JJ Redick Reacts To Shannon Sharpe vs. The Memphis Grizzlies

JJ Redick
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In this clip from The Old Man and The Three Things podcast, JJ Redick reacts to the dust up between Shannon Sharpe and Ja Morant, Steven Adams, Dillon Brooks and The Memphis Grizzlies.

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JJ Redick
JJ Redick 14 日 前
Thanks for watching. We have some fun episodes and videos coming soon so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t. Thanks, everyone.
RicoSuavePR 10 日 前
JJ you got Shannon by a good 2 inches
Nicholas Breitenfeld
Greg is his Nephew (per google)
DeckerClips 14 日 前
Not enough people remember 90’s Spike Lee
Kelly Leonardi
Kelly Leonardi 14 日 前
When did the NBA become high school and college and you need your daddy to be at every game home or on the road and always being the center of attention. Does he not understand that Ja is the one playing and not him??
Jonathan Jacobs
Jonathan Jacobs 14 日 前
Unc get a pass
SheloveT0MMY 14 日 前
The reaction to the cardigan was the greatest part of this😂😂😂
KING Balmer
KING Balmer 8 日 前
That cardigan was flames
brightestfuture 11 日 前
cardigan was dope af
Alejandro Serrano
@XXstract My guy just say you have no style and keep rocking your emoji shirts
Trizjoe 13 日 前
So then basically this whole video was the best part for you 😂
David O'Hearn
David O'Hearn 13 日 前
@OhBabyImAlmostReadyit’s a pull over but thanks for noticing.
Holly 14 日 前
When JJ said "apparently [Steven Adams] un-bunned his hair. It was let loose." I knew this segment was going to be special 🤣🤣🤣 This is the analysis we needed.
Irv Scrivens
Irv Scrivens 13 日 前
I died laughing when he said that
Dnero518 13 日 前
🤣🤣🤣just quoted the same thing. Like uh oh, is Adams unbunned?
Kevlar MoneyBags
Kevlar MoneyBags 14 日 前
@Austin Trousdale he was talking sh*t about Adam's because all the people acting like Adam's actually fights people 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Austin Trousdale
Austin Trousdale 14 日 前
We Grizz fans don’t call Steven, “Aquamane,” for nothing 🌊🔱
D Taylor
D Taylor 14 日 前
Shut up
elige stan
elige stan 14 日 前
Idc whos right or wrong the whole situation is just hilarious viewing😭
Philly K9
Philly K9 9 日 前
@MrSimms91 fr
elige stan
elige stan 14 日 前
@Lee Lee aint that deep son at the end of the day who really cares
Rory 14 日 前
Any normal fan would of been kicked out the game soo, kinda lets you know who’s fault it is
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 14 日 前
@Demasceion Byrd I like how you have the time to capitalize every letter unnecessarily haha
Demasceion Byrd
Demasceion Byrd 14 日 前
@Lee Lee Shut Ya Dumb Ah Up
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal 14 日 前
Shannon's apology is why I love Shannon so much
D. M. Butler
D. M. Butler 7 日 前
@Lee Lee CRINGE?!?! Coming from a person named Lee Lee....PLEASE. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
D F 7 日 前
@John Barber 6 2 just a google search
brazy Twon
brazy Twon 8 日 前
@Michael Henderson no he wasn't you sound krazy you don't lose money for fighting
brazy Twon
brazy Twon 8 日 前
@Andorski yes he did but he still a man and apologized
Travis Yarbrough
Travis Yarbrough 11 日 前
Shannon said he was cooled down .... he didn't apologize for being a real man though. Ja and his weakling dad learned a quick lesson before they were knocked out.
Avi B
Avi B 14 日 前
JJs reaction to the “fight” was “damn that cardigan doe!” 😂😂😂
Seen Salehe Bembury rock the same cardigan. It's straight heat.
YoogiNation 14 日 前
Should be featured on highsnobiety
Jaime Armah
Jaime Armah 14 日 前
It WAS fire, cant lie lol
Michael Brice
Michael Brice 14 日 前
I thought the same thing lol
Evan Fisher
Evan Fisher 14 日 前
That was everyone's reaction lets be honest haha
sussvarman 14 日 前
it is always a pleasure to watch people try and hold steven adams back. it was like watching the ice climbers holding back bowser in smash brothers.
