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Judge Jeanine on her explosive exchange on 'The View'

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After a heated exchange on 'The View,' Judge Jeanine Pirro says co-host Whoopi Goldberg confronted her backstage. The Judge shares her experience on 'Fox & Friends'.
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R.B.R 10 時間 前
This woman never talks about her Arab background. She is Arab.
elysium 日 前
Lack of civility from whoopi tbh and i am neutral on this nonsense.
Moskidoink 日 前
This woman deserve it . The worst judge ever. Luckily she never get slap
Troy 2 日 前
Woopie has hate issues because she has lost her eyebrows long ago and can’t seem to locate em 😂😂 It’s ok, woopie... get a sharpie !! 😂😂😂 Trump 2020!!! 👍🇺🇸👍
wingsandstrings 2 日 前
Whoopi takes herself too seriously. Giving credit to Obama for Trumps accomplishments and blaming Trump for his failures is typical of the baseless left. All emotion no facts. The Judge outclasses every member of that program.
Benjamin Cooper
Benjamin Cooper 2 日 前
She was triggered
moni leffler
moni leffler 2 日 前
Whoppi needs to be taken off the show. She is unbearable. That woman needs to get anger management. I am appalled that the sponsors of that show are tolerating this outrages behaviour. It seems to me they want that to get more viewers. There is something wrong when an bygone old actress is allowed to behave this way in television.
Ronnie Pearce
I call that just a little frustrating let's not over do it She has been Alive long enough to see enough Hatred within America. When someone leaves from a situation does not mean that they are uncontrollable it means that someone's emotions may be a little off balanced Welcome to America It's all out of love We all should let God be the mediator unless we jugde ourselves the same way God bless America, we are all Together
Isabel H
Isabel H 2 日 前
You can take Whoopi out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of Whoopi 😆
Monique Michaud
Monique Michaud 3 日 前
Whoopie???? What is wrong with you? All morals lost. So obvious. I used to like you until you expressed your political view. Now I see you are just another paid to trash trump. Shame shame on u. U shoulda stuck to acting. Not a good actor but better than a politician. Please dont ever run for president. That would be so wrong
Leo Kentolall
Leo Kentolall 3 日 前
Whoppi is an ass who sounds like foolish child.
tammy1969july 3 日 前
Trump throws people out like garbage???!!!
James Taunton
James Taunton 3 日 前
Ignorant, vile and in no way should be addressing the public. Wish I had never seen a movie or stand up routine of hers.
Bian Stampar
Bian Stampar 3 日 前
America got a big problem with the shadow government and the press
barry hunt
barry hunt 4 日 前
Whoopi is one nasty piece of work when people disagree with her
Julie Chaniago
Julie Chaniago 5 日 前
Woopi is wrong. She should let judge talk instead of angry like the little child. It doesn't not professional at all... God bless you, Judge.
Danny Day
Danny Day 5 日 前
If i was that ugly i would be hateful to
Craigs architecture and video
Whopie Goldberg is as far as it comes, from any reasonable understanding of the world. She is obsessed with the opinions she’s heard and not the facts, just like how she supports Hillary in spite of the facts of her crimes that are numerous and unrelenting.
ozzman 74
ozzman 74 6 日 前
Judge Jeanine am sorry what did you expect out of " true deplorables " in this program
Joyce Hilderman
Joyce Hilderman 6 日 前
JudgeJeanine needs her own show she is Awesome Or better yet needs to be Vice President or on Supreme Court
Ben M
Ben M 7 日 前
Whoppi have NO CLASS
rwheeler Wheeler
The woman on the View are nothing more then paid propgandaist. Boycott their advertiser's, don't buy the products.
rwheeler Wheeler
Whoopi you are hateful. I have zero respect for you.
Derek Stockley
Derek Stockley 8 日 前
What did Ted Danson ever see in her? Apparently, blackface is only bad when someone other than HER boyfriend does it.
Derek Stockley
Derek Stockley 8 日 前
She's fartin' out her mouth now!!!
Derek Stockley
Derek Stockley 8 日 前
Whoopi wouldn't Jeanine finish a sentence. I thought Alaurians were supposed to be good listeners! Just shut up and listen, Guinan!!!!
