LeBron James Shocks Lakers Crowd After Taking Over In Final Minutes! Lakers vs Spurs - 42 Pts

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LeBron James Shocks Lakers Crowd After Taking Over In Final Minutes vs Spurs! Lakers vs Spurs December 5, 2018-19 NBA Season
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Jemskie 38 分 前
Just Jack
Just Jack 42 分 前
I'll knock rondo the FUCK out UGLY ass STINK bug looking NIGGA!
Malcolm Morgan
Malcolm Morgan 3 時間 前
It still ain't 50, 60, points like Kobe but good job Lebron you gotta make history playing with the Lakers.
Kameron Posley
Kameron Posley 3 時間 前
Man fuck bron
Kameron Posley
Kameron Posley 3 時間 前
When they play them warriors he want never get hott like that....NEVER!!!!!
Amazonia 4 時間 前
I like strong man ..🌸🌹🌺💐
Mary Ann Dela Cuesta
But not able to win the game..🤣
Andy M
Andy M 6 時間 前
Never1 can enjoy this guy becauae MJ and KOBE were way better!
Ibrahim Kebbeh
Ibrahim Kebbeh 6 時間 前
King LeBron James, the Lion, he never give up, keep it up!
Dayquan Ingram
Dayquan Ingram 8 時間 前
My Boa Adam Sandler getting old
betty morris
betty morris 8 時間 前
LeBron James you is the best player love you making the day with a smile
Javier Alarcon
Javier Alarcon 9 時間 前
He s coming back thats how u lead james mj style kill it
da_real_gee_kid16 10 時間 前
Let's get it king James👑👑
stylus850 11 時間 前
Whatever the case, the Lakers have returned. They are energized, 16-10 is pretty good considering they were 0-4.
Stephen S.
Stephen S. 11 時間 前
You call it taking over. I call it selfishness....not to mention constantly asking the crowd for more applause.
idoublem 11 時間 前
He's amazing
Ant 1
Ant 1 14 時間 前
Looks like he's been watching some old Kobe highlights aye....I like it 👍👏👏
Fish man 1
Fish man 1 14 時間 前
And he’s so humble. Lol
Andre Ferguson
Andre Ferguson 15 時間 前
LeBron is a machine.
Josiah Grant
Josiah Grant 15 時間 前
Meanwhile what is that sound in the background
Green Hope
Green Hope 16 時間 前
Can’t wait to see rondo back to business . He s the main point guard in L.A . He s a big help for the team to win another title .
LeBon IG
LeBon IG 17 時間 前
1m views on jus bron highlight.. i guess that applies at every lakers game.
BGB GAMING 17 時間 前
0:37 the LA coach is the one that got that ball shoot. he dance it for the ball to shoot lol hahaha
Mohamed Taha
Mohamed Taha 21 時間 前
Weird seeing Lebrons teammates helping him
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Nutela 22 時間 前
Yup carried
chlouie castillo
chlouie castillo 22 時間 前
lebron still the best in court
BeastlyBen007 22 時間 前
MJ would be an average player in today's game. At best a 🌟 but not an all 🌟
Venom Z
Venom Z 23 時間 前
I just love how kuzma travels but the refs dont give a fck cuz the crowd is hyped up 😂
Christian K.
Christian K. 23 時間 前
Fine. You spend you 360 on benefitting this place. Called 811 and turned out to be medical, look it up LeBron. It's a digging number.
Melvin Hopkins
Melvin Hopkins 23 時間 前
That boy cold Maine
Amadou Barry
Amadou Barry 日 前
Lebron is going to be so lucky when kd or Klay goes to lakers bro it,s still going to be my favorite team in the nba since Lebron is there 🏀🏀🏀🏈🏈🏈🤑🤑🤑🤑
He doesn't do it in this video, but what is that new hand gesture thing hes doing this season?
Twojoints shewannathefuck
why is jimbie is gay..?
Shukran Anjum
LeBron and Ronaldo are dominating with their new teams
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 日 前
I wonder what Kobe is thinking lol
Derozan whatap
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 日 前
The lakers And spurs play everyday I feel like 😂💯
If ur playing with Lebron BEWARE HE IS KING
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron 日 前
At 13 seconds is that not travel wtf and I love lebron but common now
Hentai Senpai
damn that spin was so clean
Londa Walker
Londa Walker 日 前
He wouldn't do that if kawhi was there
leighton brown
One game defines a player ...Goat...MJ THE GOAT FOREVER!!!! PAVED THE WAY FOR ALL SUPER ATHLETES ON AND OFF THE COURT. Mike was an assassin consistently for years on both ends...oops made defensive player of the year . One on one...WTF...who can shoot or dunk better than Mike...the greater the challenge the more he shined. No melt downs no drama. More physical play back then also. Stat padding or not. MJ made basketball fun to watch...the bench mark for success period...no one else on planet earth will surpass that...SPACE JAM! Dunk Contests...really...check this man's resume'
mark joseph salvador
lakers is going crazy #1 lebron fan here =)
Maulen. IDC Florez
If this was someone pther than the spurs I dunno. For the time being though. Wow.
w h y
w h y 日 前
Wtf? How many high scoring nights is he gonna have. Boy gonna average 35ppg
AnAlt 日 前
This isn't what I originally subscribed for.
