Ice Fishing Mountain Lakes For Rare Trout (Maine BACKCOUNTRY Mission)

Jon B.
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Jon B.
Jon B. 26 日 前
Who's STOKED for more Maine Videos? Leave your video ideas below!
Woodland DeMars
Woodland DeMars 日 前
Maine's a great place to catch big bass over the summer. Have fun in maine!
FRAG ment
FRAG ment 8 日 前
Jon B. come to fryeburg maine and fish kezar lake!!
Cheyanne Bonang
Cheyanne Bonang 13 日 前
Jon B. I was on Moosehead the same day as you and you caught that giant brookie then sadly someone fell threw
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 14 日 前
Maine is Epic
Nathan Mahoney
Nathan Mahoney 21 日 前
Been waiting for u to come up to maine for a long time. But I bet you've never had a 40in lakey chase a 14in landlocked out of the hole. Welcome to Maine
MrNormalNinja Gaming
MrNormalNinja Gaming 日 前
Brooke trout are rare? Where I live it's the cutthroat and tiger trout.
That’s my gramps suburban at 0:37
ImmortalLis 4 日 前
Here in Montana, during the brooky spawn we catch those sizes and bigger all day.
Carson Munson
Carson Munson 6 日 前
you should come to lincon and fish mattanawcook pond/lake there are largmouth pirch small mouth crappie and many more species
Carson Munson
Carson Munson 6 日 前
a brook trout only needs to be 6 inches in maine to keep
Shayn C
Shayn C 7 日 前
What lake is that , this summer I fished moose head for 10 days was amazing
Kyle E
Kyle E 7 日 前
those brooks are nothing try backcountry utah beaver ponds using dry flys ive caught 5 pounders easy
Jeff Mullen
Jeff Mullen 7 日 前
I pretty sure you broke the law with that live well...... but we’re gonna release it, honestly warden sir....
W Barney
W Barney 7 日 前
What I want to see is anything Jon b makes. If you made a video shooting Martians I would watch. Your cool Jon b.
Joshua Curran
Joshua Curran 7 日 前
brookies are insaine
Dameon Lampinen
Dameon Lampinen 8 日 前
Keep doing then
Rich 8 日 前
Come up to Maine again, we have a decent Pike fishing spot!! One guys caught 25 lbs of pike in one day ice fishing. All of them ranging between 4-7 lbs. plus there is 20 pounders in here too.
Pepper Express
Pepper Express 11 日 前
Wish you guys would have set video underwater to watch the trout hit
Pepper Express
Pepper Express 11 日 前
Love it!!!!👍🏻👍🏻
Terry Marriott
Terry Marriott 11 日 前
Jon, do you call your place the Main Attraction or the Ice House?
Catch'em With Kyle Fishing
If only ohio had some ice😢
Drew Wilde
Drew Wilde 11 日 前
cool video! you would have too much fun with the brookies over in BC, Canada in my home town! every fish is like 2 pounds and cant keep em off! good video
Andy Hermenet
Andy Hermenet 12 日 前
monster brookie
Joshua Crandall
Joshua Crandall 12 日 前
How about New York where they are native
FrT Clan
FrT Clan 12 日 前
Maine is a really cool place, I need more of Maine.
Catch'em With Kyle Fishing
FrT Clan i think everybody does
Cyclops Mont-deau
Cyclops Mont-deau 13 日 前
😂 come to Québec my friend. Though the way you stessed him is no no good
Fredrik Bergström
Fredrik Bergström 14 日 前
What kind of rods are you using in this video ?
Jake Bevaart
Jake Bevaart 14 日 前
Ha come to algoma they are 3 and 4 lbs and eat mice
TheDekids 14 日 前
The big one was a male lol. Kype.
TheDekids 14 日 前
Shallow water if sand is warmer water. The sun heats the sand. Sand holds heat.
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 14 日 前
Im from long island new york and brooke trout are rare in are little lakes but i use to catch them on a fly when i was a kid and evint had one as a pet and i use to feed him Menos from the pet shop used to eat them all of them hell wants very little vicious fish
David Hart
David Hart 15 日 前
Bring googan squad
John Curtis Piano
John Curtis Piano 17 日 前
Nobody: I'd like to see some MAINE backcountry stuff jonb: MAINE backcountry it is!
