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“Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary takes a look at how real estate investor and JPvid star Graham Stephan handles his money. The 30-year-old earned more than $1.6 million last year and saved about 99% of it.
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Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money









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CNBC Make It.
CNBC Make It. 8 日 前
Will Kevin smash the like button on Graham’s finances? Let us know what you think below.
Kamilla Style
Kamilla Style 2 日 前
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Bystronicman08 3 日 前
Stop begging for likes. It's pathetic.
Riki Rikin kanayin
And he never said he didnt buy quality gucci LV prada is nothing but over priced crap and no one is asking his oponiion what he likes because again hes old and bald i dont wanna look old and bald....
harvey sp
harvey sp 3 日 前
harvey sp
harvey sp 3 日 前
Don’t forget that this kid is a midget
Jake Piper
Jake Piper 10 時間 前
8.234 lol very specific but alright (X
sanjuansteve 11 時間 前
I propose a reality TV show called #SixDegreesConnected (SDC) that’s basically Shark Tank but without the pompous panel of investors from several different industries. Instead, it’s about people using social media to actively participate in getting an invention to the absolute perfect person in the world for that idea to be connected to, six degrees of separation (Kevin Bacon) style. Perhaps Kevin Bacon would even be interested in being involved with the obvious connection and positive, inventive nature of the show. SDC would have a Tosh.0 type of green screen set with invention ideas shown by video and/or on set. The inventors will have the people, groups, companies, etc. that he/she thinks would be the ideal connection to make their idea a success and the TV audience will start from there. The audience participation social connections that it took to get to that final connection could all (six degrees max) have a stake in the enterprise and/or other benefits to encourage participation on a viral level sometimes even making the connections live during a show. What do you think?
sanjuansteve 11 時間 前
EatTheRich #BillionairesAreWorthless #PitchforksAndTorches #EqualityMovement #EmpathyRevolution Pandemics, market crashes, etc show us just how stupid capitalism (with all of the inequalities it empowers) really is. This crisis would be much, much easier if we all had universal healthcare, tuition free education, internet for all and a UBI. It would be easier still if we all had home, business and covered parking rooftop solar arrays, electric vehicles, indoor, outdoor and vertical food gardens in every home, business, school, grocery store, restaurant, public park and land, etc and if more of us studied and worked remotely from home. Let’s STOP TRYING TO SAVE CORPORATIONS AND SMALL BUSINESSES with selective bailouts and instead simply put capitalism on hold (mortgages and loans, rent, interest, dividends, late fees, utilities, etc), launch universal healthcare, a UBI, universal education and internet for all! #NoCorporateBailoutsRequired #TooFarLeft Education is a good investment from an individual, family, community or national perspective and tuition free education will reduce the burden from the root on our medical expenses too for example. Healthcare for all is actually CHEAPER with the insurance industry off of the table along with most of the time lost due to billing among many other reasons. A universal basic income (UBI) is CHEAPER than all of the thousands of individual federal, state and local social safety net programs including things like Social Security and unemployment insurance, etc with all of their budgets, overhead expenses and inefficiencies eliminating the humiliating need for people to lose time to prove their poverty to qualify for aid. Internet for all is a great and necessary investment to give everyone the opportunity to study, search for work, work remotely, etc online. Solar power is CHEAPER and electric vehicles are soon to be CHEAPER to make and already are considerably CHEAPER to maintain and operate, especially if charged from your own solar power. What do you think will happen to crime rates, peace and equality in general after we launch universal healthcare, a universal basic income, universal education and internet for all, raising the starting point of capitalism from zero, we'll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale and freeing us to welcome the automation revolution with open arms rather than with fear and great harm? 😃 #EqualityMovement Call me overly positive, but I think we’re leaving the era of ‘greed is good’ and celebrating wealth and entering an #EraOfAltruism and equality. Let’s #AutomateEverything and #SkipToAbundance.
Trinder3467 11 時間 前
How do you guys meet girls? I have a hard time with approaching. I would like some answers on this. Thank you
Unamed Person
Unamed Person 11 時間 前
SMASH the like button for the JPvid algorithm!
Vlado Bokan
Vlado Bokan 12 時間 前
Hopefully this guy tips good.....i know tipping cant save him money lol
Just S
Just S 12 時間 前
i hate mr wonderful a lot for some reason
BwsHD 12 時間 前
350 on food wtf..
eishstudentbudget blog
I really enjoyed this!
Trinder3467 12 時間 前
I still don’t believe he’s a millionaire. Why would anyone display that, unless he sold books or programs. Common
barthj21 13 時間 前
All the people thumbs down are children
Brian Chandler
Brian Chandler 13 時間 前
The green screen work with Mr Wonderful is f'ing atrocious. How does a media outlet like CNBC not have someone better than Ray Charles' 6 year old nephew to do the AV work?
