JJ Redick Reacts To Shannon Sharpe vs. The Memphis Grizzlies 

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In this clip from The Old Man and The Three Things podcast, JJ Redick reacts to the dust up between Shannon Sharpe and Ja Morant, Steven Adams, Dillon Brooks and The Memphis Grizzlies.
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@JJRedick 年 前
Thanks for watching. We have some fun episodes and videos coming soon so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t. Thanks, everyone.
Adams woulda rocked that old head
@@iknowfool4590adams is a Samoan bro is not scared of a lebron dickrider
Spike Lee…. Spike Lee
@@iknowfool4590sharpe not like that. Bane coulda dropped bro maybe even ja imo
J j How are you going to call Lebron James The goat when steph curry had 4 rings 💍💍💍💍under his watch⌚️ And Kuwai Leonard Has 2 rings💍 💍 under lebron James ⌚️watch🤔 Name me a player who has four rings 💍💍💍💍 in the Michael Jordan era🤔🤔 You all To be band From ever talking basketball again🫣🤣🤣🤣💦💦💯 Lebron James's favorite Food has to be Thai food🤣🤣🤣🤣💦💦 Chicken "Curry" Special 🍛🍛🍛🍛😇🤣💦💦
The reaction to the cardigan was the greatest part of this😂😂😂
the thought of JJ sitting there in a cardigan trying to fight the bucks team took me out 😂
How much did Greg Lauren pay JJ?
Nice cardigan
Patrick Dempsey was wearing this cardigan back in November on the cover of Fatherly. That price is crazy. JJ could def pull this off
@xxstract28 年 前
That cardigan doesn’t even look good. Makes sense that JJ went looking for it lol
@holly7955 年 前
When JJ said "apparently [Steven Adams] un-bunned his hair. It was let loose." I knew this segment was going to be special 🤣🤣🤣 This is the analysis we needed.
Got dam I was about to say the same thing JJ is cold at shooting under the table slugs lol hahahhaha😅
Bro I literally laughed out loud🤣
@dmitryowens 年 前
JJ is hilarious.
@DTskater16 年 前
Shut up
@avib4073 年 前
JJs reaction to the “fight” was “damn that cardigan doe!” 😂😂😂
That was everyone's reaction lets be honest haha
I thought the same thing lol
@Stown4life 年 前
It WAS fire, cant lie lol
@YoogiNation 年 前
Should be featured on highsnobiety
Seen Salehe Bembury rock the same cardigan. It's straight heat.
I know it's not sexy but I wish people could talk about how Shannon Sharpe and Tee Morant dapped it up and resolved their differences after the game.
Neither of them should have made the game about THEM. Like JJ said, nobody is even talking about what a good Game it was.
@Rockboee 年 前
Did he dapp it up with brooks? Regardless of what y’all say he still said that bs to brooks first.. don’t get mad when he say something back.
@@Rockboee saying he’s too small too guard Lebron is not even that bad 😂😂😂😂 fans have said a lot worse.
@@alonzogalloway3041But it is what occurred after like trying to fight the players because of something that was said back? That’s weak to me not what Brooks did.🤣
@Rockboee 年 前
@@alonzogalloway3041 I hear you all I am saying is when you say some bs to someone don’t get mad when u get reaction you don’t want.. do he know Brooks personally? But definitely not brooks fan,,
@kafkafan123 年 前
Idc whos right or wrong the whole situation is just hilarious viewing😭
@koola998 年 前
JJ is right 😒
@Zack_410 年 前
The Griz obviously are. Heckling is part of the game.
@@Zack_410 why the whole team walk over if it just trash talk🤣 Shannon pressed their buttons fs
@Jslowbro 年 前
@@2phonebabykeem913 cause Dillon took it wayyy too far lol
@@Jslowbro He’s Soft And Not As Good As He Thinks He Is
Shannon's apology is why I love Shannon so much
@Andorski 年 前
"apology", lol. He wanted that smoke.
😂 he had too 😂 about to lose $
It really was a true apology. Gotta respect it.... Losing money or not. Most people issue a tepid statement. Kudos to Sharpe
@supdall345 年 前
He just gave a true apology to everyone involved on Undisputed.
