ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin

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The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on suspicion of war crimes such as unlawful deportation of children and unlawful transfer of people from the territory of Ukraine to Russia. CNN senior international correspondents Ivan Watson and David McKenzie report from Ukraine.
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Jon Harris
Jon Harris 13 日 前
So how exactly are they going to arrest him?
deborah encarnacion
Like u arrest anybody else. Daggggg. What's so hard about that?
Joie De Vie
Joie De Vie 12 日 前
The man is a monster: calling him out is the point.
TimeBucks 12 日 前
And this is where it starts to get interesting
Marek Lomjansky
Marek Lomjansky 14 時間 前
@Madzi uś excellent point, in fact this is one of the crucial arguments to be used in favour of Putin and against people like Bush or Blair. The major difference between Russian-Ukrainian war and between USA-Iraq war is that in the former conflict it is overwhelmingly the soldiers who are dying and civilian casualties are very small, whereas in Iraq only a few thousand soldiers died and hundreds of thousand of civilians died. So it just boggles mind when someone dares to call Putin a war criminal and not a word is being said about B+B.
Madzi uś
Madzi uś 15 時間 前
What does it mean "unlawful deportation of children" from the war zone? So Zelenskyy wants children in the war zone? It may have historical associations. In 2022 Ukraine celebrated the year of Ukrainian Insurgent Army considered national heroes of Ukraine. This year it is 80 years since Ukrainian Insurgent Army commit genocide on Polish people in Volhynia. During this genocide "heroes" from Ukrainian Insurgent Army murdered children often in a cruel way. Today we learn that Zelenskyy, SBU and Azov are offended by children evacuation, because they wanted to murder those children in the war zone?
s the undefeated gaming
Jonathan Durand
Jonathan Durand 12 日 前
USA in 2003: "Pff na bro we don't recognize this court or whatever it is 😎" USA in 2023: "Hell yeah about time ICC. We always supported your actions 😎"
Joseph Fernandez
@lena ely Isandthe
rrrose1000 2 日 前
But 95 % of the world recognize it !
Yaorei Vashi
Yaorei Vashi 2 日 前
​​@Klerkant Excuses. How to you know if he has changed!, we could barely even heard about his name today. Also any individual could be prosecuted for his or her past crime a crime which they've commited in thier past life. Just because you killed someone 20 years ago and now becoming a preacher, pastor or a priest doesn't mean you could be free from justice. And war crime is even worse, it requires hundreds, thousands even millions of lives.
R. Graf
R. Graf 4 日 前
God Bless the USA :)
gebreselassie tsegaye
If you ever felt useless, always remember that the ICC exists.
danh tran quoc
Joel B
Joel B 13 日 前
Who the hell is going to try and get close to him, and tell him he's under arrest? ☠️
mizzboo morris
mizzboo morris 5 日 前
shirasagi 7 日 前
Speaking of which, does President Putin have cancer? I am worried about medical care in Russia. Is it better to go to a Dutch hospital where the medical system is well-developed? They also accept euthanasia. I think it would be better to arrange a good medical institution in Holland.
Man in White
Man in White 7 日 前
Rambo 5
Hector Fenibo
Hector Fenibo 11 日 前
ICC should have their own comedy stand up show
Rashad Akali
Rashad Akali 3 日 前
Marek Lomjansky
Marek Lomjansky 4 日 前
@CrossX he is not saying that killing innocent children and women is funny. He is saying the ICC is laughable to have double standards, first again Slavic nation Serbia, now against Slavic nation Russia. DIG THAT?
Ronnie Ruiz
Ronnie Ruiz 6 日 前
I would Invite Will Smith just so they can also get SLAP.
Lisa Chira
Lisa Chira 6 日 前
@CrossX same did Iraq 🇮🇶 and afghanistan 🇦🇫 children, let’s stop having double standards
Dilip Puri
Dilip Puri 6 日 前
S-M-Abid Nizam
S-M-Abid Nizam 12 日 前
When ICC wanted to investigate United States war crimes during the trump administration, the United States banned ICC prosecutor and imposed sanction on it... Hypocrisy🤣
Cranberry sprite.
