Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell

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Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.) Cameron on Twitter: twitter.com/CameronCRussell
Cameron on Instagram: instagram.com/cameron_r/

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BlckCloud73 4 時間 前
Hold on for a minute- I'm ugly as f@*k and have been let off with a warning when I was in the wrong. Attitude has more to do with it than you think. Also, skinny things are weird.
Carson Morris
God isn’t everything, believe me I’m a priest.
If you are beautiful and sexy and ravishing, you get many opportunities in life. Luck is always on your side. But the pressure to continue looking beautiful is often overlooked. You are always worried about how you carry yourself, what you wear etc., and never get a moment of peace. Not to mention the threats you may physically face. I love how she said that she is insecure cause that is the reality behind those pretty faces and perfect faces. Kudos to her for actually speaking about what one feels in this industry.
DarthVader20201 3 日 前
When I see Cameron Russell I remember my girlfriend she looks up to
Sudip Limbu
Sudip Limbu 4 日 前
Yes, it's absolutely true that looks do matter. It does give you astonishing advantages in life, that's why the cosmetics industry is worth Billions. However, If you happen to be attractive, it comes with alot of insecurities cause you're always thinking of how you look, how others precieve you and the fear of getting judged. I'm not saying average person don't care about their appearance, what i'm saying is attractive people care wayyy more than you think. Also, stop judging people based on their looks, just cause they're attractive doesn't mean they're shallow or they deserve to be hated cause you don't have what they have. A person's look can naturally give you initial assumptions about them, but the type of person you are is determined by how you act on towards those assumptions. It's true that I can appreciate someones beauty, but that's about it. I don't make judgement on the individual unless I know what type of person they are. The honest truth is, LIFE IS NOT FAIR FOR EVERYONE. In a sense, it can be a good thing, because that's what make's every single individual unique and strive to better themselves. So, just Stop Bitching about what others have and start appreciating and making improvements on what you have. Cause there's always someone out there who would happily trade their lifestyle for yours. You are in many ways PRIVILEGED too, maybe you just don't want to see it.
superdog797 4 日 前
Honestly, sorry if this is harsh, but it was a pretty bad talk. She literally got up there and said she got lucky in her life and career, and goes on to reflect in a very shallow fashion how this is unfair. She then tries to engender sympathy by playing a supposed victim, trying to claim that models like her are "the most insecure" women on the planet with respect to their looks. Are you kidding me? Could she have thought for maybe five seconds about the innumerable number of people out there who are obviously plagued by insecurity in their looks EVERY MOMENT OF THEIR WHOLE LIVES because they are NEVER going to be perceived as attractive? I'm sorry but it takes a lot to make me cry. What's sad is that this woman is actually quite intelligent, apparently. She graduated from Columbia with honors political science and economics. Probably one of the easier degrees to obtain, but it still requires hard work, and Columbia is not typically easy to get into. But the whole focus of her talk doesn't make sense. She's defined her whole life around modelling, but is trying to encourage people not to judge based on looks? Could her life be a more direct contradiction? Her takeaway message is, literally: "I hope we all feel more comfortable acknowledging the power of image in our perceived successes and our perceived failures." Thanks for a trivial observation. This would be like someone who inherited all their money coming and doing a TED talk saying "I hope we all feel more comfortable acknowledging the power of inherited wealth in our perceived successes and our perceived failures", then walking off the stage after making a few off-handed remarks about how hard it is for rich people to find "true friends" and to never know if someone is dating you for your money. And without offering any advice or solutions. Did it occur to hear that, God forbid, maybe she could not make her WHOLE FRIGGIN CAREER antithetical to the message she brought? If she thinks it's unfair she should be using her intelligence and work ethic in a different career, or using the success she's had as a platform for something greater. She literally spends like two seconds here discussing racism, for example. If she's had success as a model, go and capitalize on that and make a more meaningful contribution to society, if she thinks judgement of looks is shallow. I have no problem if she wants to be a model, but she's being completely hypocritical, so why should we pay attention to her here? Don't spend your life capitalizing on your looks, come up on stage, say it's unfair, offer no solutions or even the most miniscule interest in remedying the problem, and then just walk off, acting like you have some sort of deep insight into the injustice of the ways of the world. 1 out of 5 stars.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 6 時間 前
too wordy..... She isn't a professional speaker, you saw the human element. Sorry it didn't rub you the right way. If you look for the pimple on Miss America you'll eventually find it. Look for the positive and you'll also find it. I enjoyed the talk.
