Kevin Durant on J.R. Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win

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Kevin talks about winning the NBA Finals two years in a row, JR Smith's infamous mistake, the possibility of LeBron James going to Golden State, re-watching his great plays after games, and he reveals who on the team partied the most after they won.
Cousin Sal Pranks Golden State Warriors Fans jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-l7jJRkacHSc.html

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Kevin Durant on JR Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win










コメント数 80
PhyZic Wrxth
PhyZic Wrxth 日 前
KD seems like an introvert
Joschka L
Joschka L 3 日 前
Watching this back hurts.
novaWRX 3 日 前
He was gonna stay till Dray flipped TFO on him
Jallenps7 5 日 前
whos here after giannas joined the warriors
Babyy Jayy
Babyy Jayy 10 日 前
Those two rings still don’t count in my book. weak move to join the warriors & act like it wasn’t a pussy move. If he would’ve joined any other team ppl wouldn’t of hated em 💯
Marty Pascual
Marty Pascual 17 日 前
It's so cringe to watch Jimmy think that the Finals MVP trophy was a miniature trophy for him....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
TomMillsy 16 日 前
it’s so cringe that you don’t realise he was making a joke 🤦‍♂️
Ian 17 日 前
Dude I swear if J.R Smith didn't do that and they won 1st they might go to game 7 with that I mean we already saw Cleveland broke warriors chemistry so prolly they can do It again
Notorious1503 23 日 前
I woulda screamed out "U snake!"
Pilot 2025
Pilot 2025 25 日 前
Lame, not impressed easy ride, any super star would have won with the splash brothers
DMac1016 26 日 前
KD, the fake champ
Tolga Sözen
Tolga Sözen 27 日 前
Snakes on a plane
Bebo Alicea
Bebo Alicea ヶ月 前
I didn’t know they made nba trophy’s with a snake on em😒😂
Beastie ヶ月 前
who's here after his snake ass left and you're rewatching videos of him because you miss him on the warriors because the warriors are like 15-50 and its quarantine and you want basketball rn.
jpopfresh gamer king
KD is my favorite basketball player my number 1
StraightFaceGang 23 日 前
Jehrique Dominguez he in my top 3 rn
Goat KD7
Goat KD7 ヶ月 前
The goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
James Madan
James Madan ヶ月 前
i hate this man
Anti Scam
Anti Scam ヶ月 前
Its very nonsense and boring,, nothing special to win a ring by joining the team that beat him.
Myles M
Myles M ヶ月 前
six days after this X was shot. Rip X (and Juice WRLD)
Zakaria Mohamed
Zakaria Mohamed ヶ月 前
i just love this dude man. Amazing lowkey humble
Rhanjie Rhielle Gito
Abe ヶ月 前
Who’s here after KD got the coronavirus 😢
Alan Kuo
Alan Kuo ヶ月 前
Kevin Durant, when you can't sign LeBron ...
Nathan Warriors fan plz sub
KD lied to all of us
Smores ヶ月 前
Russ must've dubbed KD's voice on these one.😂😂😂😂
Will Seest
Will Seest ヶ月 前
When you bring the finals trophy and your mvp award. What a show off and a snake. Literally if you can beat beat em join em. I respect his craft and his game but he joined a team with the best regular record in the history of the nba and almost won back to back titles. That is what I can't respect.
Alexander Sakadelis
You where probably one of those people who cheered when KD got hurt against the raptors
Isaac ヶ月 前
Will Seest lmao u salty
Sam Buquet
Sam Buquet ヶ月 前
If Lebron went to the Warriors...
Isaac ヶ月 前
Sam Buquet he should of went to the warriors tbh
The Gingeyyy
The Gingeyyy ヶ月 前
Pacman Pav
Pacman Pav ヶ月 前
2019 he left for the nets
Pres. Lebron James Bryant Jordan AJ Lee Curry Cari
Pacman Pav because of draymond
Yashvardhan Sharma
Yashvardhan Sharma 2 ヶ月 前
Great comedic timing
Janet Curran
Janet Curran 2 ヶ月 前
The slithering snake on the loose
The Carushow
The Carushow 2 ヶ月 前
Do other players call you to ask you in they Van join the Team? Nah? Next year boogie Cousins coming in
Wes Kelley
Wes Kelley 2 ヶ月 前
Thx jimmy u made him think about how he needs a challenge so he left us
Ayo sese
Ayo sese 2 ヶ月 前
Weak move, weak trophy. Who cares?
Nick Elliott
Nick Elliott 2 ヶ月 前
kd gets hated on for answering questions most players would not answer
Krishnamoorthi Muthuvairu
Now he got the Coronavirus
Joseph M. Tapada
Joseph M. Tapada 2 ヶ月 前
KD: *_I'm planning to stay_* Me: *_Laughs in Kawhi_*
Andrew Graf
Andrew Graf 2 ヶ月 前
Petty af by bringing the trophy to the interview
Cole Woodard
Cole Woodard 2 ヶ月 前
Zachary Guzman
Zachary Guzman 2 ヶ月 前
Who here when kd got the coronavirus
Stanley Gibson