Cranberry sprite. 3 時間 前
Russia 🇷🇺 will execute same thing since USA 🇺🇸, Russia 🇷🇺 as well as China 🇨🇳 are not members of ICC😂😂😂
ndu tati
ndu tati 8 日 前
What goes around, comes around. Justin Timberlake great musician.😂😂😂
Deliver Podcast
Deliver Podcast 13 日 前
I feel sorry for the man who has to say you’re under arrest 😂
dsoccer241 2 日 前
B JAD 5 日 前
​@Rup Adhikari its nature, man, it rlly care
Rup Adhikari
Rup Adhikari 7 日 前
But I am also sorry for those innocent children to be Russianified before they know who they really are. Sooo pity - the powerful can do anything. Let the fight go on if they want but leave alone those innocent children.
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong 10 日 前
tam nguyen
tam nguyen 10 日 前
MoneyBaggJoe 13 日 前
God rest the soul of the man serving the warrant
A 14
A 14 11 日 前
MoneyBaggJoe 11 日 前
Only top g Andrew tate can get it done honestly
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang 11 日 前
Chuck Norris is serving the warrant
You're not on fire yet.
If he tries to run from Russia, and _he will_ have to run if Ukraine fails, he'll have much fewer places to go.
Stevie Job
Stevie Job 10 日 前
Best April fool prank😂😂😂😂
tasdid ashraf
tasdid ashraf 12 日 前
Give ICC the OSCAR for being best comedy club of this century.
Contract Killer
Contract Killer 9 日 前
truong tran
truong tran 10 日 前
Dipkis 10 日 前
​@ben pasquale He can travel to any continent on earth as long as Russia still remains a nuke superpower
ben pasquale
ben pasquale 10 日 前
@M F yeah yeah we will see if he steps outside hes region.....would you? especially when your just about surrounded by nato countries....and if they really really wanted him they would get him no problem at all...if they got to hitler or kennedy then history has taught us that nothing is impossible....but at the moment they dont want to push it and just playing a waiting game to see if he crosses the line
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 8 日 前
the hell is going to try and get close to him, and tell him he's under arrest? God rest the soul of the man serving the warrant.
Hikari 13 日 前
The ICC has no police force and require member nations to enforce its warrants. However, member nations have been reluctant to enforce ICC warrants especially on national leaders or top government officials due to potential diplomatic issues and escalation in conflict.
Dani Oboy
Dani Oboy 2 日 前
​@S. P. 🎉😂
shirasagi 7 日 前
Speaking of which, does President Putin have cancer? I am worried about medical care in Russia. Is it better to go to a Dutch hospital where the medical system is well-developed? They also accept euthanasia. I think it would be better to arrange a good medical institution in Holland.
Grandpa 10 日 前
Except when it involves african dictators then their action are swift, and they look responsible
Good luck to ICC official and their families
Abena 13 日 前
God help these children and families and deliver peace to everyone involved.
Wall Banging Kapone
Where was god during slavery
Лада Лосева
​​@jf2mad все люди разные. Но вы, конечно, редкость. Главное, чтоб голова была на плечах, и сердце доброе.
jf2mad 5 日 前
@Лада Лосева I am an American Russophile. I LOVE Russia. I will be living in St Petersburg in July.
B JAD 5 日 前
​@Squaeman _ give me the evidence or it never happened
Terrisann Brooks
Terrisann Brooks 11 日 前
This isn't going to go down well 😢😢😢
van truong thi
Culinary Physics
Culinary Physics 13 日 前
This is a significant development in international law. It will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds and what actions will be taken by the ICC and other countries. Who the hell is going to try and get close to him, and tell him he's under arrest? 🤣👍 God rest the soul of the man serving the warrant.
B JAD 5 日 前
​@my Entertainment reality check be like
my Entertainment
my Entertainment 13 日 前
I checked law US and Russia and even Ukraine are not members of that organisation, So no further actions can be done. That is all.
Mi Store
Mi Store 10 日 前
Everyone has a responsibility to eliminate injustice.
Brian Markey
Brian Markey 13 日 前
Never thought in my lifetime I would see this type of stuff happening from a UN member
Thunder31 9 日 前
Says a lot when the US itself doesn't recognize the International criminal court
Crow7788 12 日 前
Putin must be given the Noble Prize for Peace.
OverSteer 89
OverSteer 89 13 日 前
I commend those parents who went in a risked there lives to get there children back... I could only imagine how hard it must have been...
