Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

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Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.









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Alex Lintern
Alex Lintern 22 時間 前
Pedo guy? That wa off the cuff and a joke!
TJ KNOT 22 時間 前
Who the f**k says "this was futile" in the manner he says that and then talks about seatbelts?I'm 100% convinced he's a clone.or he's hiding something
asdfghjkl 22 時間 前
Elon should go on Joe Rogan once a year. He missed doing it in 2019 but should start doing it in 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. Just go on Joe Rogan and smoke weed and talk about stuff.
Leonard Schoeberlein
Leonard Schoeberlein 22 時間 前
You know,,,,,Mr. Rogan, both yourself and Mr.Musk agree that people need to learn to love better, be nicer, yet you have a history of ridiculing and diminishing the love and honor that is taught in the word of God. You seem to evaluate the effectiveness of the word of God by your observation of those who claim they subscribe to its tenants. Have you ever considered that most of those who adhere to Christianity do so in an “emotional” sense rather than a “change of heart sense” which essentially expands ones ability to love in the purest sense? What your doing is throwing out the baby with the bath water bro.
Alex MG
Alex MG 23 時間 前
30:21 pass that whiskey! Yes
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 23 時間 前
Elon is already hooked up to nuerolink
Nike Nikes
Nike Nikes 日 前
30:10 @JRE, that has been known for thousands of years by Hinduism and Vedanta teaching, see this link... jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-Zb1mLzRL3wc.html&t=1080
EVERYONE WATCH AT 18:00 so funny
Miroslav Kiss
Joe is so cute here hahahahah youknow what I mean
Rodrigo Viajero
Our cortex is mainly trying to make happy our lymbic system... Yeap this guys is an alien👽😆😅
Living In Christ
You think ied's is iraq is bad wait until we have tunnels all underground with multiple levels above and below. Again just because we can doesn't mean we should. We need to start thinking about things a bit more before we do them instead of acting like children with legos.
I am My Beloved
Speaking of the environment, he wasn't asked, nor did he even address the detrimental issue of chemtrails in our atmosphere. I wonder why. Certainly he is aware of this. Or, is this a topic of avoidance on his part.....😏
I am My Beloved
Thats Life But Not As We Know It Yes, he follows orders well doesn't he? They always have to have the frontmen to keep their machine going....
Thats Life But Not As We Know It
Joe “RADICAL” Rogan
PhamNet 日 前
In Musk We Trust. Vote #1 Elon for Supreme Sovereign of the New World Order and Human Ambassador to the Machines.
DK 日 前
The problem isnt that we are "supposed" to be heading to the direction of consuming and producing technology.We are doing it that out of brainwashment and carefully put in place schemes that have been set from the time of industrialisation. It started nice right? The rich get some accomodations like riding a car instead of a horse,and then electricity and so on.Then the rich found out that if they use this "accommodations" to trick people into thinking that they need these creations, so that they can effectively leech them.And thus get richer.To the point you wont be able to live wihout this appliances because they made you think you cant,when actually you can. I also think that it comes to the point that it always has been.A select few ruling the masses into believing something they dont really understand like Gods that can shoot lightning and so on. There is also the point that if enough people (like 1 billion lets say) become super intelligent with the help of an Ai interface,what will be the effect of that?What effect will it have on the rest of the world?
Brendan Barnes
he seems sad
Faith Hope & Love
Elon makes my heart still. Not because his cute or his brain. But because he speaks to my nightmares plausibility. The world will be under threat of AI swooping into your very personal space and delivering a death blow directly to a recognized facial target yeah? Why go to Mars? Elons take is make Earth obsolete via AI. Give me a break! Death Trap should be for a planet we want to inhabit not our own! AI is a far cry from seat belt when used to track people who just are not jiving with your philosophical ideas. But hey... When your rich and twisted.. The average person is just fked due to not having a better AI defector to take out the 1st gen . OHH Elon... You will be happy on Mars when this icky tech recognizes your face. Grrrr....
Faith Hope & Love
Flat earth makes itty bitty titty committee girls feel justified? NOT! Even the flattest girl will tell you their hopes were endowed as were their breast when needed to feed a life. Fall into flat earth and you may find a God not not your own. That wherein is where the agenda lies. If your desperate for that sort of thing.. Your not just stupid but desperate.
Faith Hope & Love
Uhh... HEY WAKE THE FK UP works in every dialect when screamed loud enough. Yeah? hehe!
The VlogingAustin
We need a new interview in 2020
Kim A.
Kim A. 日 前
"Go live in a simulation, in a simulation".
iMaajid 日 前
It's magnate, not magnet. Come on Young Jamie! This pod has been up for years!
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar 日 前
The way Elon chuckles menially at 35:08 knowing we’ve only advanced to his primary level all these years is subtle but powerful....
Michael Bertoni
Both extremely Coked the f out. Love it!!
kaan kuruüzümcü
This guys is under qualified for this interview
treborlavok 日 前
So his idea for a super fast efficient plane... Get it high enough up and use gravity to pull you towards your destination. The higher you are, the shorter the distance you're going, and the faster you can get there... Essentially? I love it even if I don't fully understand it lol.
Encourage Solutions
Give this guy authority to implement world wide fixes for climate change, alternative energy and population control. I agree with someone who messaged here. He is an enigma, almost like from the future. The oil companies will hate him !
Gregory Sedmak
We are the Borg!
Dimbo04 日 前
Mark Ó Donnghaile
I think nobody has limited Elon, unlike most of us whom have lived in circumstances that limited our potential. Elon is the opposite, his life was that of limitless potential and this reflects his cognition. However, how does this reflect on our own lives?
