Joe Rogan | JFK Warned Us About Secret Societies

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Taken from JRE #1400 w/Tony Hinchcliffe:









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SFB 31 分 前
I heard they caught Alex Jones at the Grove and tied him up to th big Owl then they all went to town on him. He demanded the crew kept filming.
Ike Hill
Ike Hill 時間 前
How come you don't look deformed!? Fuck is that pose to mean.. Its sad i gotta be careful watchin this guy.. Strike 2
BrianDabzDaily _#710
My favorite show you ever did was, Joe Rogan questions everything
Thor Haakon Sandberg
Third eye of Thor = 666. Third eye of Thor Haakon Sandberg = 1776. Skull and bones - nine = 666. ---------------------------------------------- I AM THE MAN: Thor Haakon nine = 666. Thor Haakon = 666. Thor Haakon`s nr is 9 = 666. Thor Haakon Sandberg nr 9 = 666. ----------------------------------------------- Iconic 666 Anti Christ nine = 666.
Mattyaz 11 時間 前
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 11 時間 前
Amazing speech, gratitude for helping. Human rights, together we are the people. Living with human rights. Thank you.
willbur 420
willbur 420 12 時間 前
It's all freemasonry bs at the end of the day its devil worship
Jar Jar Fett
Jar Jar Fett 13 時間 前
Eisenhower warned us too about the military industrial complex. He knew what was going on at area 51 and was going to send in the army. It's too bad he did not. We could be living in a different world today.
raqib shairzai
raqib shairzai 14 時間 前
Do a pod cast with Michael franssese
Rayan Khayari
Rayan Khayari 14 時間 前
I came for a video about secret societies and all I got is "SKULL AND BONES IS ONE ALPHA GAY DUDE WHO BONES DUDES FUCKING DUDES"
Nate DawGg
Nate DawGg 15 時間 前
He isn’t talking about Communism he’s literally talking about the global Deep State
Johnny Aingel
Johnny Aingel 19 時間 前
John f Kennedy one of the greatest conspiracy assassinations of the century GOD BLESS him
Tyler Rosenow
Tyler Rosenow 22 時間 前
I can hear Tony Hinchcliffe swallowing in the background half a dozen times.
Owen Hatch-evans
Owen Hatch-evans 23 時間 前
What if the body effigy of straw was a real person covered in straw??
tsmspace 日 前
secret societies don't need to be people who talk to eachother. Once people are similar enough in their lifestyle, they can see eachother around, and decide to behave together without ever "properly meeting".
tsmspace 日 前
another thing, as much as people say that pyramids are purely religious, that doesn't exist. If you are in the middle of a parking lot, and the sun is shining, you will notice it gets warmer than if on a lawn. In ancient times making a hot patch of rock was useful, and pyramids worked like a tiny mountain. Everything from drying mud after it rained to the airflow of animal odor would be affected by having a big patch of exposed rock in the sunlight. (also the great pyramid was brilliant white with a gold top,,, standing next to the pyramid would have been alternating-ly very warm, then very cool as the day went on,,, like trying to relax near a huge stone library, the temperature changes constantly)
NoLimitHEAAA 日 前
I love it when Joe takes a peek down the rabbit hole and lightens the mood by having a laugh about the craziness of it all. If he jumps right in and looks too far around he might come under attack although it's all been exposed already and still people go on as though everything is normal so they don't care any more.
joshcrosson 日 前
I’ve been to bohemian grove twice. Granted it wasn’t when things were going on, and I was just delivering ports potties for some construction that was being done, but even then security was crazy.
shane 日 前
So Joe started skull and bones hahaha.
Alberto Torres
Joe “N A S A and not NASA” Rogan
Igwe Williams
He’s not talking about secret societies. He’s talking about the country.
Damn Mixes
Damn Mixes 日 前
Whoever are running this world they did excellent job at what they're trying to achieve. What we have is people with many many different opinions, but not many real solutions. Divide and conquer.