Kevin says a car isn't necessary, and I get that. You can call an Uber honestly, or hire a limousine service, whatever. But as a car guy, if I were rich like this, I'd have some cars. It will be my treat to myself. It'll hurt looking at the bills associated with them, but I enjoy driving and looking at cars way too much to not indulge in that market. To me cars are more than just an appliance for transportation, they can be rolling works of art.
Erwin 14 時間 前
220 for gym a month is ridiculous & 350 for food a month can't be enough
PBMS123 14 時間 前
4:00 College is tertiary education Kevin. Secondary school/education is high school.
Cassie 14 時間 前
His mortgage is more than I make in a month... yea ok “living cheap”
KYB 15 時間 前
Waste so much money to live in a dumb county
Dil Sims
Dil Sims 15 時間 前
£220 at the gym made me laugh
Anthonys Republic
Anthonys Republic 17 時間 前
I thought he got arrested for drunk driving cause he killed a guy in a boat , how is he still on youtube?
Bad 17 時間 前
I hate Graham because he is living the life I wish I was but he still has a lot of my respect
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 18 時間 前
CNBC please get a better green screen
Kush Patel
Kush Patel 18 時間 前
Or learn to key better
akaNudr 18 時間 前
turned on subtitles and all it said was “Broke Broke Broke Broke, get a job, get off youtube broke”, never been more hurt
bimbogiallo 19 時間 前
How can the mortgage for both units be 2800$ and the rent of only the second unit 2500$ ?
Jasmine Lola
Jasmine Lola 20 時間 前
After watching this, I’ve realized I NEED to save my money and stop wasting it.
Zee Sultan
Zee Sultan 20 時間 前
Gee, I wonder what his dad does. Yea, you don’t need secondary education, but to ignore where this guy actually started from puts you in the same boat as those that stipulate the need for a college education.
Conner 20 時間 前
This guy is legit. The 'real'tor.
Jose Ignacio
Jose Ignacio 21 時間 前
A cockroach...
Xyz 123
Xyz 123 21 時間 前
Wholesome rich boomer
King Shyt
King Shyt 22 時間 前
million I will click the like button another 1 I will subscribe
Vaskedama 23 時間 前
Watched some of his videos. Generally find his attitude to be more fake than real. Good on him that he is doing well, but hes naive in thinking that putting on a fake smile don't hurt your mental health in the long run.
Philip J Fry
Philip J Fry 23 時間 前
This guy bought a house for 50 grand back in the 2008 market crash and resold it for 260k give me 1/4 of a million and I can revest in it and make a profit as well.
Slotem SP
Slotem SP 23 時間 前
Another thing to keep in mind is his subscribers are going to generally be people with money. There’s a lot of money in adverting to those individuals. 🧹🏴‍☠️💂‍♀️
Al Person
Al Person 日 前
It 's always so funny to me how people with real money are so quiet about it.
Datascience Concepts
Kevin's reaction on coffee :)
Madeline Anne
"you don't need cars" *those of us who live in the middle of a cornfield 30 minutes away from civilization*
JM G 日 前
1.6 Milions Dollars...1.6Million Views = $1 per view.
Jamal J.H
Jamal J.H 日 前
0:57 lol, Ironic
Mahmoud Amin
Mahmoud Amin 日 前
1.6 million views...wow
Marilyn Walker
Hate seeing him support quick fashion and using single use plastic straws.. I get that he's frugal but he should be considerate and use his privilege to support organic agriculture and sustainability movement.. I thought he was suppose to be smart? Lacks empathy for the planet in my opinion.
Philip J Fry
Philip J Fry 23 時間 前
it's a straw a freaking straw do you know how much pollution it takes to build a Green energy electric car? His privilege pretty sure he just intelligently invested his money and worked his way up privilege has nothing to do with it.
John Emrich
John Emrich 日 前
Guy who makes 1.6m spends 13 minutes bragging about "look how good I am with money." Most people in LA and NYC make about 48k.
Domains Hax
Domains Hax 日 前
Lol it's cringe that the money aren't anymore just a tool for us to live a better life but something that make us slaves, and it's cringe that he just says do not spend money but put money on the market, just because then there are more money in the market to grow the dividends and then the pockets of the real wealthy people that now they don't care whether they spend 1 million dollars or more a day to live the best life
renragged 日 前
I love Graham Stephan too! He's great!
Aaron Via
Aaron Via 日 前
Horrible green screen lol
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 日 前
I know him from jubilee
Barry Williams
What's funny is the video hit 1.6 Million views
Marquel Lee
Marquel Lee 日 前
Lol its at 1.6 million views 😂😂
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 日 前
Not making any rent this year, so smart to save for a rainy day.
