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When Chance first watched Stranger Things on Netflix, he was instantly hooked. He was in LOVE with the show, and every day at school, he would ask all his friends and classmates if they were watching. It was his favorite thing to talk about!
When he heard that season two was coming out, Chance decided that the only thing better than watching Stranger Things was be to actually be ON Stranger Things. While he didn't consider himself the best actor in the world, he grew up watching his sister act and be amazing on stage, and he wanted to follow in her footsteps.
So, he went online and looked at every website he could find to see if there were any casting calls for Stranger Things extras. He searched and searched, but he couldn't find anything online. He signed up for two casting apps - Project Casting and Casting Taylor Made - and he submitted his information. He did everything he could to land an audition, but he was slightly discouraged when he didn't immediately get a response.
One day, in the middle of class, he received an e-mail notification on his phone. He couldn't believe it - it was from the casting agency! When he got out of school and checked the e-mail, he started to totally freak out - he had been selected as an extra for Stranger Things! He called his mom and they both celebrated through texting.
When it was time for Chance to appear on the show, he could hardly contain his excitement. He had a fitting for his costume, and he was dressed in a special outfit for the scene. When he walked into the room for filming, he could hardly believe his eyes - he saw Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Sean Astin, David Harbour AND Winona Ryder! Some of his favorite actors from his favorite TV shows were all standing in the same room as him!
Chance ended up dancing the background of the Snow Ball dance scene, and it was such a cool experience. He has so many awesome memories from working on set, and when he looks back at that day, he can hardly believe it when he says, "I was in a Stranger Things episode!"
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BoseFn 4 時間 前
Hahahahaha funny joke
Akilah Emma
Akilah Emma 14 時間 前
U r s oooo lucky
《Itz Julliana 》 UwU
Me too haha im so addicted to stranger things
Connor Broughton
Connor Broughton 23 時間 前
This is so much bull shit
Maria Navarro
You look like troy were you him?
Mihajlo Gladanac
ELMO 日 前
this fake cuz nohe was thete he not nhoe
Cyber Junk
Cyber Junk 日 前
Good for him. I wish I was in stranger things xD
Rigo DaDrifter
Not bragging or anything... but... I played as air in a school play.
He's a fucking liar
dax maliwat
dax maliwat 日 前
Are you noah schapp (ldk spell)
Swantje Ernest
Vanessa DeLeon
where is noah????!!!!!
Carlos Gaming
Good story and all where is Noah?!? Chanse plays will
Aubryana Swords
Aubryana Swords 2 日 前
Before this I saw a commercial with Laura jean from to all the boys I’ve loved before and she opened her locker and a ton of subs came out lol
Carralié Alice Whitewood
Wasn't everyone
A-a-Ron Jurado-Carrasco
This is fake
Havoc 3 時間 前
Bryan Derp2
Bryan Derp2 2 日 前
Where were you in the scene?
BigBash 3 日 前
Fresh the fishi With IQ
Lol this isnt real
Arda OZD
Arda OZD 3 日 前
Was Noah there?
Petraz Couto
Petraz Couto 3 日 前
Wait are you WILL
Nely Hermosillo
Nely Hermosillo 3 日 前
Eleven is my favorite character STRANGER Things & Dustin, I like how he talks with teeth missing.
Maria Alamilla
Maria Alamilla 3 日 前
Michaela_playz }
I think this is not real
static productions
This is fake one reson is that the suffer brothers forbid the use of make up. And they only use makeup to make the characters look beaten up or worse.
Jonuz 4 日 前
In his dreams he is in the show
Madelin Bonilla
Madelin Bonilla 4 日 前
In stranger things
Madelin Bonilla
Madelin Bonilla 4 日 前
I think he is will
jessica lopez
jessica lopez 4 日 前
So you were Max in stranger things!?
Coolcat Montoya
Coolcat Montoya 4 日 前
OMG now I wanna watch it
Whitney Blackwood
So..he was will?!?!
Peridot Playzz
Peridot Playzz 5 日 前
Not to brag but I was a rock in my school play😎
Loser dayz
Loser dayz 5 日 前
l u c k y
Pedro Diaz
Pedro Diaz 5 日 前
I know who you are should i till thou?
Liam Littlejohn
Liam Littlejohn 5 日 前
Season four is coming out as well and I love stranger things too
PersXn a
PersXn a 5 日 前
Storybooth: Real stories Other Animations: *My Dog Got Me Pregnant And I Gave Birth To It's Puppy*
Moonlight Shadow Girl
I want to be an actress and I want to be on Coronation Street.. xD.
Dog 5 日 前
I feel like he’s Noah schnapp Lol
Kenedi McCorkle
Kenedi McCorkle 5 日 前
Like being able to share a story
Kenedi McCorkle
Kenedi McCorkle 6 日 前
How do you do one of these?
Kolten Lewandowski
What are you called zombie boy
Matthew the mcool dude
evelyn jane
evelyn jane 7 日 前
i pray this is going to be meee. i signed up for casting taylor made to be an extra for season 4 and i’m still waiting for them to announce future minor casting calls literally anytime now. but they definitely won’t hire me because i live all the way in ohio and they mainly want locals , but i’m willing to pay for my own travels and everything ugh idk
Cisco Alanis
Cisco Alanis 7 日 前
Did go to acting school
Katie Paton
Katie Paton 7 日 前
He’s will
Gamer_girl _plays
So lucky
Leonidas Wan
Leonidas Wan 7 日 前
Oh ya what character were you? Like both my comments if you like STRANGER things too
Leonidas Wan
Leonidas Wan 7 日 前
I LOVE STRANGER THINGS TOO!!!!(Oh ya this was typed in 2020 and I'm waiting for season 4 to come out
Awwwwww. I DidNt GeT a ChaNce To bE on StrAnGer ThiNgS 4
Jake The LEGO Minifig
wahts nin this puel fuel :l
Jake The LEGO Minifig
is he the do him; wahts in his naceey: purl fuelw him: : l *mak fac8
Gacha Daizez
Gacha Daizez 7 日 前
Gacha Daizez
Gacha Daizez 7 日 前
I want this to be my reality
Gacha Daizez
Gacha Daizez 7 日 前
Tamika M
Tamika M 8 日 前
“what’s in this?” “pure fuel”
Meera Alsaedi
Meera Alsaedi 8 日 前
You are soooooooooo lucky
Brynja Dan Agnarsdottir
Patsy Morales
Patsy Morales 8 日 前
I have a feeling that he’s Noah
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