John Cena On His Split From Nikki Bella: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out Of Nowhere’ | TODAY

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Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcome special guest co-host John Cena, who speaks frankly about his split with his fiancée, Nikki Bella. “I had my heart broken out of nowhere,” he says. “I still love Nicole.” But he adds that he’s grateful for his six years by her side.
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John Cena On His Split From Nikki Bella: ‘I Had My Heart Broken Out Of Nowhere’ | TODAY




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PornHubChairman 5 時間 前
Who are they staring at? And where is that voice coming from?
777KZL 5 時間 前
I like this dude but he looks like a dickhead with that haircut
Ryan Tomlinson
Ryan Tomlinson 5 時間 前
If john has any children he'll never regret it. I can't imagine my life without my little chits.
cerina woehrley
cerina woehrley 5 時間 前
He will b back with her soon the tv show starts soon that when he get back with her it was all fake break up that u all went for
Friendly Black Guy
Friendly Black Guy 5 時間 前
Can’t tell if this is fake or not
Jeffrey Rodriguez
Jeffrey Rodriguez 7 時間 前
John Cena 👍
Esra Şengünalp
Esra Şengünalp 10 時間 前
TheReservedGamer 10 時間 前
Cena got his hear RKO'd?
Good Devil
Good Devil 12 時間 前
Did Nikki RKO his heart?
The Silkworm
The Silkworm 13 時間 前
He’s lost weight
Rosa Ahumada
Rosa Ahumada 13 時間 前
😍💖💖💖 you will guys be together wish the best😊
Angga Pratama
Angga Pratama 14 時間 前
Why are these women staring at each other and talking to air?
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 15 時間 前
I miss Lori
CerebralArts214 15 時間 前
Cena should get into politics
*Anal Perpetrator
*Anal Perpetrator 16 時間 前
Who's cutting onions omg stop plss. :( :( :(
milk san
milk san 17 時間 前
Bless John Cena.
Hen 122
Hen 122 19 時間 前
Can anyone help me www.gofundme.com/help-me-get-back-what-i-was-scammed
TheGreenPianist 20 時間 前
pshh... waht do you expect?? she is clearly married to Daniel Bryan for a long time, I don't know what was he expecting, she can't be chea... oh wait...
King Kunt
King Kunt 20 時間 前
This feels like I just watched an infomercial
John J
John J 日 前
Why they split?! Money or behavior issues or else?!
random guy
random guy 日 前
What's happening here?
Bry An
Bry An 日 前
Aww, I feel for him.
The Mr.White Show
4:50 John said he’s never been in love before but was married before he was dating Nikki 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 he’s a G lol
Dark Vader
Dark Vader 日 前
Fuc having kids do u still c the world 🌎 we liv in
Tiffany 日 前
i think this is so fake. john is normally a very private person, so it’s sketchy he’d be so open rn ... and all her interviews she keeps mentioning watch the show! watch the show! idk... seeems fugazyyy
Imrita 日 前
Sounds like he’s saying all the right thing to redirect speculations onto Nikki but this woman has in years said whatever she wants and there’s something that isn’t adding up
Mary Griffiths
Didn't he make her sign a 75 page agreement?
360 Sales Consulting
I been through what you are going through for the last year. Keep the faith.
360 Sales Consulting
I feel your pain John. In the same boat kid of. Keep the faith.
Conor 日 前
I can finally see him when he’s sad you can see him
My heart is broken too. I relate 100% to this situation. Hope they can figure it out.
Adam Nicholson
Dude could have anyone on roster
Carlos  Lozada
It's all fake Bella is a fella
Maleen Fraticelli
Awwee this is so saad he really truly loves her and wants to be with her. Hope they work it out
Hayden Hayder
Cena is the best! I feel bad for him
Vanessa Richardson
i don't freaking care you get punch right now you want bloody nose be coming
Elite Nemesis
in reality, john would look needy and the girl wont want it, being chased
Poor John, he's such a love fool still saying that he'd still marry her etc etc, that's just gonna make things worse for him and his emotional recovery
It's Alex
It's Alex 日 前
Omg he is a horror. He might be a good wrestler but he's been dragging this girl around for years. He makes her sign contracts to live in his house and he never wanted to marry or have kinds w her before now!