Daria Prohorova
Daria Prohorova 12 日 前
The talk is about children whose parents died in war
jojolafrite90 13 日 前
Bdub Armstrong
Bdub Armstrong 13 日 前
Russia and the US both withdrew from the Rome Statute, which is the jurisdiction of the ICC. But Ukraine has recognized the ICC and allowed it to operate within its borders since 2013. Nearly all of Europe is part of the Rome Statute, aside from Belarus. So Putin would risk arrest if he tried to go to places like France, Germany, Japan, Brazil, UK, places he's had diplomatic visits multiple times in the past decade.
владимир глущенко
Putin will ride in a tank and invite a Wagner for company
scary to hear those sirens so heart breaking
PapeBaydi 12 日 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i cant stop laughing... This is the funniest BS I ever hear.. Thank you for the JOke😆😆😆😆
B JAD 5 日 前
Fr 💀
Azzka Azzurie
Azzka Azzurie 11 日 前
Usa300 11 日 前
Tatiana Garcia
Tatiana Garcia 12 日 前
Right 😂😅😅😅
Sul Mage
Sul Mage 11 日 前
The ICC/UN back at it again sending strongly worded letters xD To be honest what on earth are they going to do? walk up to him and say "sir, you are under arrest", the moment they get within a kilometer or 0.6 miles of Putin they'll be on a watch list lmao. [Edit: I am by no means supporting Putin or his "military operation", I am expressing my thoughts as to why this will have little to no effect]
Benjamin Nzima
Benjamin Nzima 9 日 前
If that warrant went to putin as a document he should just do something with it. I know as a president he might have prenty of toilet papers. If I were in his shoes I would leave the toilet paper and use the warrant. Russia is not a member of the icc
cam quoc
cam quoc 10 日 前
Pathom Thavaradhara
It’s sickening to separate children from their families, I hope the ICC can help them to unite.
RYZEN 7 日 前
If ICC would be able survive after this lol
Thunder31 9 日 前
@andrew5184 Says a lot when the US itself doesn't even recognize the International criminal court
Kendal pretty
Kendal pretty 11 日 前
Tim 13 日 前
@Debate god , fairies , bogeyman . Whatever they are , no one has proof of one , look to science for answers mate .
Yan Marle
Yan Marle 13 日 前
It would be amusing if heads of state start issuing arrest warrants against each other!
Anais Natural
Anais Natural 6 日 前
Umukaab Hassan
Umukaab Hassan 12 日 前
lena ely
lena ely 12 日 前
They have been. ..
Adew glo Prado
Adew glo Prado 12 日 前
The Ultimate Reductionist
AOT Shorts
AOT Shorts 13 日 前
Even the guy can't hold his laughter 😅😅
Никита Наседкин
@C F lol, just listen to how he says it
Никита Наседкин
@David Harkins he chuckled
Rache; Meatte
Rache; Meatte 12 日 前
@C Fyet you’re here watching 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
David Harkins
David Harkins 12 日 前
@C F I went to his time stamp and he didn't even remotely look like he was about to laugh. Don't let these trolls gaslight you.
Thrakerzad 10 日 前
this is the equivalent of a kid on the playground saying that their teacher is under arrest for being mean.
Apples 13 日 前
😂😂😂😂😂 omg😂😂😂😂😂. Just can’t live without you guys. Thank you.
trucking4crypto 13 日 前
Sanjay Chakroborty
The video is very informative. Just keep it up. Lots of love to you from India.
Biki Kalita
Biki Kalita 13 日 前
ICC= international cricket council 😂😂😂
The Polyglot Raccoon
Hijra Goru
Hijra Goru 12 日 前
ayo wtf 😂
Froilan Dumagete
Froilan Dumagete 12 日 前
ICC = International Comedians and Clowns
Oliver 101
Oliver 101 12 日 前
C V 13 日 前
Do whatever needs to be done for the children-no matter what it takes~to keep them safe.
kyunw 8 日 前
Finally a sane person That thinking children not belongnin warzone
Hayde S
Hayde S 13 日 前
I know some people are saying no bite to this warrant but I’m curious to see how this will work in the future as this war will sadly escalate.
владимир глущенко
Putin will send the Hague court, in full force, to sort out the rubble in liberated Kyiv ...
waseem Asif
waseem Asif 7 日 前
This is good news and good work 👍
Rizzo Roy
Rizzo Roy 12 日 前
An ICC warrant and a quarter will get you a phone call. My 24 year old son has no idea what that expression means due to the lack of pay phones left in the world.
