Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair

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Johnny Knoxville breaks down all the injuries of his career. From pepper spray and taser guns, to breaking his ankle crossing the LA river, to getting shot by a rocket over a lake and getting landed on by a motorbike, listen to Johnny break down the timeline of his injuries, Johnny's new movie Action Point is out now in theaters.

Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.
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Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair
Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.










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Omar Nunez
Omar Nunez 5 時間 前
He has done everything bad to himself but get a paper cut
Mr. Chibiterasu
Mr. Chibiterasu 6 時間 前
“I feel like my eyes have gonorrhea.”
Caleb M. F
Caleb M. F 8 時間 前
I bet he has major arthritis 😂
Jessica Folsom
Jessica Folsom 16 時間 前
Now that’s a MAN
Emily Bruh
Emily Bruh 日 前
tom cruise: oh well i broke my ankle while doing my stunt by *myself* johnny: *HOLD MY HOLY BEER BOY*
Noah 日 前
He is God.
Laurathor 日 前
Someone get this man a hair dresser
Carter Carter
This man has endured so much lain to make us laugh
Peenager 日 前
All the members of jackass have like drudged themselves to death
Kaizerdidrik YT
Wierd to think that some of them died and some got depression :/
ItsZahra 日 前
feather falling V
Jenni Lee
Jenni Lee 2 日 前
How are you still alive
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 2 日 前
He wasn't expecting that. :-/
vi bi
vi bi 2 日 前
How is he even living?
Brian Shepherd
Brian Shepherd 2 日 前
Adam Henry
Adam Henry 2 日 前
Bad Grandpa!
Pascal Moll
Pascal Moll 2 日 前
wasnt he in the movie polar on netflix in the beginnin
My dicknhurt on that bloodydick part
ChelseyKate 3 日 前
He had a man-period 😖
13thVaRebel 3 日 前
Johnny: "In Jackass Number Two, they were all on their worst behavior." Steve-O: "This is the BUTT CHUG!"
Kimbo Goddess
Kimbo Goddess 4 日 前
The bulls charging always made my body hurt!!! Those horns my God these guys have incredible guts!
mini fridge
mini fridge 4 日 前
Why i loved jackass was because of the stories they could tell to the their kids and grandkids. For a moment imagine having this man as your grandad or uncle or whatever and you being a child asking about what it was like when he was younger... it'd be so entertaining to hear about
Dom 5 日 前
Dom 5 日 前
Danielle Melville
His laugh tops the video!
Freddy De La Torre
If Johnny Knoxville tells you that pepper spray is the best self defense weapon you best believe him
Merek Yes
Merek Yes 6 日 前
we have to beat sully we have to beat sully subscribe jpvid.net/show-UCxcNTbKKSP99FLyAalFXPSA?view_as=subscriber
Arianna Pierce
Arianna Pierce 6 日 前
This only took 10 minutes
Killshot - Pubg mobile
Why it feels that I’m watching Jim Carrey and Jack Nicholson at the same time??
Port Koda
Port Koda 5 日 前
Because you're obsessed with celebrities and have little in the way of consciousness.
FatLad69 _
FatLad69 _ 7 日 前
Can we get a Steve-O version?
0 subs with No videos
How dumb do you have to be to do these stunts
YourBoyNutYt 7 日 前
How is this man still alive?
roomy Jalal
roomy Jalal 7 日 前
It's good to see him alive. Oh, butterbean is ok btw
Michael Mcginnis
He is awesome
Trittysmalls 8 日 前
That hurt
Jennifer Gutmann
Weres Dukes of Hazzerd
regularsharp 9 日 前
3:18 I bet Johnny said something like "Hey man, don't go easy on me." to Butterbean when he had his gloves on. That was mistake #2: Trying to reason with Butterbean when he has his gloves on. By that point, the man's a berserker. Mistake #1 is challenging Butterbean to a boxing match to begin with.
Christian Tanujaya
A living legend
S0mb _
S0mb _ 9 日 前
Reported for hacking: not taking fall damage
Brad Brown
Brad Brown 10 日 前
Jesus crikey! How are you still alive? 😱 u r superman. Or super lucky man... How's butterbean?😵
Marc-André Duguay
A life of pain and injury!
a'mir yousef
a'mir yousef 10 日 前
You're a pioneer
Blade Skope
Blade Skope 11 日 前
Did u do it johnny Yes What did it cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
Classic Quads
Classic Quads 11 日 前
how do you swallow your tongue?
Humbleacho 11 日 前
this mf crazy
Snoops Boops
Snoops Boops 11 日 前
I love John
TheClasher202 11 日 前
And he died choking on a hotdog.
divineheretic82 11 日 前
I’m really surprised he’s not crippled or dead.
Jack Larson
Jack Larson 11 日 前
*He is a real IDIOT.*
Johann W. Coltrane
I wonder if Mr. Knoxville is one of the individuals that do not have a fear response. It would certainly explain his ability to put himself into circumstances that most men would not even consider going into.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 12 日 前