Robert Baksay
love binds matter to dark matter. love and light robbie
muzzy 日 前
Literally admitted to being an alien 😂
Robert Baksay
watch a episode of Fringe. there's one were they have the neural chip
Azim Sadikov
Azim Sadikov 日 前
“I’m too dum for this conversation” -Rogan 😭😭😭
As I watch it almost seems like he's lived this already and came back to warn who he needed to warn and they are all so conceited they didn't listen and now it's at the point that it cant be controlled he knew when it was to late.. I really think it may be the case and actually a, feeling like I am crazy.
How he speaks how he nods his head everything . I'm spooked the fuck out
As I watch this I legit think he's a robot.
I see Elon musk two ways. He seems like a huge uninformed idiot that learned from aliens or is from the future and came back to the past and is taking credit for it all, or he is a alien who cam do all of the above and has to think about everything he says before he says it so not to disrupt the future and fuck shit up. He doesn't seem very intelligent on how he speaks and doesn't seen like he knows much of anything and has to think really hard before answering a question. So I'll go with he doesn't wanna fuck up the future since he travels back to here so he can charge certain things because something very disastrous happen in our future. He reminds me of a robot
After getting butchered in this comment section, Joe hasn't used that shirt since. :D
My True Love is My FR-S
New title: "Joe strokes tf out of smart man for 2 hrs"
R R G 日 前
ngl. Elon Musk scares tf out of me! I'm so fkn scared of the future.
Exciter Matronik
I do hope the A.I. destroys humanity cuz humans are stupid destroying the planet and killing each other so we deserve to perish.lol
Philip Bieri
Philip Bieri 日 前
Help me contact him. Please
Jacob Hoverman
Time for part 2
Craig Bailey
Craig Bailey 日 前
E M preachin up in this BTCH
FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
humans are all subjects of Ymir all part of the founding titan like a giant super computer building new connections
MrSuperrajab 日 前
2:10:19 Oh nono nono XD
GO Workout!
GO Workout! 日 前
Elon should not abuse his omniscient viewing capabilities
Fit-Patrick's O'Duffy
DDD 1313
DDD 1313 日 前
I agree that most cops and judges are fine people but if you’re joe Rogan, Elon Musk or any other rich, very very well known celebrity.... how do you know what “people” go through? Kinda weird.
Victor Burnett
Musk's tunnels solve a problem which will resolve itself - traffic. A lot of traffic exists because many jobs which could be remote work are not because of antiquated ideas about the need for people to work in proximity with each other - which, once virtual collaboration technology is sufficiently developed and proliferate, will one day (sooner than later) not be the case and be catalyzed by events such as the coronavirus epidemic. This is also a trend that's developing for education, medicine, and other industries which also contribute significantly to traffic.
corey anderson
People will not spontaneously combust at the singularity, but we would have to live with an overlord, or 'GOD' by all definitions understandable. AI could effectively and decisively undermine human intelligence in all sectors, not limited to financial sectors, electronic and technology sectors etc etc.... The wealth and influence in society that such a being can control is humbling. So he is not being fatalistic... when he says it is 'too late' I speculate he means that the human limbic system will be stimulated in humans to such a degree that life seems... void without AI. We will have endless stimulation and that is where AI will grow its influence. AI, like public policy... will ride on the ignorance of its constituents... ugh the cycle continues I suppose...
corey anderson
Unless of course we hit the reset button and go back to a more 'primitive' lifestyle... hm maybe idk
sandra doyle
sandra doyle 日 前
Closest thing to a tony stark we have.
Nora Yoder
Nora Yoder 日 前
I was completely wrong, reversed in all my ideas about who and how Mr. Musk truly IS! He went from a scary negative zero to a hero and a desired allied teammate and my # 1 fantasy friend to spin ideas and humor with, so hang out create beautiful functional things, co-inspire and make each other belly laugh and snort:). So here’s some of that requested more love and kindness! Elon you rock and it was So cathartic to hear someone else try to explain what’s it’s like to live with a brain that is Always ON and I require feared and unwanted clones of myself to ever get even the hundred projects I always have going let alone the ideas that I’ve never moved to make concrete in any way and just float up to the Akashic records, up for grabs for any browsing muse to check out and deliver in to another fast running open stream of consciousness who then may make it tangible reality......thank you Joe as always. I never post. No spacebook, instawhatev etc for me but I had to as this was the perfect platform with the perfect “tennis” partner? opponent? someone you can pass the energy seamlessly with to and fro.....ok gonna zip it;) much love to two of my hero’s !
God 日 前
Combined Minds
James Gross
James Gross 日 前
Joe has been asking some really good questions .The way Mr.Elon Musk answers these questions are not caution but more like he definitely knows some of these answers and is holding back on the answers due to the fact the detail answer may not be comprehended to an understanding that Joe or everyone watching will not get the whole picture or the important aspect of the answer that won't cause a chain reaction in a way of thinking that lets your imagination run wild when the answer exist and is right there in front of you but our intellect is just a little bit behind.I can see where ones mind can run wild with a million different scenarios when in reality there ok are only a small amount of paths that will be taken.most likely the common sense or obvious ones.It seems like we need to have a close watch over the people who are in charge of programming AI.If that is possible!
"stupidity squared" 🤣
Victor Burnett
AI is just the mechanical manifestation of processes which already occur naturally - neural networks, for example. Humans are already a collectively computing, decision-making biological system. I think having an exaggerated sense of self impedes this realization. Additionally, all the internet provides is a lower friction medium for it to occur - enhanced by machines - but nothing newer than what already occurs.
J. S.
J. S. 日 前
00:18:29: what it looks like when an actual brain explodes.
Matthew Walker
He is sooo baked
Jason Wright
Jason Wright 日 前
Many people have amazing ideas but just dont have the capital to get it going so dont think your that better than most people..... so sit there and think your that better but give everyone the same opportunity and you would find your ordinary...
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