iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

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iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Worlds Toughest Glass'.. Actually incredible results!
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iPhone 11 vs XR Drop Test: jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ULEulJAKfZs.html
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Lía Monique
Lía Monique 5 時間 前
This actually hurt me what I was like NO when u dropped it but I clicked on this video so I could see the phones drop Idk what’s happening 😂😂
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 8 時間 前
I love your video 😊👍
Jestin Johny vlogs
Jestin Johny vlogs 19 時間 前
Can u give me a iphone 11 pro
Johann 日 前
The weak point is the corner. You should try and drop them on the corners.
Mark Evangelista
Can you give me the phone.. even its already broken😢
꾸벅tv 日 前
Hey I am korean you give me at ipone11 pro
Bye. 日 前
Overall in my opinion I’d say they are pretty durable cause they did crack yes but only because of the height u help them from and nobody holds there phone that high lol , but for somebody on a y’all building- oofers to them
7inwa 2 日 前
The shit you watch before your iphone delivers
IDK Tech Tips
IDK Tech Tips 2 日 前
You could have given me one
Edwin Turner
Edwin Turner 2 日 前
Could I have the ones that you dropped
poonam bangari gusain
Are you mad 😠😠 give me
Putri Nurin
Putri Nurin 4 日 前
how to win the giveaway ?
Dan_ Rere
Dan_ Rere 4 日 前
Give me :(
E G 4 日 前
Bro! It fell off 1 foot off the ground and shattered! This thing really is tough isn’t it!
Nice Hayacent Valenzuela
Can i have it😧😢
Mohamad Raghb
Mohamad Raghb 4 日 前
im watching this on my 6g .. just saying
Plomitube 5 日 前
I saw this channel reviews and testing videos before to upgrade my iPhone 6 to my iPhone X ... I didn’t like X at the beginning... in this tests the X look the most resistant Phone... so I got it, and after 2 hours of purchased it it fell down because of the curling of the new charging cable, it pulled it down to the floor, it fell from like 2ft (60 cm... or less) my night table... and screen broke! LOL! Fortunately I bought the care protection
Inae Kim
Inae Kim 5 日 前
I flinched every time he dropped it... That's EXPENSIVE!!!
zazoozzz 5 日 前
Idk what my phone is made out of but i dropped it down the stairs without a case but it didnt get any cracks or scratches
Joby Jose
Joby Jose 5 日 前
Does Apple Pay you for these phones to do pull stuff like this and post a video about it?
RJ 5 日 前
Look man,I would only consider and iphone(urk) if it was made of bullet proof glass
Kadek Ratna
Kadek Ratna 5 日 前
Minta i aaja plis cari saya di rumah gang saya gang 2g wibisana barat
Him:drops a phone from like 10 stories Phone: im fine Humans fall from 2 stories: "Death"
Team Doggie
Team Doggie 4 日 前
Team Doggie
Team Doggie 4 日 前
Team Doggie
Team Doggie 4 日 前
dark knight
dark knight 6 日 前
Give me iPhone 11pro max... Don't drop it..man
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad 6 日 前
Bro why don't you send me one one of these broken phones 😶🥺? I'll love to have one
Adoom al ga3oni
Adoom al ga3oni 6 日 前
How do you sleep at night
i love vy qwaint and chad
You are the best!
punit shah
punit shah 7 日 前
Seriously.. i am an iPhone lover but i can't afford it. when you are dropping phone my heart pumping very fast. Why are you doing this? Send it to me i will take care of it 😊
Ludovico Pupillo
ma sei scemo o che cosa??
o Lemurs
o Lemurs 7 日 前
bruh how are you going to sell cases if you cant break the phones XD
QueenVibes 8 日 前
Dude this hurts why u dropping iphones
B dog Playz
B dog Playz 8 日 前
I dropped my 11 pro max from my pocket (not too high) and the back shattered instantly
Raul Mendoza
Raul Mendoza 9 日 前
It hurts to see this
MORGAN Narramotoo
goonzjav 9 日 前
Erm dropping on a indoors floor is not a indicative test. Try dropping it out on the street with small pebbles and grit everywhere on proper concrete. That will destroy that thing in one hit.
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 10 日 前
Iphone is ❤️
Three Shooting Stars
2017: durable glass 2018: even more durable glass 2019: the MOST durable glass yet 2020: this glass can survive tempertues up to 1000 degrees, dropped from 100 feet, and run over, but still won't break
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 10 日 前
it's awesome bro!!! always need to check the phone before buying i currently check here unlockbro.com/unlock-iphone-11-pro/
Muhammad Fuzna
Muhammad Fuzna 10 日 前
I watching this cause I'm dislike Iphone
Perry Berry
Perry Berry 11 日 前
Does anybody still hope these phones wont crack but know he is gonna drop them until they crack?
