25 Meter (Short Course) Backyard Lap Pool Construction Time-lapse

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Construction of 25 Meter, two lane lane lap pool. 85K gallons.
Best viewed on TV in 1080P.
Video is geared towards the pool construction enthusiast audience - might be a bit long-winded for the casual viewer - apologies.
Edit: For those viewers that are "pool nerds" like me - here are some fun specs on the pool.
600 cubic yards volume in ground
72 x 12-yard-trucks hauled off
(3 work days - 5 guys)
~18,000 LF #4 rebar
(1.5 work days - 4 guys)
~300 LF 3" PVC
~1,300 LF 2" PVC
~350 LF 1.5" PVC
(6 work days - 3 guys)
190 cubic yards (probably more like 160 in place after rebound loss and shot compression)
10" walls top to bottom, 9" floors
(1.5 work days ~ 18 guys)
1st clean-up:
30 cubic yards
(0.5 work days - 4 guys)
Tile & Coping:
400 SF glass
220 SF split-face
330 LF 5cm coping
(10 work days - 4 guys)
32 cubic yards
(3 work days ~12 guys)
7 cubic yards of Wet-Edge Southern Lights
(0.75 work days ~30 guys)
Equipment package:
2 x Pentair Intelliflo VS Pumps
2 x Pentair Quad DE 100 Filters
2 x Pentair MasterTemp 400K BTU Cupro-Nickel Heaters
1 x Pentair Intellitouch i10+3D
1 x Pentair Mobile-touch Wireless Control
1 x Pentair Screen Logic 2 Wireless Interface
5 x Pentair Intellivalve Actuator
1 x Pentair Intelliflo XF Booster Pump (Spa)
3 x Pentair Intellibrite 5g spa lights
4 x Pentair Intellibrite 5g pool lights
1 x QT 2HP Blower (Spa)
4 x Color Match Superflo 360 Driains
1 x Paramount ParaLevel Auto-Fill
4 x Paramount Venturi Skimmers
3 x 30 gal Stenner Chem tanks/pumps

A lot of folks are asking about price in the comments section
It's easier for me to explain it here and it makes more sense to provide a range.
That range is dependent on several variables including regional pricing for labor and materials, engineering requirements due to soil conditions, how much work is contracted out vs. done by the home owner, water features, deck equipment selection and the quality of the materials / equipment used.
Low-end: If engineering requirements were minimal, soil conditions were ideal, regional pricing was average, standard plaster (non-aggregate finish) were selected, less expensive tile were used, water features were minimal and the home owner built a lot of the non-technical parts of the project themselves (IE: landscaping), a project like this could reasonably run around $200K.
High end: If the engineering design called for additional structural components (thicker walls, piers under the shell, etc), regional pricing for labor and materials were higher than average, the property sat atop bedrock, premium selections on plaster, tile, equipment and water features were selected, and all aspects of the project were run through contractors, it could easily run up into the $300k-$400k range or more.
This pool came in towards the lower end of the pricing spectrum due to favorable soil conditions (no rock for excavators, no engineering requirements for structural piers), favorable material and labor market and doing much of the non-technical work on our own.
I hope you enjoy the time-lapse.










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Details about pricing and pool specifications can be found in the video description area.
Nasa Squad
Nasa Squad 4 時間 前
Backyard_Lap_Pool Wait, so how much is the price of that pool, I dont see it in the description.
clavessin12 3 日 前
Congrats, it is a pretty amazing pool. And compared to the pool prices around here in Southern California your end price is a real bargain.
Editions du Busca
Thank you so much for sharing so much precise details but the plans or more measures could be appreciated... length and depth of the different parts of the pool. I think it's not necessary the departure plunging zone needs to be so deep. I was used to swimm in a normal 50m olympic approved pool for international challenges in Blagnac (France) in the 70's from my 11 y.o to my 18 y.o. That's an outdoor Olympic pool heated to 25 ° C with 8 swimming lanes and a depth ranging from 2 m to 2.25 m. I remember it's one of the first mirror pool built in France: it present the two long sides without any difficult to go out of the water, even for teens, the water surface and the walking deck are at the same heigh. Wonderful ! You may check there: www.guide-piscine.fr/medias/image/le_bassin_exterieur_de_la_piscine_de_blagnac_1-3194-720-0.jpg
moki123g 9 日 前
@Backyard_Lap_Pool Really beautiful build! Sorry about the hurricane. I have a suggestion If I may be so bold. Some time down the road you might want to do some landscape lighting around the pool. It would really help tie in the rest of the yard at night. Other wise gorgeous! Do a cannon ball for me!
