Ken Jeong Shares Secrets Behind Hiding The Masked Singer Contestants

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ken Jeong talks about going from doctor to "dumbest judge" on The Masked Singer and how that popular reality show keeps its contestants' true identities under wraps.
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Ken Jeong Shares Secrets Behind Keeping The Masked Singer Contestants










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Frank 13 時間 前
Ken Jeong is the most annoying man on TV...how the f*** this man gets any work is beyond me.
Please hire Ken Jeong in more movies and TV Shows! Seriously. He's a great guy. 🇺🇸☺🌟
Ryan21102 18 日 前
Replace Ken with Joel aka llama
Maldonado S
Maldonado S 20 日 前
Go watch elsewhere, the Director Hernán Jimenez has put a lot of heart in this movie, here in Costa Rica we hope to see it soon. Thanks for your time and Pura Vida!
Iron fudger Stark
He was funny as “jerry wang” from transformers dark of the moon.
Ken nope its byork
Ismael Malik
Ismael Malik 22 日 前
pabloikv 23 日 前
For everyone here, Hernán Jiménez is a great director and comedian of Costa Rica. He has four amazing movies with the last one: "Elsewhere" You can find it on his social networks and many interviews. It is surprising that, a director from another country, stands out with a movie in the incredible country of the United States 😊❤👌
Gamboa 23 日 前
Ay papá somos potencia mundial, Hernán Jiménez para mariscal del festival de la luz
cr2nr 23 日 前
Great actor meets great director... Definitely going to see elsewhere"
Ryan St. John
Ryan St. John 23 日 前
2:01 he said huge so fucking weirdly
Karrah Guthrie
Karrah Guthrie 24 日 前
Jimmy: “you’ve been really busy lately you have a new movie coming out.” Ken: “yes thank u.” Wait what 😂🤣😂🤣😂
His Laugh always remind you of Chow tho
Pao Jimenez
Pao Jimenez 24 日 前
Saki Blackmon
Saki Blackmon 24 日 前
You are one of the most gracious people ive seen and your smartass remarks keep me laughing for hours . please run for Congress or be a senator i do believe some of the old farts wouldnt be able to take your sarcasm and would quit you are the MAN thank you
Oralia Machado
Oralia Machado 25 日 前
So the llama is a he...
Oralia Machado
Oralia Machado 25 日 前
KEN I AM OFFENDED, HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS! (If the chiefs win, they will cancel school, yay! We get to see a parade because the chiefs support my school district.)
Dalton Pinheiro
Dalton Pinheiro 25 日 前
Rumor is that guy still wasn't unmasked
Karen Ramirez
Karen Ramirez 25 日 前
Director: Hernán Jiménez 💪
Michael Calvo
Michael Calvo 25 日 前
A Gillermoedgardo no le gusta esto...
mona lisa
mona lisa 25 日 前
lalma costume is cool i cannot wait to see who he is and how he sings he probably a comedian or a radio talkshow host he cool thou
Tricia Chatman
Tricia Chatman 23 日 前
It's Drew Carey
samar choura
samar choura 25 日 前
I’m just happy someone from the US knows that Tunisia is a country!!
Hiti67 25 日 前
I love Ken Jeong, but I can’t hear him laugh without having flashbacks to dictator Chang...
Gaby Gibaga
Gaby Gibaga 25 日 前
I really wonder why until now Nicole Scherzinger has never guessed this show?
Samuel Duplessis
Samuel Duplessis 25 日 前
Hopefully they'll get "Le Champion" Chris Jericho on a Tonight show episode. The last time "Le Champion" was on Fallon he was just Chris Jericho promoting his book called "No is a four letter word" .
100k Subscribers No Videos
who else came here to see David Dobrik
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 25 日 前
Half the interview was a bit. Pretty funny though.
Егор Полянский
Are you here waiting on David's interview?
FroFry 25 日 前
Anyone else waiting for David Dobrik clips?