Christopher Kirby
Where's Kevin at?
Danish 日 前
As a Dane, living here is not too expensive, But somethings are insane. I just bought 2 bottles of water ( 2x 0,5) and 2 small starbucks americano, and I was charged 90kr / 14 $, and that s was AFTER a 20% discount. As a rule, you want to save money, be prepered.
nezuko 日 前
can someone explain 1:30 to 1:40 the two properties and how he lives in one for basically free
Cant Remorse
Cant Remorse 日 前
Almost 700$ on "transportation" what do you not own a car?
hope hes good after the boat crash
YoLo Videos
YoLo Videos 日 前
making youtube vids saving 99% no overhead
Noteworthy Exotics
This guy is gonna wake up one day when he’s 70 with 10s of millions and wish he spent more instead of being so frugal about everything
Alvaro Apolinar
he is like 4 " 9"
Zach H
Zach H 日 前
This dude still around? He killed someone on a boat.
Mike B
Mike B 日 前
If it takes working 15 hour days, I'll take the modest life and enjoy my free time. But to each his own. Still a lot to learn from this guy. Sidenote: why do you need 25 suits if they're all the same??
Mac Below
Mac Below 日 前
Watched this as the 1.6m views was here
Twisted Pixel
I live 11 miles from work and there's no uber anywhere near me. Even if there were, I'd have to pay to have stuff hauled off and delivered when I have to replace something in my house. A car/truck is still very necessary for many of us that don't live in New York or L.A.
Walker Firmin
Mc Donalds is not a treat 🤮
Adam Kershaw
Adam Kershaw 日 前
Not making any rent this year, so smart to save for a rainy day.
Monty D'Souza
I know him from jubilee
Jonathan Young
This is how the rich stay rich
Fix News
Fix News 日 前
What a disgusting human being.
Mariah1034 日 前
I thought this guy was going to be bad with his money and Kevin was about to just roast him. Good for this guy to be smart with his money!
Alphonse Capone
UPDATE: Covid-19 and 2020 property collapse video - "How I now live on $15,000 a year".
Emanuel Guzman-Garcia
Honestly, I don't know why they have Kevin reacting to these videos. His lifestlye and income is WAY different and on an entire different level than what he reacts to. Most of his tips are things that work for him because of his high income and literally dispensable money. Dude says "DON'T OWN A CAR", like ok, we don't all have $1000 dollars a day lying around to uber everywhere or a chauffeur to take us everywhere, also, we live where we can drive our cars, not like you in new york. This is all propaganda for their Shark Tank sow, I say put someone else on to react to these expenses.
Chuckie17 日 前
Try living in Nebraska without a car. Not going to get far.
Whos watching this on 1,6M views?
while people are hungry, homeless or working full time and get like nothing for it, we look at people who have 10 houses millions or billions in the bank and buy islands, not talking about this guy specificly, but you get the point, interesting system we live in.
Despa Cito
Despa Cito 11 時間 前
That's just capitalism. I get your point, but would you give all of your money to the poor?
Spencer Bukosky
I agree with the once in a while buying a nice thing that will last you a lifetime
Meastriser 日 前
Sounds like a great way to waste money and live like a poor person on a good salary.
Brayden Ferguison
1.6 million views
Tess Peng
Tess Peng 日 前
Question:So the kid didn't mention how he got the first capital to squire the first premises. 2. He didn't mentioned his real estate business was subprime loan business or what? 3 this video that kid sent to O'leary must before COVID crisis time. How is his holding equity going amid COVID and after. The whole world real estate market doing down. So how much liability he got. After all, I do agree with what O'leary said- have A nice good outfit. The boy is working in his own business so that he cuts the expense on clothing. Sure, YT rate income not constant but sometimes will be bobble somehow someday. He just show few page of his book hahaha...................STF
Charming nowhere to hide
I hope ya'll have checked out Grahams channel! He has a ton of useful information to offer!
Orlando Wright
So where'd he get the money for the first properties? They make it seem like this is something anyone can do lol
Charming nowhere to hide
getting worse soon! Everything is now digital now a days that’s why I stand on bitcoin.
J D 日 前
I wonder if graham drinks beers or alcohol...cuz that adds up to. I’m sure he doesn’t since he seems to only drink coffee
Jeremiah McWright
Sprax 日 前
Yeah. Poor people can't do that.
Tazsmine Schannelle
Living for this video! Lol
that video is funny i am the total opposite with my money..... i gamble,have fast cars, live single life..... and dont save a penny but i eat at the best places out there.....lol
T.M. Will
T.M. Will 日 前
I hate people.
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