Kim Jung Un
Kim Jung Un 10 日 前
@Backyard_Lap_Pool So, how much did it cost ?
perkelepower 9 時間 前
this is something i would love to have one day, strange thing about pools here in sweden, they build something massive and never use it, maybe once a year or so
a n n a b e t h
a n n a b e t h 15 時間 前
u didnt choose this video, this video chose u
Htown Andi
Htown Andi 日 前
That is pretty badass to have your own practice lap pool. The whole setup is beautiful.
Davide Chiesa
Jorge Longoria
Jorge Longoria 2 日 前
Now, that's a hell of a pool
what ever
what ever 2 日 前
Building a pool, suddenly your whole city becomes a pool.
Darko Dosen
Darko Dosen 2 日 前
Absolutely beautiful! Congrats on your new pool :)
СаШАй плюс два
Great Job! Nice project! Owner should be Aquaman.
Jam Slam
Jam Slam 3 日 前
I'm gonna build my own pool. Just dig up the backyard with the tractor and pour concrete on the bottom, fill it with water. That's it! Don't need filtration, just pour chlorine in the water often. Cost: $500.
Hishro 16 時間 前
Just use a easy set pool
Hishro 16 時間 前
Lol waste dont
Ricardo Julio
Ricardo Julio 2 日 前
je je je
HoleeShietPyro 3 日 前
looks like the griswolds got their bonus check this year!
Dustin Jameson
Dustin Jameson 3 日 前
I can't swim, Clark!
Vincent Quayle
Vincent Quayle 4 日 前
The thing is, if you look hard enough you will find that people don't mind working for $50/hour. I think this guy was taken for thousands. If everyone was paid $100/hour. This would come out to 100g without materials. (according to your timeline) So this would be 50g without materials at $50/hour. Usually, materials cost less than the labor. =90k for such a big pool
J R 3 日 前
LOL! Well that there is some air-tight estimating! Let’s take the equipment package + labor for example. By your “logic”, the 18 plumbing man-days of 8 hour days at $50/hour comes out to $7,200 - and doubling that comes to $14,400 to cover “material.” Some quick math on the pipe, valves, and equipment package list tallies up to around $29k - before labor even starts - and that doesn’t even cover the electrician, which would be another $5-$7k for a job like this. So while your count is $14.4k, reality would be more like $40k material and labor for the plumbing/equipment/electrical. Take the wet-Edge plaster for another example. By the $50/hr calc, the labor plus materials would run $18k ($9k + $9k)- but a job this size would easily run $30k+ for wet edge - and probably north of $40k if it were a smooth finish “Pebble Tech brand” plaster job. In addition, not all the trade work or materials are covered in the video description - think pavilion, deck finishing, landscaping, fencing, start blocks, covers, etc, etc. Your labor to material assumption is incorrect for many of the trades as well.
Liam Dawson
Liam Dawson 4 日 前
Shoulda called up the Indian primitive technology guys and they would’ve made this for free
Live Life Freely
If you're planning on building a backyard pool I highly recommend you don't put in a deep-end. Keep it all 3.5ft to 4ft max. This will ensure you get to use the full pool during parties and you'll never have to worry about non-swimming kids that can stand in the shallow end. Place lots of no-diving signs and let everyone know that diving is not allowed. You'll enjoy your pool a lot more.
