LeBron James Disrespects Ben Simmons So Bad That Simmons Finally Attempts A 3 Pointer!

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LeBron James Disrespects Ben Simmons So Bad That Simmons Finally Attempts A 3 Pointer! Lakers vs Sixers February 10, 2019 NBA Season
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Jeremy Baguio
Jeremy Baguio 17 時間 前
Chetan Maheswaran
Chetan Maheswaran 20 時間 前
Who’s a better shooter Ben Simmons>curry
Philly Jim
Philly Jim 3 日 前
Almost made that bitch too
Jayce Simmons
Jayce Simmons 3 日 前
No joke my last name is Simmons
principeTv 4 日 前
He needs some Stephen Curry lesson
MrQ000000 4 日 前
I have a feeling Simmons is gonna go dunking crazy at the ASG
Gian Carlo Obdianela
But still an L for the lakers haha
B K 5 日 前
Reddeck an joel had no idea wat to say bout the 3 point ATTEMPT by simmons sad he cant hit a threw was is a great player.. how cant ge make a 3
Alvin Chung
Alvin Chung 5 日 前
wow ,crazy
Alec Coleman
Alec Coleman 5 日 前
This is why the nba is trash
brad lafferty
brad lafferty 5 日 前
I had no idea he couldn't shoot...just drives I guess
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 5 日 前
3 seconds in the lane..?
Av4hun 6 日 前
This man deserves a moments card
Jay Cole
Jay Cole 6 日 前
Ben Simmons better get that 3 pointer right because it’s gonna be like that his whole career if he doesn’t.
Tou Vang
Tou Vang 6 日 前
gets paid to ball and cant even develop a shot....😂
KindaLaazy 6 日 前
but... he missed it
Meme 6 日 前
Devin Ward
Devin Ward 6 日 前
I feel like Lebron James should show pride in regular season like he show in finals he need to play like exhibition game when someone play with him on 2K19
JerkBall321 6 日 前
If Ben Simmons made a three at the end of his career I’ll give away my shoes
6ers put up 150 pts! WTF
Evan Dale
Evan Dale 7 日 前
When did lebron disrespect Ben Simmons “so bad”
NJ 2k
NJ 2k 7 日 前
Evan Dale 0:45
Deborah Simpson
Deborah Simpson 7 日 前
It's sad Shaq has more 3 pointers than Ben does
Eric Reyner
Eric Reyner 7 日 前
ben simmons is a liability to the sixers he sucks
Davin Simmons
Davin Simmons 7 日 前
So LeBron wasn’t in the paint for a year?
Kent Vice
Kent Vice 7 日 前
Meanwhile Lebron just spent 9 seconds in the paint with no whistle. 🤦‍♂️
Asian Boy
Asian Boy 7 日 前
disrespect??? lebron is playing defense that way the past 7 years
Youtubeer 7 日 前
Defensive 3 seconds.
Lonzo will be an Allstar as long as he stays healthy. His defense is way above average. His 3 pointer has gotten way better and when hes aggressive he will dunk all over your head punks. LeBUM LOL was an outstanding defender from a Rookie till about 2015. 2011-2012 the best I think. He could guard point guards easy back than. Old age is catching up now. He picks and chooses his blocks and steals now. He will intercept passes a lot also, he reads the defense very good. His on the ball defense has taken a back seat. That's the first thing to go then the offense will start putting you in a lot of pick and rolls, kinda like what's wrong with Anthony. I think Anthony would be a better quicker defender if he lost a lot of weight, same as LeBron. I'm not sure how much weight LeBron can lose since he looks like all muscle. He just about broke down the rim against the Hawks the other night Geez. I beleive BRON can win another title with good Defense around him because he can control tempo and pace just like he did with the Cavs early in his career, they were a good defensive minded team, there offense struggled, unlike POP and the spurs. A lot of people on here no nothing about basketball. The only reason Jordan has Titles is because of how great those Bulls teams were on Defense, Jordan was quick as a cat also, remembering he is a shoot guard, Bron Bron is a point forward as heavy as a power forward. You cant be that quick when your so stacked. James would have just ran Jordan over any day of the week and also beat Jordan with skill,Tempo, James has a lot of skill and moves to get his shot and get to the rim. Jordan was know more for his footwork post up turn around as he got older. Shawn Marion gave Jordan fits on that turn around as he got older, because he was long and athletic, now theres many marion type players. It would be graet to see Jordan in the league in the last 10 years. Grant Hill gave Jordan problems, a lot of these guys are unstoppable.