superdog797 日 前
+C G I don't do Instagram...generally I prefer to live in the real world. Clicking "like" on Facebook advertisements that are consistent with your political views and sharing witty political memes isn't exactly activism, and certainly won't do squat. Anyway, I'm not judging her whole life, just this talk. She did a bad job. Her message is completely vacuous and contradictory to her whole life story. "Looks don't matter...trust me, I'm a model" is meant to be a clever irony, or something, but it's literally just stupid coming from her. She built her whole career around her looks, and it's like she doesn't realize how obviously absurd it is for her to say that. Her looks mattered A LOT for her. They're like, one of the central features of her whole life. I have no problem with models or her career choice. It's bad to let your natural utilities go to waste. I actually wish she would have spent her talk talking to us about the modeling industry in general, running a business in her field, or something interesting like that. Instead she came on stage and just waltzed around (after changing clothes...what was that about, by the way?) showing us pictures of her modeling, cracking a few jokes, then kind of saying "yea, some people are born good looking, others aren't, it's not fair, so let's all just be aware of that, mmmkay? Thanks! By the way, I'm a model, but looks don't matter!" One interesting thing she did mention was that the images are "a construction" and not really real people. Unfortunately, she waltzed on to another topic after providing like a two sentence analysis of this intriguing point. I don't think she put much effort into this talk, or if she did, she wasn't doing her best. I am not someone who believes in trying to make the world a place of equality. I believe in hard work. People who are born with many good things given to them are not obligated to feel sorry for people who are less fortunate - we are not slaves to each other. We are free to live our lives how we want, and I actually think it's immoral to not capitalize on your own abilities, because the best way to end poverty is to not be poor. You are responsible for your self. She was born good looking and got to be a model? Great! That's awesome. Go out there, be the best model you can be, make money, and be happy with your life. Be happy you had a way to make easy money. Don't be ashamed. But my point is that if she WANTS US to respect HER for something, as I think she clearly does, she should have come out here with something of substance. She could do anything she wants with her life. She could be saving the whales, or helping end hunger, or starting businesses and creating jobs. Maybe she even is doing these things. But she should be talking about THOSE, or at least tell us something INTERESTING about her modeling career if she wanted to talk about it. Instead, she comes up there with a sort of sheepish and wishy-washy attitude about how looks don't matter, even though they clearly did for her, and then offers no solution. You claim her solution was to "stop judging on looks", which actually if I recall she didn't say in the talk (though it was sort of implied). Well, that's a "nice" thing to say, something a kindergarten teacher would tell her students, but it doesn't take a 10 minute TED talk to say it. It was a wasted talk for sure.
AmeriKandee 313
@C G: But is that really a viable solution? In a world where packaging and image are everything, we're supposed to simply rewrite generations of internal coding and stop judging based on appearance?! She herself even said that this paradigm has taken centuries to establish. Everyone judges. On a deeper level its what contributes to our higher intelligence and survival. But I agree, WHAT we base our judgment on has been stuck in a tar pit of superficiality for innumerable years; there's no way for this mass of human beings to simply stop judging based on looks. That would take a huge overhaul just short of global depopulation. We're too far gone to be reprogrammed so maybe there really isn't a solution....
C G 日 前
she's saying that people should just stop judging people on looks. that's the solution. I think as an established model, she's using her career to be an activist. Just look at her instagram. It's not filled with her glamour photos but activism.