Live Life Freely
@Red Sampler I 100% disagree with you on everything but babies swimming. I say all of this because I used to be a competitive swimmer, I still give private swimming lessons (only adults and teens), I used to be a lifeguard instructor, a beach and pool lifeguard, and for I was a Director of Aquatics for larger natatoriums, indoor pools, and indoor and outdoor water parks. In all my years I've only had to rescue one person from the ocean but I rescued countless people from pools and even backyard pools. Most parents don't care until something happens, floaties are some of the worst things you can put on a child. It gives both the parents and the child a false sense of security. Lifejackets work, sometimes, but this is mostly because the parents again aren't planning on being with their kids the entire time. What also happens is because parents are off doing God knows what or texting, their kids take off the jackets and we've then had to rescue them. Parents will then refuse to take responsibility for their children and always blame them for taking off the jacket. Saying that "non swimming skilled kids shouldn,t be anywhere near a body of water period" isn't going to save lives or prevent drownings. This is just wishful thinking. Most parents don't teach their kids to swim because they don't have the patience. Having a deep end in a residential pool for the few times you're going to use it is has such a low cost to benefit ratio that it actually works against you. It actually increases your chances of drowning and increasing your homeowner insurance and it's recommended you increase your liability insurance if you have a pool or install one. Why, because the likelihood of drowning is incredibly high. Here's something else that happens that most of the public doesn't know about. Non-swimmers will sometimes jump into the deep end or venture into deep water to try to rescue someone. Now you have two people in need of assistance. You don't need a deep end and diving isn't a part of swimming it's only a component of competitive swimming. Most swimmers are only going to be lap swimming. Most people are building pools for recreation use. But at the end of day, whatever, this was just my suggestion. Builders don't even mention the option of not building a deep-end because it cuts into their profits. I've seen too many kids drown because of lack of supervision and I don't think this is ever going to change but what people can do is mitigate the risk. Lastly, I'm now building my own pool and it will not have a deep-end.
Red Sampler
Red Sampler 3 日 前
this is a SWIMMING pool. :-) ''diving in'' is part of the competative experience. non swimming skilled kids shouldn,t be anywhere near a body of water period.. and if they are they should wear floaties or lifepreserver. at all time. -doubting parents that don,t teach their kids to swim or at least float at a really early age..(you could even teach a baby to swim. jpvid.net/u-results?search_query=baby+swimming+in+pool ) -seriously doubting parents that don,t keep an eye on their kids, because they are so busy with themselves(at a pool party for instance) not trying to be rude to you or anything but you can,t have children growing up in a ''rubber tile society'' as that won,t work well in the long run for those children.(you might not always be around to lift their coat-tails) and you can,t expect just anyone to make their home,s/gardens as child/animal proof as the guest desires....
Vincent Quayle
Vincent Quayle 4 日 前
Interesting idea! im asking myself.."Do I need to dive?" lol
D R 4 日 前
Joo Jin
Joo Jin 4 日 前
MoshiKawaii08 5 日 前
Nice pool
vilmantas kontrimas
Thanks for bonus))
xlxrootxlx 6 日 前
Man I love it !
Romziino 7 日 前
Hey may I have to blueprint for my bloxburg house DM me on Instagram romzzgt
Blake S
Blake S 7 日 前
Jeez. An 82 foot pool for a family of 5. It takes up most of the yard. Wow
Vincent Quayle
Vincent Quayle 7 日 前
Low-end: 200k! Wow! I thought pools cost like 30k
Vincent Quayle
Vincent Quayle 4 日 前
@Dead Simple The thing is, if you look hard enough you will find that people don't mind working for $50/hour. I think this guy was taken for thousands. If everyone was paid $100/hour. This would come out to 100g without materials. So this would be 50g without materials. Usually, materials cost less than the labor. =90k for such a big pool High-end 400k????????????
Dead Simple
Dead Simple 6 日 前
You do realise this is not a standard pool ...
Great Parents!
Fadi Nasralla
Fadi Nasralla 8 日 前
Most amazing residential pool project I have ever seen. Wow
Andrew Koskelin
Andrew Koskelin 9 日 前
I can totally relate to how much I need this
Ross Lanes
Ross Lanes 9 日 前
First, just like to say, this is amazing!!! The wife and I are planing a pool of our own, I was a competitive swimmer from 6 till I graduated from HS, so having a pool like this would be a dream come true. It would help us out if you could share the depth and detentions of the pool (specifically how wide the lap area is). I know each lane is 2.5 meters, did you just an extra foot/meter on either side? Also, any change you could share a PDF of your plans?
Dave Conerly
Dave Conerly 9 日 前
Lucky kids to have something so big to swim in in their own backyard. I guess this is not a club house but it's a residence with a rich dad who lives there.
Marc Aidan
Marc Aidan 10 日 前
That’s very cool!
Burt Macklin
Burt Macklin 10 日 前
Shouldn't be surprised when you put in a solid pool like this but ya'll have fantastic butterfly form. I dream of having this pool in my backyard.
Dan bruffell
Dan bruffell 10 日 前
Very professional. Impressive 👏
Anders Bakfeldt
Anders Bakfeldt 10 日 前
Great pool but dare I say; too big for that backyard?