AGJ 11 日 前
Iphone sandwhich 😂
When you're planning to buy and u think of this 😂🤣
Mr Bison
Mr Bison 11 日 前
Apple never lie about their products.
nathan hart
nathan hart 12 日 前
can i have this phones you used for test
Olivia Englund
Olivia Englund 12 日 前
Watching this hurts cause I have an iPhone 11 Pro, but I still watch it 🥺😂
たーさん 12 日 前
The result may have changed a little if I dropped it from the corner. Its iPhone 11pro sounds so sturdy!
Killaツ 12 日 前
Am i the only one who cringed or jumped a little anytime they dropped. I hate that sound it scares me. My new iPhone 11 Pro Max just dropped made the same sound and let me tell i almost had a heart attack cuz it landed on the front thank god it was ok tho not a single scratch on screen. I see why this phone is like $1500 or more🙌😭💀
High Commander Squealer
I think I’m gonna cancel my $15 Asurion insurance plan.. I’m not a high risk user, but the sales rep was very pushy and persuasive about getting it.. Gonna switch to AppleCare+ at the very least or go without protection plan all together...
PZ Zorgo
PZ Zorgo 13 日 前
Dude your wasting your money
gurl yas
gurl yas 13 日 前
I kind of like the breaky design on the back oops
HustlerKid 13 日 前
smart move buying applecare for this video LOL
Felix Acquaye
Felix Acquaye 14 日 前
I always cry when I see iPhone been dropped like that 😥 Can u please let me have it In Jesus name
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 14 日 前
Why? Do you think Apple has not invested considerable time, cost, and energy into understanding the impact resistance of these phones? This is just absurdly wasteful.
Eric Vlahos
Eric Vlahos 14 日 前
He made 8300 from this video
Charlotte Proulx
Charlotte Proulx 15 日 前
The only thing breaking with every drop is my heart
Pendo Awori
Pendo Awori 3 日 前
Same 😭😭
Fairooz Ahmed
Fairooz Ahmed 5 日 前
Its true
Babla Islam
Babla Islam 15 日 前
Kidney damage 😆😆😆
alexander marrero
I need a iPhone 11
Ashley Tanner
Ashley Tanner 16 日 前
This hurts my heart
mikakami93 16 日 前
Try an expensive method of drop test ..it would've been gone bad for these iphone
Mosa Al_maleky
Mosa Al_maleky 17 日 前
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 17 日 前
So you’re saying the only thing strong enough to break the iPhone glass is itself?
n o
n o 17 日 前
all i noticed was that audi car seat🥰
reem m
reem m 18 日 前
am i the only one that cringes and gets scared when he drops the phone just me ok
Musa Salja
Musa Salja 18 日 前
Ajhks,khđs m. Jfke.kglg
Guru Bhai gaming Nk
Karan 19 日 前
people can't afford and he drop tests .
Mathew Anunciacion
fo u I. Like opliple😒
J.J Castillo
J.J Castillo 20 日 前
Came back here just to say nice shoes, thinking bout buying them. Since i saw those shoes for the first time i wanted it. Good to know i aint the only one who likes those shoes. @everythingapplepro 👍🏽👏🏽
Patriot Nation
Patriot Nation 20 日 前
Did he get one for his self he wasted a lot of money there
jahon_hack hack
jahon_hack hack 20 日 前
nehuya siba boliwi mumkin emas
baby boy
baby boy 20 日 前
That’s a nice iPhone
justin 11 cascante ulate
Vi lo q tenia q ver resumido es muy resistente!!!
Debbie De Guzman
Debbie De Guzman 21 日 前
This really break my heart watching this hahahaha maybe because I'm broke and I can't even afford to buy that hahaha. You could have just give it to me bruh cause I'm turning 21 this coming September, think of it as your gift 😇❤❤. Yayyyy thank you in advance 😁🙏❤!
Amy Bristow
Amy Bristow 21 日 前
Imagine being this rich to buy iPhones then to go and try break them😳😣🤣I’m abit late with getting the iPhone 11 Pro Max, only got it yesterday but that was because of an upgrade.. but damn.. watching this video is making me cringe and hold my phone like super tight 🤣🤣
Faye Min
Faye Min 21 日 前
stop wasting that's for mee huhu😭😅
Daniel York
Daniel York 21 日 前
Where my android to iPhone users at?
Ik Hadi
Ik Hadi 22 日 前
I havé iphone 4😑
Michael Stone
Michael Stone 22 日 前
I have seen a lot of drop tests. These phone are not cheap. What ends up happening to the phone after it has been broken? I don’t believe Apples warranty would cover this? If it does, it would possibly make prices go higher?
DCLegend Strives
DCLegend Strives 22 日 前
It took until the end of the video for them to shatter... very very impressive model
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