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Influenced by Dexerto - After years of telling everyone he is 6 foot tall, KSI found himself ambushed by fans at a Walmart who brought a tape measure to find Olajide's true measurements!

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Iqiyi 1
Iqiyi 1 4 日 前
KSI is really chill in person. Usually he kinda irritated and bit mad in this subjects. But he still treats his fans and his loyal redditors
Sky-hector 2 日 前
5 10 right bc of has shoes
Jhon Morale
Jhon Morale 3 日 前
Hey guys remember when he got knocked out👊👊👊💯💯💯💯
intruder 3 日 前
@Havoc LMCO "chill"
intruder 3 日 前
@Sulfur hexoflouride
Havoc LMCO
Havoc LMCO 3 日 前
Tbf his fans are also chill they’re not going up to him and saying things like “oMg cAn i GeT aN aUtoGraPh 😩” and acting like he’s the best thing in the world
THATdude 日 前
Everytime I see a video of him in public the more respect I get for him, he is always super nice to his fans and stays humble.
W 5 時間 前
Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content 💝
SpiritCODM 3 日 前
You could definitely tell KSI was trying to keep his cool likes there’s a kid touching his head without permission 😂
Tram pedo
Tram pedo 16 時間 前
He said “what we saying” asking how tall it said he was so it sounds like he was fine with it
Ezana 日 前
yeah bro it's honestly hard to say anything with all the yelling fans everywhere
Jorden 日 前
FunkyHeating 日 前
ultimate saiyan
510 likes no replies let me fix that
SpikeyBubblez 3 日 前
it’s really wholesome that he’s actually having fun with his fanbase instead of being like “security” and running off
@marsfishh i mean, yeah. i find it cool that he was laughing with them though
Puljz 2 日 前
Thats why x is dead
marsfishh 2 日 前
But I mean, you can’t blame those that do, it must be scary to have a mob of people after you
Zeteban 4 日 前
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
Atomix 2 日 前
He's wholesome around his fans
Shaf_M013 日 前
Bruh he keeps his cool so well. If just about anyone else was in his position they would get overwhelmed really quickly. Let him be 6 ft.
CoDM Dragon
CoDM Dragon 4 日 前
Just let him be 6 ft he’ll never have that experience
CoDM Dragon
CoDM Dragon 3 時間 前
@splinkzz I’m 6,3”
Eho 9 時間 前
@D D You are kidding, right?
Mars 日 前
He can just tippy toe and he will know how it is Lmao
Ganja Sleeper
@Mew cause jack hanma
Arthur morgan
@Black ninja 2.0 u are the bozo
Piyush 4 日 前
He handles fame really well. If I was in that position, I’d probably be annoyed or overwhelmed
UnderTale 770
@Eljunior true but he still has a right to privacy just because he’s popular. Him being popular shouldn’t excuse people’s actions towards him.
Broed bOEf
Broed bOEf 日 前
@Kolby if you are famous you shouldn’t get annoyed since things like this come with being famous, shouldn’t have become famous if you got annoyed by things like this
Eljunior 日 前
@UnderTale 770 cause he decided to make videos,show his face,etc.
UnderTale 770
@Eljunior why?
Mabel 3 日 前
Fame? Social media is fame now?
300 subbs for my brother
We gotta appreciate the work these creators put to entertain us 💕💕
lol 3 日 前
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
Aaa 2 日 前
@kiricapp its Mr beast pfp they just using it and commenting everywhere to get subs
S 3 日 前
@kiricapp and what does that mean lol?
kiricapp 3 日 前
wtf you guys got the same pfp
S 3 日 前
Ye that's true
Leandro Labajos
Leandro Labajos 21 時間 前
Just want to say thank you for always bringing great content
Fatima Piña
Fatima Piña 3 日 前
I like how he’s calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol❤️❤️❤️
Jedilordlog 4 日 前
As someone who’s apart of the over 6 foot community we accept KSI as a member
𓀐𓂸 19 時間 前
@Jedilordlog oh damn, im 5’11 :(
Jedilordlog 20 時間 前
@𓀐𓂸 Nah im 6'2
Nils Teegen
Nils Teegen 23 時間 前
@Jay L well it's definitely not very tall
I Love Llamas
As a representative of the under 6 foot community, you can have him
𓀐𓂸 日 前
Yall lying about ur height lmao
I used to not like KSI but now he's one of my favorites. I really like how much fun he has with people and he seems very chill and friendly.