@@michaelhenderson9411 he wasn’t losing anything that stuff brought them more ratings. Nobody got hurt in anyway Why would he lose money or get in trouble?
@sussvarman 年 前
it is always a pleasure to watch people try and hold steven adams back. it was like watching the ice climbers holding back bowser in smash brothers.
@nalokitten 年 前
Steven Adams is basketball strong.... Shannon Sharpe is REAL strong
Lmaoo Stephen could've gotten to Shannon if he wanted to that 5'6 coach shouldn't stop him. Lmaoo nobody's afraid if Adams.
I thought Shannon didn't like when fans bothered the players
No basketball player is going to do anything let’s be real about this lol 😂
@n0follow 年 前
@@2daynot2morrowfitness89 why tf would they lmao
@meowmeow147 年 前
They keep talking about Shannon’s cardigan like it’s the most expensive thing on him but his Jordan 1 Dior’s on his feet costs around $8k-$12k depending on the size 😂
Paying that much for clothes that look that stupid, makes one a moron, have you heard the story about the emperors new clothes? a lot of emperors around these days.
@ray6808 年 前
@@davidvickers8425 doesn't look stupid ....cause most agree 👍 cardigan looks fire 🔥.
He sounds like a woman
@@davidvickers8425 he can afford it way beyond so who cares lol
@anonimust8 年 前
“$3100 for a cardigan???” - a guy in a $500 plain grey hoodie😂😂😂😂
@JDeep72 年 前
Bro right 😭😭😂
You guys know better than that, NO ONE'S kicking out LeBron James' guest in LA. That's just not even in the question 🤣
@will-zj5gq 年 前
Plus it’s Shannon the situation completely changes 🤣🤣🤣
It has nothing to do with LeBron. Try to think like an adult, Shannon Sharpe is a celebrity and this was in L.A., he’s not the average Joe.
@L.F.3 年 前
@@criticalthought4910 shay sharpe is lebrons big bro. everyone in crypto arena knows!
I like how JJ makes it seem like the cardigan is out his price range when it’s a drop in a bucket for him 😂
Whilst wearing stone island 🤣
He got way more than Shannon but he has limits.
@avib4073 年 前
JJ made a lot of money playing basketball. He’s no Matt Barnes 😂
@@marydascalos9673 You don't know what that man spends his money on
@YoogiNation 年 前
For me $10 is a lot to spend on lunch but a bargain for alcohol
@kendall854 年 前
They talk about the fight quicker then it actually happened… but that cardigan😂
JJ and Tommy have their priorities straight.
@boogie2458 年 前
Never seen a more JJ tweet I actually laughed out loud when everyone was freaking out over the situation and JJ is just like "that is a fire cardigan."
That was like the Rock about to fight DX and the Big Show in the year 2000 😂
@1ajgtwm 年 前
Great reference you made
Great reference for real! 😂😂
@tashaem1 年 前
The Rock was feuding with EVERYBODY from 1999 to 2002. He was always in like 2 or 3 feuds at once it was crazy. He wanted all the smoke!
@CMD125 年 前
'The patchwork on that thing was incredible" 😂😂
Shannons apology was incredible, he showed love to the whole grizzlies team and was a true class act. I love the passion and lets be real, it was just a lot of barking on both sides, it wasnt that serious.
@DbeeM 年 前
True! ….. however he could of ended his apology in about 3 seconds by saying : “I Apologize to the everyone on the planet”
@trefro01 年 前
My thoughts exactly, people talking like it was Malice in the Palace, this is just noise. 😭😭
I thought he would have apologized to Ja father.
@Downey-2000 年 前
He needs to be held accountable like everyone else . He should be banned from crypto arena for a year . Gang bangers get banned , belligerent drinks etc get kicked out . This is privilege BS .
"apparently he unbuned his hair" 😂😂
This why I love JJ I was too infatuated with the cardigan 😂
@Bean-vj1lf 年 前
Ur gay just like him
@@Bean-vj1lf if I’m gay for liking a cardigan then Your gay for commenting under another man post so we’re gay besties 🤝🏾
@Bean-vj1lf 年 前
@@tyreeliveable Na you can be gay by your self no thank you
@@Bean-vj1lf nahh we in this together it’s too late now you locked in
@josh-lv6wx 年 前
Every other talk show : “Shannon Sharpe was going wild!” JJ : “That cardigan tho…”
@gmurxu 年 前
Shannon made Jack Nicholson happy 😂😂😂😂
I love this whole story arc, it's hilarious! The NBA needs more of this!