Esme Benavides
Esme Benavides 25 日 前
Yup 🙃
Natasha Val
Natasha Val 25 日 前
I thought it was the show from Korea The Masked Singer And all of the jury there have puzzled looked at Ken Jeong like "who is he, dude?" 😂
Sanjin Gelić
Sanjin Gelić 25 日 前
Ken is korean version of Martin Short
A Voice In the Dank444
who the fuck is this
Get this guy on tiger belly
Kendall Mora
Kendall Mora 26 日 前
Aguante Hernán Jimenez!!
alberto032973 26 日 前
I might go to the taping of season 3 the masked singer
Seth Williams
Seth Williams 25 日 前
alberto032973 it’s already been filmed! But season 4 will probably be starting taping soon :)
Ahmad Ajaj
Ahmad Ajaj 26 日 前
When is David Dobrik's episode going to be uploaded ???
Ahmad Ajaj
Ahmad Ajaj 25 日 前
Where can i watch it full episode
Erika B.
Erika B. 25 日 前
Fran Vištica it’s out
Fran Vištica
Fran Vištica 25 日 前
Im also waiting.😂 Should be in a few hours.
Jesusar90 26 日 前
I did not know Ken Jeong was a doctor, amazing way to remake himself to be an actor and awesome comedian too :)
Who Stole My Baguette
I love this guy in more ways then one
Michelle Huff
Michelle Huff 26 日 前
“I know exactly who this is...”
Catthias Meowington
Doy Jimmy! 😂😂
Leonardo Chavez ledezma
yo 🇨🇷🇨🇷 representin hernan jimenez 💪🏽💪🏽
Gonzalo Robert
Gonzalo Robert 26 日 前
Andaba buscando el comentario de algún tico jajajaj
Lutfa Begum
Lutfa Begum 26 日 前
Leslie chow
alberto032973 26 日 前
I'm the masked singer no1 fan 4ever
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC 26 日 前
Love all standup comic!!!Halo Ken Jeong = last time im seeDrama)> sleep=) if evryday see rly she does the same thing again not suprize me) 4:16 Jimmy you job good see 4:41 WTF is this? ahahaah
Fernando Alvarez
Fernando Alvarez 26 日 前
Mask singer wtf kind of bullshit is that what's the point really it's just PATHETIC.
May Flower
May Flower 26 日 前
I can't wait for the masked singer to come back 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Singh 26 日 前
No one talk about his cameo in endgame That's actually sad
LikeOrigami 13 日 前
Singh Oh shit lmao
Jared Begg
Jared Begg 25 日 前
Blade Runner that’s a cameo...
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 25 日 前
Why tf is that even worthy? It was 10 seconds.
alibaba 1001
alibaba 1001 26 日 前
Hahaa..you're right. I just watched it again.
Singh 26 日 前
He was playing security guard in warehouse where ant man's truck(time machine) was parked He helped antman hahahaha
Irene Lee
Irene Lee 26 日 前
Why is my Spanish teacher on tv?
Some Guy Named The Warthog
@LeVi Ball that sounds changtastic
LeVi Ball
LeVi Ball 25 日 前
He had to chang up his career
New Message
New Message 26 日 前
Dog the Bounty Hunter just jumped out of his chair and shouted "Comeback, baby!" so loud, every dog in the trailer park started barking.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 23 日 前
yanisIvan kleins
yanisIvan kleins 26 日 前
Jimmy.... ! I know you wearing suits and stuff..But be yourself Just advice peace
Que paso ayer😂
Mukeshivan முகேஷ்சிவன்
Hangover 😂😂😂
Adrian Garza
Adrian Garza 26 日 前
Wish You a good day and why not a wonderful year :)
Zeet 26 日 前
You miss Chaw.
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker 26 日 前
They're also running The Masked Singer in Amnesia too... but I forget when it's on... 😁
Logan Aloof
Logan Aloof 25 日 前
Thank you
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker 26 日 前
Do you think he ever wakes up in cold sweat after dreaming about an operation he did 20 years ago and think "Sh*t, did I leave a sponge in that guy?" 😦
Mango Tango
Mango Tango 3 時間 前
Marius Thefaker I think he was in obgyn.
justin quach
justin quach 26 日 前
Everyone already knew about Mask Singer. Its just this one is English and in America
Maori Boy
Maori Boy 26 日 前
I miss his comedy series...Dr Ken...
The YUSRAH Show 26 日 前
Ken 1900-2019: toodaloo mufu*kas Ken 2020: Jacky Chan stunt double... I see you with those crunches boy haha Side note, I'm trying to help folks of all ages make life gains... Please help me grow my platform :) jpvid.net/show-UCUCmIC1gwNGnCZjH6ipVGjA