Andrew Lang
Andrew Lang 11 日 前
Chuck Norris. Is the only person on planet earth, that can serve that arrest warrant
aHVtyW4h 8 日 前
@Grandpa Unless someone gives him a chokehold. Then he's just gonna pass out and empty his bowels xD
Grandpa 8 日 前
Steven Segall would've, but he's decided to live there and now one of them.
Dragon my Balls Z
underrated comment😂
Droid436 13 日 前
If the warrant could actually be enforced, it might mean something.
RYZEN 7 日 前
Even the whole us army enforcing it . Who is gonna arrest him lol
Thunder31 9 日 前
@George Danilov Says a lot when the US itself doesn't even recognize the International criminal court
Aleksandar Jokić
@Osvaldo Rubalcava America and Russia own those cartels, I'm convinced of that. Imagine a situation where an American says (or a Russian) hey, that's illegal and we won't do it,we take our honor very seriously even though they're making huge billions a year. It seems a bit naive, doesn't it?
Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise
I fell from laughing too hard, yeah I doubt he cares at this point 😩🤣
Iv Kustov
Iv Kustov 7 日 前
@Lone Star There are no food lines, and Ukraine only kicked its own ass.
Jagan 5023
Jagan 5023 12 日 前
@Lone Star stating a fact is now considered Russian bot😂😂.. So you are a nato bot
Lone Star
Lone Star 12 日 前
@Jagan 5023 Yeah its like people see a country is unjustly invaded and people around the world want to Help out. Such a horrible thing. Anyways i hope you can buy that Loaf of Bread someday. They do pay Russian Bots that much.
Craig Schulze
Craig Schulze 13 日 前
Does the ICC have an International Police Force to enforce international law?
Sparky sparky boom man
Its like a girl scout telling a FBI he is under arrest 😂😂
Markus Thapa
Markus Thapa 12 日 前
The idea of " War Crime " is a paradoxical one, in some way it legitimizes armed conflict by implying sometimes War is necessary.
Joseph Lwago
Joseph Lwago 9 日 前
😂😂😂 so funny and pitifully to those who participated in that meeting
mr s.
mr s. 13 日 前
Must be heartbreaking for those parents to be separated from their children by force. It's sickening.
kyunw 8 日 前
@dethkon according from american “kill them”
kyunw 8 日 前
@An Acc they putting children in none combat area How bad can that be? So u rather have those children stay in those warzone? Or they should send those kid back to ukraine goverment? Oh wait ukraine goverment are using their people as human shield
kyunw 8 日 前
@Gerald so u are saying children should stay in war zone? Insteed of putting those defenseless young in safer place?
Christopher Starks
@Hardy never said it did.
Jose Villa
Jose Villa 13 日 前
Reminds me of that mission in Modern warfare 2019 where the invading force (Russia) took children
George Southwick
George Southwick 12 日 前
It is one thing to issue the warrant. It is another thing entirely to actually arrest him, bring him to trial, convict him and punish him. The life expectancy of the person trying to serve the warrant is probably less than one minute.
Oliver 101
Oliver 101 10 日 前
Paul 10 日 前
Great news, well done 👏
Dan 13 日 前
Ivan speaks English really well, almost no accent, good for him
Yennefer 9 日 前
I'll be interested to see how this really plays out .
Isaac Whyt
Isaac Whyt 13 日 前
Mahatma Gandhi once said “All through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall,always."
Aryan 10 日 前
Gengis Khan - hold my Mongolian horses
Николай Федоров
Абсолютно с вами согласен, и сейчас мы наблюдаем гибель террании запада.😂😂😂
Mark Karaipii
Mark Karaipii 13 日 前
Ivan with the scoff says it all 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 he is literally saying, " Cut the Bullsh₹t.
Willy 13 日 前
Toilet paper 🧻 🚽🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🚽🚽🧻🧻🚽🧻💩
L R 13 日 前
I think they should just make an announcement for him to turn himself in to the authority. 😀
Njie6644 Zip hougarth
This is the funniest joke this 2023😂😂😂no comedian can beat this comedy
Isaiah Matthew
Isaiah Matthew 13 日 前
Since when was it a thing to issue an “arrest” warrant on another top government official?