Johnny Knoxville is a legendary beast..
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 12 日 前
I feel like my eyes have gonorrhea
Christopher Fulmer
The funniest thing in this video is the title johnny knoxvile *BREAKS* down every *INJURY*. I know, the puns 😐😐
tekker bros
tekker bros 12 日 前
He can’t have kids anymore😂
MethHeadRedNeck 12 日 前
Can he still bust a nut?
Alexander Szabo
Alexander Szabo 12 日 前
hammer kult jackass jeah
Yoeri :D
Yoeri :D 13 日 前
johnny Knoxville lived by the meaning "GET RICH OR DIE TRYING"
DREADFLEA5595 13 日 前
How is it only ten minutes long😂
Christian Webb
Christian Webb 13 日 前
Live your life to the fullest
elijah gaudet
elijah gaudet 13 日 前
I loved the jackass movies
Parker Weaver
Parker Weaver 13 日 前
No I just go blood coming out my pp😂
MUFFIN EATER 52 13 日 前
Soo... is this guy infertile now...
Luke De G
Luke De G 13 日 前
Surprised he is still alive
KingCodester111 13 日 前
He's a living test dummy
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 14 日 前
Anyone here is 2019 Like if your are
Slater 14 日 前
He is immortal
Jonathan Brown
Jonathan Brown 14 日 前
Knoxville you're a has been, give it a break
FB I 14 日 前
Only in Oklahoma will a guy have a period It’s now a law
N R 14 日 前
the part where he shot himself with a gun in the 'self defense' skit is never used... :(
quinn tv
quinn tv 14 日 前
Today is March 10 Tomorrow is March 11 His birthday is March 11.30am
Villa Vlogger
Villa Vlogger 13 日 前
OMG QUINN WAGWAN MY GUY! What happened to Mullen Monday
Naryk〰卍 15 日 前
so he had exactly 10 minites of injuries? no he had more injuries but you lazy shits only wanted a 10 minute video for the ads, so dont exagerate the title and say all his injuries are in the video.
Windy Wolfie
Windy Wolfie 15 日 前
Noooo I wanna go to Russia
Kragatar 15 日 前
"When I blew my nose, my eye popped out of it's socket. That freaked me out a little so I popped it back in". lol Who is this guy, Deadpool?
DarthDregan 15 日 前
He looks really old. Dang. He is an insane, funny, awesome guy.
thomas Davidis
thomas Davidis 15 日 前
The way he says the first words of this got me smiling already
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn 15 日 前
How did stevo survive a snapping turtle nipple twister
guilherme alves
guilherme alves 15 日 前
I love this man
Michael Whittman
Michael Whittman 15 日 前
He should get an intern to check the effectiveness of a .45 as a self defense tool. Im worried i might be carrying the wrong thing.
L Cifer
L Cifer 15 日 前
Savi Squad
Savi Squad 15 日 前
Dang he had a period for a day.
That Laim Guy
That Laim Guy 15 日 前
He be immortal
This guy is my mentor with papa franku
Soyer Dake
Soyer Dake 15 日 前
And I thought that jumping off the swingset was dangerous....
aphid attraction
aphid attraction 16 日 前
I'm thinking morphine is this mans best friend
Christian Graf
Christian Graf 16 日 前
This was so hard to watch Jesus Christ.
Christiaan Bruin
Christiaan Bruin 16 日 前
Jesus needs to give his guardian angel a raise
Eddie 16 日 前
Id rather break my toe than have blood shoot out of my pee pee
FrothyKibbles67 16 日 前
"I feel like my eyes have gonorrhea"
InsectiGaming 17 日 前
Im suprised he never got injured in the dukes of hazzard
B Back in 10
B Back in 10 17 日 前
How are you still alive?????!!!!!!!
Kevin  Juice
Kevin Juice 17 日 前
I Can Feel The Pain 🤕💉😷💔
benis 17 日 前
johnny knoxville is my role model
RastaSaiyaman 17 日 前
In the "Jackass, ten years of stupid" book, they reprinted the article of the self defense equipment and Knoxville's words on the Pepper spray was that it "Fucks you up." It is saying something that even now he maintains that Pepper spraying himself was by far the worst thing he ever did to himself.
Anna The cool friend
A kid: * brags about having a broken arm* Johnny:”My left eye popped out of its sockets”
Anna The cool friend
Steven Seagal Weeaboo King FIX IT SORRY THANKS
Steven Seagal Weeaboo King
Ummm, this is Johnny Knoxville, not Steve-O...
Tague Relyea
Tague Relyea 18 日 前
Modern day evil knievel
Chaossonicl255 18 日 前
u know i grew it with jackass but as i got older it become less funny and more worring and now its like dude 1 day a stunt is going to go wrong and yr gonna die so if i was him quit while i was ahead
Stevethekid 119
Stevethekid 119 19 日 前
“I injured the only body part that means something to me”
Alegon Bessole
Alegon Bessole 19 日 前
How is this man still alive 😂😂
thedutch diamondgameplay
Augustus De Waat
Augustus De Waat 19 日 前
i looked like a picasso painting.... im done
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