LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life

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LaMelo Ball has seen half the planet, but he'll always stay true to his roots in Chino Hills, California. We spent a day at the STUNNING Big Baller Brand Estate in the hills with LaMelo and LaVar for his SLAM Magazine cover shoot.
Christmas Day with the Ball Family ➡️ jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-bBrHcsxSirw.html
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LaMelo Ball Is Paving His Own Wave 🌊 LEAGUE HIM | SLAM Day in the Life





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Will White
Will White 3 日 前
Imma need those instrumentals!
XxRamaster Xx
XxRamaster Xx 22 日 前
Lamelo look wayyy cooler when he had his old hair
Joseph Fraire
Joseph Fraire 27 日 前
SLAM HOW THE FUCK YOU GOING TO HAVE ZION NAME IN LITTLE ASS FONT WTF LOL! Dayum if Zion could handle the ball like melo and shoot like curry That be a fucking insane player The future is not melo Is good as fuck But Zion is like 10 Melos combine size wise ahah!!!
Joseph Fraire
Joseph Fraire 27 日 前
Melo ball running the show boutta turn pro, goin against his older bro. Who is Zo. Melo going to ball him up blind fold ! Drivein In on him like he in his Benzito With all da hoes, his shot is like fucked up ART, clean tho while I sit back an smoke This dro n wonder what team he goin pro for! #triplebs #BBB
Uncle West
Uncle West 18 時間 前
I fuxs wit lavar he the truth
miszeldmx 日 前
music title?
Born2Win 日 前
Lavar absolutely on point with his advice!
Manny T.M.T
Manny T.M.T 日 前
Day life with a dumbass
Call Me Vacay
Lavar the OG.
Dee Prits
Dee Prits 日 前
Melo is good but he was taught to play like James harden plays before James harden started playing like not...not style of play but tha mental...he ballhogs too much that shit becomes team draining which ends up in loses
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 日 前
What I’ll never understand about Lamelo is unlike Lonzo, as he gets older his speech and vocabulary gets less and less proper. Melo went from talking like a normal Orange County California bred kid to talking like he wish he was 21 Savage from the hood of ATL when he was born and raised in the most safest bubble of Orange County possible
Mape 3 日 前
The only thought i had throughout this whole video is: “He dont run it”
Shakam RaishLahab
Half breeds look weird to me now
Shakam RaishLahab
Why do he look gay
NoX A7XO 3 日 前
What's that dance at 3:07
Curtis Wood
Curtis Wood 3 日 前
I got a question..... how u pave a wave?
B Neck
B Neck 6 日 前
Dude hit the dougie 😂
Alvin Melancon
Alvin Melancon 7 日 前
The holidays got them beat
Aurora Vargas
Aurora Vargas 7 日 前
Whats that dance call at 3:03
MrClipperTV 7 日 前
How does he brush those teeth Though and does he ever breathe through his nose?
Chi-Un 7 日 前
He has matured a lot for sure
The future basketball 🏀🏀
da.gr8.508 8 日 前
Possibly the future " 🐐" of the NBA
M2Waves 9 日 前
I reckon JJ is definitely under appreciated by the media. Like yeah you mature as you age, but Melo’s maturity has had a massive change since meeting JJ
TG KingX
TG KingX 9 日 前
5:33 - 5:36 Looked Cool To me
mmmikeru83 9 日 前
Lavar selfmade kan talk all he want because he really on his grind!
Philip Jewel
Philip Jewel 9 日 前
Melo low key been the hypest of all of them since he came on the scene. 14 year old starting pg on California state championship team. His dads clown moves made him less appealing. He is gonna be a top 10 pick.
Derishea Jones
Derishea Jones 9 日 前
City girls was playing in the back
Bear Bandz
Bear Bandz 10 日 前
Love his game, but wtf do all of em shoot like that🤔......... seriously, lavar's kno it all ass couldn't see they shot looks CRAZY?
Vanessa Cullars
Vanessa Cullars 10 日 前
I can't wait to see this young man in the NBA
fpsfreak 10 日 前
He should join the globetrotters.perfect fit
BJ Golden
BJ Golden 11 日 前
Yeah he pushing his kids to make millions so he can take it for himself. Here it is he is pushing his kids to make it. And when one does and loses 1.5 million he acts like its nothing. Pathetic.
Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer 11 日 前
Lonzo havent done shit. Gelo is trash didnt even make.nba. lol
Toxic dmo
Toxic dmo 13 日 前
@SLAM what’s the instrumentals for the vid?
A T 13 日 前
He's not gonna make the league shooting like that you can't do that with the big dogs
Love how he’s training to city girls😂🥰
Kali Pooh
Kali Pooh 13 日 前
NaturallyChankline why?..he want date one 🤷🏾‍♂️
A Soul
A Soul 15 日 前
The Balls are like the male kardashians who have less talent and that says a lot 🤷🏿‍♂️
Nicole Hagopian
Nicole Hagopian 15 日 前
Landlord look like a light skin pretty boy Fraddo
Micheal Hebert
Micheal Hebert 15 日 前
Flashing the devils horm looks like a puppet
baileythedoggo 15 日 前
Melo be hooping in nz
Matthew Lothrop
Matthew Lothrop 15 日 前
Why does he look like Blueface
belen garcia
belen garcia 16 日 前
sometimes i feel like jiggy izzy is better than melo but still love melo
Vans 16 日 前
vivahernando1 16 日 前
Can’t wait till bro traded to Memphis or some buster squad
Melvin Mansoor
Melvin Mansoor 16 日 前
Honestly Melo is gonna be a force in the NBA. He just needs to get more muscular. Gelo is like Marc Gasol I think. Lonzo is great, don’t trade him. He’s a genius on the court.
Fee Skinner
Fee Skinner 16 日 前
Kannan Chock
Kannan Chock 16 日 前
Lol, only Lonzo has made money by being in NBA, the rest of this family just sold hype and living it up, bravo Lavaar, bravo
David Coiman
David Coiman 16 日 前
Can we stop giving the Ball Family coverage? Minus Lonzo, who will be coming off the bench soon for the rest of his career, the other ones will never make it to the leauge.
кяαкєиzιи †
cade a legenda carai, to entendendo nada kkkkj
hushg2000 17 日 前
Is this the older brother from Blackish? He’s funny
ItzCaedyn 17 日 前
He got so much more mature
Tre Napier
Tre Napier 17 日 前
This kid is gonna go in the 1st round...
Jennie RedRose
Jennie RedRose 17 日 前
Somebody help me out with why he said don't purchase a pool table that has embroidery on it.
TheBot999 17 日 前
What’s tha song
lawdy_lawd 17 日 前
He going to the NBA it’s going to take some time
B. C.
B. C. 18 日 前
LaVar is the reason the government wanted to destroy Black families with Crack in the '80s. LaVar is a strong-willed, smart, tough and loving father. He's opinionated, brash and cannot be controlled or manipulated. The Government said 1 Muhammad Ali is enough. Meaning they worried a whole legion of "militant, educated black fathers" would rise up to challenge the establishment. So, they set them back a few generations by adding a drug in their backyard that will get them locked up for selling, killed or an addict. And changed the laws 2 times to make it more penal for possession of said drug. And unlike Heroin where Ohio AG Mike DeWine said a few years ago, "We can't arrest our way out of this", they sure did for 3 decades with Blacks and Crack. But since 82% of Heroin users are white, well....that's a topic for another day. "Crack" because it fractured or cracked the Black family to pieces. I don't agree with everything LaVar says, but he's a proud Black father and he loves his boys and always has their backs. There are 10's of thousands of black boys running around, aimlessly with no father in large part because of the collateral damage the "War on Blacks...I mean Drugs" caused.
Garvel St.Fleur
Garvel St.Fleur 18 日 前
Dude looks like Michael Porter jr
Shantal Solano
Shantal Solano 18 日 前
He looks like a show off person
metalnitro99 18 日 前
3:31 My man was like "pass first??? U crazy" lmao
Pinto Bros
Pinto Bros 18 日 前
What was the instrumental in the beghining 😭😭
Razor Sharp
Razor Sharp 18 日 前
How many voice cracks in this video?
StarrySyn 18 日 前
Julian Newman's dad and melos dad are opposite
Jordyn Thompson
Jordyn Thompson 18 日 前
Was that poop stains or what ?🤣🤣1:37 - 1:38
Joe Duckett
Joe Duckett 18 日 前
Lavar needs to stop fucking his sons careers. He already fucked BBB trusting morons like himself. That mansion was bought by Lonzo, and why is his wife never around anymore. Stfu about being a black man that raised all-stars. First all you mooch off your wife funds sense your sons with born. Second your sons talent isn't yours. Get over your dumb black ass. Loser.
antonio villa
antonio villa 18 日 前
You wanted to go back to school you’re dad didnt want you to leave but Alan talked to him
.Lese. 19 日 前
How tf did Lavar got all his cash?!
