Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ALBUM REVIEW

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Confessions is far and away Logic's worst rap album.
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Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?










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I dunno man i liked the album
The Odden
The Odden 日 前
Logic in 2014: The only way I fail is if my verse weak. Logic in 2019: IM ONLY BIRACIAL IN MY PENIS
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 2 日 前
But remember lil pump gets a 7
Chris Williams
@Pazuzu Is Great little pumps musicianship and songwriting superiority is now getting noticed
Chris Williams
@волк that's what I'm saying logic gets a 1 and Lil pump gets a seven that shows the superior musician and talent that pump is
Pazuzu Is Great
Lil Pump’s best songs are better than Logic’s new albums.
волк 2 日 前
Chris Williams lil pump was def better than this bullshit
Jonny Jonny
Jonny Jonny 2 日 前
negative melon reviews are my favorite reviews
Nik Engerer
Nik Engerer 3 日 前
For all the haters in the comments or people taking the piss out of logic and the rattpack including Anthony talking a lot of shit in this video , just wait , this is the Revival type album where people think he’s going to fall off when really he comes back with a solid album like kamikaze so just wait people....
Pazuzu Is Great
Kamikaze was shit lmao
Matija Kovačević
Kamikaze sucked ass too
Saplayer10 3 日 前
I Like this album lmao
Miel 4 日 前
can you please stop screaming on every logic review "if logic can say it so can i" then shouting the n word it really drives off new viewers that arent completely okay with your racism and anti semitism
Busta 4 日 前
biracial penis
20XX 5 日 前
I used to listen to him, but I cant stand hearing some form of "Im valid because im biracial" "hey, have I said my dads black yet?" "why prove myself as a rapper with talent when I can try to get credit by saying im black?" nearly every damn song
redd 5 日 前
He gave an album a 1 on my birthday, okay 👌😂👌
eminem couldn't save it
Ruslan Yankilevich
Hi Anthony, I feel like you're just ripping Logic a new one. This is a great hip-hop album overall in my opinion. I feel like you are embodying the hate Logic spoke about in the latest album. He spoke his heart in the album, talking trash and not saying a single good word, seems fucked up. ✌
Pazuzu Is Great
You clearly don’t listen to Hip Hop if you think this is great.
From Space
From Space 6 日 前
tbh it's just as "chill the fuck out and not think" in a good way like i like from logic, but it's also got some pretty fucking "sad in a bad way" lyrics so i'd couldn't give it more than a 3
Vin Cent
Vin Cent 7 日 前
I agree with Fantano. Logic promoted this album to be really good and like his other albums, but yet again, mediocre.
bob bobson
bob bobson 8 日 前
Are you 100% sure logic isn't white?
I find myself coming back to this review often just to witness the sheer destruction to check it was as brutal as I remembered
iiike 8 日 前
Biracial Penis... that would make for an interesting band name
Rad Recess
Rad Recess 10 日 前
logic needs to see this
stopinthinks 10 日 前
He also ripped off joyner lucas suicide song
MCM Studios Pittsburgh Recording Studio
“Which means caring about real rap means fast rap”!!!! Yes!!! That’s so annoying
MC 13 日 前
Gosh this guy needs to shut the fuuuuuuck up man. When will god ever slap some duck tape on this motherfucker.
Swag Guffington
Swag Guffington 8 日 前
I peeped your “Rap Shuffle” playlist on your channel and I can confirm you are a racist Monster energy drinking pasty loser with shit taste in music. End your life
epic 8 日 前
me when i handle an opinion
Epterr 15 日 前
anyone here from mr.beast?
Danny Amendola
Danny Amendola 15 日 前
Do Bastille Doom Days album, I gave the album 8.5/10 I want to see your opinion
Serjohn 16 日 前
not even giving it a 2 for the joke
Yeah, Logic's early stuff was really good and then... ugh fuck it. Just pass.
Kenzan Moteru
Kenzan Moteru 17 日 前
Melon please review my father's mixtape so he can let me see the sunlight one more time.
SLAMMIN 444 17 日 前
I mean at least the cover is kinda cool.
Zak To back
Zak To back 17 日 前
1:27 instead of J.i.d it’s jid
Tai Bannister
Tai Bannister 11 日 前
@Pazuzu Is Great it could go either way. Cuz on off deez he's called j.i.d but on NEVER he's called jid
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 17 日 前
That’s how it’s pronounced retard.
Anthony Salazar
Anthony Salazar 18 日 前
Says the Dude who's profession is to make sure to express his "feewings"😂 about "bobby" on youtube...bet your mother is very proud👍👎...bobby aka logic has surpassed you in every aspect of life in General💯 anyway all in my personal opinion i know logic put his entire life into what he loves and has not only obained and achieve his personaly goals continuesly but is considered a hip hop Legend by the greats and the people but none of this matters because i bet bobby is at home with his wife and soon to come son with out a care in the world Blessed💯💯💯and your here making videos about him tell mom i said hi👌
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 17 日 前
Jackiskcaj Jesus Christ look at his playlist names
Jackiskcaj 18 日 前
What kind of fucking fever dream is this comment? At first I thought it was just some sort of sarcastic jab at some of the retarded logic fans, but the more I look at it, the usage of emojis, random fucking capitals for no reason, the more I'm realising that no sane person could actually write up this abomination, joking or not.