Mansour Mbye
Mansour Mbye 日 前
He’s gonna come back as savage.......
Deanna McGregor
Deanna McGregor 2 日 前
I hope they get back together and have babies and live happily ever after ❤️
Bobby MKD
Bobby MKD 2 日 前
Hoda has a story and Hoda story is boring...
miresly777777 2 日 前
Love him so much. 😪
AlexiaRay 2 日 前
Stubborness has consequences John. You were brutally honest, which is rare, but appreciated. But don’t act surprised you got dumped for being selfish.
F E 2 日 前
AlexiaRay IKR This. All the way. Nicole's decision is a totally reasonable reaction to everything thats happened between them.
The Swedes Versus
I hope they get back together now when Cena himself has said he wants to marry her and have a family with her. That's what she wanted all along and it appears by his own words John has finally changed his mind about not having kids. Go for it John go get her back.
Stephen  Balderson
Top man, Gob bless him x
Collin Dennis
Collin Dennis 2 日 前
" IT IT IT DOESN'T MATTER " (The Rock Voice)
xgooglex 2 日 前
They are going out of their way for this storyline.
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson 2 日 前
Who cares
John Doe
John Doe 2 日 前
Bro, girls cant love guys. Its impossible for girls to love. They only can like guys. With 3 different levels of “like”. #1 like a little, #2 like, and #3 like a lot. Lesson i need to teach every guy in the world to save thousands of lives from being heartbroken. When girls say they “love” you, its a lie. When girls say there “in love” with you, its a lie. When you learn this fact, now you understand what to do to save yourself from ever being heartbroken. Never love a girl. It ALWAYS will lead to a broken heart, always. Every girl on earth knows I’m telling the truth. But they never will admit it. Because then they couldn’t use and play guys. Theres always exceptions to every rule. The one and only time a girl can love a guy is her children. Guys, please, dont ever fall “in love” with a girl or “love” a girl. If you do your wasting your love and life on someone who can never truly love you. The exception here is you can love your mother. Please mark my words and never forget this lesson i have taught all you guys. I teach so you never have to waste years of your life and wasting your love and so you never fell the worst pain on earth, thats the pain from a broken heart. 💔
michael knight
michael knight 2 日 前
Nothing lasts forever as they say "laugh now cry later"
AWWWWE well wdda you waiting foaaa,child the love of your liiiiiiife🏃‍♂️👪👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Kelly Wright
Kelly Wright 2 日 前
Who are they talking to??
He couldn't seen it coming... Ba da boom cheee
Ebrima Mballow
Ebrima Mballow 2 日 前
John is my role model
Sheryl Castro
Sheryl Castro 2 日 前
Celeste 2 日 前
I cried
NearRedundant 2 日 前
You do know this is a WWE Storyline in line for the new season of total bellas
Gravypot Media
Gravypot Media 2 日 前
Plenty more divas in the pond
She Is Ho...You Can Do Better Cena...
Shebby.419 2 日 前
This guy is wet #FreeMartial
Ivan The Terrible
This is way too soft and comes across as fake. If you don't want kids and commitment then just be honest about it.
dianaluvgod 2 日 前
I literally cried. I love them together
Iman Macapudi
Iman Macapudi 2 日 前
StarryNight 2 日 前
That what bts does to men you think you like women into you hear them sing and rap
mike de julia
mike de julia 2 日 前
This is really breaking news. Wow.
tony rose
tony rose 2 日 前
I can hear him talking but i can't see him
Edison Beard
Edison Beard 2 日 前
I’m so confused..........😬
fell on my head
fell on my head 2 日 前
DrEniViSiOn 2 日 前
Celebs relationships never last more than a yr or so
Nicy ali246
Nicy ali246 2 日 前
Omg wow . We need more men like this in the world. That’s so sweet 😪