Jimmy Fallon & Jack Black Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy & Jack do a shot-for-shot remake of Extreme's "More Than Words" music video.
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Jimmy Fallon & Jack Black Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video





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Liene Elias
Liene Elias 4 時間 前
Josh JY Kim
Josh JY Kim 11 時間 前
This was rather amazing....Jack Black truly deserve more credit, and they really do sound better than I had expected~ awesome sauce
Mondo 357
Mondo 357 13 時間 前
Many of the comments here seem to be "Jack Black is not famous enough for the amount of talent he has" or "Jack Black is so underrated" Well, Jack Black is underrated and not famous enough because at the end of the day, no matter how much talent he has, he's just a fucking clown. He doesn't take himself seriously, so why would anyone else? Everything this guy and KG does musically is nothing but comedy. Look at what he does in this video right here, acting like a bloody clown and not once being true to his talent or the song he is singing. And why would anyone even consider this song worthy of mocking? I'm sure that when "Extreme" recorded this song many years ago they didn't think anyone would lampoon their efforts some years down the line! And yes, many will say that he is not making fun of the song, which is true to a large degree, but they are certainly taking a classic song and placing it within the scope of a joke! How much better do you think this performance would have been if Jack Black didn't act like a fucking court jester while singing this classic song! I mean, fuck, would he mock a Led Zeppelin song like this? Funny I should bring up Led Zep because the man is nothing more than a "Robert Plant meets Fatty Arbuckle!" Sure, it's all funny and entertaining but it's now old and tired and he and KG should have moved away from it years ago. I have been a super-fan of these guys since the beginning of the "D" and I have been waiting for the epic album that earns them respect, but sadly it will never come. I just can't do it anymore. I mean, c'mon, look at this right here... All these comments were made back in 2015 and here I am responding in 2018 and their latest endeavor, "Post Apocalypto" is nothing but the same old joke! Nothing but the same old bullshit comedy routine on a record! Jack black will die one of the most talented guys in Hollywood to have never accomplished anything worthy of his true talent.
JeevesReturns 18 時間 前
God, I hate jack black. He’s a film killer and over actor. He plays the same lame character in everything he’s in.
Tracy Bush
Tracy Bush 日 前
Im loling at Jack Blacks facial expressions
Solange Lago
Solange Lago 日 前
Hahaha. I like it 😆❤
Sheila Green
Sheila Green 日 前
OMG I love it!!!
melissa2146 日 前
They look amazing with long hair
Pamela Torres
You two sound great together. I get the humor, but your harmonies are awesome, and you could easily release a serious record together.
George Vangordon jr
Yeah right that’s fake as hell
Dudu Azevedo
Dudu Azevedo 日 前
isso que e´ música de verdade nao. esse lixo que escutam que dizem que e´música. so´que nao.
Dudu Azevedo
Dudu Azevedo 日 前
e´ linda essa música do extreme more than words.
Annette Monge
Annette Monge 2 日 前
Stacy Melanson
Stacy Melanson 3 日 前
Omg. The hair and the earrings. Lol. This is awesome.
William Howell
William Howell 3 日 前
The dude can sing!
Zinatul Ashiqin Zainuddin
I Just knew it
Julie Sangma
Julie Sangma 4 日 前
Oh my gosh!!! You guys make me happy, I can't stop laughing 😂
Kristy Garcia
Kristy Garcia 4 日 前
I'm dying lol 🤣😂🤣😂
Diana Karina
Diana Karina 4 日 前
1:06 XD
Richie Martinez
Richie Martinez 5 日 前
Jack already knows my heart is torn in two cuz they don’t recognize his talent
Alan Franco
Alan Franco 5 日 前
Jack Black The Best
Debbie O
Debbie O 5 日 前
Jennifer Brandt
Jennifer Brandt 6 日 前
J. A.
J. A. 6 日 前
fnf fnf
fnf fnf 6 日 前
Hit like if you don't laugh throughout the video but actually enjoyed the song
Vladislav Moc
Vladislav Moc 6 日 前
This is absolutely best of the best
Juliana Garcia Mesa
Juajuajuajua juajuajuajua juajuajuajua
Matthew Neff
Matthew Neff 6 日 前
More queer then then the original
I think that you are searching for the word "than", Einstein
akkylator 6 日 前
That's not even funny. it's beautiful.