Kevlar MoneyBags
Kevlar MoneyBags 13 日 前
@Tez Pool it's because he's heard stories from Adam's family 🤣🤣🤣
Kevlar MoneyBags
Kevlar MoneyBags 13 日 前
@CheemsDuku ya he can be cool and all that. Like I said you can find the same stories bout Shannon. Who cares. It's just weird that yall act like you know him personally and seen him put the beats on people when he has not. Nobody knows what would happen but jump on Adam's cause he's the nba strongman. To who? It's the NBA. Ain't nobody fighting and he knows that. All that being in the front is camera work and ratings
More Life
More Life 13 日 前
@Civil War was an inside job facts. Tongans are built different.
More Life
More Life 13 日 前
@Hoppy to be fair. I'm a little taller than Shannon and I'm 270 lean. I'm 50yo and handling the 20-30 somethings in my boxing gym.
More Life
More Life 13 日 前
@don't want this nah. Shannon's legs are being held together by a surgically replaced hip. Shannon doesn't have the base or the cardio Adam's has.
Elite Clinical Research
Shannons apology was incredible, he showed love to the whole grizzlies team and was a true class act. I love the passion and lets be real, it was just a lot of barking on both sides, it wasnt that serious.
KOJO OSEI 10 日 前
Apologies don’t mean a thing …. We are who we are …
Ogwiseman83 12 日 前
@Downey 2000 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you got it bruh lmao. And because someone disagrees with you they must be riding Shannon 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Maybe I just disagree with you 🙄. Also The people actually don't decide. The league does.
Downey 2000
Downey 2000 12 日 前
@Ogwiseman83 you're still missing the point . You're biased your a Shannon nutt hugger we'll see in the future who's right or wrong the people will decide not you .
Ogwiseman83 12 日 前
@Downey 2000 now you're just saying stuff to try to fit what you want. Shannon stayed on the sideline when he checked Brooks. They all came towards him. And again Brooks initiated something disrespectful to the point that Shannon felt he had to check him. ja jumped in, then jas dad jumped in. So again if Brooks initiated the problematic behavior, How are you so concerned with someone responding and matching his energy but not concerned with the player causing the issue. Especially a player who has a long history of being problematic. Unlike Shannon
Downey 2000
Downey 2000 12 日 前
@Ogwiseman83 Shannon ran in to the court and called brooks out like a G . He should have gotten kicked out for that anyone else would have . That's the point .
Dante Carroll
Dante Carroll 13 日 前
Never seen a more JJ tweet I actually laughed out loud when everyone was freaking out over the situation and JJ is just like "that is a fire cardigan."
The Egyptian Queen
Wow! He is a stand up man for apologizing and admitting that he was wrong. I respect the hell out of that man. Kudos to him. He could of gave just a simple or basic apology to the fans at the game, the players, and his network and called it a day. But he gave an exclusive and exquisite apology to the entire nation and his family, and the man he got into the altercation with. Mad love for Shannon.... ❤️‍🔥
Ron Knutson
Ron Knutson 14 日 前
Ratings boost for his show.
The Egyptian Queen
@samuel rigaud Is that a question
samuel rigaud
samuel rigaud 14 日 前
You never apologize
TheMagician206 14 日 前
I like how JJ makes it seem like the cardigan is out his price range when it’s a drop in a bucket for him 😂
gamersohaib 13 日 前
If the that cardigan company is smart, they should send one to JJ
Jay Zee
Jay Zee 13 日 前
@Chris Gipson 😂😂😂
lilaznballaz1022 13 日 前
@Mary Dascalos you think JJ got more money than shannon?
Chris Gipson
Chris Gipson 13 日 前
@Jay Zee chill dude. It's was a lazy facetious comment about fashion brands. I wasnt doing an audit. 😆
TheMagician206 13 日 前
@Avi B Matt Barnes made roughly 35M throughout his career. Not that bad if you ask me. His post NBA career earning 🔥 too.
beboutbidness 14 日 前
I know it's not sexy but I wish people could talk about how Shannon Sharpe and Tee Morant dapped it up and resolved their differences after the game.
notatrollll 13 日 前
@Dwhat you mean? He stayed behind the line the entire time. The grizzlies all approached HIM
Bates Yang
Bates Yang 14 日 前
@Dena Brown Stop spreading misinformation. The Grizzlies were wrong and you know it. They were a bunch of hotheads that night.