It's hilarious because this is from a Seinfeld episode- when Kramer, and Spike Lee have a confrontation with Reggie Miller. All 3 are tossed from the arena, and then go to the strip club together.
@rayvere1 年 前
The cardigan talk😂🏆🔥
Wow! He is a stand up man for apologizing and admitting that he was wrong. I respect the hell out of that man. Kudos to him. He could of gave just a simple or basic apology to the fans at the game, the players, and his network and called it a day. But he gave an exclusive and exquisite apology to the entire nation and his family, and the man he got into the altercation with. Mad love for Shannon.... ❤️‍🔥
You never apologize
@@samuelrigaud6595 Is that a question
Ratings boost for his show.
I didn't know JJ Redick was this funny! I'm subscribing. Hey I was looking at the Cardigan also bro! Those Undisputed Checks pay good lol
@eedv99 年 前
Nobody would dare to kick out someone wearing that cardigan.
It would've been wild if they told Shannon "You have to leave. The Cardigan can stay, though." Then they cut to his seat and it's just the Cardigan drapped over the chair🤣🤣🤣🤣
@will-zj5gq 年 前
@@antoniochasten3192 you should be a writer for a show. you took it to a whole different level from just one small idea. that’s good stuff
@eedv99 年 前
@@antoniochasten3192 could be an episode of curb your enthusiasm
@jib11 年 前
JJ gonna have that cardigan in the next few weeks lmaooo
@S51121 年 前
Cardigan and a good chest pump 😂
@RD-zx6py 年 前
"This cardigan was brought to you by fanduel..."
This is probably my favorite take on why Shannon was allowed to return to his seat. Lol it just makes sense
@bobby_D 年 前
How was I NOT subbed to JJ Redick podcast. I gotta go back and watch every episode now.
They’re not all funny but his analysis is on point
The Grizzlies would've ignored him if he was "any other fan", but because he was a figure in the media, they started to talk back to him. Let's not pretend fans on the sideline don't talk smack. If the Grizzlies had a problem with what Shannon said, they should've just told the refs to remove him from the game... But instead they talk back to him and approached him, which also put them at fault, as now, Shannon has a "right" to defend himself.
@JadenCole77 年 前
That's why Dillion Brooks calling Shannon a regular pedestrian was kinda odd to me, cause a regular pedestrian isn't getting that type of reaction lmao
@WesdenzelTV 年 前
Yes this is pretty much how I see it. Players normally go straight to the ref **if they don’t like the trash talk/crosses the line. Cause yes, fans do talk all the time. And Steven adams or whomever it was walking over to Shannon instead of the bench kind of escalated the situation as well. Very special situation to where all things that could align perfectly, did. 😂
Yea i every situation is different and Shannon being in the sports world
You see it
@moebetta08 年 前
Exactly. It’s not like Shannon came on the court or anything. He simply stood up and then all those guys came over to where he was. I’m riding with Shannon on this one!!! 😂
It's funny, cuz on Twitter yesterday, Shannon actually posted a picture of the cardigan and who it was by while thanking his stylist for keeping him fresh 😂
It's so weird that you bring up his clothing because i cared more about finding out where i can get something like that than the whole ordeal. The light blue really makes the material and cut stand out.
The real story imo is how Shannon and Tee squashed it
U know drama queens won't let it go
@@Dontmatter215blahblah right. Not dissing JJ but it's wild how media refuses to acknowledge that happened in the same game
I wished they gave a quick shoutout to the on court photographer. That picture of Shannon looking back or to his side is hard asf.
@60zeller 年 前
Shannon is built like a freaking superhero
The genetics & the dedication to the steroids is impressive. He has had both hips replaced before 55 though, so there’s a price to pay for the prolonged steroid usage & looking like that in your mid 50s.
