iPhone Xs vs X - Worth Upgrading?

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Aronne Powell
Aronne Powell 時間 前
IOS 13?
Confederate Texas
Innovation died with Steve jobs
eggsoos for b'fast
i have 6s right now which I have been using since 2016, should I buy iPhone Xs or iPhone X???
silent0steele 時間 前
iPhone Nike Air Max doesn’t come with AirPods?!?! I’ll keep my iPhone X. Apple please don’t tell me it’s future proof. Unless there is no new IPhone next year.
Jeffrey Bousquet
Jeffrey Bousquet 3 時間 前
Everything apple Currently have iPhone 8. Should I upgrade to the XS, or save some money and just go with the X since the differences are not very substantial
Malachi the yungin
Malachi the yungin 3 時間 前
sksksks I came here searching for comments about the ad that I saw then forgot I was watching a iPhone vid before it came on saksksk🤣
Free 916
Free 916 3 時間 前
Fuck $1500.. Back to droids macs r R noobs anywayz
yfhfhf jzzuudud
yfhfhf jzzuudud 3 時間 前
BrandonLee 5 時間 前
I am still really happy with my Samsung galaxy s8
BrandonLee 5 時間 前
Samsung galaxy s8 is not that much worse even tho it's so much cheaper
navataru 7 時間 前
I hate the idea of using my face to login into my phone, it’s annoying and awkward. I was thinking about upgrading but screw that. I’m sticking to m my 6s and if another more practical phone enters the market I’m going with that. As nice as Apples UX design is, it’s not worth the money when the basic Ux is gone to shit.
Trancenectar 8 時間 前
Sell your iPhone X, then pay the $300 difference. Problem solved 😉
rabia muqeet
rabia muqeet 8 時間 前
It should come with AirPods🤔
Mark Putnam
Mark Putnam 8 時間 前
Dude I love your videos, they are very informative. With that said I know you're doing this to make money but the ad break's are getting ridiculous on your channels bro. If they don't cut back I'm going to be switching to one of your competitors in the future ( not gonna plug their channel but you probably know who I'm considering) .
Rob Thompson
Rob Thompson 9 時間 前
I have the iPhone 6 Plus. So I will for sure see a difference when I get the Xs Max!!
Nouchaly Keo
Nouchaly Keo 9 時間 前
Can I trade you my X for an Xs?🤧🤣
Right-Wing Knight
Right-Wing Knight 9 時間 前
$1300+ Iphone XS THAT BITCH BETTER BE GOLD ACCENTED NOT COLORED THEN IT'LL BE WORTH THAT MUCH. But to be honest why are you an AppleEverything Pro? It seems you're the only one supporting them. They don't care about the consumers and neither do you, Seems like a Pyramid Scheme their whole system is built to fail, you're advertising apple products who are already out done by Android and Huawei the Huawei P20 Pro is light years ahead and is said to have IP69 water protection at literally half the price. With a 40mp back and a 20mp front facing camera with Octacore, so smooth gaming and multitasking is already better so that saves you way more time. Oh.. What's that? Huawei P20 Pro also has 4200MaH batter and charges up 50% in 10 minutes with Huawei SuperCharge. You can even compare the Iphone XS Max to the One Plus 5t i think it was. You're telling me the Iphone 10XS Max is 3 times better then the One Plus 5t AND Google Pixel 2? Get out of here. The Huawei Mate 10 out does the Basic Iphone X and it came out a year before. Seems the only reason you're a fanboy is probably because you're sponsored by Apple. Because I guess Anti-Consumer and Anti-Americans like yourself also aprove of the game company EA. And I'm sorry for all this hate but after all fails and stunts Apple has pulled to call yourself an apple fan is to relate yourself to rapist. Because you approve of raping people out of their money not because you need to its just because you want to. And anyone who reads this please like and/or comment if you agree. He says "I'm getting an Iphone XS Max because money ain't a problem." That's a democrat for you. You're not buying it for the specs you're buying for the brand name thats almost worthless now in the stock.
Fiiz 10 時間 前
I still have an iPhone SE ^-^
Mylogify 10 時間 前
No it’s not worth, End!.
Tiago Araújo
Tiago Araújo 11 時間 前
Herbod Tabrizeh
Herbod Tabrizeh 12 時間 前
You so rich... I wish I could had one of those... instead of breaking and testing 10 of them just give away 1 of them
Brandon Emerson
Brandon Emerson 13 時間 前
It’s a social experiment to see how much more they can get us to pay each year while providing less and less value.
LordTeeTee 13 時間 前
Get a Samsung. Ez Pz Git Gud Scrub
Xsadensio Farrow
Xsadensio Farrow 13 時間 前
Definitely an unbiased opinion. Thanks
Myreviewmedia 13 時間 前
How long till iPhones are 2000$...????
casualsuede 14 時間 前
You are a moron if you upgrade from the X TO Xs. This presenter isn't fooling anyone and he is misrepresenting many features and performance experiences.
