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For a mythos so universally well-known, there's not actually much in the way of a *canon* for King Arthur. Some people will smugly inform you that the Sword in the Stone isn't Excalibur; some will equally smugly tell you that the stone was actually an anvil. Is Merlin a druid, a wizard, a demon, a time-traveler? Is Morgan Le Fay Arthur's sister, nemesis, lover, all of the above? And where the hell does Mordred fit into all this? To answer these questions, let's go all the way back to the beginning and trace how this mythos grew and evolved as it moved from writer to writer and culture to culture. And this is a long one, so strap in, folks!

Would you believe there's no guitar tab for "C'est Moi" anywhere online? So inconsiderate.

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Addy Enicks
Addy Enicks 11 時間 前
Her talking about reimagined of the king Arther story:*there is a lot* Me, thinking about trollhunters: add another one to the list
Adrubb Adventures
Adrubb Adventures 2 日 前
I once considered trying to make a group of retro styled video games inspired by Arthurian Legends.
Jack Gardner
Jack Gardner 3 日 前
Your tv show idea sounds like a young ones mythological special
GrayEmerald 515
GrayEmerald 515 3 日 前
You neglected to mention the Gadoddin, a surviving ancient Welsh poem, which has a line stating a warrior named Gwarwrddur was quote "skilled at slaying his enemies, but was no Arthur."
Kashlsh 3 日 前
I really loved the song at the end, it was so relaxing I replayed it three times 🎸🔈
Anon Mous
Anon Mous 3 日 前
Fate/Stay Night and Monty Python references, sir - thousands of 'em.
Sam Butler
Sam Butler 4 日 前
Reading the Witcher and all these familiar names started coming up, trying to find out the "real" story went just as you described
The6thMessenger 5 日 前
Honestly, I'm more confused of the two swords legend. Of whether Excalibur is the Sword in Stone, or the Sword of the Lady of The Lake. But well all know that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords are no basis for a form of government.
Christopher Justice
Christopher Justice 5 日 前
Ok, Merlin’s half-demon origin story is actually pretty cool.
Arjun Sagar Marchanda
Arjun Sagar Marchanda 6 日 前
Briefly?? Hahaahahhaha
Ghostly Gacha
Ghostly Gacha 6 日 前
can we please make the polyarmory a real thing
Andrew Lavan
Andrew Lavan 6 日 前
I thought you said Courtney Love for a split second.
Arming Sword Lifting
Arming Sword Lifting 8 日 前
damn merlin simped
Gran 12 日 前
I started this video once again, but hand to make a multi-hour break in the middle this time around due to... anyways, thank you very, very much. This helped me ground myself again when I really needed it I'm finishing it now, next up is apparently Lovecraft
red_dodo 12 日 前
so when does the holy granade come in
Marge 13 日 前
How weird that the christianized versions suddenly bring in the misogynist virgin-whore/"this is a good woman"-"this is a bad woman" binary bullshit 🙃 Not even just affecting the stories of Morgan and Guineviere, but clearly placing heavy constrictures on the mens' behavior as well. Gotta love that obstensibly-religious colonization, yay patriarchy 💩
When the plama
When the plama 14 日 前
Sonic THD
Sonic THD 4 日 前
God dammit I knew it
Leanne 14 日 前
I find it amusing how Lancelot in The Knight of the Cart sort of overtook Arthur's role, yet I've noticed in a couple of the Arthurian TV shows (BBC Merlin and Starz Camelot) Arthur has been given aspects of Lancelot, who is downplayed. That's karma I guess!
Rapid Cougar 3
Rapid Cougar 3 15 日 前
I came here to find out about Cath Palug
Cleo 15 日 前
So you're telling me the character who's name is just "lances a lot" is a made up knight?? Who wouldve guessed!
petertrei 15 日 前
Just found your channel and love it. Re Arthur: I was a little disappointed you didn't bring in earlier sources; Nennius' Historia Brittonum (9th century), and the Welsh poems of Taliesin and Aneirin.
sad hedgehog
sad hedgehog 16 日 前
COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE. LOVE. COMMUNICATION AND LOVE. POLYAMORY IS A THING, YOU DOOFS. fricking hell, i wanna do a research on this stuff. so much drama could've been solved/become more interesting with planting the seads of poly-shmoly in ppl's heads.
