Iron Man vs Loki - "We have a Hulk" - Suit Up Scene | The Avengers (2012) Movie Clip HD

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Iron Man vs Loki - "We have a Hulk" - Suit Up Scene - The Avengers (2012) Movie Clip HD [1080p 60 FPS]
- I Have an Army
- We Have a Hulk
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Samagata Sarkar
Samagata Sarkar 18 分 前
Nice shot
RosH Cupcake
RosH Cupcake 時間 前
😀😀😀 😎😎😎😎😎
Lee Kereopa
Lee Kereopa 8 時間 前
Marvel. Will never ever be the same without iron man.
Lio 10 時間 前
Tony uses his Sherlock ability and predicted Loki would throw him out from the tower.
ishDEMON _
ishDEMON _ 11 時間 前
How is this running at 60fps???
Left of Zen
Left of Zen 14 時間 前
This 60fps upscale looks truly awful
Morgan Brzezinski
Morgan Brzezinski 14 時間 前
Loki: I have an army Stark: We have a hulk Dr. Strange: I’m currently performing surgery
donna jacobs
donna jacobs 15 時間 前
We have a hulk.... 2 years later loki:we have a hulk
Jaden Rankins
Jaden Rankins 20 時間 前
Huh ?
YxVm 22 時間 前
This isn't the regular 24fps. Dammit. Hate that "cinema realism" crap feature. Feels like the scene is being played at a middle school gymnasium.
Ghazii Hammoud
Loki:I have an army Tony:we have a hulk Dom: I have a family
Harsh Saravat
Loki : Army Tony : Hulk Hotel : Trivago
Warwagon 日 前
OMG gosh that frame rate kills my eyes, hard to watch!
Paulo Rocco
Paulo Rocco 日 前
Satanás nasceu como homem. Em carne e osso. Cuidado com ele. Estava ouvindo a bíblia narrada por Cid Moreira quando ouvi : " Ele tem uma mecha de cabelo loiro na testa a qual não consegue tirar". Referiu-se a ele, tenho certeza. Procurei onde estava escrito isto na bíblia e não achei. Procurei o Cid falando isto e não encontrei. Não sou nada nem ninguém, mas acredito que foi uma revelação Divina. Quem tem uma mecha de cabelo loiro na testa e nunca teve outro penteado mesmo tendo muito dinheiro? Claro, não consegue tirar. Mas de qualquer forma digo aos que amo: Morram de fome mas não coloquem a marca ou sinal da besta. Morram torturados mas não neguem Jesus. Não sei qual é a marca ou sinal, mas sei que sem ela ninguém vai comprar e nem vender. E será colocada no dorso da mão direita ou na testa. (a testa também significa pensamento, fique atento, não acredite em tudo que falam). Nasci, cresci e vou morrer falando o nome de Jesus. Nenhum outro nome descoberto recentemente, ou há alguns anos, vai me fazer negá-lo. Meu Deus é o Deus de Abrão , de Isaac e de Jacó. Não achei certo guardar esta revelação e por isto a estou divulgando....
Kribea 日 前
Who is phil
scott watson
scott watson 日 前
what a rip off line , it was first used in Crocodile Dundee "i have a donk".. be original instead of a recycled line
Paul Wu
Paul Wu 日 前
My biggest gripe about movies is how easily people fly through windows. Tony getting thrown through a skyscraper window would've seriously injured if not killed him.
MMic 日 前
"And there's one other person you've managed to piss off" "..he's name is Phil."
willdabest 日 前
Whenever a movie clip video has the letters “HD” in it you know it’s a good video
Dhrubo Karim
Dhrubo Karim 2 日 前
When he says:We have a hulk?
Samir Das
Samir Das 2 日 前
I love
TheTripleTKA 2 日 前
90% of this set is CGI ... it's kinda grossing me out
mosierdp 2 日 前
Why on Earth did you interpolate the framerate to 60p instead of leaving it at 24 like it was filmed in? Makes it look horrible, like a soap opera.
jerro19711971 2 日 前
That’s what I’d like to do to anti Trump supporters. You know the ones that eat the Bullshit from leftist propaganda?? The koolaid drinkers?
Memedmmg Mdkddkmfgg
Gaminizer 2 日 前
This scene looks soo smooth because it's in 60 fps
Comics Online
Comics Online 2 日 前
Hola a todos!!! Estoy subiendo comics de Marvel en forma de diapositivas con musica y un poco de cariño, con el tiempo iran mejorando y me gustaria lograr que sean leidos o relatados. Pasen y comenten si les gusta, en breve subire otros, ahora empece con "HOUSE OF M"... =) SALUDOS!!
