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Judge Jeanine on her explosive exchange on 'The View'

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After a heated exchange on 'The View,' Judge Jeanine Pirro says co-host Whoopi Goldberg confronted her backstage. The Judge shares her experience on 'Fox & Friends'.
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コメント数 16 625
S Cottingham
S Cottingham 6 時間 前
Whoopie is an idiot!
Paul Duran
Paul Duran 8 時間 前
The judge lied about what she was saying and you airhead trump supporters will let the judge blow smoke up your asses,the judge talks about corruptness the president is the biggest con of all and the judge lied she was swearing at whoopie and there were witnesses to it
Dana Wandschneider
Dana Wandschneider 21 時間 前
Whoopi gets her Karma, she became very ill. Ha Ha Whoopi you hateful person.
Peter MacKay
Peter MacKay 日 前
Whoopi Goldberg talks about 'hate'. Look at her face -- bitter, snarling, screwed up, revelling in anger and hostility. You've got to laugh at these bastards.
Patrick Hamilton
you intentionally called her out for having a fictional disorder, you had to expect pushback. I mean come on
Lisa Robertson
Whoopi needs to quit talking about Mexicans like they are tokens Mexicans go to the proper channels. Whose illegally crossing the border are people from other Countries Going into Mexico crossing the border get right whoopie you are the hate spouting individual inciting violence not one person is starting not even the president not to come here but do it legally your the hate not the American people and shame on you and your station for what you did to judge Pirro do people know after you took off your mic when you met the judge in the hallway you told her FU FU to her face and stated to get out of your building you are what's wrong with our country you take ownership
Karen Martello
Washed up Whoopi
Karen Martello
Whoopi..wrong again as usual
Stevareno 日 前
Why is it that shallow-minded liberals automatically turn to anger and racial name-calling when their logic comes up short.. It's like their dominant default position that they just resist or control takes over their mind and placer them on low IQ cruise-control! It's like watching a train wreck--- in slow motion...
Whoppi was drugged or something. She lost her temper. She lost. I'm sick of these intolerants who don't respect other opinions than theirs. Get help Whoopi!
Timothy Warbler
Whoopi a racist of the people on the view are racist
Maximum Limit Videos
Whoopi is mad that she didnt make it like Oprah.
C Flashbang
C Flashbang 2 日 前
Whoopi is another example of BECAUSE of capitalism she is filthy rich and it's obvious she has lost touch with reality. Go Judge Jeanine!!!
debbie dugger
debbie dugger 2 日 前
I....stopped watching” the view...”because it is so hateful....Woopie. is disgraceful.......The. Show is just “off base”
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 2 日 前
It's obvious Whoopie didn't read the book. Whoopie needs therapy, not mind control.
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 2 日 前
I hope the View looses all the people who view the View once all of the truth comes out.
Scoutface18 2 日 前
Oh Whoppie, why can't you be tolerant?
John Doe
John Doe 2 日 前
Bernie Sanders 2020 the real populist because America is tire of lies
Slimeygirl _1234
Whoopi is out of control. She’s has the last word and then cuts off anyone who challenges her opinion and goes to break AND SHES A RACIST
Montana Man
Montana Man 2 日 前
When someone like Jeanine Pirro is in the same room as Whoopi Goldberg, you can immediately see the difference between a lady and a tramp.
GmaT 3 日 前
We love Judge Jeanine Whoopi has been a loose cannon for a very long time her opinions one-sided and she is taking the view that direction don't watch The View for that very reason she was gone for quite a while seems like things were a little smoother still very opinionated they are all definitely socialist left Democrat thanking people and the view supposed to be open minded but it's not so I they have nothing interesting ever to say😂 nothing ever interested in that show however I did go to watch Judge Jeanine was appalled at how she was treated!👎
janiceinfusino8 3 日 前
Whoopie is tired of the hate ?? Really ??
greg drebert
greg drebert 3 日 前
Whoopi is off the reservation...
Nikolao Ropati
Nikolao Ropati 3 日 前
Woopie or wood pie she racist she total big mouth liars.
Kim 3 日 前
Put it in context, he was talking about the mexicans they "send" or "let" come her unvetted and illegally, he also said he assumed some are good people. No one can understand that correctly? This country is full of simpletons who grab onto the words and not the meaning. Whoopie Goldberg, whoopie. She needs to be fired. Isn't this Jeanine Hispanic? She never speaks about race in a disparaging way. Go home Whoopie, go to bed and sleep it off.
Red Dog # 1
Red Dog # 1 3 日 前
Woppie is garbage, Jeanine is first class.
EA B 3 日 前
It's that jezebel spirit behind Whoopi! Just pure evil!