Saint 8 日 前
Probably personal preference
GuyConfident 10 日 前
i want to have a pool like that once i figure out how to apply gta5 money hacks in real life
Fed-Zapp 10 日 前
Guess Who
Guess Who 3 日 前
@Vincent Quayle You think 90k for that pool? Come on man!
Shoko gaming
Shoko gaming 3 日 前
@Vincent Quayle and in my country if u want to build a small pool not even next to that size it will cost 100g
Shoko gaming
Shoko gaming 3 日 前
@Vincent Quayle they need to make money dawg and no eay it cost overall 90k to build
Vincent Quayle
Vincent Quayle 4 日 前
The thing is, if you look hard enough you will find that people don't mind working for $50/hour. I think this guy was taken for thousands. If everyone was paid $100/hour. This would come out to 100g without materials. The thing is, if you look hard enough you will find that people don't mind working for $50/hour. So this would be 50g without materials. Usually, materials cost less than the labor. =90k High-end 400k????????????
Shoko gaming
Shoko gaming 7 日 前
@Guess Who yea ikr like its absolutly massive and its also kinda fancy plus very well built!
ChimChim's Wife
ChimChim's Wife 11 日 前
Bro I- dont know how to swim
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed 11 日 前
And I live in a city apartment without even a back yard 😂 But I'm really starting to appreciate pools more I didn't know that they took all this time and these efforts Thx for this amazing video ❤
steve 11 日 前
1k chile
Elle Rows
Elle Rows 11 日 前
It was neat to see the hurricane and how that affected the build Thank you for including that
K M 11 日 前
I love the layout of the pool, and thanks for the video!
BadassBobY 12 日 前
1:37 Their Neighbors be like : *Damn*
BadassBobY 12 日 前
Why is the title saying 'Short Course' Even Though this Pool is freaking bigger than my whole house 😐😐
Editions du Busca
Because the length of these swimming lanes is exactly half that of the swimming lanes of an Olympic pool approved for international swimming competitions.
Lotje 11 日 前
Lol Im sorry 😂😂😂 but yeah in swimming there are two season one would be short course and the other would be long course which is 50 meters/yards which is double 😂😂😂
BadassBobY 11 日 前
@Gracie Ann Thanks for The Info, Appreciated ❤
BadassBobY 11 日 前
@Lotje No 😐😂😂😂😐
Gracie Ann
Gracie Ann 12 日 前
swimming short course is 25 and long course is 50 so it’s just a term used to differentiate the kinds of pools for sports
Cxdered GamingYT
Cxdered GamingYT 12 日 前
The whole neighborhood delfinetely goes to all there cookouts
Cxdered GamingYT
Cxdered GamingYT 12 日 前
I wouldve asked the indian guys
Allan McCarthy
Allan McCarthy 12 日 前
I was wondering where you could dig down that deep that easily, try building one of those pools in central Texas 😳 I didn’t know Houston soil was like that
Yup - building this pool in the Austin area would take weeks of excavation work with a hydraulic hammer to get through the limestone - and probably add a good $40-$50k in cost to the project. Excavation here just took 3 days - really only 2.5 days - as half a day was lost for replacing a worn out roller on the bobcat.
stoner27th 13 日 前
18:10 If you could swim 50 m butterfly style in around 30 seconds you deserve to have that pool. Beautiful. Who lives there? Michael Phelps' nieces?
Caden Stewart
Caden Stewart 11 日 前
Damn I’m at a 25 second 50 fly and I’d love to have this pool
Star Fighter
Star Fighter 13 日 前
Even if you were an Olympic swimmer you only have a few years competition. This is the type of pool a training center would have. And, talk about being committed. There isn't even enough space to let the dogs out in the backyard. This must be a swimming family. Or, tadpoles.
J R 13 日 前
Dogs seem ok with it.... check out B-Roll video - 16.30-18.10
Ducky 13 日 前
The Sisko
The Sisko 13 日 前
Corona shuts down public pools just put one in your back yard
itskyla 13 日 前
is it just me that wonders what their neighbors heard..? like how loud it was
Probably the worst day was Gunite - with the twin compressors running out front - it was fairly loud. Most of the other days like excavation were not too bad. When the bobcat was behind the house, it was actually hard to hear it from the street.
Eric McCutchen
Eric McCutchen 13 日 前
I see other pools 1:36
Jake Mains
Jake Mains 13 日 前
What does one do to be able to afford that?
Derek Cheung
Derek Cheung 14 日 前
Omg I need one in my backyard!!! Around where is this in Houston area?