mougabo 6 日 前
i love you Jack
Trishna Kisiju
Trishna Kisiju 7 日 前
Oh my god.. can't stop laughing.. 😂😂😂😂😂💖💖
Joseph Paulo
Joseph Paulo 7 日 前
Haha that was dope! More please!
Em Dee
Em Dee 7 日 前
Great. Is it available on iTunes?
Ettu Herms
Ettu Herms 7 日 前
Lipsyncing, and fake guitar playing
Maverick 7 日 前
Hung Dynasty
Hung Dynasty 7 日 前
I love this. Mr Encarnacio killed it! Love how the drumers dramatically walked away
julio cardoso
julio cardoso 7 日 前
It was strangely cool !!! hahahahah
carolyn somerville
Live this omg
Patrick Lett
Patrick Lett 7 日 前
Weird al
James Howlett
James Howlett 8 日 前
One thing that pisses me off about Jack Black is he brings way too much comedy into his songs. The facial expressions, the crazy comedic pitch changes, the dancing he does which looks like Mick Jagger on speed. He should take his music a bit more serious cause he actually has a great voice when he uses it properly.
Danny Ganz
Danny Ganz 8 日 前
Thought you said Jack Black, not Jack FAT!!!
Dragon Baby
Dragon Baby 8 日 前
Jimmy!! You really should keep this hairstyle!! So gorgeous on you! I see what you see, Nicole.. ^^
Micheal Thompson
This was super suprisingly good. Seriously amazing guys.
James Edward Marshall
One of the best videos I have ever seen ! 💓🌹💞🌷❤️🌹💕🌷🔥❤️💕🌷💕🌷❤️🌹💓💞
vilson luiz
vilson luiz 9 日 前
The best!!!!!!
Kate Grealy
Kate Grealy 9 日 前
Jermane Fields
Jermane Fields 9 日 前
I jus want to know where jimmy got that lace wig from🤣🤣 looks good!
TAMI Hieroglyphs4Real
Very Funny...I needed the laugh & smle this brought. I thnk they are really good dont you? God Bless
Brzoza 10 日 前
To much hot dogs and TV
mamet milaners
mamet milaners 10 日 前
Somplak 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karen Patricia Gómez Pinto
The best 💜 Jimmy
Enly Matos
Enly Matos 11 日 前
Jack Black👍
Sara/L crochet 75 Williams
What happened to the free falling skit I really loved it especially wen I need ah luagh because I'm feeling a little down
Constance Kreese
Constance Kreese 12 日 前
he could have sang this without the faces...i wish hed do more serious singing without any funny a whole album
Shane Miller
Shane Miller 12 日 前
Jack Black could sing all the listings in a phone book and make it sound like a masterpiece.
Magregor Swift
Magregor Swift 12 日 前
That was so much greater than great👍
Cren Shawking
Cren Shawking 13 日 前
Smoov Operata
Smoov Operata 13 日 前
Awesome.. Just awesome 👍
Jasmine Rodriguez
Beutiful men
Camila Souza
Camila Souza 13 日 前
Amei! Simplesmente maravilhoso ❤
Grace Clark
Grace Clark 14 日 前
I love these two.
Nethmi .G
Nethmi .G 14 日 前
Jack black is an amazing singer 😱
Alamat Ng mga Alamat
nachooo hahaha
Waking Thursday
Waking Thursday 14 日 前
No disrespect to the original, but I like this version better. Jack Black is amazing.
Leandro Da Silva Freitas
Carlos Massey
Carlos Massey 14 日 前
Jack Black is the living proof that people likes anything. Same as Sandler, Stiller...
