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xuyp 17 時間 前
i love how them support each other
Kim Mi
Kim Mi 日 前
Why did they blur some backup dancers??
Kim Mi
Kim Mi 20 時間 前
@capucinem ahhhhhh..... I see I see... Thank you... Haha 😂💜
capucinem 22 時間 前
@Kim Mi those who are blurred don't have masks on, the one who aren't do
Kim Mi
Kim Mi 23 時間 前
@capucinem.... Yeahh I know but i just wonder why some were blurred and some weren't...!!! 🤔💭
capucinem 23 時間 前
to protect them, i guess, but it's kinda dumb since we all know what they look like lmao. but yeah the editors usually blur everyone's face in inside seventeen (except the members of course), even people that carats already know well...
* Hopeful-1
* Hopeful-1 4 日 前
Oh the pink outfit! Yes! The shoes too🔥
Just Kenzie
Just Kenzie 4 日 前
Everyone’s talking about Hoshi’s abs, but I’m looking at his shoes. Bitch, he’s in PLATFORM HEELS??!?!?!?!?
graNola_bar 4 日 前
he is literally SO ATTRACTIVE And svt supports him so much this is so sweet ;-; SO CUTE
Andrea P
Andrea P 5 日 前
me encanto 🥺
Debishee Mukherjee
I'm new to this fandom but guess what I'm already whipped 🌚
s u n f l o w e r
Welcome ∆,∆
dldkdbs 5 日 前
10:37 나 왜 갑작이 백종원 생각나지? ㅋㅋㅋ
Jin Rin Jade
Jin Rin Jade 5 日 前
"Spider" is such a great song that is literally pure art! I always feel excited whenever I listen to it! Thank youu to Soonyoung and to all the people behind this that worked so hard for it!
Nur Khadijah Binte Mohd Khalid
damn our horang working so hard to produce something for us carats 😭 but the thirst trap at the end his body thoo his packs 🔫😏
hꪮ᥉hthꫀgꪮᥲt ᥙkᥒꪮᥕdᥲɾᥙᥣꫀ᥉
I will never not be Wen Junshookth over habs
Rui Zhang
Rui Zhang 7 日 前
Hoshi ❤️🐯🐹🕷️
Andrea Dominique Inumerables
somebody help ME
수빈 8 日 前
이도겸 말하는 거 너무 예뻐 ..ㅠ
수빈 8 日 前
진짜 내가 다 감격스럽다 순영아 ,, 너 하고픈거 다해 다하고 살아 .. 본업에 이렇게 열정적인 남자 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 어떻게 안사랑하냐구 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
neutral yoo
neutral yoo 8 日 前
the pink-purple section rejuvenating me
Carol Gotting
Carol Gotting 9 日 前
this is the best ❤❤
claire trhytche
claire trhytche 10 日 前
I love when he danced in loose(?) outfits. The clothes are dancing around with him, following the rhythm and the flow of the song.
lolily 10 日 前
10:37 SURE WOOZI, SUREEEEEE we know deep down in a corner of your heart u love hoshi uvu lmfao i love his personality so much
junhui sexy solo soon
hoshi worked so hard i'm so proud
합격생 11 日 前
호시야 네가 뭘 하던 응원한다 멋지다
Aisyah putri anggun damaiyanti
JeJi Lee
JeJi Lee 12 日 前
1:46 와... 이런 노력이 있어서 무대 라이브가 더 🐶미칠 수 있었던 거구나... 이런 디테일한 노력 보여주는거 너무 좋아요😖💘 눈 깜빡이기 아까운 퍼포먼스에 입덕하고 숨겨져 있던 호시의 프로페셔널함에 또 입덕함...😇
Jackwithyou 12 日 前
whenever I see spider I remember hoshi😶
Jackwithyou 12 日 前
髙橋紗絢 12 日 前
멋지다 ∼! 【호시】에 동경한다 ∼!
Antonette Martinez
L s.