@@steveknick1978 bro he aint juicing wtf are you on here lying for
@OmyKon 年 前
@@dietrying2524 yup. No athletes juice. 😂
@@OmyKon never said that
@OmyKon 年 前
@@dietrying2524 no you didn’t. I am saying they all do that have that kinda muscle over 50.
Dillon Brooks is like a Taller Pat Bev. He just be out there running around.
@Rockboee 年 前
Your mom like smaller prostitute she just be out there running wild.. so yeah I agree
@757bigj 年 前
He locked lebron up
"Steven Adams unbunned his hair" 😂😂😂
@GHermano41 年 前
Looking like a British football hooligan with the Stoney on JJ 😂⚽️
@DL_1987 年 前
So all these players go after Shanon, but he’s the one who should get kicked out???
yes. he started it.
@_lilkeef 年 前
@@hansfabiankoeger8657 all he said was brooks was too small to guard lebron and brooks got in his feelings
@nickh4676 年 前
@@hansfabiankoeger8657 heckling a player is not starting it. Your mindset is very weak, and wanting fans to be kicked out for light heckling is the same as wanting NBA players to get T'd up for taunting in game.
@313JKing 年 前
@@hansfabiankoeger8657 So with that logic.. Players should attack all fans right? Pretty sure Shannon wasn't the only one talking trash
@unc54 年 前
@@_lilkeef Honestly players have gotten way too annoying about kicking fans out. As long as fans don't go over the line they should be allowed to say whatever. Players need to remember who they play for.
Glad I wasn’t the only person who liked the cardigan 🤣🤣🤣
@mduncanmd17 年 前
Shannon trash talked like any other fan. He did nothing wrong. Didn’t say anything out of line, didn’t cross no boundaries
Did you stand next to him or how do you know that?
@ajajala5081 年 前
He did nothing wrong. You have seen the way they have been kicking out NBA fans for far less
@@Jorge-it6ivYou ain’t lying
@Prez16 年 前
@@Jorge-it6iv A partial team owner pushed an opposing team player and only received a year ban so wtf are you talking about
@nick4yt 年 前
@@Prez16 Did you even read? He said any other fan lmao. Why the hell would a partial owner be subject to the same consequences as a regular fan? Smooth brain take man.
Lmaooo the cardigan conversation is too funny
Greg Lauren is the nephew of Ralph and is style is grunge chic…. dope fit …. Shannon pulled that off… and he wasn’t having it. 😂😂😂😂
@noeyb976 年 前
They let him stay cuz he didn't actually do anything. He said Brooks was too small for Bron. Brooks then crossed the line being disrespectful for no reason. Once you go that route then it's on. Shannon didn't step on the floor, he stood in front of his seat and didn't do anything they all came to him. So although he was yelling he didn't start it and he definitely didn't instigate. Brooks started it and kept goin but was nowhere to be found lmao
@bossaudio12 年 前
To say he didn't step on the floor ruins all your points go watch the video again
@noeyb976 年 前
@@bossaudio12 from the video I saw.. my man was standing out of bounds in front of his seat the entire time. Maybe I need a different angle 🤷🏾‍♂️
@@noeyb976 he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected.
@noeyb976 年 前
@@jillasleaks9508 because he said you to small for Bron.. and Brooks wanna start running his mouth disrespectfully at that... If Brooks said nothing and let Shannon go off, they throw him out but ppl know how Brooks is... It's a different situation when u talkin to someone who resides in the smoking section and want all of it. U can't say whatever u want to ppl and be rude cuz u feel like it
@@noeyb976 well as a member of the media he shouldn’t be antagonizing a player, and needs to hold his tongue, sit back and watch the game.
@she_uno 年 前
Lolol “the patchwork” is exceptional! Hilarious
“I wanna feel it now.” 😂😂😂
Where can i find the hat that your co-host is wearing. Great stuff as always...
@Eb-dw3tq 年 前
I mean what did Shannon say that any other fan wouldn't have said "you can't check lebron you mean Dylan said f u to shannon because of that. Dillion couldn't handle it and then got scared when sharpe said you don't want this.
he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected
'JJ Reacts to Shannon Sharpe's Cardigan'
@mca217 年 前
1:16 Tommy is a savage. 🤣🤣🤣
Thank you JJ. No one in the sports media has said a word regarding this incident. A normal fan would have been escorted out and season ticket cancelled.