Peter Putnam
Peter Putnam 14 日 前
@Alonzo Galloway truth is, everybody on the GRizzles is "too small" to guard Bron, a 38 year old in 20th season. The dude is unreal, should just ram his way to the hole every freakin time. A true beast
Nate Baxter
Nate Baxter 14 日 前
@Dena Brown this is a horrible take. Shannon was a fan. If lil Dillon got offended by that, he'll never be more than a role player.
Redbeezy504 14 日 前
To the real it’s very respectable
fuzzylogiceire 14 日 前
I love this whole story arc, it's hilarious! The NBA needs more of this!
rayvere1 13 日 前
The cardigan talk😂🏆🔥
Gregory Barned
Gregory Barned 14 日 前
It's hilarious because this is from a Seinfeld episode- when Kramer, and Spike Lee have a confrontation with Reggie Miller. All 3 are tossed from the arena, and then go to the strip club together.
Omarmac1 10 日 前
2:25 with the “entire team”!!!!! The umpffffff was fire 🔥. Hard hit punchline……❤
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 14 日 前
They keep talking about Shannon’s cardigan like it’s the most expensive thing on him but his Jordan 1 Dior’s on his feet costs around $8k-$12k depending on the size 😂
Mista NoMercy
Mista NoMercy 11 日 前
Think he a 12
Fredrick Frederickson
That makes me think he is dumb. We know he's rich, shouldn't be wearing a car around town unless its valuable to his image. Just wear high end Versace or Ralph Lauren, its good enough.
Johnye 14 日 前
@Meow Meow nike sends him stuff. He always posts about it
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 14 日 前
@Johnye yeah, it was most likely gifted or at a discount and if it wasn’t he’s so balling it wouldn’t hurt his pockets buying them at a resell price.
Johnye 14 日 前
He gets alot of shoes gifted. And yeah those diors are crazy expensive
James Burgess
James Burgess 14 日 前
The Grizzlies would've ignored him if he was "any other fan", but because he was a figure in the media, they started to talk back to him. Let's not pretend fans on the sideline don't talk smack. If the Grizzlies had a problem with what Shannon said, they should've just told the refs to remove him from the game... But instead they talk back to him and approached him, which also put them at fault, as now, Shannon has a "right" to defend himself.
Wordlife 13 日 前
@Siya Mafuya you’ll have to ask them but they seem to try to embody the tough image of old Grizz teams despite being a more finesse ball club. Veteran players will take advantage of their sensitivity in the playoffs tho
Moe 13 日 前
@Bezzal901 I just rewatched it from a couple different angles and I do not see him walk on to the court. He stays on the sidelines the entire time.
Siya Mafuya
Siya Mafuya 14 日 前
@Clement ok I have watched the nfl and something I won’t do is STFU. Huge respect for MJ and magic Johnson but MJ is not going to go to an nfl game and treat it like a basketball game. You are a fan on the side lines who bought tickets to watch no be in the court
Clement 14 日 前
@Siya Mafuya better to b a has bin, than a never was. I can tell u probably never watch nfl games, Or even saw him play football. , cause if u did u would STFU. That's like saying football players shouldn't respect michael Jordan or magic Johnson.
Siya Mafuya
Siya Mafuya 14 日 前
@Clement prove to an ex nfl player. I don’t think so
60zeller 14 日 前
Shannon is built like a freaking superhero
OmyKon 12 日 前
@DieTrying no you didn’t. I am saying they all do that have that kinda muscle over 50.
DieTrying 13 日 前
@OmyKon never said that
OmyKon 13 日 前
@DieTrying yup. No athletes juice. 😂
DieTrying 13 日 前
@Steve Knick bro he aint juicing wtf are you on here lying for
Steve Knick
Steve Knick 14 日 前
The genetics & the dedication to the steroids is impressive. He has had both hips replaced before 55 though, so there’s a price to pay for the prolonged steroid usage & looking like that in your mid 50s.
Kendall Liggin
Kendall Liggin 14 日 前
They talk about the fight quicker then it actually happened… but that cardigan😂
Alberic Ponce de Leon
JJ and Tommy have their priorities straight.