Kevin Compise
Kevin Compise 14 日 前
How much
Slovakian Bear
Slovakian Bear 14 日 前
Looks great, nice work!
n 14 日 前
is hurricane harvey part of the steps? im trying to build a pool but cant seem to get a tropical cyclone to start
Namihiko 14 日 前
Did the little girl swim through a maze at 14:26, does this pool have a maze?!
Guess Who
Guess Who 7 日 前
I thought the same thing and was thinking that could turn into a bad situation but then later in the vid when they were showing the hot tub I realized it was just a wrap around.
Cedric 11 日 前
This was just the passage around the whirlpool
AYO FuturE
AYO FuturE 14 日 前
Now you starting too suggest real life king of the hill pool version Y T .😂😂
Charlie Labkovski
Is no body going to talk about that area in the pool that is like a secret tunnel that is the only way to make a pool
Hadley Young
Hadley Young 14 日 前
11:58-12:55 there are so many people!
Lalitha kumari Lalitha
Omg its so deeppp
BeNART-ist 14 日 前
Imagine trying to clean tree leaves out of this thing
henllomkwuthi ok
henllomkwuthi ok 14 日 前
that tunnel is where i’ll drown
Shaun Driscoll
Shaun Driscoll 14 日 前
What the heck ever happened to the rubber walkway around the pool. Like i know it had something to do with the hurricane but why did you change it?
jorge molina
jorge molina 14 日 前
I just had a pool built, my lap pool is only 27 ft long. 😂. I still love it.
Biscottilotti 14 日 前
Imagine their water bill and the mantinence so much work lol
Juan Carlo Vieri
Juan Carlo Vieri 15 日 前
that would be just 10 minutes in minecraft
v Shxdow
v Shxdow 10 日 前
Juan Carlo Vieri not even bro
E blair
E blair 15 日 前
is it me or do the Ts not look regulation distance... its a beaut of a pool tho
It’s an interesting observation - my parents thought the same thing - as the pool they swim at in their town has the lane markings terminating much closer to the wall. FINA spec is to terminate the marking 2 meters from the wall. “Minimum 10 inch (25 centimeter) wide lines of a dark contrasting color (preferably black) shall be provided in the middle of each racing lane on the bottom of the pool. The lines should be uninterrupted the length of the course and shall end with a distinctive cross line 1.0 meters (3 feet 4 inches) long and the same width as the bottom marker. The line, including the cross line, shall terminate 2.00 meters (6 feet 7 inches) from each end wall. /LSC/“ It turns out on 25 Yard pools, that T mark termination dimension drops to 5 foot, so it definitely will look tighter to the wall than the 6 foot 7” termination in a meter pool. Sharp eye!
Angy M.
Angy M. 15 日 前
This is such a good investment for a family that really enjoys swimming 👏👏
Julio Valencia
Julio Valencia 15 日 前
Wow amazing I can’t wait to do something similar to my home
svtan 15 日 前
me at 1 am:
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 15 日 前
Guy said he wanted to have the biggest pool in the state !🤣
Katie Grace
Katie Grace 15 日 前
If they would’ve just done a 20m sized pool they could still have a huge pool and would have a yard
LucidXotiic 22
LucidXotiic 22 15 日 前
They built this whole thing took them forever to plan it and make it happen for them to only use it to swim back and fourth?
Ramona Hopewell
Ramona Hopewell 15 日 前
Beautiful pool
Why removing so much grass ? A part from the house side, you just need a tiny sidewalk in case grass is dirty. There is almost none left ! I really like the pool tho
Mel Cp
Mel Cp 15 日 前
These kids are lucky lol
Maria Del Pilar Dejesus
Imagine building a pool. Just to get the whole neighborhood flooded 💀💀😭
Yktvjenny 10
Yktvjenny 10 15 日 前
Hard working Hispanics ✨
WatermelonWalter 6 時間 前
Bruh that comment has no value
Heather Jolly
Heather Jolly 15 日 前
This pool wins all the things
Senne Bours
Senne Bours 16 日 前
Why am I watching this at 2am on a Wednesday night?
Steph 16 日 前
The pool is great, but whoever is operating that dozer impressed me more
Abu El-Pip
Abu El-Pip 16 日 前
That hurricane really turned the entire neighbourhoood into one big pool heh. No but seriously, I've never this kind of pool being built in a backyard. Totally awesome.
Bob Simpsons
Bob Simpsons 16 日 前
Why is this is my recommendations?