Generic content
Generic content 18 日 前
Everything after Tits is hot garbage, Change my mind
Iop Tht
Iop Tht 18 日 前
Confessions deserved a 0 more than The Big Day Edit: just to be clear I’m saying this because while Confessions was a horrible album that gave no enjoyment but The Big Day was a better album we all just liked it less because Chance is a talented good rapper but Logic we all expected Confessions to be awful so we didn’t hate it as much because it met our expectations
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 17 日 前
He gave Supermarket a 0/10 so there’s something to alleviate that need.
Chris K
Chris K 19 日 前
Logic said he had a biracial penis hahaha
Climacksofficial 20 日 前
Dude you didn't just say that logics words bleed into his rhymes because he raps fast badly... youre a joke. If you dont like logic thats fine but youre not gonna discredit him at something hes impeccable at which is rapid fire lyricism and clarity, thats why he got the cosign from tech 9 and twista, so just stfu please for god sake. But yea this album is his worst ngl
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 17 日 前
As if it fucking matters that he was co-signed by Tech N9ne, neither of them have ever made good music.
Climacksofficial 20 日 前
Lost in Translation was actually dope
simonsayys 21 日 前
i don’t care if you don’t like the album, you shouldn’t try to justify slavery
Lucas Torres
Lucas Torres 22 日 前
Nobody: Logic: My DaD cOuLd BeAt Up YoUr DaD
jblvsYT 23 日 前
Every body go susbcribe to Shawn Cee for a lot better reviews
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 17 日 前
Yeah because a 4/10 is a much better review.
jblvsYT 23 日 前
Okay okay, I didn't come to this video for you to review fucking supermarket you fucking annoying prick.
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 17 日 前
He talked about the album for less than 20 seconds, you’re acting as if he doesn’t do this with other artists.
jblvsYT 23 日 前
I can just imagine this guy's subscribers....🤡
trmqs 7 日 前
BRod Striiker
BRod Striiker 21 日 前
bruh ur the one leaving 3 different whiny comments
DJ Mester Odin
DJ Mester Odin 24 日 前
DJ Mester Odin
DJ Mester Odin 24 日 前
DJ Mester Odin
DJ Mester Odin 24 日 前
ABSIN 25 日 前
Logic used to be one of the better rappers 5-6 years ago. Sad
Jacob Reveles
Jacob Reveles 26 日 前
Kanye: I'm Bipolar = 10/10 Logic: I'm Biracial = 1/10
Kempes González
Kempes González 26 日 前
Te pareces a Logic
Pranav Sakthivel
Pranav Sakthivel 26 日 前
I agree with this
CJ 28 日 前
Mmm love it when Anthony pinches a fat steamy turd on logics pizzaface
Bob slaphappy
Bob slaphappy 29 日 前
Whats the name of the record behind melon on the shelf??
Tai Bannister
Tai Bannister 11 日 前
@Bob slaphappy he's everywhere lol
Bob slaphappy
Bob slaphappy 24 日 前
@Pazuzu Is Great !!!! Yo you're the same guy who replied to my last comment cool lol I listened to I wish my Brother George was here by Del it was great
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 25 日 前
You’re Nothing by Iceage. It’s good but if you’re not into really noisy and loud punk music I wouldn’t recommend it.
Isaac Clark
Isaac Clark 29 日 前
There's no true meaning of logic behind logic!
ItIsIP 29 日 前
Homocide was the only decent song everything else was absolute disappointment
Christopher Sabri
As someone who is an insanely big logic fan, he hasn't put out an overall interesting project since The Incredible True Story and COADM is one of the laziest albums I've ever listened to. This man fell off like no other because I think the fame got to him after he blew up on 1-800 and now he puts out a new project every 3 fucking months and it's lazy trash. He straight up used to be one of my favorite rappers, and he's completely lost that title for me since 2015
Depressio Expressio
Logic brought his dad on a album, in defense reminds you of a school bully and bringing your father who you think is strong to help you, logic must still be in early middle school?
LucasPelucas 29 日 前
Damn I remember a time I actually like Logic. What happened to him
Moe Salamander
Moe Salamander 29 日 前
“Suburbanites” is my new favorite word thank you melon unsubscribed
Toney513 ヶ月 前
This dude gave under pressure a 6 out of 10 so I know this shit getting a 3
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 25 日 前
1 lol
Thomas Kuntz
Thomas Kuntz ヶ月 前
review friend of a friend of a friend by frolicking gentleman
Dwight ヶ月 前
I don't want to hate on an artist, Logic has some good beats and features some good artists, but his lyrics are so weak. He repeats and does annoying little fillers. I don't usually care about lyrics either, but I got so irritated by the vocals that I dropped it from my playlist.
sample text
sample text ヶ月 前
Your rant about how "cotton won't pick itself up" in the middle of the video was expected at this point. But did you really had to include a blackface on the background at 0:39?
Cameron Sanchez
Cameron Sanchez ヶ月 前
Not gonna lie, this guy scares me from making music a little. I just wonder if he ever reviewed my music if he would hate it or love it, I have no clue.
Pazuzu Is Great
Pazuzu Is Great 25 日 前
He does REVIEWING YOUR MUSIC monthly on Twitter, submit your stuff there and see what he thinks of it lol
I’m ellish I’m billie
Prod. By Thadge
Prod. By Thadge ヶ月 前
4:30 how are you gonna disrespect 6ix like that
Michael Cheslav
Michael Cheslav 21 日 前
If you've listened to other Logic albums you'll know these are by far his worst beats. The only good beat was the title track.
funnychimpDOTcom ヶ月 前
Why did you rate this album so highly?
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