Javiel Paulino
Javiel Paulino 14 日 前
You guys know better than that, NO ONE'S kicking out LeBron James' guest in LA. That's just not even in the question 🤣
Tony Tone Deaf
Tony Tone Deaf 13 日 前
@Madisyn Issaquah oh I see your just deranged. My apologies I thought you actually had something I may want to hear. Evidently not.
Madisyn Issaquah
Madisyn Issaquah 14 日 前
@Tony Tone Deaf kevin wendall crump kevin william crump Who am i speaking to >> Patricia ?
Tony Tone Deaf
Tony Tone Deaf 14 日 前
@James James what the lady's say lol because he’s Lebron James? It’s self evident. Do you not watch basketball?
Tony Tone Deaf
Tony Tone Deaf 14 日 前
@Madisyn Issaquah ……I…….am………aware…..of……that……I…….passed……2nd…….grade…..I…….can…….read……. I’m rebuking the claim that asking 5 people if something is a good idea is conducive of successful ideas lmao. That’s putting far too much faith in your fellow man. There’s always gonna be 5 morons you could ask to credit whatever bad idea you suggest. Something I noticed about billionaires is they all have their own method of success. Just because it worked for them doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you. Let’s not act like these billionaires are just normal guys who made it work. They more times than not have every advantage and damn near limitless resources. They can afford to take risks. Most can’t. I like how your trying to flip this around like I’m dumb. You literally thought I made up mass hysteria. Get off JPvid and pick up a book once in a while.
J.G 14 日 前
@Javiel Paulino only one's raving about it are females like you 🤡😂
josh 14 日 前
Every other talk show : “Shannon Sharpe was going wild!” JJ : “That cardigan tho…”
Bobby_Hill 14 日 前
This is probably my favorite take on why Shannon was allowed to return to his seat. Lol it just makes sense
TheSource 14 日 前
“$3100 for a cardigan???” - a guy in a $500 plain grey hoodie😂😂😂😂
J D 8 日 前
Bro right 😭😭😂
Jason Fleurant
Jason Fleurant 14 日 前
The real story imo is how Shannon and Tee squashed it
Jason Fleurant
Jason Fleurant 14 日 前
@Don't Matter right. Not dissing JJ but it's wild how media refuses to acknowledge that happened in the same game
Don't Matter
Don't Matter 14 日 前
U know drama queens won't let it go
Don't Matter
Don't Matter 14 日 前
Shannons apology was incredible, he showed love to the whole grizzlies team and was a true class act. I love the passion and lets be real, it was just a lot of barking on both sides, it wasnt that serious.
Ty2Fye 14 日 前
This why I love JJ I was too infatuated with the cardigan 😂
Ty2Fye 14 日 前
@Bean 11 11 nahh we in this together it’s too late now you locked in
Bean 11 11
Bean 11 11 14 日 前
@Ty2Fye Na you can be gay by your self no thank you
Ty2Fye 14 日 前
@Bean 11 11 if I’m gay for liking a cardigan then Your gay for commenting under another man post so we’re gay besties 🤝🏾
Bean 11 11
Bean 11 11 14 日 前
Ur gay just like him
Cameron Dantley
Cameron Dantley 14 日 前
'The patchwork on that thing was incredible" 😂😂
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 14 日 前
That was like the Rock about to fight DX and the Big Show in the year 2000 😂
Sean Be
Sean Be 13 日 前
I’m guessing Dillon brooks is x pac 😂
The Rock and Sock connection vs DX
James Burgess
James Burgess 14 日 前
He even cut a promo in the tunnel lol
Dan Cellana
Dan Cellana 14 日 前
The attitude era!
tashaem1 14 日 前
The Rock was feuding with EVERYBODY from 1999 to 2002. He was always in like 2 or 3 feuds at once it was crazy. He wanted all the smoke!
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 14 日 前
Shannon is the man lol funny as hell
Sarah Don't T[A]P Me!!
When JJ said "apparently [Steven Adams] un-bunned his hair. It was let loose." I knew this segment was going to be special 🤣🤣🤣 This is the analysis we needed.