Nathaniel Hamato
Nathaniel Hamato 17 日 前
Yea I know about King Arthur *plays Sonic & the Black Knight *
Ccizzy 17 日 前
F in the chat for whoever has only watched "Merlin" and knows nothing about the legends
Cody Hines
Cody Hines 17 日 前
So if I met someone from England, how do I tell if they are a Briton, an Angle, or a Saxon?
SuperSwordman1 17 日 前
I just kind of found your channel. I love it. The drawings, the narration, the thought put into it, at least with the myth stuff it's all amazing. And again, the art is so great they kind of become how I think of these figures.
Kamenriderneo 17 日 前
20:30 Have you seen the movie "First Knight" with Richard Gere and Sean Connery as Lancelot and King Arthur respectively? How would you judge this Lancelot and Arthur?
Mia Lydic
Mia Lydic 18 日 前
who else watching this in school
Vawnson 19 日 前
11:03 insert Ice king's voice* "If you were a princess, I'd steal you first!"
Jacob Edward
Jacob Edward 21 日 前
Ah, you claim to hate talking about history, but then you read from a book *written in the past???*
The Candlemaker
The Candlemaker 21 日 前
According to a popular theory, Arthur was not in fact a Briton, but an Alanian (modern day Ossetian) legionnaire officer whose people stayed in Britain after the Roman withdrawal and used the power vacuum to seize control over the territory. This is evidenced by: - His association with knights, as Alanian regiments consisted predominantly of cavalry; - The legend of pulling a sword from a stone is present in Ossetian folklore; - The Ossetian name Artkhur, which is undeniably similar to Arthur.
Kaz A.
Kaz A. 22 日 前
If you want an Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere polycule, I HIGHLY suggest you listen to High Noon Over Camelot by the Mechanisms.
Jaylon Sammet
Jaylon Sammet 24 日 前
Was gonna make a polyamory joke but you beat me to it.
Ela Esquivel
Ela Esquivel 25 日 前
Well, you we right on the Pale Lady = Morgan on trollhunters. What do you think of Morgan on Wizards?
Adoribleeri 25 日 前
I knew him from 7ds which wasnt the best to draw from
Musicnotes 25 日 前
I got the book Le morte d' Arthur. Gonna start reading it soon. Nice to watch this before I started reading
Igor Horváth
Igor Horváth 25 日 前
3:11 Americans should learn how all nations except the French and English read the Latin alphabet
Knight of Stribog 23
Knight of Stribog 23 26 日 前
Wayland made his sword so If it wasnt for him arthur wouldn't be a person and he was German
Ahamkara 26 日 前
I’m writing a book about king arthur and merlin. It’s based on the netflix series merlin but with a twist. I’m working on the sequel right now and i’m doing some research and looking for inspiration.
If Arthur or Lancelot have to be the bad guy, why can"t Gwenyvere just be a cheating hoe.
@Leanne First, what makes you think men cheat more? 80% of divorces are filed by women. You know if a woman is divorcing a guy she's probably cheating already. It's at least 50/50. My point is gwenivere SHOULD be vilified. She IS the "bad guy" remember it was the LADIES of the french court who made her into a romantic heroine. It's when gwenivere becomes a hoe that Arthur is a bad husband and Lancelot is a pretty boy player. When a woman cheats its the mens fault thus, relinquishing them of responsibility. That was my point.
Leanne 25 日 前
@LANCE KELLER Men cheat way more than woman do and like wish fulfillment fiction just as much so idk what your point is. Mine was that infidelity back when women were considered property while men could fuck whoever they wanted is different than infidelity today and a male character would never suffer the grizzly ends that Guinevere does. Due to misogyny
@Leanne so it was the LADIES of the french court who found the idea of adultery romantic. Hmmmmmm. Yeah, that's alot of bad stuff to happen. Almost as if being a cheating hoe has consequences. 😆
Leanne 25 日 前
That's what she was originally. The ladies of the French courts made her into a romantic heroine because they found the idea of finding love outside of arranged marriage romantic. Guinevere has been torn apart by dogs, cannibalised by Mordred, blinded by a fairy, and Tennyson blamed her for everything that went wrong ever in Arthur's kingdom. She's obviously been the "bad guy" far more than Arthur or Lancelot, quelle surprise her being an unfaithful wife to Britain's national hero Which isn't fair to me because of the double standard. And generally it's just one man outside of her husband that she may or may not have had a choice in marrying, hardly a hoe however you want to define that dubious term.
