Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair

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Johnny Knoxville breaks down all the injuries of his career. From pepper spray and taser guns, to breaking his ankle crossing the LA river, to getting shot by a rocket over a lake and getting landed on by a motorbike, listen to Johnny break down the timeline of his injuries, Johnny's new movie Action Point is out now in theaters.

Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.
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Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair
Warning. The stunts in this interview were performed by professionals, so for your safety and the protection of those around you, do not attempt any of the stunts you're about to see.





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KoolGuardrailBoy 50 分 前
this guy is the lesson in pain
thewatcher638 2 時間 前
that's so sad..
ayoub zougari
ayoub zougari 5 時間 前
Such stamina
Jabran Ali Babry
Jabran Ali Babry 6 時間 前
True legend
Devil man
Devil man 6 時間 前
Fucken legend
loudnoisechick t
loudnoisechick t 10 時間 前
We miss jackass man
Troy Baker
Troy Baker 14 時間 前
I really want to know the full butter bean story
yungshotz 15 時間 前
i wouldn’t doubt it if this video made more money than action point did in theatres
Shikhar Tyler
Shikhar Tyler 16 時間 前
Butterbean ok that got me
P D G 20 時間 前
Ai ai mano meu saco ta doendo muito
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness 21 時間 前
Couple more years and he wont have to put on the old man makeup to play him
CVPRI ZUN 22 時間 前
Weird flex but ok?
Eszter Antal
Eszter Antal 日 前
He looks so old wtf happened
Tinus Peens
Tinus Peens 日 前
Who thought about trying to swallow their tongue😂
cooper Broughton
Well this guy will never have children again
Shawnie Boy
Shawnie Boy 日 前
i'm so glad knoxville is still living alive after all those injuries
Garle Curco
Garle Curco 日 前
This guy really love getting hurt
Andrew Toons
Andrew Toons 日 前
the man who can somehow reflect death
dylan spin
dylan spin 日 前
How did the rocket not kill any one
Omar Rivas Bustinza
He kind of sounds and looks like Jack Nicholson
leo knox
leo knox 2 日 前
Nick Jonathan
Nick Jonathan 2 日 前
Is buterbean ok 😂
Leevi the fighter Man
GayBae 2 日 前
He's so old
Vasilije Unčanin
Asriel Aglison
Asriel Aglison 2 日 前
He emits an aura of chill chaos
Damon_ kidd
Damon_ kidd 2 日 前
Next evil kaneval
Егор Сидоров
Disliked this just for being so annoyingly recommended by JPvid. Also stun gun feels much more painful than pepper spray imho
TheGaming Rhino
TheGaming Rhino 2 日 前
White People Volume 12
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez 3 日 前
There were only 3 seasons? I felt this was on for years
Matty Muirhead
Matty Muirhead 3 日 前
What a beast
vivek p
vivek p 3 日 前
The rocket was not funny he could have died
witCurse _
witCurse _ 3 日 前
Oh... my... god.... and to think i played the ps2 game lol
Cali Stevens
Cali Stevens 3 日 前
xihang yang
xihang yang 3 日 前
funny no injury in jackie chan movie.
animals rule
animals rule 3 日 前
Rivers Cuomo?
Peyton Collins
Peyton Collins 3 日 前
is butterbean ok
Tim Melycher
Tim Melycher 3 日 前
You guys should try to get some if not all the cast of jackass to do a video like this. Would love to see a Bam or Chris Pontius one
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller 3 日 前
Such a lucky man so many times he should have been mangled todeath
Terry Giang
Terry Giang 4 日 前
Me breaking down my injuries of my career : *starts at **00:00* *ends at **00:00*
Brandon Bollinger
He is the king of jackass who survive the most painful stunts in history your awesome Jonny
Andrew Woan
Andrew Woan 4 日 前
SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE: Find the magnitude of the net Coulomb force, in newtons, on the charge q in the figure, given that q = 0.65 μC, qa = 1.5 μC, qb = -2.5 μC, qc = -4.4 μC, and qd = 1.1 μC. The square is 69 cm on a side.
scorpio 4 日 前
6:16 = every mans worst nightmare, imo
joe doyle
joe doyle 4 日 前
watching this eating sushi after video finishes goes down reads comments, gets light headed and almost vomits
Wyatt Glaeser
Wyatt Glaeser 5 日 前
Ok I haven't seen any of his films, but to me he looks like a tough guy Jim Carrey.
Jed Szulc
Jed Szulc 5 日 前
God: you will die if I get bored of you death denying Johnny Knoxville: *IF*
ECKO _ 5 日 前
How old is he
Tyler Green
Tyler Green 5 日 前
Blood shooting out your doink, outch
Kwint 5 日 前
*dies of aids*
Techman 5 日 前
*almost gets killed* “is butterbean okay?” Still makes me laugh to this day!