Kendal pretty
Kendal pretty 11 日 前
Is a joke it will never happen to my putin
metatechnocrat 11 日 前
I have complete confidence the ICC will get their man on this crime as they have their top agent on the case, Chief inspector Jacques Clouseau.
​@Aboaye 😂😂😂
Aboaye 4 日 前
Clueless Clouseau 😂
Peli Mies
Peli Mies 13 日 前
Russia: "ICC has no jurisdiction in Russia." Zeleznyi:"Putin has no jurisdiction in Ukraine."
I’m died of cringe.
@Manfred Von Carstein Нет, Крым не Украина, никто в Крыму не считают себя украинцами и частью Украины, нам плевать на мнение левых стран.
I’m died of cringe.
@Mark True, as a native Crimean, I can safely say that no one in Crimea considers Russia's actions in 2014 an "occupation", everyone considers this a liberation and a return home. We never considered ourselves Ukrainians, all the plates and signs we had were in Russian, and most of the people were Russians.
Jay pears
Jay pears 13 日 前
It's a strong message to the Russian soldiers seeing their boss being free after so call ICC issue a serve warrant for him😂
Yessenzhol 13 日 前
who was arrested in US for the destruction of an entire country? (Iraq). It's different?🤣
Anni Cantika
Anni Cantika 12 日 前
It's allowed to dream about irrealistic things because dreaming is part of human rights😂
Jayden Pham
Jayden Pham 11 日 前
I thought I was watching mad tv... hilarious 😂
Barry Gaynor
Barry Gaynor 13 日 前
Well done, ICC!
riddick2737 11 日 前
Why cricket council is issuing arrest warrant 🧐🧐😂😂
Skydancer 13 日 前
I can’t imagine all the pain and loss. Those poor babies and their parents. May peace come back for everyone.
Mick Mcdonald
Mick Mcdonald 7 日 前
@Mayor of Hueco Mundo but they don't sit there and try to police the world in what's right and wrong
kyunw 8 日 前
@Mayor of Hueco Mundo yeah, but those nation not pointing finger like a baby I mean its that long ago its like 20 years ago How many children that die in middle east? I rather have russia took my child and place them in safer place than see them die in warzone
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
It’s good that we’re finally considering it. But fr tho, how tf are they gonna pull this off?
Admiral Johnny 101
That's the thing! They're not. This arrest warrant is nothing but symbolic. Since countries like USA, China, India and Russia don't recognize ICC. USA in particular has a policy of taking any actions it deems necessary if a service man is judged by ICC. This includes military actions. The policy is called 'American Service Man Protection Act' preventing ICC from prosecuting American war criminals.
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 13 日 前
Arresting Vladimir Putin let alone getting him to stand in front of a judge is like trying to punch God in the face.
RWE 8 日 前
@Grumpy Cat .. I would do the same. Better than The US at My Lai
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 8 日 前
@Rweinc Do you?
Rweinc 8 日 前
Do you even know the reason for the ICC warrant?
Maranatha 11 日 前
It's reminded me of the smart mouse who said, who will tied the knot around the cat's neck. 😂😂
oh my
oh my 13 日 前
Humans enjoy stuff animals don't or can't enjoy, like inner fulfillment. Due to this awesome feeling being spontaneous to the human nature, we inadvertently recycle it into another spontaneous feature of our nature: assuming our understanding is the one of everybody else, to the point of if it isn't ours will prevail for us... even fighting for it. Human justice seldom getting to deeply enough change someone's behaviour also tells we can seldom listen to what others say about us and give them a chance of having seen stuff in our behaviour that we didn't realize jeopardize others' wellbeing. Maybe because we're all endowed with seriously addicting inner fulfillment, in no way we would jeopardize misusing it.