Slawa Zimmermann
Slawa Zimmermann 14 時間 前
How much money do you get from apple to talk about all this s........ssssssuper things.....
Parastoo Mo
Parastoo Mo 16 時間 前
I'm still happy with my 7+. it only has small crack on it, but I love it
I think Apple is a rip off.. especially with the portrait mode aperture. Like why can the X have that? They can’t update the camera app?
David Portugal
David Portugal 17 時間 前
I am not upgrading even though I like the idea of the bigger screen but I am going to wait for the iPhone 11 with a bigger screen
Shelia Mcbride
Shelia Mcbride 18 時間 前
I will not be upgrading. My iPhone X is still awesome!! 🍎
Judson Christudas
Judson Christudas 18 時間 前
AFucking12 chip and 5 Trillion calculations...? Fuck it... What's the use? No multitasking still....
Judson Christudas
Judson Christudas 18 時間 前
Apple fanboy trying to convince the customers buying new iShit phones coz he's gettingt it for free from Apple every year.
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson 18 時間 前
I️ will buy it, I️ just have to convince the bank I️ can’t pay my mortgage this month.
Imran Muzaffar
Imran Muzaffar 18 時間 前
I bring my samsung s7 edge to the ocean with diving,without anything break or the screen enters the water of the ocean.nothing happen.anyone is using samsung s7 edge?
Maryam Seraj
Maryam Seraj 19 時間 前
I bought the xs only because I needed a big upgrade from my old se (which is really slow and laggy)
高哥哥 20 時間 前
Bought a 7. Prices are ridiculously high. Apple is loosing more and more.
just kool
just kool 20 時間 前
Good Life
Good Life 20 時間 前
I really wanna buy an new iPhone idk, should i get xs max or x? And no i dont want samsung lol i got bored from it
I‘ m keeping my I phone x , i‘m very satisfied with it
abbymcdabby draws
abbymcdabby draws 21 時間 前
I have a 6 and it stinks. I’m upgrading to an X next wk
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 21 時間 前
Lol got 7 plus for 2 years still works like a charm no need to upgrade for a overpriced phone atm
Zachkills4 21 時間 前
Meanwhile Samsung is working on foldable OLEDs.
abdullah abrar faiaz farhan
I don’t know why apple didn’t give iPhone Xr 1080p even iPhone 6 Plus have it why??
Khizar Arain
Khizar Arain 21 時間 前
Want new 10 x max
Brian Trout
Brian Trout 23 時間 前
Thanks for the video, I'm upgrading from a 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus to a 64GB Space Gray iPhone XS Max. I'm so excited, now I'm shopping accessories because I can't wait to take advantage of that wireless charging.
Gal Avnor
Gal Avnor 日 前
Litteraly bought a gaming PC for the price of this piece of shit phone
Bleach. 日 前
Are those wallpapers on the Xs and Xs max coming to the X?
Reda 日 前
Waiting for camera test 😴
Mitchell 日 前
Can you buy for me
Shrek Roblox
Shrek Roblox 日 前
Who else got a Samsung ad on the video?
Upgrading from the Iphone 5s. Can't wait to get my Iphone XS
limeyosu2000 日 前
be nice to make it through a video without a add every 3 mins or so
Nah. Gonna stick with my 8.
Faisal Vlogs
Faisal Vlogs 日 前
are you serious? :)) 2016: No headphone jack 2017: No home button 2018: No 3D touch 2019: No speakers (they will be sold separately) 2020: No front facing camera (it will be sold separately for 399$) 2021: No headphones, charger and manual 2022: The IPhone now doesn't include a Cpu 2023: Ram and Cpu are sold separately 2024: No Iphone in the box 2025: The box contains only an apple sticker 2026: The box contains a half of an apple sticker 2027: Just a box 2028: Box now is upgraded and it's made of cardboard 2029: You just bought nothing! You are experiencing nothingness! 2030: - 2031: You just bought iPhone - 2032: 2033: The future of Apple Phones :)
Natasha Price
IPhone is so trash Galaxy is the phone to get fuck apple users now let me get out of my feelings 😫😫😫😎😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
James Mason
James Mason 日 前
The video summarizes* If you want to save time? Get it... how much time are you really saving ? Like really how much... maybe MABYE a total of 5min for the whole year of time being saved... for a shiny screen that costs 10000... are you out of ur fucking mind... "apps lunch 30%faster" it takes my iPhone 7 half a second to launch anything... thank you for saving me a quarter second apple heres my week and a half pay check
Sam Elkhayat
Sam Elkhayat 日 前
TBH it’s not worth upgrading to the Xs max if you have an iPhone X, the only difference you will notice is a bigger screen and an empty bank account. 😅
Ciizar D.