Maria de-flower me now
When JJ said "apparently [Steven Adams] un-bunned his hair. It was let loose." I knew this segment was going to be special 🤣🤣🤣 This is the analysis we needed.
creepy clowns
creepy clowns 13 日 前
Thank you JJ. No one in the sports media has said a word regarding this incident. A normal fan would have been escorted out and season ticket cancelled.
James Bracy
James Bracy 14 日 前
JJ is hilarious 😂
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
The reaction to the cardigan was the greatest part of this
Damon Harper
Damon Harper 13 日 前
So let me get this right Shannon Sharpe didn’t move from his spot and was approached by the grizzlies who are salty because Shannon said they never won anything for a team that run they mouth. Shannon should be put out the arena? He told Dillion he couldn’t guard Lebron and Dillion reacted emotionally and said F you and Shannon said no F you . Then players start walking over to him . Get outta here
LORDgreg 14 日 前
Shannon made Jack Nicholson happy 😂😂😂😂
thebat 14 日 前
I'm totally, 100 percent, with Shannon Sharpe. And it was a good this it didn't escalate and he was able to still be there and watched and finished the game. It was a bonus that his team, Lebron's Lakers won the game as well.
JeremyCuddles 14 日 前
DUDE, I am so glad I wasn't the only one that noticed Shannon's drip immediately. Lol. It really did take center stage among the action.
Kevin Morgan Jr
Kevin Morgan Jr 14 日 前
Glad I wasn’t the only person who liked the cardigan 🤣🤣🤣
Bobby_D 14 日 前
How was I NOT subbed to JJ Redick podcast. I gotta go back and watch every episode now.
SonOfNunz 14 日 前
They’re not all funny but his analysis is on point
I like how JJ makes it seem like the cardigan is out his price range when it’s a drop in a bucket for him 😂
DwayneIsKing 14 日 前
It's funny, cuz on Twitter yesterday, Shannon actually posted a picture of the cardigan and who it was by while thanking his stylist for keeping him fresh 😂
Detroit Redd
Detroit Redd 14 日 前
He didn't say fight me to the whole team. He stood his ground, respectfully. And still apologized.
MikeDelMundo 14 日 前
Shannon trash talked like any other fan. He did nothing wrong. Didn’t say anything out of line, didn’t cross no boundaries
Jilla’s Leaks
Jilla’s Leaks 14 日 前
@XxKrazek1lleRxX he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected
joe don
joe don 14 日 前
And by your logic Shannon was acting like a belligerent female
joe don
joe don 14 日 前
@bLoWc16 show me one clip where he tried to fight a entire team plz
bLoWc16 14 日 前
@shaft9000 Shannon was just doing what court side seats does. They can talk smack to players, they been part of the game. Grizz player got his feelings hurt, and the trash team they are wanted to act like he is tough.
shaft9000 14 日 前
Being wrong _and being stupid_ are not mutually exclusive states of mind. Both parties _were_ acting stupid - _that_ much is for sure.
wreckshop 14 日 前
Imagine if it was just a regular guy that tried to fight a whole basketball
DCGuru 14 日 前
Y’all know Memphis team be talking crazy 😂 You can’t throw Unc out when you know they started it. It’s all in fun though.
Marko Rabin
Marko Rabin 14 日 前
Shannon was fine, he never entered the court. He taunted Brooks so he cursed him and Shannon said come here and say it. It made the Griz look weak, they can trash talk but they can't take it apparently unless Adams backs them up
Sammy Idris
Sammy Idris 14 日 前
"apparently he unbuned his hair" 😂😂
American Skeptic
American Skeptic 14 日 前
Shannon shifted the game momentum real talk... and I love it
Ahjusshi _Brown
Ahjusshi _Brown 14 日 前
What blows my mind is how Dillon Brooks started ALL THIS but bc he’s always barking and then running away, no one even brings him up in relation to this whole thing 😂😂 dude wasn’t even in most of the videos he ran so fast, Steven Adams had to step up
Ryan Sailer
Ryan Sailer 14 日 前
Brooks is soft af
Eb 14 日 前
I mean what did Shannon say that any other fan wouldn't have said "you can't check lebron you mean Dylan said f u to shannon because of that. Dillion couldn't handle it and then got scared when sharpe said you don't want this.