J. Matthews
J. Matthews 8 日 前
Mannish Whoopi appeared intimated by you Judge Jeanine. Call it genuine female envy. You don't have to shave your moustache off.
nameless wreck
nameless wreck 8 日 前
That's called verbal abuse, she's crazy 😩
Golden Eagle Alaska M.C.
Judge Jeanine for Presidents 2020 ignore WHOOPI the nurse forgot to change the diaper so she took at fit on show and really disrespect this beautiful lady Jeanine Pirro and is also a quite Jealous person as has no credentials to be a qualified talkshow person but for the crocodile mouth and spitting out trash as is time to leave show. Jeanine🇺🇸for President🎩2020!!
Scott White
Scott White 8 日 前
Judge Jeanine supports a man who admittedly performs sexual assault on women and bragged about it. And a man who slept with prostitutes whilst his 3rd wife was giving birth to his son. And then made his lawyer pay them off because he was running for president. Then encouraged the judge to be extra hard on his lawyer for flipping on him and telling the truth. If that doesn’t say something about her integrity. I don’t know what will.
wingsandstrings 2 日 前
Im sure you gave Bill and Hillary a pass. You hypocrite. This country is doing better than ever. Oh wait,that's because of Obama. Haha Trump will win again and i for one will help him.
Justin Betancourt
Did we forget to mention that this judge laid a finger on Whoopi? On her forehead? And how she was already mad because one of the ladies she wanted wasn’t there? I’m guessing she’s forgetting there’s a whole other team and a whole audience that saw everything happen.
enrique soler
enrique soler 9 日 前
Truly our Lord warns us all that we will be born of our sinful nature when coming to this world. now is the time for all to find our Lord & Savior in our inner soul to not be undecided on where it's heading when we depart from our flesh. many if they not repent are on their way to HELL! Best to gear up & choose your destiny on were your soul is heading.>>John 11:25-26
Kala Kaluahine
Kala Kaluahine 9 日 前
Whoopi is a nut case get her out of TV
nells li
nells li 10 日 前
Cannot stand this Judge Jeanne, she is loud and just stir things up. I hope she will be fire
Michelle Pfluger
Michelle Pfluger 10 日 前
You all are ridiculous! The Judge absolutely stirred up controversy on The View! Dont be so stupidly blind.
Bob Swoger
Bob Swoger 10 日 前
Has woopi left the country yet. What a disgusting animal.
Edmond Miesch
Edmond Miesch 11 日 前
Woppie you have a listing problem. It might be your show but you show no respect to guess on your show to listen to there side of the story there's always two sides of the story and apparently all you wanted to hear was what you had to say . That's why nobody watches the view your show is one sided it stinks like you . So good luck on your show because you will see even more people not watching your show because of your back Street talk and your on professional action on TV good luck.
john omara
john omara 12 日 前
Whoopie Goldburger, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi. You try and show me four more deranged women. Anywhere. From any point in time.
Sheila M
Sheila M 13 日 前
Shutdown is right. Media - Black Press - VIU - First Nations - refugee claims - all terror, assault and invasion -tearing away the Christian fabric that has kept us safe from extremists. Now extremists have infiltrated in daily life via electronic media - games; tablets; on-line gambling and pharmacies; free flow of information and people need to make positive choices and commit to sanctifying human life, Enough of the degradation - has almost destroyed trust because our institutions have failed.
Steve Valkry
Steve Valkry 14 日 前
Woooopee ! lol yup she is nutz, just another left wing nutjob.They are so out of touch with the "real working class people of America" they have no idea.
al farago
al farago 15 日 前
Whoopi is one of george Soros paid puppets.
Tom Simmo
Tom Simmo 16 日 前
Woop ain't ageing well. angry nasty old raisin
Tom Simmo
Tom Simmo 16 日 前
wasn't Woop spouse to be a comedian at one time back in the day. Now she's a commie liberal with a big mouth.
harry Flower
harry Flower 16 日 前
What is the worst thing about the view is the "canned" or forced applause every time Whoopi speaks, I mean really, ANYBODY agrees with Whoopi, she's just an angry a-hole and spews poison every time she opens her mouth, she's a bully, she thinks her opinion is the only one that matters and the show makes everyone applaud her nonsense so the viewer is tricked into thinking oh, she must have said something intelligent, somehow I must be the only person who doesn't think so.
rvpstudioscanada 16 日 前
For the record, I DID defend you on the comment section...I DID find it quite rude for the women to CONSTANTLY interrupt you while answering their questions. Also, there WAS an imbalance of Democrats vs Republicans “asking” the questions. At times, I felt that these women were questioning you like YOU were on trial, which I found UNFAIR. And what Whoopi said about you swearing and pointing fingers in people’s faces, I can’t honestly comment, because I DIDN’T witness that. However, IF you did that...that would be VERY unprofessional and would stoop to their level..but like I said before..I did not witness it...
rvpstudioscanada 16 日 前
So...Jeanine ...DID YOU point your finger in people’s faces INCLUDING the security guards and producers SWEARING at them???