i cant think of a good name so
Im not a fan of him but i gotta respect the way he is so chill being horded by people like that
Bribe 3 日 前
He handles fame really well. If I was in that position, I’d probably be annoyed or overwhelmed
Thecardiaz BR
Thecardiaz BR 3 日 前
This comment was copied from Piyush. (12 Hours ago)
I'm just glad he's really chill and nice about it.
Victor Escobar
Victor Escobar 3 日 前
They say you’re taller in the morning than in the afternoon so depending on the time he could actually be 6 foot in the morning
MrExFree 10 時間 前
I love how he laughs with the group of fans like they’ve been friends for life. Love that he ain’t like washed up Bella Thorne. Just a complete asshole to everyone. He makes everyone feel like they have a friend
Lalzidinga Fanai
Lalzidinga Fanai 20 時間 前
i love this guy. he is so funny respect man
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 日 前
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
King Panda
King Panda 12 時間 前
I love how he’s so chill with them😂 like he jus starts dying laughing. Like most celebs would get pissed an try fighting them
liouy cnny
liouy cnny 2 日 前
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
Tsuki no Otaku
Tsuki no Otaku 11 時間 前
I wouldn't have blamed him for being q little mad there Being surrounded and touched like that is uncomfortable But he was really chill instead
shani yan
shani yan 2 日 前
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
Kylle Lopez
Kylle Lopez 4 日 前
If you're watching JJ you already know that JJ is 5'11, come on man We already know that months ago
-[Naomi] 💦 H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
Hui 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
I like how he's calm and happy even if he got ambushed lol
I love to comment on videos
I think he is little bit taller than 5'11" but not 6' , so technically we can call him 6' tall.
WeXeR GAMING 21 時間 前
Can we just Appreciate That these shorts saves our boredom
TripléLèe 日 前
Im still imagine did the guy who brings the tap measure carry it every day whenever he go outside.
sub 3 日 前
Great video!! Keep up the great work
Stop Phishing
Stop Phishing 12 時間 前
Him: it’s just an inch Fans/ that’s a lot Kid named Alex: 😏
420Tobi 11 時間 前
He casually gets ambushed with a tape measure hes cool and angry...his normal thing
Jensen Raylight
Jensen Raylight 11 時間 前
Height is something you can't control. can you judge someone intelligent, skills, power, personality from he height alone? Of course not. Just because someone is shorter, doesn't mean he is less valuable and less capable than you. And just because you are taller than someone, it doesn't make you somehow become a winner in life
Dustin Collins
Dustin Collins 3 日 前
On tape measures always burn the first inch or you'll be half an inch or so short of the actual measurement, always start at the 1 when possible.
J A 6 時間 前
Everyone knows that 5’11 is really just 6 foot🤷🏼‍♂️
Bruh 4 日 前
Wow I like how he is so chill
Boogieboo22 official
I love how he laughs instead of being mad
ơɱɛɠą 5 時間 前
Bro he's not lying he just don't want to expose his true height.
ZakeDaCake 4 日 前
not only was there no way that they held it straight off the ground (since it was one person holding both sides of the tape measurer) but also they lifted the tape measurer off of the ground
Billie 日 前
I think we all know jj was never six foot ….it was just a running joke we all had and even he himself knew deep down we all knew he wasn’t.
Abyss66 9 時間 前
He was surprisingly chill about it 😂
KeytonH ツ
KeytonH ツ 日 前
All tape measures measure different, I know it sounds crazy but it’s true my dad works construction and we all have to have to have the same brand or we will have an unbalanced measurement and mess everything up we all have deWalt Edit:I gotchu ksi
Not a fan of ksi but he's 10/10 personality for being that chill..