TheSupreme 10 日 前
ICC: Vladimir Putin, you're under arrest! Putin: I miss the part where that's my problem
Chandler Berg
Chandler Berg 13 日 前
Holy moly this is amazing. It's decades late but for a world leader to have an arrest warrant... this is huge and in reality makes it impossible for him to leave Russia other than maybe China, Belarus nd a few other places as I don't see the ICC sending a team into a hostile nation to make the arrest
sunny ☀️ day
sunny ☀️ day 13 日 前
​@Joshua King hello murikan 🐕
Alyssa Heller
Alyssa Heller 13 日 前
@buttshivaz2505 thr entire situation is more complicated . And for the record, in the words of WW1 ambulence driver and American author, Ernest Hemingway, "Never think war, no matter how necessary, no matter how justified, is not a crime." War IS necessary sometimes and unavoidable sometimes. And there is no way to avoid all innocent life. Which is why war should always be a last resort and everyone should want it to end as quicky as possible. The cost is high for both sides. And it is SUPPOSED to be. And that should make people want to avoid war. And civilized people do. But again, sometimes you have to. You may not like it, but when you consider OBJECTIVELY, there were strong and valid reasons to go to war with Afganastan and Iraq. Im not saying it was handled and done well the entire time America was there, though Bush really wasnt the terrible leader people like to claim. And im not saying there arent individual events that could be war crimes didnt happen. But war crimes are legally defined words. Being the first side to initiate military contact is not automatically a war crime and not every instance of à civilian or innocent, or any death is also not a war crime automatically. And the complete devestation of an entire country or continent because à war is also not legally à war crime. Legally speaking, and im the daughter of a lawyer and a law student, it is so much more complicated than Bush had his own agenda. Bush did NOT do what Putin did to ukraine. And im not saying America has never done anything wrong or anything fucked up to its own people or to other countries. But the wars we have openly engaged in, (as a whole. As the reasons for fighting those wars), are actually not on that list. Our country gained its independence thru war (and revolutionary wars rarely are successful) and since then, America has always required moral and just reasons to fight and die for. Even Vietnam is not what people think. And that turned into a disaster because people lost sight of what brought us there. I could give you a whole history lesson, and no, it's not all rose-colored and portrays America as some super-hero type. America has made plenty of mistakes, plenty of wrong decisions, and has plenty of selfishness and self-absorption, and has made grave miscalculations. Which I love getting into because I believe it is a HUGE mistake to not remember the past. The past is prologue. And if you dont know the past, learn from it, then you WILL be doomed to repeat it. And I don't want America to repeat past mistakes and I don't want humankind to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again. Please consider, that MAYBE, just maybe, there is a more objective perspective, elements and events and circumstances that you are not considering when it comes to what brought America to Afghanistan and Iraq? Not to mention, Iraq may be in a different category as Afganastan? Is is possible you are forgiving the actions and decisions made by the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq and viewing them more favorably for your own reasons? Bestowing the benefit of the doubt for them because you have already decided what America, or the American government is. (I separate, generally, the people of a country from a government, and in most cases I do that with America too. But in very big things, like war, open war, I don't completely separate the American people from the government because, yes, Americans can't oversee everything going on the war and cannot control the day to day actions of the war, BUT the american government, because of how our system of government was designed and created, which was from scratch and was entirely unique at that time, by the Framers of the Constitution, who we often call, The Founding Fathers. I call them The Framers.) The American government, though can and does keep secrets, is supposed to be as transparent as possible AND is, in a great and very real way, by the people of America. The American government cannot, fight an open and direct war, without support and consent of the people. I don't think you want to know, just how many Americans supported invading Afganastan after September 11, 2001 attacks when over 3,000 Americans were murdered, just to send a message to America. And if you look at all the facts about September 11th attacks, legally, (under American laws about war, UN rules, International law, etc) but there is no recognized law that would justify, legally, the attack on 9/11 and, again, legally, America had the RIGHT to respond to Afganastan with war. It is unfortunate, though, because though the Taliban were supporting and harboring those responsible for attacking us, but the people of Afganistan would suffer so much (though most already were under Taliban rule, who were already,even before 9/11, were guilty under international law for their own human right offenses to their own people, and took control of Afganastan thru armed conflict as well.) Afghanistan, as many other countries, had not seen peace and prosperity for a long time (then they began getting a taste of safety and security and stability and the Biden HANDED THE COUNTRY BACK TO THE TALIBAN, just in a bizarre and fruitless attempt to just drop it and wash our country's hands of it? I, personally, found that a much more, exponentially more disgusting failure at being human than going to war with a government and throwing them out, and though it started for our own reasons, really was something that could have freed and helped an entire country. And then, we just...abandoned them after years AND handed the country back to a violent, oppressive group, we HAD literally beat and had always refused to recognize as a legit leader and government.. making everything from the beginning meaningless. The people who died. The money spent. The time away from families and home for soldiers and the separation of families in the fighting zone.. it made it all pointless. Could you just imagine, in 1945, germany has surrendered. Followed by Japan a bit later. Finding concentration camps and the horrors of what the nazis did from the very beginning of them coming inyo power, and the war crimes of the Japanese army, and then, because Americans decided that reconstruction is taking too long and it is too expensive, so America decides to pull out all military, medical, government, aid groups, money, etc everything AND just holt the investigations, the trials, and allow the surviving high ranking nazi officials to take their place back as the government of Germany? And it wasnt just horror during ww2. Hitler had always planned to invade the rest of Europe and beyond. Immediately after being elected chancellor he secretly began doing is eugenics bullshit. He had doctors and psychiatrists send mentally ill or mentally challenged patients away knowing they would be killed. He had dictors all over Germany do this, including babies born with any deformities being taken from parents (convincing the parents the baby needed special care and would be going to a place they would be able to get that care. Then the parents would get some letter saying their baby died from some natural cause), but when you start taking children from parents and the parent never sees them again, parents talk. And ask questions. This annoyed Hitler that he had to sneak around and make excuses. He LONGED for the war starting because he could then do anything in his country by just calling it a war measure. .anyway.. I'll shut up. Sorry my comment is so long and that I digressed a bit at the end. I'm sure you get my point.