AmeriKandee 313
I'm so glad someone said this and I love how you expanded on it! She had some very good points but lost me with the plea for sympathy and understanding. There was no clear solution for the issue and overall, this is probably the most awkward Ted Talk I've listened to.
Reetwick Tunga
Reetwick Tunga 5 日 前
I have dated a few models. Looks does matter.👍
DarkSaruman 5 日 前
A fascinating talk and props to Cameron! But the first sentence got me thinking. She says she became a model because she won the genetic lottery, which totally makes sense. Thus, people can become resentful and jealous because she was lucky. Other people had to work hard to acquire wealth and fame, unlike her who was just lucky. But that part got me thinking. How is that any different than people winning the "intellectual lottery"? People are born and raised into having different IQs and the abilities to delay gratification which are two best predictors of success and general well being. That means some people were just lucky because they were born with higher IQs and raised into being able to delay gratification better. They also won a certain genetic lottery, so to speak. A pretty interesting topic in my opinion!
superdog797 4 日 前
IQ lasts a lifetime and can be used to solve problems from which everyone benefits. Good looks fade, mostly matter only in youth, obscure judgement, lead to unearned benefits. IQ can be similarly dangerous but generally it is tremendously less so. Difference therefore is that high IQ+hard work = admiration. Good looks don't precipitate anything useful for society.
apache08 5 日 前
If she look ugly she wouldnt be a model and gave this speech... Now next video
edunizer 5 日 前
Money isn't everything. Believe me, I'm rich...
Navindee Gunawardena
I think what she's trying to say, is that all these "good-looking" people would appreciate it if other people would look beyond their shiny and thin legs, and more at their views of the world, their interests, their opinion on current events, etc. I also think that she's trying to reassure those with insecurities about their bodies( especially young girls, and even boys) that there is nothing wrong with not looking like the women/men on magazines. This is just my point of view.
alyoşa mm
alyoşa mm 6 日 前
Türkce alt yazili olani yok mu?
Peter Petersen
Peter Petersen 6 日 前
No matter what she wears. She remains a beautiful woman and you can tell. I always do not understand why beautiful people tell that appearance would mean nothing. Just as rich people always tell us, money is not important. Nobody would come up with the idea of telling a blind person that seeing is not so great, or a paraplegic, that walking on two legs has no meaning. What a nonsense.
C G 日 前
maybe because when they received it, the joy having it doesn't last. Money is important but having too much is bad.
Maria Jiao
Maria Jiao 6 日 前
Of course Bill Gates is gonna tell you: money isn't everything
Kirsten Elizabeth Allen
Money isn’t everything. Trust me, I’m a billionaire.
Reetwick Tunga
Reetwick Tunga 5 日 前
Looks isnt everything. Trust me, I'm a Greek God.
Jester J
Jester J 7 日 前
She should DIE.
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 7 日 前
Media ITiers
Media ITiers 7 日 前
Thanks, great video and speech!!
Jamie Wead
Jamie Wead 8 日 前
To be totally honest it is kind of stupid to Capitalize on anything and then cry foul later. Seriously so now She had a conscience? It is way easier to have a Conscience after you have reaped the rewards of capitalization of your natural gifts. I really find it totally Hypocritical. Did anyone notice now that she is Oh so pure that the sweater she put on was lower cut than her dress was?
Serdar Joshua
Serdar Joshua 8 日 前
i literally see more beautiful and more fit womans than her on the street everyday but how come they are not models and she is??
Zehra Serdar
Zehra Serdar 8 日 前
Başak Kablan'dan gelenler ✋
The Jake Spirit
The Jake Spirit 8 日 前
So...where is the transformation?I don't see a "car" .
Bowen Ding
Bowen Ding 8 日 前
it seems the pattern for TED, when the title is really something actually the lecturer tells us nothing
Bowen Ding
Bowen Ding 8 日 前
the same pattern I mean, far from now, it is
Maggot 8 日 前
Even if being beautiful gives you more opportunities, they won't be saved from suffering from whatever comes with those opportunities.