Jilla’s Leaks
Jilla’s Leaks 14 日 前
he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected
Clifton Connor
Clifton Connor 14 日 前
I blame the Memphis players for the entire incident. Instead of staying over by their bench on the opposite side of the court, they walked across the court to confront Shannon. Just focus on the game instead of beefing with hall of famer/celebrity/sports talk host.
992 Porter
992 Porter 14 日 前
Bro let’s be real if any of us stood up screaming at players and tell them to come fight. Then being held back and it spilling to the court we would be gone. I seen fans kicked for less
Jilla’s Leaks
Jilla’s Leaks 14 日 前
@Fire Angel Luffo well as a member of the media he shouldn’t be antagonizing a player, and needs to hold his tongue, sit back and watch the game.
Fire Angel Luffo
Fire Angel Luffo 14 日 前
@Jilla’s Leaks He ain’t anyone else that’s what you and many others keep missing. Just like when celebrities and players get into it back in the day. Also brooks started the heavy talk anyways and the back and fourth. We live in an unfair world people with money and status ain’t the same. Also have seen fans and players get into arguments and the player say don’t kick them out.
Jilla’s Leaks
Jilla’s Leaks 14 日 前
@Fire Angel Luffo if anyone else challenged a player to a fight they would be banned from the arena.
Fire Angel Luffo
Fire Angel Luffo 14 日 前
@Jilla’s Leaks Lol Shannon just like any fan at court side can talk. It’s no rules against that. It’s been happening since the inception of the NBA. Like he serious.
Jilla’s Leaks
Jilla’s Leaks 14 日 前
@Fire Angel Luffo Shannon is attending a Nba game that Dillion Brooks is playing in, Shannon shouldn’t have said anything at.
Goliat Malagueta
Goliat Malagueta 14 日 前
I love this dude... hes so smart!!! I wanted JJ to play with Lebron James
Sterling Gray
Sterling Gray 11 日 前
I stand with Shannon 😂
🥴Facts🥴 12 日 前
Adams the only one who could hold his own against Sharpe. Everyone else scared af lol
tygur23 14 日 前
Last time I checked fans yell and scream at players all the time what was the issue with Shannon yelling at the players. Adams was wrong for going over and physically confronting him
Siya Mafuya
Siya Mafuya 14 日 前
Shannon wanted all the smoke at dillion by engaging and saying “come here”. What’s brooks going to do? Fight someone on the stands? He was walking off the court. Shannon was upset that dillion was cussing him out but then saying “come here and say it” is so unnecessary like for what. He’s already saying what he needs to say to you across the court. But if you wanted someone to “come over” knowing dillion is a smaller person and Shannon knowing he can take him on. In comes steven adams and man bigger than him
Fran Chise
Fran Chise 12 日 前
Going to give you another chance and keep 99% of this to myself because I think your podcast is great and I like your content. But your current call of the grizzlies vs warriors game is sub par at best. But just one note, grizzlies and warriors is not a rivalry.
Elias Vicente
Elias Vicente 14 日 前
Nobody would dare to kick out someone wearing that cardigan.
Elias Vicente
Elias Vicente 14 日 前
@Antonio Chasten could be an episode of curb your enthusiasm
will 14 日 前
@Antonio Chasten you should be a writer for a show. you took it to a whole different level from just one small idea. that’s good stuff
Antonio Chasten
Antonio Chasten 14 日 前
It would've been wild if they told Shannon "You have to leave. The Cardigan can stay, though." Then they cut to his seat and it's just the Cardigan drapped over the chair🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gloria A
Gloria A 14 日 前
Lmaoo Unc Shannon was able to stay the rest of the game according to JJ was cause he was wearing a fire cardigan 😭😂. I had to rewatch this a couple of time cause JJ is outta control for this one 😅
Karriem Amos
Karriem Amos 14 日 前
I didn't know JJ Redick was this funny! I'm subscribing. Hey I was looking at the Cardigan also bro! Those Undisputed Checks pay good lol
TokyoG 14 日 前
I once wore a budget version of that cardigan to school once and got beat up. I think being very muscular is important
Daniel Ridore
Daniel Ridore 14 日 前
Didn’t any of the Grizzles players take responsibility for their part? The Grizz are really the ones who escalated everything. They’re the ones who walked over to him
Tan Man
Tan Man 14 日 前
Dillion brooks was two scared to kick him out same with refs 😂
Omarmac1 10 日 前
3:10 that’s on the players hand to kick 🦵 him ….he did not insulting them , usually is the home team kicking people out not the visiting team unless is a superstar
Meh 14 日 前
Love how when he was naming all the ones that didn't want that smoke he left the bro Stevens name out.
