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Givenchy recently came out with makeup for ALL GENDERS… yes people, unisex makeup apparently is a thing. In my opinion a thing nobody asked for because makeup already is for EVERYBODY! Makeup doesn’t need labels! But how do these products apply? Are they any good? Let’s find out!
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NikkieTutorials ヶ月 前
*WHAT ARE YOU GUYS' THOUGHTS????* I'm a little pissed tbh...
Galexy luv
Galexy luv 12 日 前
No I like how it’s “unisex” but it’s called MR. Unisex 😒like wtf
Elliott Foote
Elliott Foote 15 日 前
Why make an entire makeup collection with a “unisex” label slapped on it when all you need to do as a company is market/advertise PRE-EXISTING makeup differently so that it is more inclusive? i.e. use male models, don’t just use sparkles and glitter on packaging, etc.
Tegan Rogers
Tegan Rogers 16 日 前
Couldn’t agree more there is no such thing as male makeup and female makeup
NikkieTutorials you mean your
Anna Lena
Anna Lena 2 日 前
‚i have a Mister light and i have a Mister...... what?‘ 😂 i just can‘t 😂😂😂
EdenP 3 日 前
It's definitely a marketing strategy. They used masculine packaging, called each product Mr., and changed the name to more simple things so that the people starting with those wouldn't understand the words of other products, e.g. concealer, and have to stay with that company. I also think they called it unisex because of the backlash saying makeup for men, or that would only be seen as for feminine guys, or in this toxic masculinity system the man could buy it and not feel judged as it's unisex so they could be buying it for their gf or mum I was surprised that there didn't seem to be any instructions, or if there was Nikki didn't look at them. Also I was expecting a beard filler too as that would actually be useful as a unisex product, beard/brow filler, something like that If you want to review a true unisex company then you should try fluide
Lexi Senpai
Lexi Senpai 4 日 前
It’s obviously targeted towards men they just being extra
Lexi Senpai
Lexi Senpai 4 日 前
Isn’t makeup in general already unisex ?
Nicolle Mlynarek
Nicolle Mlynarek 4 日 前
Unisex Makeup is redundant. All makeup is unisex 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tara Lynn
Tara Lynn 6 日 前
I think this was a good idea for asexual people. But that’s just me
Emily Johnston
Emily Johnston 7 日 前
Her hoodie is giving me thug vibes & then she goes “what’s up” she didn’t choose the thug life, thug life chose her 😂
madi mcelwee
madi mcelwee 7 日 前
makeup was originally made for men...
Avaaa 7 日 前
Makeup is unisex who cares if it’s pink or have hearts if you go to the men’s section of a clothing store they have pink shirts that also have hearts
thomas van amelsfort
thomas van amelsfort 10 日 前
your kanker uglij
Krystyna Rohde
Krystyna Rohde 10 日 前
Nikkie putting things on her face that look like absolutely nothing for 13 mins straight
lexie cisneros
lexie cisneros 11 日 前
Makeup is for boys and girls you are so true Nikki!!✌🙅💁
Damian Kaos
Damian Kaos 13 日 前
Ill stick with my laura mercier tarte morphe nars stuff thanks
Makeup is worn by boys and girls and it wasn’t targeted to a specific gender then it never said for girls only or boys only or for both genders it was just makeup
Brittany S
Brittany S 16 日 前
“Makeup doesn’t have labels” Calls product a she
Bianca Juliani
Bianca Juliani 16 日 前
Nikki: i’m taking the tiniest amount possible Also Nikki: OK so it seems I finished the primer bottle
xoxCuteNoorxox MSP
xoxCuteNoorxox MSP 17 日 前
I tought the tile said i tried sex makeup
mlm2167 18 日 前
It looks orangey! Wait until you go outside!😱😳
Mags Albergaria
Mags Albergaria 19 日 前
The irony of them saying it’s “unisex” but they call their products “mister”
Lukas Mec
Lukas Mec 20 日 前
I’m a male and to me it doesn’t matter whether it says unisex or not. it still feels kind of weird when going to the shop and buying things in pink packaging with all the “female slogans” on it. Also many guys fear of being judged for that but in the end i’d prefer to get a good quality product instead of a crappy “unisex” one,
Laima B.