Noberto Cotter
Noberto Cotter 7 日 前
Oh men! He almost made it!!!!!
A History Of Thrones
tough love from Lebron. 'Learn to shoot kid, or you're not scoring.'
Shidoshi_Tony 7 日 前
Damn Embid sounds like a black Schwarzenegger. "BEN,DON'T SHOOT THE 3 GET TO THE CHOPPA"😂😂😂
D Tomo
D Tomo 7 日 前
Imagine Bill Cartwright as a point/foward... thats Ben Simmons.
Can we get 500k sub Without video
printer signsupplies
Bruh why cant some cant shoot jump shot damn like damnnnnn
LayZeem 7 日 前
I hate LeBron, but he's so savage in this vid 😂😂😂
LaMont Robinson
LaMont Robinson 8 日 前
Umm didn't the Lakers lose?
Kuya_SEB Gaming
Kuya_SEB Gaming 8 日 前
Dat Fadeaway
Elijah Ruffin
Elijah Ruffin 8 日 前
Joel so funny 😂
Edison Pellumbi
Edison Pellumbi 8 日 前
he has actually taken 14 3's in his career. 12 of them being desperation buzzer beaters. He is $$$ 0-14 all time
Atxk 8 日 前
0:26 8 seconds on the paint?
CanyoufeeliT Hehe
Lmao, WTF is that title 🤣
He almost made it.
varti T
varti T 8 日 前
Lol that really Lebron defense😂
Samba Barry
Samba Barry 8 日 前
1 mil lets go let’s get thousands of likes and face reveal
Didjkf Djcjkj
Didjkf Djcjkj 8 日 前
Cj Basketball
Cj Basketball 8 日 前
Like this comment if u also hate lebron
Dave Lo
Dave Lo 8 日 前
Lebron straight camping the paint. Like 10 seconds in that joint
If Ben Simmons gets a jumpshot, the league better be aware of him.
Roy Brown
Roy Brown 8 日 前
What is that sweater embiid is wearing I want it
This isn’t disrespectful tho any player if you know someone either can’t shoot or isn’t gonna shoot why waste your energy covering him behind the arc when you know he’s either gonna come in or pass it lmao
If Simmons wasn’t tall idk if he’d be in the nba or not like if he was 6’2 lmaoo
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 8 日 前
Its a make or mi.....
SpookyAvenue 8 日 前
Lebums wack ass was scared to guard Simmons...
Alvin Li
Alvin Li 8 日 前
Lebron was forcing him to put up shots. Great mentoring
kagiso bolaane
kagiso bolaane 8 日 前
0:26 lebron James spent about 10secs in the paint
KadaBros 8 日 前
How I play defense against a glass cleaner or lockdown in 2k
CJ McKnight
CJ McKnight 8 日 前
That’s not disrespect Lebron pushing him to his full potential!
Ez Money
Ez Money 8 日 前
Gen X players 😆
Adult Onset Diabetes
He only shot from three this game cuz bron left him wide open on plays if other teams do the same they’ll get an easy 2-3 lost possessions from the sixers
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas 8 日 前
Ben Simmons like put some respek on my name lmao
kevin laurence japay
Obob haha awawak.
John Edrian Mariano
Should've yelled "Kobe" when shooting 3's. Bad move, Ben.
oJordns 8 日 前
thats sad how you in the nba and cant shoot or scared to shoot the ball
100 sub without a video
Look my name plzz help m
Kool Keith Productions
LMAO The CPU on 2k plays him the same way 😂😂😂
sheed izi
sheed izi 8 日 前
thats make the nba ridiculous todays
Valerie 8 日 前
That's your "rookie" of the year? Trash ass.