Beethoven’s Fidelio
Maggot What’s wrong with being ugly? Are you afraid that if you become ugly, you’ll be friendless and sexless? Why is being ugly seen as a bad thing, and being pretty seen as good thing? Of course, she wouldn’t choose to be ugly because then she’ll lose all of her beauty privilege. If being pretty has caused such misery in her life, then why not become ugly? I’m not a fan of pretty people complaining about being pretty because they know deep down, as much as they hate being pretty, being ugly is WORSE. It’s like rich people complaining about being rich. They may not like being rich but I highly doubt they would choose to be poor because they know being poor is way worse. Thin people may complain about being skinny, but I doubt they would want to be fat because they know fat people have it worse: projecthumanities.asu.edu/content/thin-privilege-checklist
Maggot 4 日 前
+Beethoven’s Fidelio Who in their right mind would choose to be? She understands she comes from a place of privilege and I like her.
Beethoven’s Fidelio
Maggot True, but at the end of the day, I doubt that Cameron would rather be ugly.
blackhornetful 9 日 前
Name one country with a woman in charge that has been a success?
Mauro Batista
Mauro Batista 9 日 前
8:52 "legacy of racial and gender oppression" This seems more like a well-known speech from those ....
Ravi Shah
Ravi Shah 9 日 前
The most stupid TED talk that I ever saw. Is she bragging or making a point? FO
BbandzBrandon -
BbandzBrandon - 9 日 前
“Looks are everything”
N M 2 日 前
More like 85%
Vijay Naudiyal
Vijay Naudiyal 9 日 前
One of the really good Ted Talks i have seen
sleep sheep
sleep sheep 9 日 前
Calvin Hobbes
Calvin Hobbes 9 日 前
Cameron Russell is a beauty with a brain! So articulate on stage...
Ana Khalibegashvili
Take a shot Everytime she says UM
Rafał Dydkiem Machał
Of course beautiful people are insecure, just like anybody who has something of value. Losing is the most horrifying thing for human beings. But it doesn't mean that being ugly or average is better. She just takes too many benefits for granted. She doesn't know how is it to be ugly. Not sure what's her point here.
Rafał Dydkiem Machał
Why did she mention that the photos are manufactured and then said how she's got it all easier because of how she looks? It doesn't make any sense.
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore 11 日 前
Heres the truth that befalls us all, we all get old and become invisible. Ladies work on who you are not based on what society says is your worth (aka your outsides) I am an average woman but I own who I am, my femininity does NOT come from what the cookie cutter version says I should be. Once you own your truth as who you are your confidence will shine through
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore 8 日 前
+I'm Awake they say be the change you want to see in the world. And although we may not be able to make big changes our attitude and behaviour and the choices we make every moment can add up to change
I'm Awake
I'm Awake 8 日 前
I really appreciate this comment and I wholeheartedly agree. Women in today's society would be better served to work on developing personalities, intelligence, wittiness, speaking ability, confidence....possession of these traits in even small amounts, equals an interesting individual. "Interesting" and "individual" are 2 things we seriously lack in this world and personally, I would LOVE to see more of (I speak for myself as well!)
Fixa Troll
Fixa Troll 11 日 前
I asked an obviously gorgeous slender woman Why she wasn't walking the runways in Paris and NewYork? She replied " That whole scene was very shallow and cruel and meaningless That she had been a successful model for a couple of years already and it wasn't for her. Her dad was a boilermaker and she couldn't have weighed 100 lbs. However she could swing a heay hammer hard enough to shape steal plate so she became a Journeyman Boiler maker and she still is! Work, drink, and play with the others as well as any man! Congratulations to her!! I am retired now and haven't seen her in over 5 years. I always think of her whenever I see the beutilful ones. I imagine she earns about 120000 to 1400000 a year. Standard in the trade. Boilermakers work the very heavy steel. Makeing massive boilers and vessels weighing 100s and 1000s of tons used in heavey industries.! I know this because I was a crane operator and had to lift and help manouver them in the fabrication stage of production!