MiaNaomi Post
MiaNaomi Post 12 日 前
The narratives are growing more and more interesting 🧐 The one world alignment unfolds with great intrigue!
Rygard Ntemena
Rygard Ntemena 13 日 前
This is really outrageous 😅😅😅
Rahul 5 日 前
Meanwhile Putin : This world shall know pain
lambda calculus
lambda calculus 13 日 前
The right decision! Very good! So many kids got separated from their families. Imagine the feeling when your child went missing.
kyunw 8 日 前
Imagine the feeling when ur children is missing and death
eve blot
eve blot 12 日 前
i dont have to. i live in the usa.
Samurai Cheems
Samurai Cheems 13 日 前
@Mark nah
A to Z
A to Z 6 日 前
Even Biden fell off his chair laughing when he heard this 🤣
Jenny Eidson
Jenny Eidson 13 日 前
I know we’re all desensitized but this is huge 😢
omoney Nice
omoney Nice 11 日 前
@Bonnie i am glad, dont want anyone to suffer or in anyway feel discomfort. But you side with someone who sanctioned venezuela and have people searching for food, fighting for toilet paper, and then you speak about humanity. So care about only some???...you side with them, who have raped the caribbean with policies only beneficial to them? Then i am to look on everybody else as the bad guy?
Dummy_Nation 12 日 前
A thought for the family whose child been taken away, what a horrible day that must have been.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 12 日 前
Oh yes poor kids getting taken to places away from war zones
chayoto 12 日 前
Sadly, however, many of those families are somewhere out there, not being offered the last courtesy of a proper burial.
Mr DIM 13 日 前
Putin has lots of "Look-a-likes" around him. They go to all his meetings and public duties. Have you not noticed that he is always filmed in an office on his own ?
Star War
Star War 10 日 前
Jose Pepet B. Flores
Putin: You want to arrest me, are you kidding? ICC: No sir, we're not kidding. Putin: Well, you need to face my Nukes first! ICC: Sorry sir, you were mistaken as our subject. Putin: Get it right, okey?
lmaonade 11 日 前
this has got to be one of the biggest bruh moments of all time...
Buxus1639 13 日 前
Vladimir and two friends, a Chechen warlord and an Amur Oblast governor, had car trouble in the countryside, before they asked to spend the night with a farmer. The farmer said, "There might be a problem; you see, I only have room for two to sleep, so one of you must sleep in the barn." "No problem," chimed the Chechen, "My people fought for forty years, I am humble enough to sleep in the barn for an evening." With that he departed to the barn and the others bedded down for the night. Moments later a knock was heard at the door; the farmer opened the door. There, from the barn, stood the warlord. "What's wrong?" asked the farmer. He replied, "I am grateful to you, but I can't sleep in the barn. There is a pig in the barn, and my Muslim faith believes them to be unclean animals." His Buddhist friend agrees to swap places with him. But a few minutes later, the scene reoccurs, after another knock on the door. "What's wrong, now?" the farmer asks. The Buddhist governor replies, "I too am grateful for your helping us out, but there is a cow in the barn and in my country, cows are considered sacred. I can't sleep near a cow" Well, that leaves only Vladimir to make the change. He grumbled and complained but went out to the barn. Moments later there was another knock on the farmer's door. Frustrated and tired, the farmer opens the door, and there stood.... the pig 🐖 and the cow 🐄
Rajiv Shori
Rajiv Shori 13 日 前
@ZimrahkiYHWH Mountain a bear outcast from other bears😅😅😅😅
Rajiv Shori
Rajiv Shori 13 日 前
He who lives by the sword dies by the sword 😮😮😮😊😊😊
Rajiv Shori
Rajiv Shori 13 日 前
The cow and pig were chased away by Putin to come for help 😅😅😅😅
Charity 13 日 前
Not funny
Real Life Of Animals
Good comments. ❤❤
nemokenash 13 日 前
Ok, now that powerful court will probably send people to arrest the accused and judge him, because otherwise this whole organization becomes funnier than a circus.