H.Cruzz10 18 日 前
From his kids
Rashad West
Rashad West 19 日 前
Melo is so fucking funny like it’s so hard for me to take him serious because he stay doing goofy ass shit
WhoISangelTV 19 日 前
I like how everybody used to hate lavar ball know he’s everyone’s favorite now that we met Julian Newman’s dad
Mental Vizionz
Mental Vizionz 19 日 前
Thomas Hunter
Thomas Hunter 19 日 前
Lamelo has such good personal skills now, his confidence has grown so much.
YD 069
YD 069 19 日 前
My nigga white white
Adonis 19 日 前
Who cares!!
Lebron James
Lebron James 19 日 前
Looks just like lonzo game..I'm just curious about gelo🤔
Razor Sharp
Razor Sharp 18 日 前
Gelo career is ruined
Brimson 19 日 前
melo definitely has matured over the years, seeing him now compared to chino hills days, the difference is night and day you can hate lavar all you want, but you gotta respect what hes done over the years💯💯💯
Carmen Baez
Carmen Baez 19 日 前
That funky shot form lol
jeff raborg
jeff raborg 19 日 前
Lips so big he could suck start a Cadillac
Fuck You
Fuck You 19 日 前
Word they like rotties that’s dope I love rots. They’re one of the best dog breeds! And Im rootin for Melo to make it. I think he could be the best of the three. Save the best for last.
Javier Herrera
Javier Herrera 19 日 前
Why is this shit in my recommend I don’t even like basketball
Need to put on more muscle
Ethan Crawford
Ethan Crawford 19 日 前
Lavar is low key speaking facts from 0:54-1:22. Not saying he actually follows that, but it’s facts
gloryboyreece 19 日 前
For the first few seconds lavar sounded like badlands chugs
Brandon Hensel
Brandon Hensel 19 日 前
i do feel like he fucked it up for gelo and melo as far as college and NBA goes but you cant deny what he did for those boys he single handedly brought them to superstardom
Kailan Wu
Kailan Wu 19 日 前
3:08 what dance move was that?
DrPommels 19 日 前
Lavar has F'ed up Melo's career completely.
Brett Young
Brett Young 18 日 前
He’s like 17 bro relax
Sicarii 19 日 前
Why are their jumpers all mashed? Hereditary? Lol
Jitro Kurt Batiforra
Lamelo Ball One of the Greatest Season of the Country
550 20 日 前
FrezzyG10 20 日 前
I can’t beaucse I have the worst team in my school and there not slowing me to move up so I might quit playing basketball
Big M Liye
Big M Liye 20 日 前
Go subscribe to my JPvid channel ima subscribe back to yours
Chasing Goats
Chasing Goats 20 日 前
Sounds like a very materialistic family.
H.Cruzz10 18 日 前
That’s what happens when you got money
Globoyy Luis
Globoyy Luis 20 日 前
Did anybody peep the song he was practicing too 😂😂
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 20 日 前
Great piece gentlemen.
Myk V
Myk V 20 日 前
Julian Newman’s pops make Lavar look good lol
K Jeezy
K Jeezy 20 日 前
Melo still allergic to the weight room ?
Patryk The Grandson Of Vivaldi
Whats that beat at 1:22 called? Pls i really need that
Pinto Bros
Pinto Bros 18 日 前
Patryk The Grandson Of Vivaldi have you found it yet bro?
Bryce Hill
Bryce Hill 20 日 前
That assist at 5:44 was cold as fuck
Vially Naisuu
Vially Naisuu 20 日 前
Like it or not lavar ball is a great father
I really hope Melo makes it to the NBA. That being said, “paving his own wave” is about the dumbest phrase I’ve ever heard
Sempre 20 日 前
He a great dad (.)
Johnny Lozano
Johnny Lozano 20 日 前
He looks like a discounted drakes
bellotialex 20 日 前
Rich bitch
Mark Fuentes
Mark Fuentes 20 日 前
It's "paving his own way" not "wave"
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