Аркадий Котов
hi from Russsia
Debra Boyer
Debra Boyer 14 日 前
georgetownlaw95- should be georgetownclueless00- your comment is typical of leftist liberal loooosers with an inherent low IQ. When see or read something you don`t like your first reaction is name calling (part of the low IQ thing) As far as trailer trash goes I am actually a hillbilly and I`m still MUCH more intelligent than you ......HEE HAW.!!!!!!.......................
Dandy Fadillah
Dandy Fadillah 15 日 前
Still look same ❤
gabriel romero
gabriel romero 15 日 前
jimin's little chili pepper in yoongi's hot buns
why does jimmy look like icarly
Harry Goldblatt MD
Fallon is not worthy tuning Nuno's guitar and the Jack Black shtick was getting old back when Pearl Jam were cool. What a crock ...
ruth troncoso
ruth troncoso 15 日 前
Rachel As She Paints
So good 🍌😂🙌🏽
christina gutierrez
MartaSonia Castro
I have to say I really enjoyed this!! Love Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black!
Mike F
Mike F 15 日 前
Surprise he can keep Obama's pecker out of his mouth long enough to make this either Obama
erica j
erica j 15 日 前
Omgosh that was great! Lol
Zachary Merrill
Zachary Merrill 15 日 前
Its hard to make by somthing funny but keep the seriouness of the performance. This is a joke with many layers of talent
jeanpol casanova
jeanpol casanova 16 日 前
I don't understand the laughs Not funny at all. It is beautiful
Lorna Castillo
Lorna Castillo 13 日 前
Is awesome.
Lewi B
Lewi B 16 日 前
Ohh my Jesus Christ this is amazing. Hilarious when you first see them but it becomes a masterpiece not long after. Jack Blacks voice man. Such a lovely tone when he sings, he slays it, so multi talented. This is going on my playlist alongside the original 😃👌
Mirafal 16 日 前
Oh shit this is awesome! I love Extreme, I love JB, and now got two in one!! So much more than words can say :D
Jey G
Jey G 16 日 前
J H 16 日 前
Jack black verdaderamente canta genial, no necesita imitar a nadie, tiene una gran voz.
I enjoyed this immensely. Still a great song.
rerod 16 日 前
Nice but for the exaggerated moves. #MAGA
car3taker 17 日 前
now lets go watch the original video of this.
Samuel Allen
Samuel Allen 17 日 前
This was really great.
james willis
james willis 17 日 前
Better than the original!
Debra Boyer
Debra Boyer 17 日 前
Jack Black is an arrogant JACK-OFF, LIKE MOST OF HOLLYWOODS SO CALLED ''ELITE'' if they would stick to entertaining like the monkeys they are we would get along fine. they are Idiot Savants (you liberals will have to look that up) some of them can really act but when they open their mouths about other subjects they mostly sound like the idiots they are......Don`t need ANYONE to tell me how to vote..............
georgetownlaw95 15 日 前
Thanks for the laugh trailer trash
Debra Torstrup-Nahay
I think Jimmy Fallon should let his hair grow long, but it was a great performance
Thatiane Ribeiro
Thatiane Ribeiro 17 日 前
Danilo Gentilli devia refazer com o Diguinho Coruja
Fabiola Dal Mina
Fabiola Dal Mina 18 日 前
Nicholas Evangelisto
Peppa Potato
Peppa Potato 18 日 前
2020? anyone?
Crystal McKinney
Crystal McKinney 18 日 前
OMG they look so hot here!♡
Fran jaworski
Fran jaworski 18 日 前
Everybody is talking about how good Jack Black is, I do agree but Jimmy Fallon also great!
Jericho Kharpyngrope
You're both are an asshole 😂😂😂😂😂
georgetownlaw95 15 日 前
Russian troll
Efraim Monsale
Efraim Monsale 19 日 前
Two anti trump
georgetownlaw95 15 日 前
Two cannot spell -- And Russian troll
Bruno Lino
Bruno Lino 19 日 前
kkkkkkkkkk it´s very very very good. I liked so much.