philmirez 12 日 前
ICP has also issued an arrest warrant for Putin. If you have any details about his whereabouts please contact corporate officials at Faygo.
Eze Caleb
Eze Caleb 5 日 前
Everything is fair in love and war
based femboi
based femboi 12 日 前
It's fascinating watching two dying empires desperately try to hold on to power
akong peter
akong peter 9 日 前
This kind of arrest warrant is only delivered through TV or other medias😅😅
Orencio Deguzman
Orencio Deguzman 13 日 前
The correspondent loses it in a split second…😂😂😂
FloridaPeach 13 日 前
I can see his level of paranoia rising as we speak. Even if it's not possible I think he would be looking over his shoulder now
ben pasquale
ben pasquale 12 日 前
if they put a huge price tag on him he will
haruna musa cloud
Inside mother Russia??.. not even once
ByzantineHoney 13 日 前
Ben Lachica
Ben Lachica 11 日 前
How are they going to arrest him? 😂
lemonrand1 13 日 前
When Putin loses he’ll report to icc himself for protection lol
Alexander Trang
Alexander Trang 10 日 前
Reading the comments is more educational than the video itself.
Fishing with Essex
This request will never be carried out without full approval of the council, that is, if the Chancelor agrees...
Green Fire
Green Fire 13 日 前
@Joshua Castillo It's treason then! ARGHHHH *flies with lightsaber*
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Adam Ak
Adam Ak 13 日 前
HI I've seen positive reviews on this woman Ashley Morgan for about the fourth time now, I think I have to try.
Markus 13 日 前
Mrs. Ashley Morgan is a great broker, her market analysis never fails. I have traded with her for the past 3 years. I started trading with her with 3 BTC. Now in my 10th trade with her, my portfolio is worth over 40 BTC, never let her go.
Tom Hammer
Tom Hammer 12 日 前
Raw material for future cannon fodder! Good luck to the ICC.
Ricky Ryan
Ricky Ryan 13 日 前
Putin won’t give up lightly, I believe they’ve backed him into a corner and might make him do something big in response
ben pasquale
ben pasquale 12 日 前
@Katsuo exactly...the 2nd part of ur sentence is whats going to happen when they get sick of him
Katsuo 13 日 前
yeah thats entirely possible. he can either continue to escalate the war and prolong it or the russian oligarchs and officials decide to do something about him
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 9 日 前
Means absolutely nothing! They know where he is but are not going there to arrest him anytime soon.
Hundo Lz
Hundo Lz 13 日 前
Putin chillin at the crib like “come and get me then” 😂
Aye Lwin
Aye Lwin 9 日 前
This is very good news
Nancy G
Nancy G 13 日 前
As a mother, this is heartbreaking.
RacistPixel 13 日 前
@sub R0cky proofs or didn't happened
sub R0cky
sub R0cky 13 日 前
@RacistPixel russians admit doing it
Look Where I Brought You
As a dog, woof woof!
Adam Fields
Adam Fields 12 日 前
Whoever attempts to arrest him I hope they wear a GoPro. It’d be hilarious to see how the arrest attempt fails miserably.
L13 12 日 前
Symbolic as it is, I’d rather have people at least try to bring justice instead of just giving up
ONELife 8 日 前
I think it’s impossible to arrest Putin 😅
Samuel Kamoche
Samuel Kamoche 12 日 前
International cooking committee is becoming more and more powerful 😂
crack groups
crack groups 11 日 前
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