Nutusia Williams
Nutusia Williams 17 日 前
Shut your ignorant asses up! Whoopi should run for President, she'll do better than that rump girl!
maurice williams
maurice williams 18 日 前
Veronica James
Veronica James 18 日 前
You people are delusional if you think she is telling the truth. There is no way the back stage action went the way she described it. When have you known this woman to be passive?
David Lella
David Lella 20 日 前
Judge is one hot little fox ... )~
Hope Corona
Hope Corona 20 日 前
No respect talking over each other is this a child or a grown ass woman.
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers 21 日 前
Tiger Lion
Tiger Lion 21 日 前
Whoopi is a vitriolic, vociferous person that requires deportation with the rest of these illegals who have sucked the life out of California.
Michael Francis Jose
should have whooped whoopi's ass. :)
Patricia Diven
Patricia Diven 22 日 前
Where's my Whoopi cushion!! great name
K May
K May 22 日 前
Whooopee talks about hate... she should look in a big ass mirror.
DiDi kite
DiDi kite 22 日 前
Woopie poopie 💩.
Gilbert Grape
Gilbert Grape 22 日 前
Whoopie is pissed about how ugly she is and how smoking Hot Judge Jeanine is
Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner 24 日 前
FU is about as witty as the Whooped one gets.
Pamela Turner
Pamela Turner 24 日 前
Each are narcissistic twits.
karen whittaker
karen whittaker 24 日 前
Whoopi is a deranged lunatic but the chickens are coming home to roost.
karen whittaker
karen whittaker 24 日 前
Raffin mena
Raffin mena 25 日 前
This woman is just like fucker Carlson…they are so similarly stupid. how many ti mes she reffers to mexicans this and mexicans that…how would she like to be refer to you as this guinny spaguetty this or that? who the hell is going to read her stupidities. just listen to her talking about Wooppy Colberg. This station assliking of ms pirro is disgusting
Brad Romanyshyn
Brad Romanyshyn 25 日 前
Is woopi transgender?
Gregg Narcisse
Gregg Narcisse 25 日 前
Jeanine you dish out hate, so you get it in return!
Clem Buck
Clem Buck 26 日 前
Whoop not cool...get a grip
Kevin Claycomb
Kevin Claycomb 27 日 前
Woopie sucks. Ugly he she
Gerald Smith
Gerald Smith 27 日 前
Judge Jeanine Pirro is hot
Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones 29 日 前
The VIEW show needs to be shut down and the Fake News media and the late night show.
Paul Colson
Paul Colson 29 日 前
kancil aspal
kancil aspal 29 日 前
UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP America become the biggest energy producer in the world Gasoline only $ 2 a gallon AND America become the strongest Military in the world New Branch : Space Force President Trump works for FREE Trump / Pence 2020
Don G
Don G 29 日 前
Steele STUNS Brit Judge: "I Worked for Hillary to Frame Donald Trump" MI6 Agent in British Court ,The truth finally comes out, pass it out to the american people
Al Barajas
Al Barajas 29 日 前
Ok let's look at it from a angry black woman perspective Perri is a gorgeous intelligent YOUNG WOMAN what is she maybe 40 looking 35 now whoopie cushion what is she 70 looking 80 looks like a ORANGATANG WOULDN'T YOU BE PISSED ALL THE TIME
Sherryl Wendling
Sherryl Wendling 29 日 前
Whoopi’s is an addict
Alysa Montgomery
Alysa Montgomery ヶ月 前
She's an asshole. She deserved every thing she got. Lying C U Next Tuesday.
Joanne Georgiades
people like whoopee dt realize their attitude is big part of why we are divided
Hans Kullbrächt
Hans Kullbrächt ヶ月 前
Highly incorrect of Whoopi. Anger only breeds more anger.