L s. 14 日 前
Ahhh he's so hardworking and it really pays off
Emma Peck
Emma Peck 14 日 前
So proud of his hard work
sannieuwu 14 日 前
no need to kill me with beautiful vocals-
Emily M
Emily M 14 日 前
Carolina Alvarez
Carolina Alvarez 14 日 前
This is hoshi’s world and we are just living in it ❤️ Hoshi a real tiger spider you are really awesome
Lilybeth Libres
Lilybeth Libres 14 日 前
I'm a bit touch to see almost all SVT members to show how they care for Hoshi doing his best.even his hyungs amazed his talents.....So cool SVT members are.This shows how they care for each other.
siska subarman
siska subarman 14 日 前
HOraNGhaE 15 日 前
Jun:Silent Boarding Gate Hoshi: Spider The8: Side by side Dino: Gillette
Eunji Park
Eunji Park 15 日 前
Who that dislike this because they dont have a good falsetto like Hoshi😔
jane제인 15 日 前
Nga Nguyễn
Nga Nguyễn 15 日 前
CLARE 16 日 前
권호시 복근 보고 처음에 근육빵빵 티셔츠 입은 줄 알았음.... 개레전드....... 진짜 자기관리 킹이다 ㅠ
bububloom 16 日 前
the new side of him that we are seeing: ABS
bububloom 16 日 前
me thinking why some of the dancers had their face covered since they appear at the mv and the stages...
Paola Lopez
Paola Lopez 16 日 前
Dafuq HoShi abs out of nowhere?!?
Rose J
Rose J 16 日 前
طيب يعني يعني يعني شرايك نتزوج
ooz 16 日 前
0:25 크으으으 음원체크하는 모습 멋지다 2:33 ㅠㅁ ㅠ~~~~~~~~ 3:05 꿈꾸는 순영이 응원한다~!!! 6:33 순영이만의 해석이 너무 좋다 8:04 관찬형제들 또 티격태격한다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ그러면서 사이좋게 같이 다니는 거 넘 귀여움 8:52 승철이가 불러준 커피차 메뉴에 '호랑이.아몬드 씨리얼'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아련하게 줌아웃하는 카감님ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 10:33 모니터링하는 순영이...이거 옆모습 예뻐서 넣으신 듯 10:36 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ오다주웠다 느낌으로 응원 온 지훈이 11:31 👀우와.........몸 진짜 멋있다
sa 16 日 前
1:27 ngakakk
Clau Marrero
Clau Marrero 16 日 前
Fatmala Dewi
Fatmala Dewi 16 日 前
I love this dance practice room.. lol
nina s
nina s 16 日 前
im still amazed
Prischia Ballo
Prischia Ballo 17 日 前
neknarf1973 17 日 前
This song and performance is so fresh and fun to watch. Really really love it
Christina D.
Christina D. 17 日 前
Wowwwwww the behind the scenes for this is even more incredible than I thought!!! I love that all the members came to visit 💙 Hoshi is truly an amazing artist, from head to toe.
Aura Fatihah
Aura Fatihah 17 日 前
carat don't be lazy to strmng seventeen MVs or solo MVs of each member
Jessi Blackham
Jessi Blackham 17 日 前
It’s so good Hoshi!!!!!! 🕷
정혜수 17 日 前
호시야..너도 알아...? 너 멋있는 거...
단장님 17 日 前
진짜 너무 좋아 ..너무 멋있어 내 가수 ㅠㅠ 벌크업 한거 너무 좋다 후:.
wonuchanhee 17 日 前
Hoshi is really amazing
Reyshelle Kwon
Reyshelle Kwon 18 日 前
Your doing well my loves😍 the song, the cheorography is jaw dropping😍😍😍 the whole song itself is so lit😍😍 congratulations in your solo, fighting😘😘
Bread lover
Bread lover 18 日 前
LA MINIATURA ME TIENE MAL. Hoshi se volvió mi bias de la noche a la mañana y no sé qué hacer al respecto :')
mariana 18 日 前
when hoshi smiles the whole world lights up
Viri Garcia
Viri Garcia 18 日 前
Amo como SEVENTEEN se aman y se apoyan en todo. Ellos mismos son sus primeros fans. Amo estar en este fandom. Además que son super hermosos y talentosos. 100% CARAT.
paula_army115 18 日 前
Woaaa me encantó
paula_army115 18 日 前
Hoshii mata con spider
Malia 18 日 前
I'm sure every Carats is shook at this part 11:27
Shuas Flower
Shuas Flower 18 日 前
Stream the masterpiece 🥰 love you so much hoshhosh❣
Shuas Flower
Shuas Flower 18 日 前
Aw the boys supporting him is so cute, babies I love you❣
elaiza toledo
elaiza toledo 18 日 前
dream 夢
dream 夢 18 日 前
진짜 대단하다 호시야❤ 짱이다
Hwang jee
Hwang jee 18 日 前
I am very proud of Hoshi ILY my baby my gemini ❤️❤️ my horanghae my spider my hamster my my my
Wonus hana dul set net.