Laima B. 20 日 前
Unisex make up? Did they mean marketing targeted @ fragile masculinity? No one truly comfortable with their gender identity gives a damn about labeling makeup already 🤷🏻‍♀️
Mary's Beauty
Mary's Beauty 20 日 前
Yeeeeaaaaaah this line was basically pointless.
hopey g
hopey g 20 日 前
If a guy is interested in getting into makeup, there’s millions of products he already has to choose from. I think it’s nice that this line appeals to a different democratic. The makeup industry is massive and can be challenging to dive into. Makeup is already unisex I agree, but plenty of guys still have an internal judgement towards using it. It could have been done better but I think the idea could expand the demographic of makeup even more than it had already reached.
Rachel Warner
Rachel Warner 20 日 前
Theyre not supposed to be full coverage/full glam. Im sure theyre supposed to be unrecognizable. The glow gel im sure would look great if you took a decent amount and spread it around like a moisturizer. the concealer isnt supposed to completely conceal your skin, it will just give a little coverage where you need it. I think that making it for men is just a better way to make a line of natural looking makeup products..
Kayleah Bell
Kayleah Bell 20 日 前
Is it just me or did anyone else think makeup was already for everyone???😂🤣🤣🤣
FrkKatch 20 日 前
Preach queeeen 🙌🏻🙌🏻👑👑
Chanel van slooten
Chanel van slooten 21 日 前
Oui oui, I want some food in my belly. Love this comment 😂❤
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HIBROWS Microblading 21 日 前
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Nick Cs
Nick Cs 21 日 前
makeup is a one size fits all❤
Emily Anderson
Emily Anderson 21 日 前
That’s a fail Givenchy
Sabrina Latham
Sabrina Latham 21 日 前
I think this collection was targeted more towards more "masculine" men (or women). The reason why everything is super sheer is that straight men are probably not going to want full, max, coverage, but just a little bit. This set would probably be good if you are just getting into make up because it seems to have most of the essentials and seems pretty easy to apply. Or, it just might be something entirely different and just a marketing strategy so that people see it online, and say, "Ooh, what's that? I want to try it!" and Givenchy ends up getting your money. I dunno, I'm just guessing. 😐
kyan78 22 日 前
Honestly, i feel it’s more to make it accessible for men. Men generally don’t know much about make-up and probably have different needs (eg more natural looking sheen products instead of full coverage). Maybe it’s marketing, but to be fair, there’s also men’s/women’s deodorant, moisturizes and razors - wouldn’t that also be the same (and worth a rand?). What do you think of the Boy de Chanel?
allaine_ lia
allaine_ lia 22 日 前
"That looks like diluted poop" 😂😂😂😂
Love Horsemanship- Loyalty Over Violent Engagement
The only things that need labels are clothes (size) and food (expiry date).
madison clifton
madison clifton 23 日 前
lolz makeup is just pigment on your face why is there so much stigma
DesolateArt 23 日 前
Why cant they just have a line for guys who want to make themselves feel better about themselves, like dark circles etc, so straight guys can go get some without feeling embarrassed?
Cate Fry
Cate Fry 24 日 前
I can honestly say Givenchy is just trying to get there name talked about which it worked, but gimmicks like this are more of a turnoff to me. So I wouldn’t run out and buy anything from them just because it imo is kinda shady.
hani hajjar
hani hajjar 24 日 前
Tbh the concealer sounded nice the rest was meaningless to me! I have black under my eyes the others didn’t give me that wow factor! And this mister label thing what’s up with that!? I thought it was “unisex”. I believe it is just marketing to look different and, well, to sell! I wouldn’t recommend nor buy 💁🏻‍♂️
La RaPi
La RaPi 24 日 前
Tbh I hope mu doesn't become the norm for men only because they all ready look good without it. Idk
Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis 24 日 前
Make up is unisex, i use make up all the time for various reasons. However, i can see why a lot of guys, gay or straight, are hesitant with make up because A) A vast majority of make up is marketed for females, B) Boys by society in general are told that make up is for women, except for under rare circumstances. This collection might help guys feel a bit more comfortable with make up, but in the end it seems to follow more them riding the inclusive trend. Also i dont understand these products? not only are those pens really useful for a handful of people, it also doesn't seem user friendly, making guys new to make up hesitant once again. And i have no idea what that gel is for.
