Joyner Lucas - Devil's Work (ADHD)

Joyner Lucas
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Ger Yang
Ger Yang 2 時間 前
Am I the only one who thinks the beat sounds like the Killer Instinct theme?
Tyland Thomas
Tyland Thomas 3 時間 前
wtf this vid has the most likes out of all of youtube
Charlie Taulbee
Charlie Taulbee 4 時間 前
It's long Over Due to make WAR against the Government who does not give a Shit about citizens
Ke Ahi Among
Ke Ahi Among 4 時間 前
We’re all a family in the Lords kingdom. Peace love and unity. Patience and understanding. The lord works miracles
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor 4 時間 前
Yeah give tupuc back
Weedie Wee
Weedie Wee 4 時間 前
This should have way more likes 💯
M R Anupkishore
M R Anupkishore 5 時間 前
U cannot trade president plump because he has no trade value😂
mkhululi romeo
mkhululi romeo 8 時間 前
I'm coming back to these songs now and realise now ahead of time they were, the relevance with today is insane.
U L T R A Pingu
U L T R A Pingu 8 時間 前
"Maybe I'm just probably trippin' 'cause I need a hug" Damn.
SupaFly 9 時間 前
2020 “Mysterious Ways” . . .
Albert Saidi
Albert Saidi 10 時間 前
Cant spend a day without playing this song,but please not R, Kelly
Madison Oliver
Madison Oliver 11 時間 前
Literally sitting here crying about everything going on ✊🏿
Louvres Summit
Louvres Summit 11 時間 前
Be yourselves. Joyner is having a real discussion and we all know what is going on, if you're part of the conversation.
prayers tadiwanashe
prayers tadiwanashe 12 時間 前
hell yeah
Joe_MamaPlayz Vids
Joe_MamaPlayz Vids 12 時間 前
George Floyd has proved god has abandoned us at least by a little. RIP George, and I love God. But idk if he cares about us anymore. We’re all stupid. Lol
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay 12 時間 前
ball1st1k 13 時間 前
for me.. RIIP TUPAC.
NOUS3Y 14 時間 前
2:35 you know he spittin when he really spittin
Steven Richards
Steven Richards 17 時間 前
Respect to you my brother
MR. GLITCH 18 時間 前
take that niqqa trump with that's a big threat this has a diffrent meaning now
_ Mazyy
_ Mazyy 18 時間 前
When I saw x 😔🥺
_ Mazyy
_ Mazyy 12 時間 前
chazkickyoahh 83 ok
chazkickyoahh 83
chazkickyoahh 83 12 時間 前
_ Mazyy no one cares
Atlass YT
Atlass YT 18 時間 前
Who else loves the outro? 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18 4:18
Xavier Wandrey
Xavier Wandrey 20 時間 前
RIP kobe rip gigi rip George floyd rip x rip whitney Houston rip Tupac rip my uncle rip god rip jesus rip Michael Jackson rip rip Martin Luther rip malcolm x I hope yall are staying safe dont let nothing take you down cause god is keeping us safe out here we cant have a great day cause the cops gotta ruin everything god has all of us in his hands hope you have a blessed day even tho I dont know you we all family keep pushing through we all are going to be ok I hope you give this letter out so the world can feel different I dont care about the fame I care about the world cause one day we all going to die it happens have a great day and always love eachother🙏😥
Jahzeh 21 時間 前
Simeon Snow
Simeon Snow 21 時間 前
J'Veon Washington
J'Veon Washington 21 時間 前
Alexander Zheng
Alexander Zheng 22 時間 前
He raps plain facts. Like many people on here, I didn't care for him. But looking back, I just didn't catch the lyrics. If you really listen, it's just truth.
Catress Barber-Peay
Catress Barber-Peay 5 時間 前
Why wasn't you feeling him in the beginning. What turned you off from him?
x-law jah-main
x-law jah-main 23 時間 前
Give us Biggie,give us pug, give us triple x, take that nigga Trump with you he's a bigger threat..
xKar9 23 時間 前
Michael Jackson deserved it, he did touch a few kids.
xKar9 3 時間 前
@Ishmael Berry jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-1Yp91zKBGgY.html
Ishmael Berry
Ishmael Berry 3 時間 前
@xKar9 i never heard of that or saw any LMAO show me a link clown🤣🤣🤣if i dont see the vids for myself then there is no evidence if they ARE real they would have showed them to the public
xKar9 3 時間 前
@Ishmael Berry actually his maid turned in videos of him and young fans doing bad things into the police.
