iKON (아이콘) - I'M OK (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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• Artist: 아이콘 (iKON)
• Song: I'M OK
• Album: 'NEW KIDS' Repackage
• Member: Jinhwan(JAY), Yunghyung(SONG), BOBBY, Hanbin(B.I), Donghyuk(DK), Junhoe(JUNE), Chanwoo(CHAN)
• My bias: Hanbin(B.I)
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Mary Bless Pajarillo
Why after two months, just 2.2m views, I'm so sad their really underrated.😢
ATiZzy 7 時間 前
this song is so relatable omg
LindaG4mes 日 前
eu amoo muito esse song meu deuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus
Eternal Sunshine
Just now. Some broke my heart. I never imagine this song would say everything I wanted. I want to be back iKON. Reality is too difficult to handle.
Amanda Alfrey
B.Is lyrics, Bobby's rap... aghh just amazing. I can't even speak korean and all I listen to is kpop so much love, heart and soul pouring out of these songs! ♡♡♡
PHIEXO nicky
PHIEXO nicky 日 前
Ma dama mo kpg naka filipino capt...
no username
no username 日 前
I relate to the whole song so much it hurts
Msp talk
Msp talk 2 日 前
*everytime i listen this im crying-*
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie 3 日 前
I'm obsessed with Ju-ne's voice.
Manduekie Chu
Manduekie Chu 4 日 前
Sometimes I think that this song is the part 2 of bigbangs "Loser"
tea tea
tea tea 5 日 前
Sheandrelle Carlos
The lyrics really got me. It hurts😣
Soua Xiong
Soua Xiong 6 日 前
Soua Xiong
Soua Xiong 6 日 前
Jay. And. June. Bi. So cute
H o n e y P e a c h
@my feelings :,)) 💔
로블록스 리뷰체널
왜 한국인 보다 왜국인이더 많지.
natsuki yoro
natsuki yoro 9 日 前
the lyrics are so beautiful ;-; I love you iKON
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez 9 日 前
I actually really like this song, I just hope they didn't go with the weird tune in the background tbh
Kwon Eunbi
Kwon Eunbi 9 日 前
1.25x thanks me later.
Meng Nary
Meng Nary 10 日 前
Imnotcrying 😌
pamela tu gfa
pamela tu gfa 11 日 前
Ahh me encanta
exo -L
exo -L 11 日 前
I'm OK 😔🎵
Queen of BTS EXO NCT IKON Happy new year
Hanbin oppa ung mga songs mo tagos sa puso nkakapagtaka NGSB :))
reveluvs stan
reveluvs stan 13 日 前
Dimas ali
Dimas ali 14 日 前
i m ok june
sakura Armi galvan
Q padre canción
Bangtan's Secret Wifeu
*welp the lyrics are really depressing ; - ;*
thegirlwithtae 15 日 前
The sadness hit me so hard
generic user
generic user 15 日 前
ironicallyurl 15 日 前
To anyone relate to this song, everything will be okay, you will be alright❤
s.arahcly 16 日 前
듣기 싫어 모든 힘이 되는 말들 현실이 무거워 들지 못해 잠을 채울 걸 찾다가 채워지는 잔들 메마른 내 감정에 솔직해지지 가끔 무덤덤하지 어떤 상황이 와도 혼자인 게 편할 때도 외로움은 나를 잡고 하고픈 게 많아도 무기력에 무너져 잘 지내냐는 물음에 내 답변은 밝은 미소
_Most relatable song ever I can relate to_
HoneyPie 17 日 前
This definitely describes me right now :(
LilMeowMeow #Original
Ah.... This hits really hard, kinda relationship wise, but mainly being alone and being 'okay' with that.
Sanja Nikolić
Sanja Nikolić 17 日 前
I'm Jisoo, I'm OK.
Jbaby Doll
Jbaby Doll 18 日 前
ᴵ'ᴹ ᴺᴼᵀ ᴼᴷᴬᵞ ᴵ'ᴹ ᶜᴿᵞᴮᴵᴺᴳ
Zalisha Singh
Zalisha Singh 18 日 前
I’m not ok this is 👌
*The reality is too difficult too handle*
유정심 19 日 前
유정심 19 日 前
노래가 참 좋아요 IM
Pinar Akdas
Pinar Akdas 19 日 前
I really liked these guys since i heared them for the first time...they're doing a good job ;)
kumikooo solo
kumikooo solo 19 日 前
Happiness left the chat
Viablepi 19 日 前
Bobby's verse is so real tho
Naza Rina
Naza Rina 20 日 前
阿庫 Jay
Uzma Oruj
Uzma Oruj 20 日 前
Yooo this is giving me big bang loser vibes Anyone else But anyways this was deep
Jefri Ari Pratama
Adinda Angel
Adinda Angel 21 日 前
Kim Hanbin : Such a real gem, diamond and gold. Real talented. He made all the love songs just watching kdrama n kmovie. A real talent. I hope he found someone suitable. Me too hahaha
alyaMaya 18 日 前
It wasn't only about love, Hanbin make this song after their failure cb during bling bling era 2016/17, so many fan left, fancafe closedown. The depression. Left for the concerts because its already schedule. The mv was describe about that in the fst part. The 2nd part is about love.