Kenny Perrault
Kenny Perrault ヶ月 前
Ivanka trump
Todd Souhrada
Todd Souhrada ヶ月 前
Hey Whoopi, I have not seen any cities burning for over a year! Who incited hatred in this country?
paul Yellowstone
paul Yellowstone ヶ月 前
chimps go crazy
Buckeye Nuts
Buckeye Nuts ヶ月 前
Judge Shapiro is an incredible woman with great acomplishments, Whoopi is paid to act she is paid to be fake in movies Goldberg should be fired from the view
Pete Vit
Pete Vit ヶ月 前
why is this so typical that the liberals, and I was one once, are so full of hate and anger and cannot talk intelligently about an issue without talking, shouting over the opposing party - so sad
moorefive2 ヶ月 前
David Hayes
David Hayes ヶ月 前
God bless judge Pirro for being the intelligent respectful woman that she is.
Liberty Grace
Liberty Grace ヶ月 前
Whoopi I would love to debate you on that subject any time any day....
Norma Perez
Norma Perez ヶ月 前
All those in The view are discussed people .specially that wicht Spooky looking ..
Marquesha Walker
Marquesha Walker ヶ月 前
Lies all lies!!!!!!!!
Since Trump took office, the left went crazy. Literally. The left is Hollywood. They have the platform. The left does not debate. Whenever you encounter a leftist... they get enraged. They will not debate. They cannot talk. If you corner them with common sense.. if you give them statistics..they go Whoopie. How do you come to terms with that? Politicians are sleazy. Big money rules all. Midwest knows this. Hollywierd does not represent the masses. Coastal cities do not represent the view of the people in between. Whoopies past experiences do not speak for the masses. Just her experiences. Her life experiences do not speak for the opinion of all. Media is a propaganda tool. Put down your magic box and talk to people around you. For GODS sake.... talk to people around you. American arrogance has led to ignorance. Trump did not cause hatred around the world. Media has. Please wake up. Read about the history of our past. Technology changes ,but people do not. Go to a library. Once written history becomes digital...it is all over.
Moganna LaGrave
Moganna LaGrave ヶ月 前
This segment is trash, Whoopi was not there to defend her self. Pirro should not have brought up things that were said off camera, that were said In The moment out of frustration and anger (if the allegations are true)
t d
t d ヶ月 前
Judge Jeanine is a whack job, out to make a buck on the trump train. The train that is on a collision course as I type this comment.
christie reyes
christie reyes ヶ月 前
The stupid people on the view are the ones who have caused all of this hate not Trump. They will not even let anyone talk and they do not care about the rights of people too believe in something different from them.
Edwen Benjamin
Edwen Benjamin ヶ月 前
Phony paid by Trump jeanine!! Paid to play
lee mac
lee mac ヶ月 前
When it comes down to it Whoopi is just a n****r.True colors Whoopi
Lillian Wright
Lillian Wright 14 日 前
Lee mac It's a×× holes like you that make people go off!
celticgirl88 ヶ月 前
WG sounds like a brainwashed angry puppet; ( just because she doesn’t agree with anyone else’s point of VIEW but their own ) she must believe the leftist NWO, Illuminati, Cabal Elitists satanic propaganda lies! 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ how dare she speak to the judge in that way, who does she think she is?
MrTdwilliams ヶ月 前
White tears !
MrTdwilliams ヶ月 前
Jeanine Pirro is a LIAR!
Tre Johnson
Tre Johnson ヶ月 前
Looking at the comments i was confused. Then i saw the channel this is on 🙄i mean this in the nicest way posible but fake republican aka trump soporters need to leave. I love all american party’s and people but our democracy is about to be taken away. Its being chipped at little by little and my generation is the one who will have to fix all this among other things and i just hope we can. Thats all i hope everyone has a nice day and happy holidays
Frank Castle
Frank Castle ヶ月 前
America is divided more than ever!! It's sad that this country is soon to be annexed
Ricky Roma
Ricky Roma ヶ月 前
Whoopi Goldberg is an entitled no talent affirmative action celebrity. She has had wealth thrown at her despite being an ugly witch. Why? Because she is a liberal water carrier. And because the Jews who run the media need artificial stars who are of color.
Lynette Boakye
Lynette Boakye ヶ月 前
Whoopi is right this rude judge pointing her fingers at people and direspecting the host. Yes get thrown out!!