This man has planets for balls lmao
brickworldie 6 日 前
If you see this Link -> jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html you are gonna have a Nice day
Johnny dude you deserve something for all that you went through. Seriously.
Science Recruit
Science Recruit 6 日 前
"Is butterbean OK?" -Johnny Knoxville
Eternal.Machina 6 日 前
This guy is one CRAZY dude man but i love him🤣😄
Woken up by my Self
Now he looks like a math teacher or an eye doctor
Bradley Suva
Bradley Suva 6 日 前
Could he be a better gta actor,player,like he would be perfect
Tiny Baby Man
Tiny Baby Man 6 日 前
looks a lot like cuomo!
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll 6 日 前
The fact that he is alive is a miracle.
jordan 311
jordan 311 7 日 前
"You always get footage when you film with Bulls".
Review Maplin
Review Maplin 6 日 前
"Thank goodness"
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson 7 日 前
Your my hero. You destroyed your body for American humor. Amen.
daniel escobedo
daniel escobedo 7 日 前
I'm surprised this video was only 10 minutes
Ghastly Grinner
Ghastly Grinner 8 日 前
is he sedated?
Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!
My favourite celeb on the planet, guy is amazing to me, love that end but though, saying it was all worth it, well look where he is and the hero he is to so many people
Peter Heisterkamp
"Is butterbean Okay?" hahahahahaha
Centrist Philosopher
I reckon if someone asked this guy to jump into lava for a laugh.... he would do it
CK SWAT 9 日 前
Why do I always come back a month after
laughing hyena
laughing hyena 9 日 前
The question is if he is still able to have kids And yes I know he has kids
: CJW :
: CJW : 9 日 前
This guy was the inspiration for final fantasy the amount of times he’s cheated death
that laugh at the end LEGEND !
TheFishCat 10 日 前
"i injured the only body part that means anything to me."
Bayleee Rae
Bayleee Rae 10 日 前
This guy must be fun at parties. For real. Imagine the endless amount of stories he can tell. 🤣❤️
Quick Builder
Quick Builder 10 日 前
*reads title* *looks at how long video is*
Chief 10 日 前
If one of these things happened to Me I would die
ShaneW915 11 日 前
*B R E A K I N G* out all of the injuries of his career
gundom000 11 日 前
I was surprised it was a 10 min video only.
SomeSerbian DuD
SomeSerbian DuD 11 日 前
Dis Dud Actually A Zombie At This Point
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 11 日 前
Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville, and welcome to jackass
jumpieva 11 日 前
Joshuajacob04 Jacob
Can Johny Knoxville even have children anymore ?
Jen B
Jen B 12 日 前
Gosh, I feel guilty for watching all of this lol. I love him, one of those weird bad decision crushes. Haha
hellscorpio82 12 日 前
Mike Simmons
Mike Simmons 12 日 前
Never got into any of them. I always just saw some really drugged people doing whatever they could for money and fame.
david escareno
david escareno 12 日 前
Why does he talk like, look like jack Nicholson
BriBri 12 日 前
But what if you miss the eyes when using pepper spray? Then it's not really an effective form of self defense is it?
Jackie Hernandez
Jackie Hernandez 13 日 前
“Well i want to have some fun too so I decided to backflip a motorcycle but I don’t know how to ride a motorcycle that well”
jeFF Fury
jeFF Fury 13 日 前
How lucky was that segment with the rocket, that no one get hurt?? It reminded me of Pulp Fiction moment when Jules and Vincent got shot at and every bullet missed!
Ismael L
Ismael L 13 日 前
Why do people idolize this idiot
The Crimson fucker
Ismael L People don’t idolize him. They think his antics are funny
Potato Batman
Potato Batman 13 日 前
Death fears the day Johnny Knoxville's name appears on his list
PokéWeeD Lover;
PokéWeeD Lover; 14 日 前
0mg😱😱😱He is A HERO
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 15 日 前
How are you still alive?
Joshua Carr
Joshua Carr 16 日 前
Is butter bean okay? Lmao
Jesse Ellegett
Jesse Ellegett 16 日 前
Johnny is a legend.
Jonathan  Lambert
Jonathan Lambert 16 日 前
Who cares ..?
SailentMiracle 16 日 前
Gotta hit that 10M mark baby.
SonofAries 216
SonofAries 216 16 日 前
What a legend
K M 16 日 前
"Breaks it's handlebars off my crotch" I saw that coming. Dude! That sound..
Zocker Bro
Zocker Bro 16 日 前
God that thint with the eye at the end freaked me out
Nick Hudspeth
Nick Hudspeth 16 日 前
4:43 "Oh yeah, we hired a part time rocket scientist" that sounds like the sketchiest thing I've ever heard lmao
Turtle Man
Turtle Man 17 日 前
I like the fact that he's so monotone about his injuries
Karate Prank NYC
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