Midnight : Novaa
Midnight : Novaa 23 日 前
I’m obsessed 😭
Kurotin Windiani
Kurotin Windiani 23 日 前
바람이 스치면 낙엽이 흔들리고 파도가 스치면 바다가 흔들리듯 킬링파트
ibighitler 24 日 前
Empecé a estanearlos hace poco y vengo a estos vídeos para aprenderme quien es quien... *Y NO ME PUEDO ACORDAR DE NINGUNO EXCEPTO DE MIS BIAS* :c hasta guías me vi wn
Bangtan Sonyeondan
I'm Ok 😊 + 😢 😃 + 😠 😇 + 😨 💖 + 💔 😇 + 😖 👦 + 👫 Hha
Tarti boo
Tarti boo 25 日 前
bubbly byd
bubbly byd 26 日 前
please stop hateful comments, you don't even know how they have been through everything :'(
Kaelynn Azariah
Kaelynn Azariah 26 日 前
The fil subs tho
Rin Lee
Rin Lee 26 日 前
This song is officially my favorite song of the year!
jihoontagXIX 26 日 前
I'm OK Geogjeonghaji ma singyeong sseuji ma Chalali honja issneun ge nan Igsughanikka I'm OK Deudgi silh-eo modeun him-i doeneun maldeul Hyeonsil-i mugeowo deulji moshae jam-eul Chaeul geol chajdaga chaewojineun jandeul Memaleun nae gamjeong-e soljighaejiji gakkeum Mudeomdeomhaji eotteon sanghwang-i wado Honjain ge pyeonhal ttaedo oeloum-eun naleul jabgo Hagopeun ge manh-ado mugilyeog-e muneojyeo Jal jinaenyaneun mul-eum-e nae dabbyeon-eun balg-eun miso Sesang sog moduga Naege deung-eul dollin deushae Cholahan nae moseub Han-eobs-i jag-ajine Dagaol oeloum-e Samuchyeoss-eul ttae Nae nunmul-eul boge doemyeon Budi moleuncheoghae jwo
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 26 日 前
I'm officially a fan. I fell in love with love scenario a long time ago and now thissssss
Picy Putih
Picy Putih 27 日 前
Im not ok TTTTTT
hem channarith
hem channarith 27 日 前
I'm OK :(
Jihan Syahirah
Jihan Syahirah 27 日 前
Myanbeni Murry
Myanbeni Murry 27 日 前
Sssong voice is just extra 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹
icant smile
icant smile 27 日 前
Jay's voice is lowkey like Gdragons voice!!
Cat11 Vogiatzi
Cat11 Vogiatzi 27 日 前
Please greek lyrics!
beesheep 554
beesheep 554 27 日 前
beesheep 554
beesheep 554 27 日 前
I like it
Sofia Royal
Sofia Royal 28 日 前
The lyrics.... impressive cause till now in kpop I've seen so rarely the hella good one like this. Really good song from ikon Impressed 👏🏾 B.I did a great job here
Karla Pedre
Karla Pedre 28 日 前
Angelika Baello
Angelika Baello 28 日 前
I'm new but I think I'mma stan Ju-ne.................... what do you guys think? And as you can see by my profile pic, I'm an ARMY. Soon to be an IKONIC
Ramsangzuala Hmar
Ikon 💝💖jinhyan& chanwoo💗💗
Eun Vaniyla
Eun Vaniyla 29 日 前
So sad. Why love, to love and to be love become so complicated thing? 😭😭
Kosem Sultan
Kosem Sultan 29 日 前
I'm O.K.
Manggae Park Gae
Manggae Park Gae 29 日 前
This song really speaks to me. The one thing I'm most afraid of is, (as stupid as it sounds), showing myself when I'm at my weakest. I don't really know why but that's just a fear of mine. I'm also normally lonely so this song is very comforting to me. Sleep on beds, not on Hanbin.