b e l l a
b e l l a 11 日 前
go get it girl❤️
Gonna Hit You Hard
Nice message
Talha  Aba
Talha Aba 12 日 前
I dont accept you. Looking are everything
El show Berreta
El show Berreta 12 日 前
Eee haber yo soy un bagallo y la verdad la paso bien en la vida loca
Angela Wilson
Angela Wilson 12 日 前
This is one of the best talks I’ve ever heard, wish it was longer
Rafał Dydkiem Machał
Nah, it was pretty (pardon the pun!) average.
Christina Caruth
Christina Caruth 12 日 前
Yes she is bless with great looks!! I am not a white tall woman !! I am an homeless person who luck ran out! I was an beautiful person 40 years ago. I was in the Barbarazon modelimg school!! My legacy ran out in New York !! It is so expensive for the photo shoot and the long hours of being photographed in the cold!! It is so costly to buy the Designer clothes! It is so expensive to pay for travel!! The list goes on and on!! There are going be times your self esteem is going to be jeopardize!! Bosses that do not want you to succeed!! Basically do not make time for your future endeavors!! Just be passionate about what you want do in life. Have a Win Win attitude!! Be the best version of yourself !! There are going to be haters out there!! Do not let thembin your life!!💄💄💄💑💋💋
Joshua Scott
Joshua Scott 13 日 前
I met a woman on Xbox and we have been talking every day for nearly 2 months. We even say I love you. I looked through all her Facebook photos and found one where she had no makeup and showed her whole body. She looks a lot less pretty than I thought. But somehow I still love her. I feel it in my chest. Do looks matter? Of course they do! Are they everything? That depends on what you want. Ive had hot shallow girls before. Now I want someone i can spend my life with.
Unfiltered Truth
Unfiltered Truth 13 日 前
"Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model"????? LOL LOL LOL. Because you're model I'll NEVER believe you, your career relies on your looks you idiot!!!!!!!!!
c63 amg 2013
c63 amg 2013 14 日 前
money isn't everything, drives away in his ferrari
El show Berreta
El show Berreta 12 日 前
c63 amg 2013 sos un kpo
Hoosier On The Run- Travel Vlog
Sis is woke af...
irena dubrovna
irena dubrovna 14 日 前
Lookism makes more sense than racism (eugenics, caste system), for who does not desire beauty ? Who picks the ugly wallpaper ? "It's cheaper, babe.." That said, lookism, is shallow. ... Charlie's Angels... Nat, Dylan, and Alex... as a potential marriage partner... if you go with looks, Natallie (Cameron Diaz) , but she is annoyingly cheerful. How long before you snap ? Dylan - can she be faithful, given that she falls for the bad guy, so, if you are attempting to be good...., hence, by logic , if you go after personality, rather than looks, Alex (Lucy Liu) is the obvious choice - she is somebody you can have meaningful conversations with. ... Nat, Dylan, and Alex... Faith, Hope, and Love... Hope : Maybe he'll change ? .. Maybe. And afterwards ? Leave to find the next patient ? That said, it did not take long for naked Dylan to end up with clothes and transport. Whereas if she had been a guy... prison? Shot dead ? ... poor fella ... he's having a bad day... here you go, bro... jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-EN0JaJN_fwU.html ... It is written that judgement first begins with the household of faith, and then the world... and so, the eugenicists must be purged from amongst us, so that then the world might be judged in righteousness also ... it is not who you are on the outside, but who you are on the inside, that matters... jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-BHcd-srsSBY.html
Nick Fortino
Nick Fortino 14 日 前
DenviousMars 15 日 前
Any good looking people down below?