they blurred the faces of backup dancers when practicing on dance practice vid but not when making music video.. idk too T_T
Ain Syafiqa
Ain Syafiqa 18 日 前
maybe probably since theyre barefaced? it could be that ;)
Miaw Koko
Miaw Koko 18 日 前
FLUFFY Fluff 19 日 前
I hope someday I get to see Hoshi perform Spider in that white outfit with glow in the dark face paint. It’s my favourite look on his Spider outfits 😭
하수빈 19 日 前
호싱아 진짜 멋있어 열심히 준비해줘서 정말 너무너무 고마워 수고했어요🙆‍♀️🥕🧡🧡
하수빈 19 日 前
역시 츤데레(?) 우지ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ남양주로 밥먹으러 왔는데 시끌벅적해서 지나가다 들렸대ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Zeena . A
Zeena . A 19 日 前
Jihoon is such a "I was just passing by so I came in, i totally dont care (but actually does care" kinda guy istg
샤호 19 日 前
내가 이래서 수장님 사랑해ㅠㅠ어엉ㅠㅠ
Echo Mara Swift
Echo Mara Swift 19 日 前
A M A Z I N G He needs to write and perform a ton more solos from now on
나리 19 日 前
데뷔 7년차에도 꿈이 있고 그 꿈들을 이뤄나가는게 즐겁다고 말하는 권호시를 어떻게 안사랑할 수가 있나
세븐틴에 없어서는 안될 존재야
Rose N-D
Rose N-D 19 日 前
10:35 wow Hoshi's eyes look euphoric they look gorgeous, tbh he's just a beautiful person love you Hoshi and congrats on your solo!!
TheImpossibleOne 19 日 前
Dont yall lie, you all paused and rewinded to 11:26
Ankia Gibson
Ankia Gibson 19 日 前
11:28 This is not the same Hoshi from the GoSe photo shoot😏
Sofía Fernández
We love a supportive family and friendship. It really makes me so happy and proud to see their growth. Spider was definitely top tier, and I can see all the effort Hoshi put into it. I'm proud to be a Carat
강고운 19 日 前
이 노래를 위해 얼마나 노력을 많이 했는지 느껴진다ㅠㅠ
Julie Choi
Julie Choi 19 日 前
아잇 진짜 이번 음원 나무 좋았다구 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
챈이 19 日 前
ㅠㅠㅠㅠ춤추는 오빠 너무 멋있고 질생겼다...봐도봐도 끌려..
지은지은 20 日 前
권순영 니가 진짜 최고야 다 씹어먹쟈♥️
Reese Likes
Reese Likes 20 日 前
ABS 👀.. I forgot what else happened
잘잘이 20 日 前
호시 배 무슨일이야???? 복근이라니....(기절) 고잉매거진찍을때도 보여줄락말락하더니 이제 그냥 보여줘버리네.... 배에 칸이 많던데... 한칸만 주라... 나 평생 그안에서 살게 ^^........
Megan Graham
Megan Graham 20 日 前
Bruh Woozi helped write some spicy lyrics!
Army Carat Engene Moa Stay Czennies
You worked so hard my love!
홍슈 20 日 前
역시 세븐틴 퍼포먼스팀 리더ㅠㅠㅠ
Zaira Cecilia
Zaira Cecilia 20 日 前
I love you my sweet tiger
Rusy 20 日 前
양은서 20 日 前
이 남자 정말 안 좋아할 수가 없네😏😏
Jeon Sohye_30
Jeon Sohye_30 20 日 前
Natalie Braunton
Natalie Braunton 20 日 前
Thanks for letting us see the behind the scenes of an awesome song and MV!
Keila Aquino
Keila Aquino 20 日 前
I love him do much He puts so much effort, love and emotion on everything he does... god, I love him.
mmm k
mmm k 20 日 前
He's so attractive
Giovanna Ramos
Giovanna Ramos 20 日 前
Hoshi is insane.
kenta chuchu
kenta chuchu 20 日 前
thank you for all your hard work, hoshi and staff, choreographers, dancers, director! thank you thank you thank you
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