Amplify 3 日 前
Nast old batty Woopie but Jeanine is such an articulate lady
Robert Bergh
Robert Bergh 4 日 前
If not soon there will be high-profile arrests, then I don't believe Trump anymore. This has been going on for too long
Bodgie1960 4 日 前
Goldberg, ugly, racist,corrupt, Blind, hater, and in general a black person who hates being black, that’s right, being galck in many cases is a problem for them, they feel second, they feel back seated, in general they need to be loud and noticed, to establish their hatred:(
Whoopie is a typical example of what happens when uneducated and uninformed people find themselves out classed in a public forum. They resort to tabloid antics, in a desperate attempt to gain credibility. This has been exploited to perfection by Jerry Springer.. and is the real reason female loudmouth liberal extremests who cant controll their emoticons or behaviour should not playing politics...whoopie is an entertainer not a political analysis, she's a blowhard !!!
Mark Savage
Mark Savage 4 日 前
Jeannine you have more passion then hot aired whoopee cushion God bless you judge Jeannine 🇬🇧🌹🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Arayan Ben
Arayan Ben 4 日 前
Jeanine is disgusting since ages! She is hateful, racist and master of manipulation art... Racist ppl are always cowards when they are confronted.. Typical nazis
Connie Harris
Connie Harris 5 日 前
blow it out ur bottom end whoopi.
Vicente Sablan
Vicente Sablan 5 日 前
Dog with fleas.LMAO
Brink Chaddlesone
Whoopi needs Jesus lol
Marie Blizzard
Marie Blizzard 5 日 前
Whoops is the one that stirs up hate. She should be run out of this country. She doesn't own that building or that show. The show should be taken off television.
Lynda Mackrous
Lynda Mackrous 5 日 前
You did not want to hear what Judge Jeanine had to say because you knew she was right why invite her you idiots narrow minded bunch of liars
Lynda Mackrous
Lynda Mackrous 5 日 前
Oh my God will P your dirt rudest condescending hostess you will not listen to a professional regarding the law your law is different because you’re a Democrat just watch what happens what Democrats did because they believe in their own laws and you follow them
Deva_ Station31
Deva_ Station31 6 日 前
Hey dumb Whoopi Goldberg us black people never had a beef with president Trump so stop trying so hard to hate our president. Allot of black people has been brainwashed by the white liberals one sided news media.
Tammy Palmer
Tammy Palmer 6 日 前
There was a Lot of celebrities that were going to leave if Trump made President. Talk about Liars. Whoopi sure showed the hate. Use to like her not so much anymore.
The Great Dane
The Great Dane 6 日 前
Whoopi has TARDS
Joshua Neff
Joshua Neff 6 日 前
Woopie Goldberg showed some real class didn't she?
Rk Smith
Rk Smith 6 日 前
You're a joke woopi. Ignararmas!
Michel Francois
Michel Francois 6 日 前
As Jeanine said , "what happened on the view is a microcosm of what is happening in the world today". Liberals can't tolerate opposing views and lash out with hate, refusing to be open minded, they put America second, their own unsubstantiated anger first, classless and sub american.
Woopie is an idiot , she makes no sense
Mersay W.
Mersay W. 6 日 前
Whoopi hates America!!!!
Frank Howell
Frank Howell 6 日 前
What a country! We allow hate mongers like Goldberg to spread this garbage to millions of people and The View pays her to do it. Unbelievable. Shame on you. The name of the show should be "Our View And The Rest Be Damned."
Shaun Mantell
Shaun Mantell 7 日 前
Whoopi Got The Trump Derangement Syndrome Big Time......Whoopi Still Moving To Canada In 2016!!
Jose Lara
Jose Lara 7 日 前
LovelovelyJesus 7 日 前
Judge Jeanine seems happy for the publicity that has come out of this to sell her book. Controversy and Reality TV is unfortunately what gets attention and is in vogue. The View and this book Jeanine was peddling got lots of air time over this incident. Being a Reality TV star or a paid spin master is a sad way to make a living when it adds nothing but negative spite to the universe. Dear God Jesus help us all.
Jerome Hernandez
Whoopi acted like the POS she is. She has no excuse.
barry barrygoldsmith
The judge has nice legs. But that mouth is something else
Whoopi’s can’t help it, she has gorilla dna
Violet Thomas
Violet Thomas 8 日 前
How dare Whoopi tell Judge Pirro to leave the building... She owns the building? Looking forward to reading the Judge's book
Najur Zee
Najur Zee 8 日 前
Joy Behar and whoopi goldberg suffer from TDS. DEMOCRAT CLOWNS.
Shirley Pierce
Shirley Pierce 8 日 前
They should handle Whoopie like they did Rosie!
Angelo Cucuzza
Angelo Cucuzza 8 日 前
justa guy
justa guy 9 日 前
wooo wooo wooo,did wooppi just use the word trump ? am i hearing things ?? at about 00:28 she never say the president,trump or any name he is called by
bustemhard69 9 日 前
Whoopie Goldberg's time has come and gone she needs to retire to an island somewhere and STFU
Virginia Baldwin
Whoopi is a full blown communist.
LaVerne Whitley
LaVerne Whitley 9 日 前
Are people blind to the offenses this sitting president has made about people's religion, theit race, and their personal freedoms and beliefs.... Be careful world we might fall in the Black Hole....