La RaPi
La RaPi 24 日 前
Most would only use it if it was bought as a gift for them as well maybe lol my bro only uses skin care because I got him a men's range. He also uses concealer (not his own, yet?) on blemishes.. He is a 6'4 officer. I'm proud haha.
Freddy Venti
Freddy Venti 24 日 前
I believe when you said her you missed the chance of saying “herm”😂
Did nobody noticed she meant to put your instead of you
Rachel Modha
Rachel Modha 24 日 前
Givenchy oui oui I want some food in my belly 😂😂😂😂. I’m actually dying
Stranger Things
Stranger Things 24 日 前
I think they've just said unisex because there like because its 2019/2018 people will buy it more . When obviously all makeup is unisex😂
foochtube 25 日 前
I just bought concealer today from Sephora, and I even my skin tone with bronzer... I do it purely to hide the darkness under my eyes. I also do it because it makes me feel more comfortable. Both products are "make up", for "girls", but like you said Nikkie, make up is or everyone!! So lets all enjoy it!
artluver94c 25 日 前
This is pure money grubbing. Givenchy didn't want to call it a men's line because it would close out sales from women but it is completely trying to get money from men so they aren't embarrassed to use "girl products" it continues toxic masculinity. It's the same reason they have razors, shampoo, hair products marketed for "men" with dark black and blue packaging. Let people wear and use whatever products they want to!
itz_jaden Emily Jaden Etris
Who else never skips that Ad’s bc you know it takes from a shisters paycheck????
Just Maiyah
Just Maiyah 25 日 前
Died when you was talking about the eyebrow gel 😩😩
Ashley Fletchall
Ashley Fletchall 25 日 前
I think it's just geared more towards straight men.
Emir Taner
Emir Taner 26 日 前
i am a male and i use concealer and foundation and idont care bout packed i care about quality of the product and im not gonna fall in to the marketing sh*t. sorry givnchy
Angie Castillo
Angie Castillo 26 日 前
If you're a dude and would like to try out makeup check up korean makeup brands, there are plenty of them that are targeted for men or are unisex (without openly calling it unisex for marketing purposes) starting with the packaging, to the properties and all that stuff. Givenchy ain't the first brand to go unisex, you just have to search somewhere else and be open for other options (more affordable, I must say)
Chelsea Taylor
Chelsea Taylor 26 日 前
the tea is makeup is and always was unisex
Ana 27 日 前
For me personally, I feel that the beauty gurus and influencers might have genderized makeup a bit when they began to say for example "She is pigmented" instead of "It is pigmented" when they review or swatch products. I have never understood why that trend began.
channiejj1986 27 日 前
Hoii Nikkie! Loveee je tutorials!! ik vroeg mij af tijdens het bekijken van deze tutorial aangezien er dus ook al "Unisex" make up bestaat, bestaat er ook "Biologische" make up? Smeer het sap van een rode roos op lip, (als het uberhaubt sap heeft🤣) en Voila, rode lippen!!?? Bestaat dat? Kan dat? En is het misschien een uitdaging..? Of had je dat al een x gedaan🤔 Groetjes Chantal.
madi5286 27 日 前
I think this product is great because it serves a really underserved market: - homophobic men who think they'll die if someone assumes they're gay - bigoted family members buying makeup for a boy who has expressed interest in it Glad these good folks have more options now :/
Grace Ordung
Grace Ordung 27 日 前
I feel like if they wanted to market to men or straight men specifically they could have released a line with minimal packaging that focused on a more natural look/ less coverage. Especially if they focused on the aspect of not needing a blush or beauty sponge for application.
Abigail Montgomery
Abigail Montgomery 28 日 前
You could have done the exact same thing with other products. If they would just change the marketing to include both sexes, it would work
Danica R
Danica R 28 日 前
brianna wood
brianna wood 28 日 前
if it’s unisex why is the name “mr.” 🤔
Abraham E
Abraham E 28 日 前
by labeling something as unisex you insinuate that other makeup isn’t unisex
Jocelyn Menendez-Aponte
Jocelyn Menendez-Aponte 28 日 前
If anything this line is less unisex than other makeup because it calls it the “mister” line.