Asola Jamir
Asola Jamir 29 日 前
After watching this I am not really okay...Their lyrics is so deep and it touches my heart!! And B.I is really very amazing...his style of writing lyrics is just very touching and perfect!!
Thanakorn kongnurat
Jay song Bobby b.i dk ju-ne chan ikon I'm ok
saymymay ヶ月 前
multi butterscotch
In terms of music I think Ikon are like the rebel of idol group they stand out, they're outcasts which is what draws me to them more, they're real, they're raw, they're so many things that just scream uncommon and orginal in terms of not only music but personality as well they're not 'perfect' they don't give off that vibe, their personalities seem 100% real not like they're trying to act all proper and well groomed puppets. This song means so much to Me it did even before the lyrics but it's really more than a break-up song which is what it's being passed off as, my motto Is "I'll always be good regardless in the end" that's how I keep myself going even when I'm completely broken on the inside, this song just explains that for me.
alyaMaya 11 日 前
+multi butterscotch I always proud of them, I like their music. But I kinda agree with what the journalist write and hope Yg will treat iKON better, better in promoting them, good stylish...everytime I see them with the circling clothes for the big event and the concerts my heart ache.
multi butterscotch
+alyaMaya exactly, but the thing is that they're still successful and I believe ikon can make big success, they've already had big success, they don't need to be one the biggest money makers these guys are.. Just so much I could explain it but it'd take forever because I have so much praise towards these guys
alyaMaya 11 日 前
You said it all...you describe how the fans feel about iKON..but the critisized from the entertainment journalist after bling2 era really stab me, they said Yg leading iKON wrongly that why the group not so popular like the others group. Push them with outdated music, poorly stylish, poorly Mv outcome. Just compared their Mv with other groups from Yg and the other group from the 3rd generation, iKON is far left behind.
Deni S
Deni S ヶ月 前
Loh ko chanwo gak nyanyi
Aulya zarfi
Aulya zarfi 29 日 前
0:55 - 1:03
Melissa De la Cruz
How can this song say exactly how I feel 😕😐😶🙂
Vilma Zapanta
Vilma Zapanta ヶ月 前
*I'M OK*
d a r k s i d e
d a r k s i d e ヶ月 前
Lirik nya dope mau mampussss
Sydney Eloisa
Sydney Eloisa ヶ月 前
I ‘m OK Don’t comfort me,You don’t have to have pity on me. Ouch💔😭
Nadine Rose
Nadine Rose ヶ月 前
Finally can hear chanwoo voice properly
게임충 ヶ月 前
Oh~ikon is good ~my favorite actor is jay~so,i like ikon, song,bobby,b.i,DK,ju_ne,chan~
게임충 27 日 前
+iKon Trash ok~
iKon Trash
iKon Trash 27 日 前
게임충 jay is not an actor though 😬 For liking the boys 감사합니다 😊
im not a kpoper but im a fandom so fxck off ONCE
2:31 that bridge dowh by our 13cm fairy get me goosebumps everytime 😗.. iKON fighting 💪
lliill lliill
lliill lliill ヶ月 前
IG : SONG YUNHYEONG instagram.com/sssong_yh?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1pzyxshmmmz0n IG : JAY , JINAN , JINHWAN instagram.com/gnani_____?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1dko0j61xdynp
mx minhyuk hates cucumber
playing this on valentines day 😂 A CONCEPT
Samantha Loves BTS
Thanakorn kongnurat
abdulla khalil
abdulla khalil ヶ月 前
وينك معجبين ايكون
Park Jimin
Park Jimin ヶ月 前
I have a question 🙋 are there only two rappers ?? B.I and Bobby
im not a kpoper but im a fandom so fxck off ONCE
2 main rapper, 2 main vocal and 3 lead vocal
Abbie Teh Dolleno
Park Jimin yes, only two.
Mafuyuu Chan
Mafuyuu Chan ヶ月 前
Please someone give me a tutorial on how to get your snatched wigs back?
aira shesa
aira shesa ヶ月 前
aira shesa
aira shesa ヶ月 前
Aku sayang jamu
Taufik Joker
Taufik Joker ヶ月 前
Halizarach ヶ月 前
I could listen to June talking all day. His voice touched my heart.
Kimchi Cat
Kimchi Cat ヶ月 前
not a fan of iKON, but this is a really meaningful song. i love kpop these days because of all the relatable and deep meanings their songs have.
PHIEXO nicky
PHIEXO nicky 17 日 前
[1 HOUR] iKON - 'I'M OK'
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