Pfunzo Nevhusenga
Timmy is really gullible
Dee Harper
Dee Harper 日 前
I remember seeing a clip of Bush standing in front of the depository Oswald was in the day Kennedy was shot, I believe Bush was CIA then...
Russian Bot
Russian Bot 日 前
The three tramps they caught were the same guys that got caught at the Watergate hotel break in.... Super bad at hiding, super good at getting let off.
colin francis
colin francis 2 日 前
And now your orange president seems to pledge his alligance to Isreal making jeruselem his capital and new presidential executive order college funds will be stopped if any college speaks out against Isreal or supports the palestinian cause,cause he wants a seat at the top table. know America is bought and paid for ,you are a subsidery of Isreal
tinyx bliccy
tinyx bliccy 2 日 前
Same as cartels 💯
colin francis
colin francis 2 日 前
definite patsy,taken out by Americas controllers, Isreal.play there game or get gone,since then the industrial complex has taken over and people dont matter to governments,thats why you have no health care system ,the richest nation ,which runs on a deficit producing weapons at stupid costs. and pays trillions to Isreal each year and arms these zionists for free,
Matshidiso Sekgampu
JFK was a real one
mike3891973 2 日 前
The AARB revealed the truth, JPvid Doug Horne, he proves with the national archives medical evidence (what’s left of it) that Kennedy was shot 5 times. Once in the throat, once in the back and three times in the head. He also goes into detail about Operation Northwoods which Kennedy rejected three times on record, brace yourself for Operation Northwoods. I’m not sure why people keep asking questions, all this information is available on our governments national archives website, it’s public information. You can also review documents at the actual site where the originals are kept by appointment. They’re our records, we do have the right to see them, the problem is no one takes the time. History Chanel is more convenient I guess
mike3891973 2 日 前
One more thing, Doug Horne makes it very clear that the ARRB’s conclusions are strictly from medical records and testimonies. They even interviewed Dr. Humes, the doctor who performed the autopsy. Doug Horne stated “if you want to really know what happened to JFK you gotta get your head OUT OF dealy plaza and look at the medical evidence”. BTW, he also exposed that Dr. Humes burned the original autopsy report in his fire place the Saturday after the coup, admitted by Dr Humes himself on record. Again, these are not my words, all in the national archives.
Fredrick Bower
Fredrick Bower 2 日 前
That shit has been going on 4 like YEARS PEOPLE this is not new news,,the QUESTION IS Y
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 2 日 前
"Just donking dude's" 😆 sooo funny
Laura Marie
Laura Marie 2 日 前
Actually, they really sacrifice humans, maybe not that cult but others!
j in avl
j in avl 2 日 前
Last real president
alexander leos
alexander leos 2 日 前
1st legacy bonesman; Senator Prescott Bush brought in nazi money to the united states,
Im Ruckus
Im Ruckus 2 日 前
Joe, I love you. Thank you for truth.
G Solo
G Solo 2 日 前
Operation North Woods/Bay of Pigs
WK Ness
WK Ness 2 日 前
I definitely didn't grow up a mile or away from The Grove. If I did, all I'd say is the members and their security contractors are all swell fellas and even if Truman nuked Japan from there they bring no bad juju. The cremation of care and good ol molach see to that. if I did grow up in the hippiest most athiest place in America and later spontaneously and desperately seek God and the Bible, hearing that loudspeaker and knowing sitting presidents and those abover them pledged allegiance to the great owl Molach definitely had nothing to do with it. The whole area from Monte Rio to Meeker would resonate. with evil if the elites did such things. I encourage yall to take a trip. Have a Pliny The Elder while you investigate. Don't even try to go on BC land though unless you want. to have. a bad day.
ThreeDaysOfDan 2 日 前
He wanted to get rid of the CIA because he loved te FBI. the CIA and FBI hate eachother
Baked Beans
Baked Beans 2 日 前
Lol @ Joe bullying Jamie cause youtube's internal caption system sucks.