Nxbx Bshdhd
Nxbx Bshdhd 3 日 前
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray
Robert Downey Jr. ➊
Techvision Unknown
you favourite. jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-zOiroi39BQM.html
Platypus 3 日 前
RIP iron man
Bedanga Baruah
Bedanga Baruah 3 日 前
Imagine the verification process of the suit to be apple's faceID, tony would have been already dead before the endgame :/
Dominic Genlot
Dominic Genlot 3 日 前
2:08 Loki: [visible confusion]
Bub Magnuson
Bub Magnuson 3 日 前
And that's why the Mark 7 is the best.
ed trine
ed trine 3 日 前
Thor isn't a demi-God.
4u im2busy
4u im2busy 3 日 前
so now iron man died,so no more iron man?
Peter Lubambula
Peter Lubambula 3 日 前
Kind of an odd thing for Tony to say about someone who’s “dead” - no? 😄
The Elegant Iguana
Anthony Acevedo
Anthony Acevedo 4 日 前
In real life: Alexa, could use some help here Alexa: I'm sorry I didn't understand that did you mean find music with, I just need a little help?
Scott Forget
Scott Forget 4 日 前
The camera angles looks rough. Like it better before seeing this
Ian Pey
Ian Pey 4 日 前
Imagine is the AI was designed using Windows XP
448 - Soumya Sampark
Tony would have been dead😂😂
Elysia X.X.X
Elysia X.X.X 4 日 前
Very nice….
Indian Girl
Indian Girl 5 日 前
1:40 dog: help my please
Majed Ali
Majed Ali 5 日 前
The funny part in the avengers is when hulk almost killed loki lol
Ria Ali
Ria Ali 5 日 前
Iron man is so fucking awesome he has the best scenes
Alphawolf763 2.o
There's one other person you pissed off his name Phil
espy 000
espy 000 5 日 前
I hate the "soap opera" effect of the interpolation it ruins the mood of the movie and makes it look like a low budget rip off.
TheSantiago 5 日 前
Ahhh yes, 60 fps, thanks man
Owkqbsans Whqnehakqsb
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Ryan Wong
Ryan Wong 5 日 前
Tony is lucky that he didn’t get stung by Loki’s scepter. Since Tony doesn’t have a heart. 2:11
Galaxic 3 日 前
He does, its just that the arc reactor isn’t necessarily a part of him, so because it hit the arc reactor it has no effect. Sorry to be that guy to correct you.
Mohak Mehta
Mohak Mehta 6 日 前
This movie wouldn't be this great if Loki's character was played by any other person
SPN Lover's
SPN Lover's 6 日 前
Loki: I have army Tony: We have a Hulk Two Minutes later Loki thows Tony At the window and Then iron Man Suite
Glacorite 6 日 前
1:47 "There is no version of this where you come out on top." 2019: "Where's the case? WHERE'S LOKI?!"
LXW arts
LXW arts 日 前
Interesting But what will he do with the space stone
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 4 日 前
This comment needs a LOT of likes
Stephen Veerasammy
I think the main question... How did Loki get up there? He can't fly?
Nxbx Bshdhd
Nxbx Bshdhd 6 日 前
N1GHTM4RE 6 日 前
0:10 When you're coming home, you did something wrong and you know your mum (Loki) is gonna kick your ass.
Sigourney Weaver
So what was the point of this convo again???
Layith 6 日 前
Loki is already on the next page, concerned, "Oh, I thought the beast had wandered off.." He asks this genuinely.
shinget 6 日 前
just going through this clip for the first time and literally at the moment when Loki taps Tony in the chest the first time i get the message "low battery" through my headphones. i think my headphones have a sense of humour.
1-0 6 日 前
Just casually pouring a drink with no armour or backup infront of me while I’m holding the sceptre takes great nerve.
KK Karamali
KK Karamali 6 日 前
i found it very good scene in term the suit rescued him and he came back as a super hero
What Ever
What Ever 7 日 前
feels a bit different to the scene i saw in the movie feels much smother and do they changed the cc?
luthfi1008 MN
luthfi1008 MN 7 日 前
Tony Stark: "plan B" 0:02 Also Tony Stark: talk no jutsu
Saint SmAsH
Saint SmAsH 7 日 前
3:06 Iron man didnt wait for him to shoot. THOR should have done the same with Thanos in Infinity War
Saint SmAsH
Saint SmAsH 7 日 前
The FPS at the begining of the video is just _I_ _N_ _C_ _R_ _E_ _D_ _I_ _B_ _L_ _E_
Venom Furious
Venom Furious 7 日 前
And then some years later Loki repeats this dialogue while standing in front of "Thanos"!!!!