Brandon Watson
Brandon Watson 14 日 前
I find it very interesting that people love Shannon Sharpes apology and call him an extremely mature adult, but are the same ones that keep extremely petty arguments going online when they know they were proven wrong. Why do people look up to people for the things that they should be doing themselves? I have never seen someone apologize when they were proven wrong in an online argument.
Lil Shawty
Lil Shawty 14 日 前
Shannon would’ve beat the hell outta Tee Morant 😂😂
D L 14 日 前
So all these players go after Shanon, but he’s the one who should get kicked out???
Jumpy Henderson
Jumpy Henderson 14 日 前
@juno shay literally yelled i'm right here multiple times. he challenged brooks to a fight and then had to be physically restrained by refs and grizzlies personnel from tee morant.
juno 14 日 前
@Jumpy Henderson If anything Tee Morant and a few of the grizzlies players should’ve been ejected. Shannon never crossed the line, they did💯
juno 14 日 前
@Jumpy Henderson He didn’t cause it though. They came up to him, what are you not understanding???🤦🏽‍♂️He was trash talking like any other fan and Brooks got in his feelings just because the trash talk was coming from Shannon. If it was coming from any other fan they would’ve just ignored it.
Jumpy Henderson
Jumpy Henderson 14 日 前
@juno nice circular reasoning. nba has a strict fan policy since malice at the palace i dare you personally to go to an nba game sit courtside and cause an altercation. see if you last 5 more minutes in that seat. it doesn't matter if he said or stepped anywhere, causing an altercation gets you ejected in 99.9% of cases
Jilla’s Leaks
Jilla’s Leaks 14 日 前
@juno he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected
ceoppowell75 14 日 前
Greg Lauren is the nephew of Ralph and is style is grunge chic…. dope fit …. Shannon pulled that off… and he wasn’t having it. 😂😂😂😂
Ben Dowsett
Ben Dowsett 14 日 前
Never thought I’d see JJ getting the badge in
CrownBrian 14 日 前
The reason he was able to stay was because the team recognized him and disrespected him
Burning Sword
Burning Sword 14 日 前
I love JJ's pod for the bball analysis but it's fun to hear them chat about something as mundane as Shannon's cardigan 😊
ghosttowntomato 14 日 前
Shannon is actually 6'2, but point still taken. If he was your height and still that muscular, he would be 255 pounds easily
Outside Duh Box
Outside Duh Box 14 日 前
"I mean Good for Greg LauREN, what a win for him" LOL
jamie cumbee
jamie cumbee 14 日 前
I said the same thing, I said how the hell he didn't get tossed. Just proves if you got that clout, they'll let u stay.
N T 12 日 前
I saw JJ lose his last college bball game in Atlanta 2005. He walked off the court w/ his head down in disgust. I have always disliked Duke as a U of Michigan loyal fan but I will say I have respected everything he has gone on to achieve in his life & nba life. I always found myself rooting for him, I hated they lost to LSU his last year
Random Dude in The comments
I respect Shannon a lot. I don’t feel like he would issue an apology unless he meant it regardless of what Fox could’ve said. He even apologized to the clothing company lmao. But I respect him even more for not budging when Adams came over 😂 it would’ve been different if it was in another city because the studio is out of LA and he’s always at the home games and a lot of road games. Even if I’m a professional athlete mad at him I can’t imagine calling him a regular citizen 😂😂 that was wild.
Jaland 14 日 前
JJ gonna have that cardigan in the next few weeks lmaooo
RD8 14 日 前
"This cardigan was brought to you by fanduel..."
CXZ 14 日 前
Cardigan and a good chest pump 😂
RD8 14 日 前
The Grizzlies being able to dish it out but not take it? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!