Fr4gs 3 日 前
He hasn’t been saying he is 6 foot for years he confirmed he was 5’11 like a year ago
Jay Hay 1337
Jay Hay 1337 4 日 前
He admitted it ages ago that he was 5’11
rdd2 s
rdd2 s 2 日 前
He’s standing taller than 72 inches in the video though
Maddy Vladdy
Maddy Vladdy 3 日 前
my brain autocorrected it into. KSI HAS BEEN LYING, HE IS NOT ACTUALLY BLACK.
Arty 2 日 前
5'11", but we'll give him the extra inch for being a legend
Robloxia gamer
Robloxia gamer 2 日 前
if hes 6 feet or 5"11 feet who cares it doesnt change him in any way.
Get this Shrimp 1k subs?
> gets ambushed by strangers wielding measuring tapes > starts laughing uncontrollably
Zerø 4 日 前
I love how the dude literally pulled out a measuring tape
Amy unknown
Amy unknown 日 前
Hes literally admitted hes not 6ft multiple times
Avigyan Chakravarty
Sure he took it well. It's KSI after all. But what his fans did was quite disrespectful according. I wouldn't at all judge KSI if he wasn't so calm about the situation.
nightmare4L 4 日 前
Bro this is super rude, BUT HILARIOUS OMG
CZ Texan
CZ Texan 日 前
@Miroplay7 If JJ and Logan were so worried about the virus, they wouldn’t have made a fan greet in the middle of Walmart and they would have work masks, which they aren’t
Eljunior 2 日 前
@nightmare4L yes, but he decided to be famous
nightmare4L 2 日 前
@Eljunior so a swarm of people around a celebrity, not minding his space isn't rude?
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 3 日 前
@Miroplay7 america that's why
Among us 📮
Among us 📮 3 日 前
shut up among us is better
Candy Ralte
Candy Ralte 3 日 前
Are we gonna ignore the fact that they literally ambush him😃
Benito E.
Benito E. 3 日 前
they're promoting their drink
Your Vayee
Your Vayee 日 前
He really be like bringing 5 body guard just to chill and watch him and his fans having fun 😭😂😂 I love the way he accept them checking on his height 😂
Saarah 2 日 前
it's not a mistake ✨IT'S A MASTERPIECE ✨
Royal Legend
Royal Legend 3 日 前
I gotta say KFS is One of the Famus Persons who treats there Fans Accuntly Good He didn't even puch them or Yelled at them
Tj Palmer
Tj Palmer 3 日 前
Yo, are you trolling me right now? What is happening? Is this how you really are…in real life?
Hrudh D
Hrudh D 日 前
Ksi admitted months before in his video that he is 5'11. He ain't lyin its just banter.
Leo Wardlaw
Leo Wardlaw 2 日 前
I wish I saw KSI in person
Orden 2 日 前
Bro watched his life flash before his eyes when he whooped out the tape measurement
funny vids Page
funny vids Page 4 日 前
Tape measures aren't really accurate though feet on the ground are different than going upwards
Ninja890 4 日 前
I love how they were getting shoved around and he thinks it’s accurate
10th letter
10th letter 日 前
@FUCKLEXFITNESS Fucklexfitness the tape measure was in front of him close to the camera. Skewing your results
FoxyGamer xdYT
FoxyGamer xdYT 2 日 前
@FUCKLEXFITNESS Fucklexfitness yeah that's why when I measure my height i take off my shoes
It is, with shoes you're like an inch and a half taller and even with the shoes he was still 5'11 hes 5'10 or at least still 5'11.
blakevannest 4 日 前
I always say I’m 6’1 just in case the tape measure lies 😂
Malzi_ 8 時間 前
The fan just wiped out a tape measure and no one questioned it
FUGG3D 4 日 前
Lmao they really brought a tape measure in person. That is so out of pocket.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips 3 日 前
Everyone knows he's not 6ft tall. No need to make a big deal out of this.
Abdullah Younus
Abdullah Younus 3 日 前
I like how he didn't get mad about it.