RāgĒ YT 8 日 前
Congrats 1m
Plebtile 8 日 前
2K better be watching this.
benchkie oliveros
F*ck where is disrespecting here? Next time think for a good caption or title lol 😂
Tstewa4869 8 日 前
No wonder Simmons can't shoot, he doesn't follow through he just salutes the basket. It looks like less of a shot and more like he's trying to throw a frisbee 😂
Erj Flores
Erj Flores 8 日 前
lebron: ben il show you how to shoot freethrows later.
Frozkhan Dagdagan
Lebron knew about ben's shooting problem because he(lebron) also had the same problem. Poor shooting skills.
rocket man
rocket man 8 日 前
I'm a sixers fan. Ben Simmons is a cancer to Sixers! You cannot be a point guard if you can't shoot. It is mandatory! Anyone who says Magic Johnson couldn't shoot or Lebron James couldn't shoot or Rajon Rondo can't shoot are all IDIOTS!!! Magic Johnson scored 42 points grabbed 15 rebounds and had 7 assists in the 1980 finals against the Sixers. Lot of those points were jump shots. To be a point guard you need to have at least a respectable jump shop to keep the defense honest. Not only is Ben Simmons a horrible, horrible shooter, he can't shoot free throws either. Every game I see he shoots 2-7, 2-9, 3 for 8. He's making me sick to my stomach!! To make things worse, suddenly now he's taking outside shots and its not even hitting the rim! He air balls it or bricks it off the backboard. NBA teams are not even guarding Ben Simmons on offense. They dare him to shoot. They double team other sixers players like Joel Embiid and its making their job a lot harder!! How the hell Ben Simmons made the all star team this year is mind boggling! He don't deserve it.
Mark Henningham
Mark Henningham 8 日 前
When you're guarding a pure slasher in 2k
Supreme Being
Supreme Being 8 日 前
Wtf was that black guy with the fucked up accent at the end trying tell us?
Unheard Lyrically
A jump shot comes from the legs up he is left handed I see the problem is his position before the shot he didn't look comfortable somebody teach the man how to set
James Miles
James Miles 9 日 前
I think he can really shoot threes. Like watch how he shoots.
mudda boolshit
mudda boolshit 9 日 前
How you in the nba play the position he’s playing and can’t shoot
chungus GivesLs
chungus GivesLs 9 日 前
Wasn’t that three seconds on LeBron?
jrock 9 日 前
So is 3 seconds in the paint still or a rule or not?
Cameron allen
Cameron allen 9 日 前
Ben simmons attempting to impress Kendel...........
Tylin Guevara
Tylin Guevara 9 日 前
F-R-E-E That spells free Credit report . com baby
Gio Mason
Gio Mason 9 日 前
It’s all about confidence. LeBron was teaching. Hopefully Ben gets the message.
Tarık Yurtsever
1,000,000 subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacob Hasz
Jacob Hasz 9 日 前
Clive we need 45 more subs to 1 mil I have been with u since 7k you post the best videos ever keep up the good work
Twin52 9 日 前
He said oh shit 😭😭😭
MichiganMan 9 日 前
That’s the most rare occurrence u will ever see on TV...
Adam M
Adam M 9 日 前
I dont get how anybody who is in the NBA and cant make an open 3. Is he so good at the post he never spent a day just shooting threes?
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 9 日 前
Get JJ to teach Ben.
Panda Legacy
Panda Legacy 9 日 前
Almost. 1 mil
Paul L
Paul L 9 日 前
Reddick should teach him how to shoot.. Maybe he just like to shoot on ms jenner i think
Isaac Battres
Isaac Battres 9 日 前
Ben Simmons...the most over hyped undeserving ROY. lmao
Jay Easy
Jay Easy 9 日 前
Why can’t he shoot the ball tho? I don’t understand.
jaffar samuel
jaffar samuel 9 日 前
Corny ass team
Tyson Parker
Tyson Parker 9 日 前
Nah fr tho free throws aren’t that hard he should at least be making them jaunts
Anthony Williams
Work on your game young fella
Anthony C
Anthony C 9 日 前
How the fuck you're a guard in the NBA and can't shoot a lick
slush god
slush god 9 日 前
0:30 76ers 76 points
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