Fatgaysheep 日 前
My dude drank a sprite cranberry in the final quarter
เก่ง อุทัย
The Karate Guy
Who saw Adam Sandler
Legends of Raf
Mark Young
Mark Young 日 前
If they play like this every game then the championship is theres.....
TeXaS ChAiN ReAction
Someone put Friday’s Dec.7 2018 game WHEN SPURS SHOCK BACK 133-120 LAkers Lost.... KingJames was there for the 12 point COMEBACK bY the SPURS ...Texas Luv from SPURS NATION
Faith Thornton
That man is SHOWTIME..he fits right in with the LAKERS, sorry! #KingJames
FreddyB 2K4L
FreddyB 2K4L 日 前
The Goat
Dylan Spangenberg Fitness TV
Greatest player in the world os supposed to do that
5 k subs with only 35 videos
Pls sub to me
Mr LSU jackson
I think Floyd Mayweather was betting on the Spurs 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 arrogant ass#Legoat
e banger
e banger 日 前
Thats lebron the goat and best player
Yuzavodik 日 前
Can't lie, this team is still shit. My curry and durant will rape this on the finals.
Ousmane DIOP
Ousmane DIOP 日 前
"In 2003 Nba draft, for the first pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers select LeBron James !!!" With King James since the day ONE !🏀🏀🏀
But they lost
shoot the boer
Steroids kicking in like crazy
Randy Bock
Randy Bock 日 前
He is the beast from the east!
Adhiyan A
Adhiyan A 日 前
Who else was about to skip to the end of the video before realizing that the videos two minutes
The Flash
The Flash 日 前
"My man"
Chapo Da Goat
He pressed R3
Matthias Horne
He's on fire
ban this guy
ban this guy 日 前
Why would you leave LeBron open? How do you stop him?
Sparrow 日 前
Anyone else shocked to see Adam Sandler in the video
laki titiko
laki titiko 日 前
la lakers,the champion season ...
Greg Gentile
Greg Gentile 2 日 前
Lebron like, clap for me, I'm your king.
KORO Sensei
KORO Sensei 2 日 前
LeBron just showing the cavs what they lost for trading Korver
Mr. Blastfish
Mr. Blastfish 2 日 前
So who's the king now?
Sound Therapy
Sound Therapy 2 日 前
i never seen Rondo so excited
TheKing 23
TheKing 23 2 日 前
Hahaha and they doubted the lakers at the beginning of the season!! Golden state who?!?!? Golden state won’t even make the finals this year
Ramiro Cazares
Ramiro Cazares 2 日 前
Correction 41
christopher nguyen
Lakers are pretty fun to watch now
WhyNotCrash 2 日 前
Jesse Cab
Jesse Cab 2 日 前
Pretty damn good effort by Lebron. Can’t even hate on his game to be honest. Compared to how they started they are a total improvement.
Mya Villarreal
Mya Villarreal 2 日 前
yogizol 2 日 前
Lakers is back with a new star:)
The ReK
The ReK 2 日 前
If leBron keeps up 20 point seasons for like 5 more years, he'll pass Kareem
Faded Fragments
Faded Fragments 2 日 前
Haha. That glimpse of the pus king floyd. Afraid to get an ass whoopin by the Japanese guy. Sorry im not a fan of boxing, so I don't know the Japanese guy's name. I only know floyd's because I heard that he's a pus king boxer. Dude straight up sissy.
TheLegend 28
TheLegend 28 2 日 前
Lakers act like LeBron is going to stay with them😂👎👎
Matthew Mealing
Matthew Mealing 2 日 前
Daryle Granderson
I'm not a traditional fan I just love watching Good chemistry and chess moves when it comes to sports... just wish the real work force world 9-5 would do the same... recognize the stars.. key players.. roll players and if the business not winning then Clean House but not Shit on the stars that complain but give they All...💯
Chris Weaver
Chris Weaver 2 日 前
Is it accepted that going to best team in the league that has the best chance to win makes you great ?
Junior Hunter
Junior Hunter 2 日 前
0:52 I love this
marcel bonterre
marcel bonterre 2 日 前
Beast mode
BeastOakland510 Shady
Fuck this pussy still 💯 #WarriorGANG #draymond #klay #curry #igudaua 💯💯💯
Ohioboyjj 2 日 前
lakers don't deserve LeBron
Jediah Stewart
Jediah Stewart 2 日 前
My boi LeBron pulling jumpers I see😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 *No homo*
Very Observant
Very Observant 2 日 前
Following in Kobe's footsteps
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 2 日 前
Yeeeah. Fuck the spurs
Middle is Open
Middle is Open 2 日 前
sorry the Lakers look like Cleveland. all players looking for Lebron. He just makes everyone around him weak and that is the reason he only will not win with the Lakers. When other players around you feel under you, they don't play as well. Because you don't play as a team. that is what I love about GS, they play as a team and they are all expecting the ball and handle the ball well. The roles are all the same. we are all leaders and we are here to play for the team. LeBron isn't that kind of player, although he professes that he is. He won in Miami because it was older player that demanded the ball as much as him. And when he started to lose the vets, he never won again. And the same thing in Cleveland, It took a miracle for just one trophy and a weak east coast league.
Chris M Sterling
Man it's LB ... Don't make it Finals ... Lake Fan gonna kill him
samuel tambunan
Rip English
Travian crayton
Travian crayton 2 日 前
I don't care what he does but as a Laker fan he will never win me over