Genevieve Bird
Genevieve Bird 15 日 前
y'all are completely not getting the point. She's saying that being skinny and pretty don't make any more happy than not being skinny and pretty. It doesn't matter what you look like, we've been taught our whole lives to hate ourselves. The beauty industry thrives off of our self doubt. Her point is that beauty doesn't effect your happiness. The fact that you're treating her like this in the comments is direct proof that she's correct.
Susan Behring
Susan Behring 16 日 前
Awesome talk!
noé canepa
noé canepa 16 日 前
Très intéressant j'ai passé un super moment
Markus Patients
Markus Patients 16 日 前
When I and most of use were children our parents would say ; "You better get your school lessons; What do you think, you're going to get by on your looks" ? As some of use were black Americans and new better than to run red lights down-town. Even while walking...
Eight Bars
Eight Bars 17 日 前
i know it's weird but sometimes when I’m home alone I like to go out in my garden and cover myself with dirt and pretend I’m a carrot.
jeepjeeplady 18 日 前
As the Bible says: people who are given more, are expected to give more! Those with looks, money, talents etc are required to give to the less fortunate.
A. Latiwala
A. Latiwala 18 日 前
B4 commenting understand the message. Learn how to take a chill. 👍
NegativeEffect 18 日 前
look is the first step. the rest has nothing to do with your look. Look is a signal but it can't define all your life. You can't detemine your look form birth and You can't change it later. You can only learn more things about your existence and just accept and love yourself. You'll see look isn't really everything. it's something of course but that's all. just something. like an accesoire.
Blue Roots Denver TV
What is she modeling? Feet?
salman masud
salman masud 18 日 前
She seems like a nice person.
salman masud
salman masud 18 日 前
The only thing that counts in any person is character.
iNews 18 日 前
I think it’s better to let us ugly people decide 😂
El show Berreta
El show Berreta 12 日 前
iNews so good
يوسف ترحبات
She kinda got off topic she was supposed to talk about attractiveness ended up talking about modelling as a career i am diappointed
Phoenix Ace
Phoenix Ace 19 日 前
She is hot and go my attention instantly..and I agree with what she says specially about construction of beauty and how its leaves people so unhappy chasing the impossible which creates the almost trillion dollar industry but at what cost? Great to see a beautiful and intelligent women, we need more people like her.
Tony Mikesell
Tony Mikesell 19 日 前
On point.
Theseus 19 日 前
women these days are so funny....
Andy Valencia
Andy Valencia 19 日 前
Zzz zzz......
constantinos schinas
i have heard deep blow jabs are good for breath training.
Dk the Prodigy
Dk the Prodigy 19 日 前
Big dicks aren't everything trust me I have a micro penis
Gloria Henry
Gloria Henry 19 日 前
God said it best , Beauty is vain ,favor is deceitful but a woman that fears the Lord ,she shall be praised and men judge appearance etc so being cute when I was young I dealt with a lot of men and couldn’t keep any but when I got saved and learned , I learned beauty is inside first , deeper than just looks 👍
Braden Deifel
Braden Deifel 20 日 前
wtf? only 27% of models were non white? well considering in america white people are about 75% of the population that sounds right on par with what you would expect...
Randy Porter
Randy Porter 20 日 前
I know I’m in a minority when I say this, but I genuinely think she looks prettier in the normal, every day pictures she showed, than in the professional shots. Those are phony and unnatural and that’s not “pretty”. But, I think a woman looks better 10lbs over weight, than 5lbs under weight. Just sayin.. My sister was a model and an actress. She did several movies, but what we saw n screen was not her. Like this woman said, it is created.
Tiffany Kibria
Tiffany Kibria 20 日 前
Waaw from 6:58 are truly some powerful statements she made and her whole story was a powerful one something we need to wake up to? Specially those who are sincere in their hearts. She is truly beautiful, she spoken some beautiful words for everyone to think about mostly the female gender of our world today living in the 20th century.