Zalidia 27 日 前
Me at the start be like who tf is king Arthur
SignumxNeotrope 28 日 前
I like the lay aboard lads playing in the background 😂
Max Schmader
Max Schmader 28 日 前
I really want Red to talk about Inuyasha more in a video someday lol
ton 29 日 前
TIL England control Mexico at some point
Morgil ヶ月 前
Don't forget the time Arthur gave the British crown over to Zorro.
Spencer Willits
Spencer Willits ヶ月 前
How is that "ruled by Britain" map even remotely true? Mexico? Russia? Greenland? I thought I knew my world history pretty alright, but I might have missed that chapter.
Do I Know You
Do I Know You ヶ月 前
"Ireland still doesn't pave over fairy circles" And you show Danny Healy-Rae, part of a political dynasty of lying swindling conspiracy theorists.
Chaz K
Chaz K ヶ月 前
Every time she says "courtly love", it sounds to me like "Courtney Love".
Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell ヶ月 前
LOL seeing that bit about troll hunters having seen the show before got a laugh out of me.
Invidat Auro
Invidat Auro ヶ月 前
20:21 Or the Fate thing were it's just a fucking mess.
Soumodeep Adhikary
Soumodeep Adhikary ヶ月 前
18:58 that's the only Arthur I know ❤️
Dr. Gainzzz
Dr. Gainzzz ヶ月 前
Finding out lancelot was some dudes OC explains why he's so OP.
Doc Mexicano
Doc Mexicano ヶ月 前
Ngl my favorite version of the arthurian mythos is the Vulgate Cycle cause it adds most of my favorite ideas, but I can see why anybody would choose the others over the Vulgate
Elmasfashion Omg
Elmasfashion Omg ヶ月 前
Sussex hmmmmmmm
Steve Walker
Steve Walker ヶ月 前
This is such a shitty take on courtly love. Pushing an agenda
Darkerster ヶ月 前
Why was the story of Culhwch and Olwen skipped over, its the first reference to King Arthur.
Emily Davis
Emily Davis ヶ月 前
BBC Merlin makes both Arthur and Lancelot the good guy because there is the reality of people just being able to move on and accept when someone has feelings for someone else
Dolanisanimated ヶ月 前
16:12 oh shit adventure time fins enemy
Qrex200 ヶ月 前
I may be disagreed with on this but I believe that Arthurian mythology got better over time rather than “worse” like some others did
Youve Been Greeked
Youve Been Greeked ヶ月 前
00:06 What a beautiful map *:')*
GameMation ヶ月 前
With the green knight coming out ineeded to rewatch this
CAIPING Cui ヶ月 前
art!c ヶ月 前
Ah yes Caledfwlch Also known as the Legendary Piece of Shit
Jess Korte
Jess Korte ヶ月 前
Is the music from 6:20ish an instrumental version of Smooth Operator?
CAP198462 ヶ月 前
What if there was a murderous rabbit, and a swallow carrying a coconut?
Zerub Is Zeus
Zerub Is Zeus ヶ月 前
"Do we care?" Well that is upsetting to even ask, but I still like the work you put in so I watched it.
Gederite watt
Gederite watt ヶ月 前
nice voice, enjoyed the song
Dill Houston
Dill Houston ヶ月 前
I like Bernard Cornwell's warlord trilogy version of Arthurian legend best
Dill Houston
Dill Houston ヶ月 前
I like Bernard Cornwell's warlord trilogy version of Arthurian legend best
FRMJ D ヶ月 前
11:55 That moment when King Arthur's Court realizes that the grail must be in Atlantis… The Lost Empire.
LimArien ヶ月 前
When I was little I was super into ancient history and had a king Arthur phase and I asked my dad about it and he apparently was also a huge king Arthur nerd when he was little and he knew quite a bit about him that in my research now that I'm older proves true
Archangel ヶ月 前
Ian Corder
Ian Corder ヶ月 前
So basically the public image of King Arthur has been retconned beyond belief and includes more than 3 people‘s OCs and shifting character motivations.
xXDark Phoenix AilithXx
xXDark Phoenix AilithXx ヶ月 前
That was the best ending i’ve ever heard
Theokal3 ヶ月 前
Believe it or not, but as a frenchman, I can confirm you prounounced Chrétien de Troye's name almost perfectly, only with a slight english accent^^
Vyquex ヶ月 前
I’ve hear that Merlin was based on some Welsh Druid or other. Druids were like real old hippies that like pushing Romans down hills and causing problems.
