely, that is why all these old so called women look like clowns in their later years.
Dudley Dooright
I'm glad someone else saw it. Making real women hate themselves. One day the estrogen will quit working so well and he'll start looking like the man he is.
ANYTNSharp 5 日 前
Looks aren’t everything but are a huge portion
Luc Del Casale
Luc Del Casale 5 日 前
I'm in awe of her honesty. She's clearly an enlightened individual. Fact remains , we are essentially evolved primates , and like all other living creatures on this moving rock our biological pull is to mate with the most attractive it's ingrained in all of us., but what's unattractive is the destruction of human self esteem when corporates manipulate the population for huge $$$..using this natural desire to be attracted , Utimately you have the power to switch it off and not buy into it if your strong enough , sadly as a species , we are easily manipulated.
Terra Moody
Terra Moody 5 日 前
seravy unicorn
seravy unicorn 6 日 前
Did you ever think that maybe there's more to life... Than being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking ? I mean, maybe we should be doing something more meaningful with our lives. Like inventing the next internet.
mm8 6 日 前
I deserve to be blown
tiziana rodriguez
Totally disagree with her speech if she was ugly and stupid she will always be recognize just bc she is damn pretty
Glamdring83 6 日 前
*"Money isn't everything, believe me, I'm a billionaire."*
RadRich 6 日 前
Hmm... maybe you guys will be replaced by CGI models?
RadRich 6 日 前
From a man's point of view of a woman... it sure helps. But I tell you what, I don't care how pretty you are, if you can't hold an intelligent conversation, or any interesting conversation - you're fired. Next.
Bianca Scribbles
Have you people even seen the video?
I grew up watching Farrah Fawcett, Linda Carter, Catherine Bach, Barbara Eden, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Bardot and many others. I was 7-8 years old and nobody told me that they were white, tall and slender and that was the reason I should like them, I just like them.
Dani de Janeiro
RUBEN LUNA - not all messages are audible.
Haru Hinoki
Haru Hinoki 6 日 前
This overvalued beauty status is because this pathiarchy ,pedophile culture we all allow and contribute ,to show You that The only power women have IS beauty and youth ,thats It .Its what we bought , so , when men can achieve power ,to The majority of women this narrows to total impotence ,because of this , beauty is something You can't achieve , unless You are midly cute and make yourself many surgeries ,that in The end ,sustaining this pathiarchal system ,that keeps women chasing imposibles but never let You be really powerful.
samslick90 6 日 前
Another legacy she has is very wealthy parents
samslick90 6 日 前
Third World people are the worst for discriminating on skin tone
samslick90 6 日 前
The Stop and Frisk policy made NYC much safer for young models to live in NYC
samslick90 6 日 前
She ill desperately miss her looks in a couple of decades
A Neophyte
A Neophyte 6 日 前
Those that convinced Cameron that she should feel insecure and maybe ashamed should be condemned. Yes she may have won the genetic lottery for looks, but other won it for running fast, being strong, being smart and many other things. You should be grateful for what you have and make the best of it that you can.
Outdoors Bushman
white privelidge immediate downvote without even hearing past 3 min mark.... 👎👎👎👎👎
Be Frank
Be Frank 6 日 前
No beutiful person trys to make themselves ugly. Revlon agrees.
corey miller
corey miller 7 日 前
That was very cringy and boring.. I can't believe I just listen to all that pathetic
J W 7 日 前
She didn't transformer what I was thinking....at all. This video is a lie.
Claudio Pascual
Claudio Pascual 7 日 前
xc5647321 xc5647321
I can PROMISE that fat ugly women get treated worse than she ever did. Besides life in general, online chatting and dating have PROVED looks matter a lot. They even artificially scarred up the faces of pretty women and the reactions changed. The treatment.
People need to see what's happening in our skies check out GM SKYWATCHER WTF is happening.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez 4 日 前
imagine believing in chem trails
dill mann
dill mann 7 日 前
Oh God here we go again with this white privilege guilt crap...
Minarose 7 日 前
Looks R the only thing important to a man unless he wants you for your money or comfort and security then it won’t matter that much
Sands 7 日 前
This is an MTF prepubescent transgender they're all sodomites and high-level generational satanists born into the cult they're androgynes they worship the Baphomet goat god and Lucifer hello okay people time to wake up already sheesh 🤭
DizzyWillow \
DizzyWillow \ 6 日 前
Thanks Sands, now I dont have to say it.
Guksir 7 日 前
Yes, looks aren't everything if you're a woman. If you're a man below 8/10, apparently, it is...
keiran lynn
keiran lynn 7 日 前
I believe many of these super models especially the Victoria Secret models are transgendered men. I feel so sad for young women who starve themselves thinking they too can look like that not realizing those mostly are male frames.
SP 3G 5 日 前
I don't think they're transgender, but I did read about beauty pageant contestants being put on testosterone to help keep their weight down and give them a more male leanness. So there is something to what you say, women should not feel bad for not looking like these people. Also they get photoshopped to erase their protruding ribs and make their bust look bigger. So it is physically impossible to be so skinny yet also voluptuous and not bony looking. But that is the standard that we all hold women to. It's not right. I'm not saying this woman isn't gorgeous in real life, just that even gorgeous women are not considered gorgeous enough by these standards.
Google Name
Google Name 7 日 前
Says the MODEL. Who is also a WOMAN. You have no idea how the real world works.
Love Life
Love Life 7 日 前
Money is lol. Women .
Dexter 8 日 前
Cashing out? wow. We live in a majority white country.
Re. 5 日 前
A "culture" created by European descended people, too. Also, legacy is nice when it is not abused; proper people leave legacy in their heritage (not speaking about modelling).
Piyush Raut
Piyush Raut 8 日 前
Looks aren't everything.. Just look at her..
Shelley Bentz
Shelley Bentz 8 日 前
A genetically modified legacy.
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