GA boy 01
GA boy 01 17 日 前
U can catch them anywhere as long as a creek is cold there 5lb rainbow in tallulla creek in ga
Eli Rose
Eli Rose 19 日 前
Keep up the good vids I love them 👍👍👍👍👍
B G 19 日 前
I love your videos dude but treat the fish with a bit more respect next time unless your gonna fucking eat it. (Talking about the 2nd and 3rd ones)
Niki Radio
Niki Radio 19 日 前
fishing starts at 5:51
Nathaniel Merrill
Nathaniel Merrill 19 日 前
nice! I live in southern Maine and never caught native brookies through the ice (but lots of stockies through the ice and smaller natives in streams). I gotta go up north lol
Willis Moody
Willis Moody 19 日 前
Don’t think the wardens would have loved the live well thing but that was a great looking trout!
Kyle Karwowski
Kyle Karwowski 19 日 前
Look up coaster brook trout in the great lakes. 9 pounders!
Bradford Lulz
Bradford Lulz 19 日 前
Looks fun
andrew gamache
andrew gamache 20 日 前
My home!!
william hughes
william hughes 20 日 前
if I could do what you do I would do both :D
Travis Alex
Travis Alex 20 日 前
Glad you guys got a space up in Maine. New England in my opinion is one of the best places to fish in the entire country.
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 20 日 前
You're from Texas man? #HTownTillIDrown
I live in Maine
Jarret Andrue
Jarret Andrue 20 日 前
Great vid. Check out my food vlog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
img12 20 日 前
local knowledge is so invaluable. hats off to those dudes being cool need more of that in everything !
Tanner Jackson
Tanner Jackson 20 日 前
Bro most of your north western states have Brooks that size and bigger
I got a brookie almost that big on the fly
PNW Life
PNW Life 21 日 前
Trout are not "hardy" fish...
Denvy McCord
Denvy McCord 21 日 前
It ain’t a brook trout if you catch it in lake
Ruben Angeles
Ruben Angeles 21 日 前
Damm!! it's awesome
Debby Most
Debby Most 21 日 前
Maine Bag Limit (All Fish): Any fish, except baitfish and smelts, taken from inland waters shall be immediately released alive into the water from which it was taken, or killed at once. Any fish killed becomes part of the daily bag limit (Title 12, §12611). Not allowed to be held in a live well!
Brody Loiko
Brody Loiko 21 日 前
My camp is literally right near where you where fishing I go there all the time
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 21 日 前
Come to Kamloops to fish for rainbows and brooks on the fly. Nothing like it!
Alex hale
Alex hale 21 日 前
what lake is this
monkeymanstones1 22 日 前
I basically put Brook, Tiger, Rainbow and enormous Brown Trout into your hands months ago. You were in Massachusetts around 20 miles away and I offered to help you find them in the Ware and Swift rivers (the 2nd best and the best for them in MA). I even had Saint Croix Avid 7' Ultra Lightweight, Fast rods with Shimano Stradic 2500 FB HG reels with 2, 4, 6 and 8 pound Fluorocarbon (all on spools which could be quickly swapped out to change from 1 weight to another) I would have loaned you as your heavy Bass gear wouldn't have worked well or perhaps at all for Trout. To add on, I had fly rods, reels, nymphs and dry flies to loan you for the trip if you wanted to go to the Swift river and I wasn't interested in being on camera. So, you waited extra months to catch what was put right in your hands. You certainly did catch a great one though (the black mouth and white edges on the fins made that very clear, even though no blue around the spots was visible on my 4K, 65" screen).
Colby G
Colby G 22 日 前
00:26 Jon B jamming to Exile on Main Street
inthezoneeeechief 22 日 前
That's not a mega brookie, that's a baby.
Amber Novak
Amber Novak 22 日 前
When Dice gets a little attitude saying " Don't touch my line." had me cracking up. 11:47
Kylen Lowe
Kylen Lowe 22 日 前
Ice fish and stay the night on the ice
Dillon Buhl
Dillon Buhl 22 日 前
I want to see some inshore action this spring, and backwater brookies on the fly, this is way better than bass fishing and couch boats
Robert VanAlstyne
Robert VanAlstyne 22 日 前
The little shaker after the big Brookie was a splake
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