SeekerGoOn2013 3 日 前
Eisenhower came up with the phrase “military industrial complex” in a speech when he was President. Check out the documentary “Why We Fight” for more gruesome info.
wyomarine 日 前
But, Eisenhower was part of the problem too, just like FDR and Churchill. These guys were great at making political speeches like they were true patriots, and behind the curtain, sided with the Bolsheviks.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien 3 日 前
Kennedy was his own secret society. "Screw all the women I can in the White House swimming pool, and the press and secret service keeps it quiet." He was Clinton's idol, so the Monica story never shocked me.
Arvg mph
Arvg mph 3 日 前
Imagine how confused ancient Egyptians would be if Joe Rogan rocked up
lion x warrior
lion x warrior 23 時間 前
Joe would roundhouse kick them all in the head one by one then demand an elk steak!
Random Shitposter
Imagine if the Egyptians had DMT
ubique 3 日 前
Kennedy was just a bent irish gangsters son , backed by the mafia .. hooked on speed .... playing fast and loose with national secrets .... who was got rid off ..... thus getting saint status amoungst the left anf the 'oirish ' ! just saying like !
Rogan seems to know a lot about these secret societies..
Robert Green
Robert Green 3 日 前
Hamilton Pagan
Hamilton Pagan 3 日 前
The bone yard rules
Hamilton Pagan
Hamilton Pagan 3 日 前
Lol skull and bones Make u do something I don't wana do and were gonna tape it if u wana b in our club lol
Semi Miloudi
Semi Miloudi 3 日 前
Back when presidents had oratory skills.. Just compare that speech to trump's..
Live Large
Live Large 3 日 前
Joes in on it
Sir Jhonson
Sir Jhonson 3 日 前
I say get rid of all of it.
Sir Jhonson
Sir Jhonson 3 日 前
Enki built them . I think I would be in Atlantis .
naaiiiz 3 日 前
I think JFK meant the Mafia with that
Gabe Goldweight
Gabe Goldweight 3 日 前
He looks like a Republican? You are an idiot Joe, people from all parties go there, it is the elite, not a partisan group.🤦‍♂️
David Cruz
David Cruz 3 日 前
President Kennedy wasn't for shadowing everything. He was talking about the people that were in his midst scheming behind his back for their own agendas, just like today.
Bohemian grove is real Alex Jones busted theyr ass
Operation Mindfuck
Joe still thinks that this show is about him and his guest is just there to give him subjects to talk about. It's become very self indulgent and Jamie seems to only be there for Joe to boss around and present an image. Joe really needs to learn how to ask people questions and actually listen to their answers and enjoy taking an interest. Keep the other person talking and not tie his self esteem up in what people's opinion of him is. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt,"
Operation Mindfuck
Damn Joe, haven't you figured out what the owl is yet?
Operation Mindfuck
What if Kennedy was simulacrum and he malfunctioned making his head explode? It's an explanation for his wife trying to grab a piece of his skull, it could have been a cog or something.
The Humanity
The Humanity 3 日 前
James Earl Ray was proven in a court of law to be a patsy for the assassination of MLK Jr. They never talk about it though because the FBI were one of the organizations found to have been a part of the assassination plan.
Fernanda Cordeiro Gazola
Hi, Joe, you should talk to David Icke.
Fernanda Cordeiro Gazola
@90g fratè I don't agree with everything David Icke says, but he knows a lot about secret societies. There's a contactee here in Brazil - his name is Fábio Del Santoro; he has a channel here in JPvid and he's very respectable, in my opinion - that believed that David Icke was completely crazy, but the beings that communicate with Fábio told him: "He is not crazy. You, humans, know nothing about what really happens there on Earth. A lot of things are hidden from you". I think it would be great if Joe had an interview with David!
90g fratè
90g fratè 日 前
ehm still don't get how much David Icke and Alex Jones are controlled opposition
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