Dave Newman
Dave Newman 21 日 前
stopping and frisking a young male black or latino may have something to do with the higher percentage of crimes committed by young male black and latinos, versus young female white chicks. When I was in combat, fighting an insurgency, I kept my eyes open on the streets for "males of fighting age." That is because those were more likely to try to ambush me, than say 8 year old children, or 50 year old burka clad women. It does not mean I don't respect children or women. It does not mean children or women cannot attack a soldier. It means in order to keep myself and my men alive, I needed to pay attention to the likely source of our demise.
Max Mendez
Max Mendez 21 日 前
I think her message has power to it. I don't think there's a clear right or wrong on this one. I'm not conventionally attractive, hence I won't receive perks that come with being perceived as attractive. With her, people work to construct her into some higher standard of beauty. You'd think that she's beautiful enough but really, she becomes a canvas for people to stare at rather than interact with her genuinely.
Austin Mathews
Austin Mathews 21 日 前
This vid speaks absolute bs
UrManeAve_Tv 21 日 前
Very genuine talk..
evette 21 日 前
I am sick of all these people shutting down opinions that are different from theirs. just like you liked the speech we have the right to not like it and that's okay. and let me explain why we don't like it. It's not because of our "ego" or anything like that, it's simply because she is very disrespectful. imagine being super poor and living on the streets and a rich guy coming and saying "ah what you are going through is nothing, I am able to buy everything I want (keeps bragging about all their opportunities for 10 minutes) but one time I got used for my money so being rich sucks". what I am trying to say is that by her speech she is practically cancelling all the COUNTLESS struggles and the COUNTLESS suffering and injustice people who are "ugly face". she is ungreateful for the way her life turned. I hate people who have everything and still complain, I mean we all know looks are not everything but they definetely are a big part of this everything and I can't accept anyone that comes and says "looks are not everything" when they have NEVER experienced the other side. I mean, if she once was ugly and then turned beautiful but saw that didn't change anything then she would be very welcome to have an opinion because she would have actually gone through both things. It's like me saying "peace isn't everything, trust me I live in a peaceful country" to a person in Syria when I have never gone through war. Wouldn't that sound disrespectful to what they are going through?? I would be cancelling their pain and that is unfair. the only reason she got a TED talk and these many views are her looks (again!). I am still young and I can count TONS of things I lost because of my looks or because of how some people treated me because of these looks and I simply won't tolerate a pretty girl to cancel all this, because it's real. Because if I were slightlly more beautiful I would be way higher than I am now. In the end, you can't have an opinion if you haven't gone through both sides and for a moment stop being ungrateful.
apic165 21 日 前
money isn`t everything. believe me, I`m Bill Gates
2 Cents
2 Cents 21 日 前
Everybody is given life. That's the main thing. Don't worry that this person has more of this or that. Doesn't matter in the end. We can all be happy. The rich and beautiful are not necessarily happier.
Kandus Herod
Kandus Herod 21 日 前
I thought you were honest raw and real.. I think it took great courage and decency.. as a black 55 year old woman with grown children and grandchildren, I thank you. I’m praying that others heard your heart❤️
Celtic Hutcheson
Celtic Hutcheson 21 日 前
Way to bash your good career and turn it into a racial thing! So annoying..stop doing drugs, you have ruined your mind and your lungs.
Ateeq Azam
Ateeq Azam 21 日 前
So boring
octavio michel.R
octavio michel.R 21 日 前
WOW, this woman has got guts the size of Texas, and one of the reasons she is out of breath is because she said in the talk that it made her uncomfortable to admit she has been cashing in on the rules made by society about what beautiful means in America for a woman, and I think Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce are extremely hot but she is a model and she knows her field and gave the number difference of white women compared to other races modeling in America, and the reason why I think she is so gutsy, it is like if you were an alcoholic and you gave a speech about drinking without having public speaking experiences, a model is not the same as an actress.
Gaeoal Murdo
Gaeoal Murdo 22 日 前
Hey, what's it like living so low down there?
J Cripps
J Cripps 22 日 前
Looks fade but ignorance can last a lifetime. Just read most online comments.