Isobel Jack
Isobel Jack ヶ月 前
I just re-watched this and I wanted to recommend a book series as a result. It's the fionavar tapestry series by guy gavriel kay. Without too many spoilers the whole Arthur legend plays an important role in the series but in a very unique and cathartic /heartbreaking way. It also places Guinevere as the character with the most agency among them. Further slight spoiler none of them show up until the second book because they aren't the central part of the story but ya, check it out. Keeps up the great videos
Kuradamax ヶ月 前
can't believe they forgot to mention "Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film", smh my head, disliked
Ridley Castor
Ridley Castor ヶ月 前
Id recommend the movie Merlin with Helena Bonham Carter, Martin Short, Sam Neill, and Lena Headey. It's just a cool telling of the Merlin and Arthurian legend
M. Alan Thomas II
M. Alan Thomas II ヶ月 前
I realize this covers an awful lot for 20 minutes, but it also still pretends that there's a single line of canon that's developed and reworked over time when really there's a bunch more English canon, the German canon, the Italian canon, &c. For example, saying that Malory is just the vulgate is missing a lot; Malory did cover the vulgate, but he incorporated other parts of the English canon as well. And modern authors have used some of that other material in the same way that they've what's been presented here. I mean, I'm not expecting this channel to reproduce the entire semester-long college course my mother taught on medieval Arthurian literature, but it shouldn't pretend that there's a single canonical lineage of stories even if it can't cover all of that other stuff.
Leanne 16 日 前
I agree it's a huge body of work and it's difficult to cover in one video but I think at least Tristan should have been mentioned, especially in the context of courtly love. There's also the Scottish canon that I always found interesting. Forget Lancelot, it was the SCOTTISH who had a political motivation in degrading Arthur
I love Christ
I love Christ ヶ月 前
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. - John 3:16 from the Bible ❤
I Need More Sleep
I Need More Sleep ヶ月 前
So, someone decided that just because 3 people had the “Mor” part in their name that they must be related?
Mr Imperium
Mr Imperium ヶ月 前
I think we can all agree that the Celtic elements have always been the coolest part of Arthurian legends. By the way, this video was super interesting as a way of finding out how the characters, that have featured in so many of my favorite stories, came to be the way they are.
yolo hulan
yolo hulan ヶ月 前
Bimbo in the pond is no basis for executive power it should come from the people
TigerWolfDemon ヶ月 前
I really want someone to rewrite King Arthur but he and Lancealot are boyfriends and Gwen is his beard whose in love with Morgan. For chaos sake
thatoneguy ヶ月 前
Arthur running off yelling “Fight me Caesar!” Made me laugh more than I expected
Fefeman ヶ月 前
Coming back here after watching Kaamelott and trying to spot unspotten references...
Arturo Torres
Arturo Torres ヶ月 前
As someone who shares his name ty for letting me know that i'm a good guy but also a bad guy?
LiteralCyborg ヶ月 前
12:03 Yeah… that’s pretty accurate to BBC Merlin canon. We love Gawain here.
Jonnesty Ronicha
Jonnesty Ronicha ヶ月 前
I prefer my version: Arthur and Merlin are into each other (and are about the same age dw lol) and Guinevere and Lancelot are into each other and Arthur and Guinevere have a complacent happy little beard marriage while screwing their respective lovers away from the prying eyes of the public and stay besties (Polyamory among all 4 of them works too)
R B ヶ月 前
Sadly the best modern version of this myth I've read is a bit dodgy to read these days, after the author was accused of something particularly heinous regarding her own daughter.
nothri ヶ月 前
Polyarmory. Boooooooo.
Maicey T.
Maicey T. ヶ月 前
Is anyone else here because of a Mechs hyperfixation or is that just me
JimBob4233 ヶ月 前
So, that whole sequence in A Knight's Tale was an Arthurian reference?
Hazel Tree
Hazel Tree ヶ月 前
Ah, the four types of love. Love, Simp, Holier than Thou and Incel
DarkSnowman13 ヶ月 前
So Arthur is just OG public domain?
cyd baker
cyd baker ヶ月 前
listenin to a hysterical women not knowing what she talks, not interested in the subject, go get a job thief
No I won't sign your Armpit
No I won't sign your Armpit ヶ月 前
Do you want me to call a wahmbulance?
Rappa Kalja
Rappa Kalja ヶ月 前
Aww, someone's triggered 😂
Connery ヶ月 前
Was this entire half hour just a set up for that punchline? I don't hate it.
Tron Nimbus
Tron Nimbus ヶ月 前
What the song at the end!!!!
Inky ヶ月 前
Me after watching Merlin: "Alright, let's see how accurate that actually was."
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