Ciizar D. 日 前
actually... I don't have to upgrade. Even though I was soooo tempted to get the X when it came out I listened to your advice and waited for the second gen of the X... And now I can't wait to get my hands on that beauty... Hopefully (as there have been a few problems with the order-process and I actually placed the order finally yesterday instead of immidiately on friday as intended -.-) it will come on friday or saturday, if I'm early enough in line that I'll get one out of the first shipment... wish me luck ^^...
rren pernala
rren pernala 日 前
I have iPhone 7 Plus. What do you recommend me for an upgrade iPhone X or XS?
xuchia117 日 前
A totally biased video
Harut Dolmadjian
What chair is that?
Steven Murphy
I have a 7 plus. Should I get an X or spend the extra $5 a month to get the XS?
JackStez Savage
Im getting an X because it has better graphics for lots of games and im a gamer
Shristee Giri
Most useless JPvid channel in this Univers🌏🌎 and telling us to waste your money 💵
s johal
s johal 日 前
iphone xs camera teat bro
Abdul Kareem
Abdul Kareem 日 前
The iPhone is dead!
jws sports
jws sports 日 前
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 日 前
The phone last longer but my charger doesn’t 😂 I’m due a upgrade next month so do I stay iPhone or go s8 or other but I’ve been told it has a fault saying water damage when charging
Marcus Eagle
Marcus Eagle 日 前
Could you maybe do a giveaway? Like if u agree
Junior Salazar
The phone is pointless.! Don’t buy it if you have a 7 or x it’s not worth it!
Savvy Savage
Savvy Savage 日 前
If everyone commits to not buying this overpriced stuff I promise we can get the price down. Why are we so stupid as a society. It’s idiocracy that’s caused a phone to cost $1000.
karl cuthbert
Actually it's the same rating as Samsung just presented in a different light,Samsung says a metre and a half for an hour but it's still ip68 which is either 1.5 metres for 1 hour or two for half an hour
Ray Gambino
Ray Gambino 日 前
I still have my IPhone 7 Plus & should I upgrade to a IPhone 10s Max
321Octavia 日 前
thats why they have the upgrade program... my Xs is gonna be the the same price as my x monthly
Colton Hall
Colton Hall 日 前
no ill keep my 7
teowashere 日 前
it is worth it
clorox bleach
In my opinion my j3 luna pro is far superior to any phone, if your not dropping it 24/7 you will be fine I just dont see the point in spending 1000 bux on an autistic overpriced phone i get fine preformance with a 100 buck phone......
I’m upgrading from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone X’s max
Click bait A
Click bait A 日 前
You better not say yes lmao
Aureity Kenny
Nah nah then grams matter nigga. Good niggas gonna feel me
Christian Deleon
Y’all just stick w yalls x . Fuck the bs
Cassie Polacco
upgrade from the 8plus?
Chris Perdomo
Did they discontinued the X?
TheChowie 日 前
The amount of fuckin ads on this video!!
Vash evans
Vash evans 日 前
I had a 6 and am giving to my aunt so I will be getting an iPhone xs Max I can somewhat afford it but I'm getting it because I never get the phone I really want so I'm finally doing it and I'm so excited
Salim Bhd
Salim Bhd 日 前
U can get a second hand s8 for less than 300 bucks with way better specs and design than a 1300 dollar iphone
asia simone
asia simone 日 前
these phone prices are ridiculous . i just need to do the basics with ease. no one needs a professional camera on a phone . i’m getting the iphone 8 plus and then i’m done. switching to samsung after that
Mike Yu
Mike Yu 日 前
got a nice 65w charger from a non brand company at walmart for 8 dollars while some are going to apple to buy theirs lmao. some people are so dumb (not trying to be too mean just speaking the truth) and the chargers works amazing
Mike Yu
Mike Yu 日 前
how do people fill 256gb? lol, I used to have 128gb iPhone and only 70% is filled. yall take too much photos
Mike Yu
Mike Yu 日 前
innovation and Apple dont go well together
Nav aulakh
Nav aulakh 日 前
You fake only fake apple is best you is supporting fucking Samsung
patrik neziraj
It^s 2018 and apple still ripping their costumers harder then ever..cmon 1000 usd and no fast charge out of box
Vic 2_O
Vic 2_O 日 前
For your average person, there's literally no point in upgrading as the iphone 7 is good enough to do what you need it to do and more. Although i can understand why someone would want to upgrade if they heavily use their phone and they need the ram, or the storage, or the more powerful chip. So honestly in the end this new phone, (including the xr), is not for everyone and is only for a select few, but i guess if you have the money and you like to show off the newest and the best then go ahead.
Joshua Fondren
No to much $$$$$$
Mr X
Mr X 日 前
Apple fanboys will buy anything
Parminder Athwal
i need home button 😏
jaworq 日 前
iphone XS is first iphone where they did not introduce any new functionality comped to the previous iphone (iphone X). Shame apple, shame.
Solo Bans
Solo Bans 日 前
The answer is no, it has been ever since they ran outta ideas.
johny johny
johny johny 日 前
The 4 or 5 year old iphone is technically and programmatically flawless while android after 2 years does everything that you should not. It's worth paying a little more.