Ishmael Berry
Ishmael Berry 12 時間 前
no evidence
Kung Lao
Kung Lao 23 時間 前
george lagi
george lagi 日 前
I literally cried when he said to bring X back🥺🥺😭😭rest high X 🙏
Roman Burlando
Love the video great song. to bad you jumped on the hate trump band wagon
Raven Phelps
Raven Phelps 日 前
I love this song and I'm 11 and in January me and my dad got baptized and a month later we had to stay home and now new curfew so I'm glad that my dad took me to get baptized with him now I'm right with my father 🙏🙏
Mini Gun Mason
He had to mention trump didnt he
Young Conscious
Joyner we need a "Devil's Work Pt. 2" b/c it's so many more ppl added to the list unfortunately.
Young Conscious
R.I.P George Floyd
Glover Washington
Abisha Israel
Black & Brown are God chosen people, that’s why we catch hell the most. Subscribe to iuic for details. Amos 3:1 -2
Emalo 日 前
This is awesome, truly amazing!
Alex 日 前
Who could dislike this masterpiece
Jason Carlo
Jason Carlo 日 前
This should be the song of the year !!!!! Just saying .....
Joseph Thompson
This is more raw and authentic than some CHH rappers go. Still living 1.1.6. Love this song Joyner!
jahseh onfroy
yall need to listen he isnt talking disrespect to god he talking to him bout our life we living
Celtia Dogy
Celtia Dogy 日 前
stay woke 👁
X-Ray 日 前
God does whatever he wants to do, so don't tell him what to do...!!!
MRM Playz
MRM Playz 日 前
If you die young that's not bad it means he took you for a reason look at Fatima Those 3 children died young because he wanted them in his kingdom Yall needa wise up
Man from Earth
This sounds goods.
Abaddon Noddaba
The Devil is deceiving you with the luxuries of this worldly life. You should seek refuge in god before it's too late. It really is the work of the devil. The devil caused you to dishonour the house of god.
AbdulAziz Al Kuwari
Thank god I’m a Muslim and I know the answers 😂
Alexiea Boyd
Alexiea Boyd 日 前
Seems like his prayer WAS HEARD. #Blacklivesmatter y'all.
Rap Artist
Rap Artist 日 前
I remember i used to listen to this song all day
yaboiii benn
yaboiii benn 日 前
"During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams" - Tupac Shakur
Flake88 日 前
He asked why god takes these people he doesn’t because if we have free will than that means they bring the death to them self’s by joining gangs and drug dealing
Jahviesha Edwards
the part about Michael Jackson had me in tears
dtp TV
dtp TV 日 前
dtp TV
dtp TV 日 前
i love you for this one 2020 devils work
Merk Kony
Merk Kony 日 前
Name it America for Floyd
Merk Kony
Merk Kony 日 前
@ joyner you need to make a new video but just like this with all these names with current events added in it. Keep same beat and everything this will send a powerful message . It’s about race but it’s also about the crooked demonic people out there that lives don’t actually matter at all.
Tristen lannelle
Every time I listen to Joyner Lucas I get the Holy Ghost✊🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Tristen lannelle
He is the best rapper in the worrllllldddddddd!!!!!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Merk Kony
Merk Kony 日 前
Only trump supporters and the crooked disliked this video. Fuck government
Treasure Munroe
this song hit hard
Olivia Hallie
I hope this song goes number 1
cheese mann
cheese mann 日 前
bro you dont even know how much your music has helped me keep doin you bro
Marija Sušac
26K dislikes? Now that is devil' s work.
Zante Kyero
Zante Kyero 日 前
Joyner Lucas just became my third favorite rapper.
HazzaPlayz 日 前
George Floyd, Juice and SmokePurpp added to the list damn
whats with his lower lip tho? Always looks like he's going to make a mess of his face lmao
#kakboss252 XBOX ONE
Cuz Treyvon gone and all he did was try an fight back...zimmerman walking round free we don't like that
Braima Djalo
Braima Djalo 日 前
Jorge floyd
Saurabh Singh Dhami
you took a true king from us #themarathoncontinues
Jack Mioff
Jack Mioff 日 前
Joyner has restored my faith when my pastor failed to.
turn the subtitles on loll
Trace Trump
Trace Trump 日 前
Give us back Kobe and his daughter
joshua folorunsho
joyner lucas is fireeeee. speaking the truth only
Ike Greger
Ike Greger 日 前
This is deep
Shamsu Deen
Shamsu Deen 日 前
Shamsu Deen
Shamsu Deen 日 前
It's Official Joyner Lukus has now joined the greats of the likes 50, snoop, dre, ricky, jayz, x, em and now JOYNER. THIS GUYYYYY! SALUTE! very intelligent guy.
Cameron Hart
Cameron Hart 日 前
Who waiting for a part 2 with George floyd juice and many others
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