Michael M
Michael M 16 日 前
This is the best video ever
Steve Brayne
Steve Brayne 16 日 前
Beautiful pool and well done overcoming the Hurricane. Strong family and a strong work force.🤜🤛
Jack Baldner
Jack Baldner 16 日 前
The people how build the pool: so how big do you want it? Owners: YES
xxxlaydiebugxxx 16 日 前
You know those kids are spoiled when they live in a giant house with a pool as big as the house in the backyard, and a trampoline on the side.
xxxlaydiebugxxx 12 日 前
@Bernard Garrett I wasn't trying to be "attractive" I dont care, and I was just saying you know they're spoiled when the have that mutch stuff I wasn't calling anyone a spoiled brats or anything like that like damn
Bernard Garrett
Bernard Garrett 12 日 前
Jealousy is so unattractive. Be happy for the owners to be able to fulfil their wishes. Negativity is bad for your Karma
xxxlaydiebugxxx 16 日 前
Ohh wait and i forgot to add the living room connected to the pool
WillN2Go1 16 日 前
Terrific video. Great crew. One thing I noticed is that no one ever stood around doing nothing. The butterfly stroke? This ain't no vanity pool. Well done. The seating area. I don't know if recessed is a good idea. Ask a life guard what they look for. What do they say to the kid who's slapping water and shrieking "I'm drowning!" "Shut-up or get out of the pool." (If you're shouting you can't be drowning). Why do they sit up so high? It's because the person who is drowning is quietly at the bottom of the pool. So adults sitting around, kids splashing? You want to be able to see into the bottom of the pool. This is of course general discussion, not about your beautiful pool. I was once at a family party, dozens of people crowded around a pool. A ditzy grandma was supposed to be watching a little girl playing near the pool. I thought, well, I'm not doing anything, I'll keep an eye on the little kid. She went into the water behind a big planter. A guy in the band on the other side of the pool spotted her first.
Abraham Merin
Abraham Merin 16 日 前
Best pool ever
Alfie Karip
Alfie Karip 16 日 前
No pool lights??
Robert Snekser
Robert Snekser 16 日 前
that neighborhood has zero flavor
Adam Friday
Adam Friday 16 日 前
“25 Meter short course pool” lol short course is in yards, 25 yards is standard short course, 50 meters is standard Olympic/long course
Pool is FINA spec.... though just two lanes....
Emily Boyer
Emily Boyer 16 日 前
I want this so bad it is so well built and cool u have nearly everything u could want in it
Chloe Hoffert
Chloe Hoffert 16 日 前
Mowing the lawn should be no problem now.
Yoyostorm23 16 日 前
Those indian guys do this with a stick and a bucket
Arvilė Daveikaitė
Put the stick in the bucket boom a pool for ur stick
Space Mob
Space Mob 16 日 前
Surely the kids or someone is a swimmer, or else the 25m pool is kinda worthless
TheMrmoc7 16 日 前
Uncle Sam is smiling because taxes just went up by A LOT.
Mia Enns
Mia Enns 16 日 前
After having done all that, and then for a hurricane to come and flood everything! Hope the property damage wasn’t too devastating
Beast from the East
Too big and too close to the house. Good luck trying to sell that property
Sekrit Dokumint
Sekrit Dokumint 16 日 前
@Beast from the East and so what? Stop bragging what you know and what you dont. Nobody gives a shit. What matters is that its a sweet pool and they seem happy about and for sure dont care about some cunt that thinks he knows better whats good for them and what they should done
kaitlyn 16 日 前
Beast from the East I would buy it so 👋🏻
Beast from the East
Patrick Kincannon nope, I just know real estate and I know what buyers look for. Homes with pools attracts a small group of buyers and you never get a return on your pool investment so it’s face value of what you paid for the pool and that’s at best. Most of the time you take a loss. Also, that clip with a hurricane just proved of what I was saying, it’s too big and too close to the house.
Patrick Kincannon
You're just jealous lol
Quantum Energy Solutions
I was expecting a Lap pool as in a water treadmill! LoL Thats a big pool for serious swimmers!
Quantum Energy Solutions
@Space Mob lol sure if they have enough money and room!
Space Mob
Space Mob 16 日 前
Umm lmao no that’s for regular swimmers, a 50m pool is what serious swimmers have
Bob 16 日 前
Well I mean it's not a 50m Olympic pool
Quantum Energy Solutions
They could loop it around the house! lol
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