Jay Cris
Jay Cris 7 日 前
what software r u using to make the 60fps conversion please, would love to know how as i love 60fps quality
Diego martins Pereira
2:09 😂😂😂😂 rachei
Mendez Montes Andre Emmanuel
Cliff is fucking awesome
just watched something sad this definitely cheered me up
Ricky Dimaz Yudistira
Avengers Tony:"We have a hulk" Avengers Infinity War Loki:"We have a hulk"
george barton
george barton 6 日 前
Unfortunately the line didnt quite have the same ring to it when loki said it lol
Minerva -
Minerva - 7 日 前
2:28 Spit that cookie back.
Hi There
Hi There 7 日 前
Imagine if the prototype armor didn’t work, tony goes splat Roles credits
Wish youget
Wish youget 8 日 前
The Work Of The Creator!!!! rdbl.co/310osHR
UltimateGaming 8 日 前
oh loki did it now, he pissed off phil !
Dog Lofi
Dog Lofi 8 日 前
Markus 8 日 前
Nice fairy tale, but it has nothing to do with life. Just waisting of time.
Lee Dalisius
Lee Dalisius 8 日 前
I can't unsee windows blue screen of death error with his suit's computer
Aqua2k21 8 日 前
ɴᴏᴡ ʟᴏᴋɪ ɪs ᴅᴇᴀᴅ
ir creative
ir creative 8 日 前
those are tampered glass or just 3mm glass. where is the brain damage?
Comic on
Comic on 8 日 前
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Andres A
Andres A 8 日 前
I now going threw that window with ought armor would hurt like a bitch
I-FkBarcxds-I 8 日 前
How will your friends have time for me when there so busy fighting you. Scepter powers up does nothing Roblox sound effect ear rape
Fantastic 8 日 前
Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.
stu 8 日 前
Loki, Loki? That was my RAF nick name (I was called the Angel of death, for reasons I wont tell you) but I wore that name on ny flying suite for years!!!!
Lisa Naylor
Lisa Naylor 8 日 前
Loki and Tony do battle, Dr Strange does a triple bypass
Sanja Matsuri
Sanja Matsuri 8 日 前
Only Loki 😍
smart art
smart art 9 日 前
Did he say phil? Who is phil?
Polo Loi
Polo Loi 9 日 前
Tony crashed through glass... Which I assume... Is a strong one.... How he alive....? And no cuts?... But... Good movie😁
Lymbe06 9 日 前
100,000 better armor suit up than that nano technology bulshit.
BronzeAlive 9 日 前
ikr, like black panther has it, ironman and star lords helmet, its like lazy way for the characters to unmask easily
The Amazing World of Olive
There’s one other person you pissed off, his name is Phil
The Amazing World of Olive
Loki: you should have left your armour on Tony: u gonna use your glow stick of destiny?
Zimbabwe 9 日 前
*why is the picture slow and doesnt look like the movie quality , its kinda looking like its shot in realtime, anyone know why*
Peter Biddiscombe
Let's be honest, Tony would have died going through that glass. Thst shit is extra thick and strong, especially at that altitude. They should have at least had someone crack it or land hard into it to make it more breakable.
Borsalino Kizaru
Am I the only one that prefers this era of Marvel movies? They felt more like real comic books with their wackiness and focus on genuine fun and simplicity, whereas the newer Russo Brother ones are too dark and over the top. Maybe it’s just crossovers losing their charm. Avenger’s was a groundbreaking event, combining many movies into one, where as by the time of Endgame its been done so many times. I also liked that they felt more like the characters from their individual movies in this one, whereas in the newer ones they seem to be becoming caricatures.
Sumit Sutradhar
Sumit Sutradhar 9 日 前
Awesome forever
Wintr Dragon
Wintr Dragon 9 日 前
Did anyone notice that he said your brother the DEMI-GOD
Nitin Bhushan
Nitin Bhushan 10 日 前
Hey! What that glass made up of? Cardboard?
Elijah Valle
Elijah Valle 10 日 前
The dislikes are from the aliens that were smashed by hulk
masterclif 10 日 前
Seeing this hurts. It's like they sped it up to 60fps.
Anna Catherine Kowalsky
2:17 never say this to a man if you want to live 😂😂😂😂😂 (kidding)
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