Darius Teixeira
Darius Teixeira 22 日 前
Good looks is like having a machine gun in prehistoric times. But yes it’s not everything...
Darius Teixeira
Darius Teixeira 22 日 前
How stupid of her. It’s like sayin: “i’m a billionaire but i always wanted to be poor”.
Mitxhell Murringer
LadySaundra 22 日 前
This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but she seems like a good person inside and out. But what I would say is that looks aren’t everything. From my life experience, I’ve always been told I’m pretty, but I have been ostracized in many situations due to lack of social knowledge/ADHD issues. I’ve come a long way from where I was, but I also have battled debilitating self-esteem issues most of my life. I’ve thought many times that I’d trade my looks for confidence and closer friendships. I’m more comfortable with myself and have learned to embrace more of my good qualities, but don’t think that people with looks are necessarily more happy than those without.
shara ariehs
shara ariehs 23 日 前
tudo na vida tm suas vantagens ou n..as vantagens poderia ser comigo..pois ao contrario ja tenho de sobra..qr trocar ? kkkk o nada pelo tudo?kkk
shara ariehs
shara ariehs 23 日 前
se tem reclama e se n tem reclama tmbm ...horas.. quem dera eu...voala
Hali Sarah Parsons
So true because when you are pretty people look harder for your flaws...
Taekook 21 日 前
BLH BSIT 23 日 前
Beauty can be deceiving. However Personality is everything. Beauty fades. The statement "A beautiful Mind" says it all. The most Amazing Woman I ever met, was a near Genius, Becky. She had a near Photographic memory. I really enjoyed talking with her. However, She was also the most beautiful woman I ever met, physically. So much so, she scared people away. I used that to meet her. Long story. Its Tragic, all too often Beauty attracts the wrong types. But, there is two kinds of Beauty, the mind, which is by far the most important and Amazing, and Physical which can really lead to problems. Some women and men use their beauty to get what they want. I won't comment on that. It is too bad that the "Less than attractive" can be treated so differently. We are all humans, all with challenges. Your first photo, Please don't take this wrong, I was not impressed, I am trying to be very nice. When I see beauty, I also try to see the personality which radiates but is often muted by people's first impression. I have a saying, "Beauty is only skin deep, burt Ugly goes all the way to the bone". And, I am not referring to Physical Attributes. Cameron, Thanks for Sharing, it took much for you to do that. I could not tell from the video how beautiful you actually are. At first glance, I personally was not that impressed. Please don't take that wrong. There are many variables to that statement.
Unah Pita
Unah Pita 23 日 前
Looks matter, people are mean to obese people. Jobs discriminate based on weight etc. Let us not be silly.
Ahmad Aidel
Ahmad Aidel 23 日 前
even model borings about her life...how about others?
rozbeh ariya
rozbeh ariya 23 日 前
take what you want from my comment , but i clicked on this video because of your looks
jazminelovenicki 23 日 前
White women are the number one benificiaries of affirmative action and are considered minorities (Even though they are the biggest population in the US) WW have been doing everything people claim the white man does while letting their men take the heat and hiding under the guise of being women. This model did a great job exposing that.
fredrika27 23 日 前
I, as a black child in a predominately white school, grew up with the white girls around me getting everything: cheerleader, senior president, prom queen, etc. My black friends and I were mostly regulated to service position in our school: class secretary, treasurer, choir, band, athletics, etc. Now, 35 years later after graduation, I have come to realize something: the students with looks or athletic skills are not our leaders in the community! In fact these people are more concerned with what's in it for them, than ensuring their communities run well! I've found the people whom I went to school with who have the greatest social responsibility and are the movers and shakers of their communities are indeed those students who were regulated to service. These people are the ones who are trying to make a difference. Good looks, in my opinion, result in being entitled. Plane looking people don't have this privilege and have to work!
Yeferson Betoven
Yeferson Betoven 23 日 前
That woman sais she's pretty many times and bls, bla, bla... to herself. this i call it egocentrism!
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