Stanley Gibson 2 ヶ月 前
🔥🔥🔥🔥 *Nice play🏀* 0:30 💟💯💞 👇 👇❣
SimmonsWrld 2 ヶ月 前
Who’s here after he got coronavirus
Toni Medic
Toni Medic 2 ヶ月 前
this was on my recomended because of the news lmao
AJ 23
AJ 23 2 ヶ月 前
KD won't come back to this show I mean Jimmy just left KD answerless taking a paycut and joining a super team he just threw all those in his face
Jonathan Blair
Jonathan Blair 2 ヶ月 前
🔥🔥🔥 *wondefull* 1:21 👇👇👇👇
Jayden S
Jayden S 2 ヶ月 前
🔥🔥 *NBA 🏀🏀🏀* 0:40 💛❣💓 👇👇👇👇💕
Pulu Movi
Pulu Movi 2 ヶ月 前
Jimmy is full of crap in this.
Ryan Staiger
Ryan Staiger 2 ヶ月 前
KD seems like a chill guy, Ik people hate him for going to GS, but I mean wouldn’t u too if you wanted a free ring or two?😂
Mr. Bovine Joni
Mr. Bovine Joni 3 ヶ月 前
He's so good but he's even more weak
alixar 1
alixar 1 3 ヶ月 前
im like jimmy get your dirty ass hands off the trophy
Ryan Legleiter
Ryan Legleiter 3 ヶ月 前
KD's voice making me clear my own throat
MCLR722 3 ヶ月 前
I love watching this after the Raptors championship 🤣
1eak 3 ヶ月 前
Arnab Sinhababu
Arnab Sinhababu 3 ヶ月 前
I want Dame, Uncle Drew and KD in One Time.....
Richie Fong
Richie Fong 3 ヶ月 前
jr Smith dribbling out is like Judas betraying jesus 😂
User Name
User Name 4 ヶ月 前
A WWE championship is worth more than KD’s rings
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia 4 ヶ月 前
“That backlash is a lot ya know; I don’t know if guys are ready for that!” ... welp...
Jake Salamy
Jake Salamy 4 ヶ月 前
lmao hes says im stay on my side but he joined a 73 win warriors team because he couldnt win a chip
Nuckyamoy1210 4 ヶ月 前
KD is such a humble likable individual I love him
Rylan Brown
Rylan Brown 4 ヶ月 前
damn he got those off white uncs on.
Sly Fox
Sly Fox 4 ヶ月 前
He look like a clone or something. He looks different.
Jay C
Jay C 4 ヶ月 前
Imagine if KD went to the rockets and reunited with James Harden, and Russel Westbrook, that would be awesome.
Jake the Dog
Jake the Dog 3 日 前
F1Z4 they been friends since they were 10
Brent Friedman
Brent Friedman 8 日 前
Yeah but Westbrook and KD hate each other now
Yeletbz 11 日 前
I dont think they had the cap
Ranon FTR
Ranon FTR 15 日 前
@Tyler Johnson ur comment doesn't make sense XD
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson 15 日 前
Think about it tho stat padder doesn’t make since cause in order to be good in the nba everyone has to stay pad a little bit so that doesn’t make sense
spider huang
spider huang 4 ヶ月 前
when kevin durant becomes kevin garnett
Beldor Adler
Beldor Adler 4 ヶ月 前
I can't wait anymore
Zander Zuno
Zander Zuno 4 ヶ月 前
2020 anyone?
DJ MadJam
DJ MadJam 5 ヶ月 前
I just watched the whole interview on the trophys reflection
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao 5 ヶ月 前
"The key to success is to take the easy way out!" - Kevin Durant 2016
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao 4 ヶ月 前
@Justin Gilmore 2015 champs and just one game shy from B2B titles. So yes, gs don't need kd to win. its kd that needed golden state
Justin Gilmore
Justin Gilmore 4 ヶ月 前
Matthew Cao y’all smoking that good stuff if you think GSW didn’t need KD bruh
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao 4 ヶ月 前
@Justin Gilmore yep and he needed to be on a 73 win team with 4 all stars whom happens to beat him the year prior to get it. they never needed kd to win. and tbh, the 2018 fmvp should be steph not kd.
Justin Gilmore
Justin Gilmore 4 ヶ月 前
TF you mean easy way out he won the finals MVP twice he was the man that won it for them.
asd asdasd
asd asdasd 5 ヶ月 前
Rico Sebastiani
Rico Sebastiani 6 ヶ月 前
He should've pulled a Lebron and went back to OKC and try and win one with them, like how Bron won 2 rings with his superteam and went back home to win one in Cleveland
-Adam- Hasan
-Adam- Hasan 6 ヶ月 前
🐍 🐍
Cooper Barnes
Cooper Barnes 6 ヶ月 前
5:52 Boogie
Donnie Aloot
Donnie Aloot 6 ヶ月 前
Im from the future and he’s not gonna stay!
TotalLunatic 6 ヶ月 前
he did stay. The video is a year old
Fredrik André Dahl-Andersen
Miss him, when he was at okc 😔 😢
Sibongiseni Gwina
Sibongiseni Gwina 6 ヶ月 前
was it necessary to bring those trophies to the show?
Bugra Aslan
Bugra Aslan 7 ヶ月 前
Close your eyes and listen. It’s Russ
T K 7 ヶ月 前
Jimmy laughing like a pop corn that wont pop
Tristan Lindsey
Tristan Lindsey 7 ヶ月 前
2:25 jimmy whole body bouncing like hell 😂😂 wtf
BabyYaoo 7 ヶ月 前
Kimmel trying his hardest to make KD look bad jesus christ mans annoying
Good thing he didn't win last year,
Marnix 7 ヶ月 前
bvadim74 8 ヶ月 前
He didn’t seem happy at all !
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