Impeachment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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With a national conversation underway about the possibility of impeachment, John Oliver discusses whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks.
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MrTolgarion 11 時間 前
Oh it is being said NOW! Impeachment hearings!
Derrick Cox
Derrick Cox 日 前
There is a common thread I've notice with those attacking Trump. Beyond the bitterness of missing a free ride by the less influential...the others who have money, are always those people who do not really appear happy with themselves. That Trump is basically a happy camper galls them deeply. Sad
countryboy6767 2 日 前
Bill Tafalla
Bill Tafalla 2 日 前
Gimme a break In Japanese..... Yare Yare Daze
Prapthi 2 日 前
ফেরী ঘাট, পদ্মার ঢেউ, দৌলত দিয়া ফেরী ঘাট Crossing Dangerous Padma River jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-UkeQz0xXYkM.html
Daniel Duerst
Daniel Duerst 2 日 前
Comedy for the walking dead heads?????
Daniel Duerst
Daniel Duerst 2 日 前
Nixon was never impeached because as immoral and disgusting of a human being as he was he still had a better sense of shame that either Clinton or Trump, both of whom have raised the bar on just how bottom-feeder human beings can be. It's little wonder that Bill Clinton and Trump are such good friends.
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
Every asshole succeeds till he definitely does not. You're time is short oliver. You've already been wrong on most everything you dicksucker communist. He's not aging well. Trump landslide 2020.
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
This globalist prick IS LYING TO YOU.
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
You can't obstruct justice with a proven fraud like the debunked dossier you total fuckin nitwit. It was the same storyline written in the wall street journal and used against mccain you fuckin liar.
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
The whole mueller probe was illegal you fuckin liar!
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
Kavanaugh was completely innocent and mcgann was white house council you lyin' fuckin propagandist schmuck.
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
No shit . Oliver is ignorant as fuck.
Bruce Frizzell
Bruce Frizzell 4 日 前
Trump has created Concentration Camps which violate American law .That is the only crime he should be impeached for.
Veronica Ma
Veronica Ma 5 日 前
Don’t matter which puppet is in office 🤪
Yes I’m Blessed
The Democrats finally did start impeachment inquiries but I thought they should ages ago too.
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan 5 日 前
Time to do an update Johnnie boy!
Peter Ford
Peter Ford 5 日 前
Fortunately Pelosi played it perfectly. And day by day more people are coming forward. He may never be forced out of office, because of of the senate, but the world's gonna hear,,,the majority of us,, tried.
Peter Ford
Peter Ford 5 日 前
Oh we knew,,, and probably should have marched on Washington. But you have to have organization, and that doesn't always happen when it should.
C.S.R. B.
C.S.R. B. 5 日 前
My sister married a dead millionaire. She loves this president
HebaruSan 5 日 前
Whoa, OJ turned into the groundskeeper from The Shining!
Paisley Rae
Paisley Rae 6 日 前
who's watching this on day two of the impeachment hearings?
PROD: TeRd FeRgUson
" Fuck her right in the Pussy ! " 🇱🇷💪🏾
Ulle Bishope
Ulle Bishope 7 日 前
This is fuking embarrassing AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN .... how often do you conservative whites want to be gang raped by the Republicans and this administration? How stupid can you be? I guess we will have to deal with your kids shooting up another school.
Ulle Bishope
Ulle Bishope 7 日 前
Talib i hate that motherfker bitch call me
Tis Toni
Tis Toni 7 日 前
I don't understand why it's bad to listen to information, no matter from whom.
Travis 7 日 前
A terrorist is defined as "a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims". The only part about this definition that doesn't fit Trump is the unlawful part. He's like the terrorist president. Like we literally got scared into this by the Terrorists we're fighting around the world. Trump is an excellent example of how we have lost the war on terror so far.
Zixx TheLegend
Zixx TheLegend 8 日 前
Oh is that clown that said Trump would never be president. He must be right this time
Qwerty asdf
Qwerty asdf 8 日 前
Libtards, libbing out, about libtarded shit
Stoodmuffin Personal
We are talking even MORE about it NOW, baby! YEAAAAH
8:46 ok, boomer
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 8 日 前
Of course you would listen. People don't understand the teams behind campaigns and the ads and marketing initiatives they pour those millions of dollars into. The entire campaign process is to get a competitive edge.