😂😂😂I thought I was the only one who was looking at that cardigan like… he looks like a classy futuristic western cowboy 🤠
@KtotheG 年 前
I've been rockin' cardigans since the early '90s. I'm not sure if it was Carlton, Mr. Belvedere or Benson who got me into them, but I've always dug them... wait a minute, it was Boyz II Men. Yup, I was jackin' their style. I also used to rock the button down shirts with ties and jeans. I was a fresh kid. But I was jackin' Boyz II Men and their Motownphilly style.
JJ: Steven Adams Unbuttoned His Hair Apparently I Looked It Up? 😹😹😹😹🤣🤣🤣 This is y I love JJ he's Comedy Central 🤣💯
DUDE, I am so glad I wasn't the only one that noticed Shannon's drip immediately. Lol. It really did take center stage among the action.
@omarmac1 年 前
2:25 with the “entire team”!!!!! The umpffffff was fire 🔥. Hard hit punchline……❤
Nah when he was sitting on the baseline with that LV purple varsity jacket sheeeeesh 🔥🔥🔥 that cardigan was NICE as well
@chillyy6931 年 前
Taking the bun down is just funny af to me🤣🤣
I don't think Shannon wanted any of Adam's even with all his muscles with means nothing.
JJ is hilarious 😂
I want a cardigan episode both JJ and Tommy wearing one when they interview any grizzly player. With a smoke machine in the background going off during the interview lol
Shannon is the man lol funny as hell
I will say one thing about this situation....I ended up following multiple youtube pages that i did not know that existed because of this situation. I wonder how many Vloggers got new subs by covering this. I found some of my old favorite guys from espn, NFL, Nba that i didnt know had a channel. Some things happen for a reason. Im locked in now JJ. Salute
@mario020282 年 前
Steven Adams turned into Aquaman
@luckyyu2004 年 前
Tom with that Hat. I love that Cantonese writing. haha
What blows my mind is how Dillon Brooks started ALL THIS but bc he’s always barking and then running away, no one even brings him up in relation to this whole thing 😂😂 dude wasn’t even in most of the videos he ran so fast, Steven Adams had to step up
Brooks is soft af
Man Shannon got Rank .. he not just anybody 💯💯
"I mean Good for Greg LauREN, what a win for him" LOL
@MrImShadow 年 前
JJ saying that while in a Stone Island hoodie 😅😂
"Un-bunned his hair" 🤣🤣🤣
I mean it does set a bad precedent but I think everybody understands that's Uncle Shay Shay not everybody can do that lmao 😅
Came here listening for his take on the altercation. Stayed for the cardigan discussion lol.
JJ getting the badge in lmao
@kholiday456 年 前
Adam's unbunned his hair 🤣. He definitely didn't want no smoke with Unk
@fiddleonair 年 前
JJ giving Chuck 'GO BACK TO Damon Jones' JACKET' vibe
🎵🎵It’s a nice day for a light sweater……..It’s a nice day for a carrrrddddiiiiggggaaaan. Ow.🎶 😂😂😂😂
@whatudoin1 年 前
Spike Lee used to get into it with teams. Might not be fair but it is what it is, I'm glad he came back
Top 10 moment of the new year
The grizzlies are fun and exciting no doubt. But at some point they need to have some class and play good basketball. All that talking and chirping and dancing and griddy is tasteless. Ja Morant hits a fade away floater that bounces around the rim hits the backboard and drops in and he hits a dance and points at a 7 day contract player “you can’t guard me”. Shannon is a man who’s done it at the highest level. Has the numbers the wins the Super Bowl hardware. Respect the game or the game will make you respect it.
@steinfi3 年 前
Hilarious and great that the first section of this segment was all about the cardigan.
The Joe Ingles comment was hilarious 💀
Crazy, no one peeped the pants.. his pants are Greg Lauren too and they’re 🔥🔥🔥.