Matthew Croaby
Matthew Croaby 3 日 前
As a contractor I can say not all tape measures read the same so you can’t go off just one tape measure should of had two or three
andropov neveyevich
andropov neveyevich 13 時間 前
The tape at the end said 71" and it looks like they might be an inch low due to the chaos so it looks like he's 72" tall which is 6ft for the metric users.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 3 日 前
I love how he literally used the clip where in that one video he finally revealed his true height and instead just used someones video
abxjd 3 日 前
I love how he literally used the clip where in that one video he finally revealed his true height and instead just used someones video
He already admitted a while ago that he was 5'11
Lil X
Lil X 4 日 前
Actually i feel like he is around 5'10 or 5'10 and half back in 2019 i met him at a bar and i asked him how was his day and took a pic im 6'0 and when he stood up to take a pic he was at like my ears so maybe he is just 5'10 not 5'11 or 6'0 its 5'10 but hey JJ don't get sad thats already tall for a male
Cuberious 4 日 前
Do you still have the picture?
Wakasa the white leopard imaushi
we knew this for ages 😂😂 he’s already admitted it multiple times just americans being late to the joke i’m kidding that was a joke
Xander Ridley
Xander Ridley 9 時間 前
I think he is actually six foot his back was bent when they measured
_Teddie Bear_109
I love this cos I saw the "has ski been lying this whole time" and instead of doing something bad and saying like hes done something wrong ifs just his height and it's so damm funny
Optic Expert5348
Someone brings a gun to a store Ksi: meh ok Someone bring tape measure: AYO
azzan saleem
azzan saleem 4 日 前
Hes already said he’s not 6 ft so idk what they’re trying to prove
XxFaZe BruhxX
XxFaZe BruhxX 2 日 前
how does he go from 6 to 5.11 wtf
nicholas white
nicholas white 4 日 前
It’s sad that ppl care this much, so many ppl lie and it’s not that deep
GamingThisEra 2 日 前
I respect for handling that pretty well
Lukas Demo
Lukas Demo 9 時間 前
"It's not a mistake",✨IT'S A MASTERPICE
Brendan Shahan
Brendan Shahan 2 時間 前
He's already admitted being 5'11
Erik V.k
Erik V.k 4 日 前
He publicly admitted that he was 5'11 like a year ago Lmao
Callum Hall
Callum Hall 日 前
He’s already admitted he’s 5”11 tho
Shakeel Rahman
Why did i hear that as “I’m KSI been lying this whole time” 😂😂
IdealKia 4 日 前
He's admitted that he is not clout chasing to the max
BitterChip1407 18 時間 前
It's all fun and games until someone pulls out a tape measurer
Marc Pdm
Marc Pdm 日 前
He literally admitted he’s 5,10
Andy Andeeee
Andy Andeeee 4 日 前
You are taller when you first wake up due to all your joints decompressing during sleep
Ntsako 日 前
So the key is to take a nap before every date .
Megan Hubert
Megan Hubert 3 日 前
LOL what????
Zeromii 3 日 前
@Max I can attest to that feeling for sure.
Max 3 日 前
@Zeromii I lost my last 3 brain cells trying to read this thread and had a stroke to go with it
Zeromii 3 日 前
This is one of those comments threads that you just makes you constantly think "What in the flying fuck is going on here, Is this what hell feels like?" with how all over the place it is but so few comments.
rofail jobrael
rofail jobrael 18 時間 前
He’s already admitted that he’s 5’11
RoCaBa 日 前
I mean... He went the extra "mile"
-- 日 前
the amount of people just swarming him must suck lmfao
Laje 日 前
Hes admitted to being 5'11 a long time ago its nothing new
Hash Slinging Slabber
Hash Slinging Slabber 12 時間 前
Why are like half the comments “I like that he’s calm and happy even with being ambushed”
meat cantaloupe
meat cantaloupe 4 日 前
He admitted like a year ago that he was 5'11
Matu GamesYY
Matu GamesYY 日 前
C'mon we all know 5'11 is basically 6'0, but 6'0 is just awkward, so he's really 6'1, but 6'1 is a prime number, so he gotta be 6'2, but the shoes always gives you an extra inch, so he's actually 6'3, but you're always an inch taller in the mornings, so he's really 6'4, also you can't really set the measuring tape straight making it show you 1 inch smaller so he's actually 6'5, but c'mon he's 6'6 to get the double number
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