Special K
Special K 9 日 前
The View should be off the air! It’s not my view ! It’s the Socialist Left View! Be American !
tugg59 9 日 前
Johnny Aingel
Johnny Aingel 9 日 前
The view what a joke just garbage being fed to the people and Whoopi what a close minded hypocrite
Salvacion Westerman
She is showing her true colors and ugliness.
Trace Dirt
Trace Dirt 10 日 前
I can't believe people actually watch the View still.
Andrew Walton
Andrew Walton 10 日 前
It seems to be only about Whoppi's view and anyone who doesn't agree with Whoppi's Politically correct Liberal Elite agenda can according to her F-- k off outa here ! What a socialist Shite merchant !!
William Combs
William Combs 10 日 前
WHOOPI is the UGLIEST APE on this planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jeff 10 日 前
Whoopi is too stupid to have a conversation so she goes off instead. She knows her Obummer is going down and cannot handle it
John TAYLOR 10 日 前
Go Judge, showing up the Evil in politics
rich williams
rich williams 10 日 前
Whoopys the biggest black TURD in that toilet,I DONT WATCH IT!
Terry Carr
Terry Carr 11 日 前
I'm afraid Whoopi is going senile has trump disorder and needs sectioning she's mad
Jas Guy
Jas Guy 11 日 前
Whoopi Goldberg is a fat disgusting slob and she probably has a lot of jealousy over Judge Jeanine considering how beautiful Judge Jeanine is.
ACE2FST 11 日 前
It's just unintelligent liberals that feel entitled enough that if you disagree with them they lose their minds!
Linda Maricle
Linda Maricle 11 日 前
I Love Whoope and she is agrivated with our President , because he hates now everyone showing their dislike and hate. Only words, I believe only in peoples Actions. Don't judge only judge your own actions.
Patricia Corlew
Patricia Corlew 11 日 前
Whoopie is a big mouthed idiot! Please take her off TV forever!!!
Duke Gallagher
Duke Gallagher 11 日 前
Bring back this amazing judge.
Abdirashid Elmi
Abdirashid Elmi 11 日 前
Yes woopy she is a fighter and she know bad reputation person yes
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 11 日 前
The judge is one good person God Bless you
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson 11 日 前
Yes need to be let go
Karen Grandpre
Karen Grandpre 11 日 前
Whoopi is the one whipping everybody up.
Rasha Wiley
Rasha Wiley 11 日 前
Cookie got triggered haha and she sooo ugly lmao
Karen Hopper
Karen Hopper 12 日 前
Whoopi is the hater. She needs to be fired for her behavior. She acted like an uncontrollable angry child. Typical liberal hater.
al boulet
al boulet 12 日 前
Whoopi Goldberg what a Hippocratic suggesting the president whipping up hate !! she is the poster child for whipping up hate . Along with an obvious week mind trying to express herself . Who is stupid enough to watch this garbage ?? the view is a joke !!
Jh Bb
Jh Bb 12 日 前
I hope she gets fired!
Max War
Max War 12 日 前
honesty this hollywood stars are full of craps , its all about them
Miro P. Slavin
Miro P. Slavin 12 日 前
Wow. My screen smells a wet dog so bad when Jeanine shows up.!! Don't you have other snakes to show on Fox?
radames rivera
radames rivera 12 日 前
Wipple was talking about trump being a hate monger but she exhibited signs of a hood rat, the show is called the VIEW NOT WIPPLES POINT OF VIEW, Judge deserves a public apology after she gets fired .
Paul Bowlin
Paul Bowlin 12 日 前
goldberg is a tipical liberal nut job
clyde brown
clyde brown 12 日 前
The View is a waste of skin and full of hate .Judge Jeanine Pirro has a lot of class more than the Whoopi cushion .
Jose Luis Borrageiro
Whoopi is a Witch.
Jaymiel Rashaw
Jaymiel Rashaw 13 日 前
Whoopi was right to express her true feelings towards you especially when dealing with a person who promotes UGLYNESS.
John Sirrine
John Sirrine 13 日 前
Whoopi can't handle the truth
Patrick Bolling
Patrick Bolling 13 日 前
I love whoopi, Jeanine over talked the person that was hosting the show. How rude. She wasn't humble and her book never made it to the best seller. 💁
Robby White Head
Robby White Head 13 日 前
Whoopi and Trump literally been in 2 movies together how are they not friends?
Duane Yazie
Duane Yazie 13 日 前
Douglas Konicek
Douglas Konicek 13 日 前
Whoopi was way out of line. You invite someone on your show and then attack them. Maybe it time for Whoopi to go and reflect on what took place.
namasteme 13 日 前
lester bryan
lester bryan 14 日 前
Judge Jeanine what Whoopi did was very hateful and she was wrong but that seems to be the way of the democratic party and that kind of bull and all the lying the dems been doing is why last year I decided to be a loner but Trump has done more good then all the dems put together for the last 5 decades and good luck with your writing
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