@SourMilk93 年 前
It's funny how they talking bout Shannon needing to be kicked out but nobody mentions Tee Morant... 🤔
@fmjones5 年 前
Cuz Shannon gets the clicks and who is Tee and Dillion. The players want the game to be more like Golf
They’re both ghetto trash
he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected
@SourMilk93 年 前
@Jilla’s Leaks 1. You literally don't know that unless you were on the floor next to them brooks could have challenged him leading him to respond that way 2. That has nothing to do with nobody mentioning Tee Morant for jumping into something as well neither him nor Shannon are players
@SourMilk93 年 前
@Daniel C this comment seems have have a bit of "Racist" flavoring my boy 🤔
Sheesh. I knew I wasn't the only one in love with that sweater lol
I think the reason he wasn't kicked out is because Shannon stayed in his area. They were all walking towards him. He didn't get on the court and was responding to their aggression.
He didn’t even say anything offensive
@@larryjordan23 neither did the 2 people in Indianapolis but Lebron had them kicked out
@@insanemob8508 Actually they were talking about his son.
@@lionellogginll that’s still sensitive
@@lionellogginll of you ever been to a NFL , opposing players get called racial slurs all the time
@meh7348 年 前
Love how when he was naming all the ones that didn't want that smoke he left the bro Stevens name out.
@Taylive892 年 前
It can be seen as special treatment letting him stay because he is a celebrity, but I think because he is a celebrity everyone realized the situation was not going to get worse and spiral into an all out brawl like it could with a random fan.
Last time I heard the word Cardigan, it was in Dumb and Dumber. 😹
@TheMcTwist 年 前
The sound of the ball resetting the pivot with every bounce is like Beethoven to my ears.
I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who was checking for that cardigan.
@992porter 年 前
Bro let’s be real if any of us stood up screaming at players and tell them to come fight. Then being held back and it spilling to the court we would be gone. I seen fans kicked for less
I honestly think trying to remove him would have made even more of a scene and just like when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock......who is going to make the call to toss him out? You may never work again if the decision is found to have been ill advised etc
Lol but he not any of us. In fact he got the reaction because he wasn’t regular. Fans talk trash all the time. Dillion brooks would of ignored. regular fans
@992porter 年 前
@@FireAngelChris bro Dillion has talked to fans all the time. That’s his things. Right or wrong. My point is players been getting dudes kicked out for less.
@992porter 年 前
@@mediacenterman8583 I’m just saying they kicks fans out for the middle finger. Like the guy Westbrook got kicked out. Shay was almost on the court.
@@992porter Lol i have seen fans stay after they talked crazy with players too. Shannon said Dillion brooks can’t guard LeBron. Dillion talked back they went back and fourth. If Shannon was regular he would get ignored. Dillion even escalated it after.
I love that JJ is fanning over the cardigan. I never see him worry too much about fashion. Funny.
I love JJ's pod for the bball analysis but it's fun to hear them chat about something as mundane as Shannon's cardigan 😊
@fidget53 年 前
who wants to be the guy that has to tell shannon sharpe hes gotta exit the building, while hes seething lol
Yo JJ we need a follow up episode of talking watches.
My man, J.J. Lol. I know you will find that cardigan. You got me me searching for too.
In Shannon's defense, they supposedly came at him.
Shannon ran his mouth. We all know what that means when you run your mouth. You expect no one will come at you? Even Shannon himself said he started it by exchanging words with dillion
@RD-zx6py 年 前
@@siyamafuya7163 The Grizzlies are crybabies. They're even worse than the Suns for starting stuff and then crying to the refs/league about people giving them a tase of their own medicine back. Not many teams would react the way they did to what by all accounts was some very low level chirping. KD and Draymond are as thin skinned as they come and you didn't see them looking to have Drake ejected from an arena despite running his mouth courtside in the PLAYOFF FINALS.
he literally challenged Brooks to a fight, he should have been ejected
@@siyamafuya7163 nah the grizzlies are soft af reacting that way. MFs act like they've never been heckled
Imagine if it was just a regular guy that tried to fight a whole basketball
@Chris-zo4vu 年 前
"Dozens, if not hundreds of incidents." Thats a large jump and would change the tamber of any of these conversations
@BossDini 年 前
I’m glad they kept it real
They didnt kick him out.. he came back. Lol
Shannon shifted the game momentum real talk... and I love it