Dirty Rice
Dirty Rice 14 日 前
Who said they can’t take it? All they do is lose 1 or 2 games and go on to win at least 10 straight . The Grizzlies have been very consistent to who they are
Eyez Lo
Eyez Lo 14 日 前
I would argue the reason he got to stay was because he was wearing a 🔥 cardigan 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣💯 JJ's Comedy Gold Lma 😹💯
Jonathan Galindo
Jonathan Galindo 14 日 前
The grizzlies are fun and exciting no doubt. But at some point they need to have some class and play good basketball. All that talking and chirping and dancing and griddy is tasteless. Ja Morant hits a fade away floater that bounces around the rim hits the backboard and drops in and he hits a dance and points at a 7 day contract player “you can’t guard me”. Shannon is a man who’s done it at the highest level. Has the numbers the wins the Super Bowl hardware. Respect the game or the game will make you respect it.
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"Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." _John Wooden
André Dornelles
André Dornelles 14 日 前
Great job the security preventing players getting closer to him (take a look at Steven Adams reaction to check that). This question about Shannon is highly debatable, but can you imagine if a player even touches him whilst he is at his seat? That's no malace at the palace but a player could get away for a long time for that
PeeWeeDee1 13 日 前
Lebron told them “Shannon Stays or I leave” 😂😂😂
AO strong
AO strong 14 日 前
What if Reggie Miller was trying to get spike Lee thrown out back in the day 😂
jdelgado216 14 日 前
Well to be fair every time Spike Lee opens his mouth in a game there is a good chance the opponent star let hell loose on the Knicks so they wouldn't want him out
William Vaughn
William Vaughn 14 日 前
It’s been times a fan has got to stay after alterations.. and if you add that brooks was the one going ova board first may be the reason he stay
Don 14 日 前
They get jealous when they see us have our way 🤣
DjcHuCkNiCe1 14 日 前
Just comparing the way Oakley was treated at MSG when he said nothing to this incident it doesn't seem right that he was allowed to stay and Oak got manhandled
tylercj307 14 日 前
It’s deff LA! Every other city and Sharpe would’ve had to go. Even though I thought that was funny that he took on the whole team. But it is giving a bad example. The average Joe is gonna try what Sharpe did next time.
MCH 14 日 前
1:16 Tommy is a savage. 🤣🤣🤣
steinfi3 14 日 前
Hilarious and great that the first section of this segment was all about the cardigan.
Jac's Stocks
Jac's Stocks 14 日 前
He didn’t try to fight the whole team. It was during intermission and lastly, nothing actually happened. Y’all reaching fellas
Lane S
Lane S 13 日 前
Yes, he should have absolutely been removed from the arena. Any “normal” fan would have had to go. It was like Will Smith slapping Chris Rock and being able to just sit back down and receive an a standing ovation later on in the night.
T. Harris
T. Harris 14 日 前
This what the nba need. I love the grizzles because they are willing to be the villains.
david vickers
david vickers 14 日 前
Yeah but they dont fit the bill, they are in the middle of the nba in fouls, so they arent bad boys, and they clam up in bad situations and try to make peace after, then ja gets it going again lol. They do tons of charity work as a team their whole mo is about the future so they have kids included in everything for example trip (jaren jackson jr) has a pre game routine with a little 7 yo girl who passes him the ball in shoot around, shes been doing it since she was 4. All of them have their kids at the game, even though they are 2nd youngest team in nba. And are often in social media posts etc doing cute kid things. These guys are great to watch, and they are trying to be stand up good guys for the fans, and the rest of the nba are pushing the villian plotline. It seems like they are focused on the bigger picture. They arent perfect though and are still kids themselves esp ja and dillon getting into trouble outside work.
Henry Cavill’s Real Mustache
@Bobby_D KD been a villain since GSW. Lol
Georgio Russell
Georgio Russell 14 日 前
Villains don't last unless they win
Bobby_D 14 日 前
The Grizzlies and KD & Kyrie. Love the NBA villains.
Man Shannon got Rank .. he not just anybody 💯💯
Dec0yZer0 14 日 前
“I wanna feel it now.” 😂😂😂
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 14 日 前
I’m glad they kept it real
HardWork WORKS
HardWork WORKS 14 日 前
😂😂😂I thought I was the only one who was looking at that cardigan like… he looks like a classy futuristic western cowboy 🤠
Durag_bandit 15 日 前
Lebron kept him there guaranteed 😂
Edward Kim
Edward Kim 14 日 前
He had a class apology today. 👏 good job Shannon
billy long nguyen
something skip bayless needs to work on.