Blakeisnotblue 8 日 前
Bet this video will age well
Ian H
Ian H 9 日 前
So if we can’t impeach him then what,....Uh....let’s bring up his taxes again?
Kaylee Bateman
Kaylee Bateman 10 日 前
"The FBI Director is WRONG." Okay, Boomer.
Jeff Zebbo
Jeff Zebbo 4 日 前
The fbi director is a proven fraud and clinton supporter. You're welcome.
snarglebargle the house for me
Elaine Lytle
Elaine Lytle 10 日 前
Drumpt would send USA for the bill of gold redecorating... Stick it up his penny a$$.
Clarity of Mind
Clarity of Mind 10 日 前
Thanks, John Oliver! Entertaining while pointing out the need for impeachment even though it will not result in removal. Publicizing the CRIMES COMMITTED by the criminal-in-chief should reach out to independent voters, even if hardcore Frump voters refuse to believe the truth.
Only True Witch-King
"Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win."
Joe Smooth
Joe Smooth 11 日 前
Pinch Me Meat Lmao
DJOE.E 11 日 前
His audience >>>
Debbie L
Debbie L 12 日 前
Is clinton wearing lip stick?
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts 12 日 前
16:42 Appropriate response:(See 01:130) jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-xY3GcethonM.html
Colin Sutherland
Colin Sutherland 13 日 前
LOL one of my friends did a book report on the WAPO published Muller report
ksaulton 13 日 前
I’m so glad Elizabeth Warren is running: a white woman who is willing to claim and take advantage of a minority identity in order to gain favor! Please, everyone take her seriously! Please, she cares about you too, not just for her own political and social gain!
Brad Shagrin
Brad Shagrin 14 日 前
LOL so 12K plus Trump cult members got on here and down voted this video because it puts their "savior" in a bad light . Cool
dad 14 日 前
happy to know that those men with rest in peace like actually bow
Chris Resurreccion
Breaking news conservative media has a conservative bias and liberal media has a liberal bias. Yeah no shit John.
MaxKol 15 日 前
Impeach all you want. The Senate will never convict him and you're just pissing off the electret. The libs are showing themselves to be the petty little scum we always knew they were. MAGA 2020.
Visitant 15 日 前
"When you kill 2 people your even when you kill 3 people your odd and when you kill 4 people your even" I fucking burst out laughing at that in my office.
Deb healthfoods
Deb healthfoods 16 日 前
Have you ever seen the movie WAG THE DOG? The left is like a bad marriage. They throw as much sh......t out there, to avoid having to face what the real crimes are...
NECHO II 16 日 前
Norcanex S.G. LLC.
What do you expect when you put a seventy year child in the white out house!
tmichael80 18 日 前
Funny how things can change in 4 months. The 2020 Election is 12 months away. Stay tuned for the craziest shitshow you've ever seen. It's going to be a hell of a ride. Trump's already thinking "Let's start with a government shutdown, Nov. 21"......and then dresses up as the 'Grinch Who Stole Christmas'......
Robert Edward
Robert Edward 18 日 前
John Oliver is annoying, bouncing around in his seat like a weird birdman with an annoying voice, just as bad as trevor noah, they both suck, and both of their anti trump nonsense they spew is so transparently bias, they really should thank him for the fact their shows are 90% trump bashing and they obviously have no other material and it’s pathetic
Heba Madi
Heba Madi 18 日 前
Bye bye birdie 🐥🤣🤣🤣
Peter Brännström
How about Americans start to wiev and listen to more than one network and TV show...
Peter Brännström
As an friendly and peaceful swede, I and most of my countrys fellow citizens, we got a bit bothered and puzzled by the choice of president of the USA. We believe in free speech, truth and accountability if lied upon. Representatives of the people, for the people, should never be caught telling lies. Amazing that your country, the greatest democracy of all, seemes to just accept leaders that lie all through their days... Worrying for ur in the rest of the world to say the least...