Marley Bayne
Marley Bayne 28 日 前
Ummmmm yeah.... Exactly where in the rule book does it say that only women can wear makeup? Art is for everyone: female, male, and everything in between. 💜
War Sa
War Sa 28 日 前
Kelley Barrera
Kelley Barrera 28 日 前
If you want a good brow gel try out colourpop’s! You can get clear or tinted and the tinted is really pigmented. It stays wet for quite a bit (about 30 mins) but after it’s dried it’s not going anywhere.
Maggie Lieb
Maggie Lieb 28 日 前
Do they want to target stright men who want to look flawless but not have the stigma around "wearing makeup"?
Lillian Towne
Lillian Towne 29 日 前
a really good cheep eyebrow gel is the elf clear eyebrow eyelash duo. the eyelash part isn’t amazing but the eyebrow gels great
Lillian Towne
Lillian Towne 29 日 前
and it’s 2.00 at walmart
korinna kettle
korinna kettle 29 日 前
What mirror does Nikkie use?
In Sook Bang
In Sook Bang 29 日 前
It seems like they were more targeting men than all genders, which is silly because there are already make up brands that cater to cis het men. Not as many as the ones that cater to femmes, but like....I just don't get it. I agree it's a marketing ploy, not an attempt at true inclusivity.
A K 29 日 前
I’m a bisexual man and I use tarte shape tape haha
TheStarpipe 29 日 前
I get the idea of like creating a line for average straight male that doesn't use makeup but would like to have a little something to umpf up their presentation of themselves without being too out there and feeling too girly about it, i just think they marketed it kind of wrong. I think they had this "male" line in mind and they were like "no, we can't do that that's kinda sexist" so they named it ✨🙌unisex🙌✨ like that's the most revolutionary idea ever. I think they know 100% that make up is for all genders, they tried to make it an ~inclusive~ male line which, obviously, didn't carry out that well
Mariana Rojas
Mariana Rojas 29 日 前
There's only one thing i can't stand about nikkie... why the hell she always be using the tiniest mirrors in the world 🤬 first the nars one and now the Fendi one. Heck they're not even mirrors they're makeup kits with a mirror .... enough of my rant love u nikkieee
Mariana Rojas
Mariana Rojas 29 日 前
Imagine not understanding a joke
Sophine Nijland
Sophine Nijland 29 日 前
Mariana Rojas imagine having time to be mad abt that
superstrz superstrz
superstrz superstrz 29 日 前
Sadly there is a label for manly men that being said I truly feel make up is just make up and packaging certainly plays a big role the more have content on here and keep breaking those stereo types hopefully everyone will realize that makeup is just a formula ...... ❤️
Hope Morgenstein '24
Hope Morgenstein '24 29 日 前
glow gel is a face wash
lilmissnerdy 123
lilmissnerdy 123 29 日 前
5:18 There are plenty of straight men who wear makeup, they just prefer to stick with eyeliner or bb cream & concealer because a full base simply is not for them. Why is that such a hard thing to understand & accept?
Maddy More
Maddy More 29 日 前
“That looks like diluted poop.” Nikki... I was eating.
Alex Larson
Alex Larson 29 日 前
I hate the word "unisex." I like "gender neutral" better, and there are more than just two sexes and way more than two genders lol. Pass. Makeup is for everyone who wants to use it!
Paige Du Plooy
Paige Du Plooy 29 日 前
That gel stuff is meant to be rubbed into your face and the little ball things tint your face
Kett Everdeen
Kett Everdeen 20 日 前
But why is it this dark ? Like it can't match her skin tone
chloé mii
chloé mii ヶ月 前
make up is already unisex! there’s just stigma around it sadly,
Яeiko FUKK
Яeiko FUKK ヶ月 前
Look at South Korea. Men were wearing makeup and taking care of themselves for years now but well 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️
marggie rose
marggie rose ヶ月 前
Repent. Jesus is returning. We need to be ready by walking in holiness. Don't fall for deception. Don't fall for worthiness. Don't fall for sin.
Briah Nicole
Briah Nicole ヶ月 前
Makeup for men but natural. I dont think these people understand that when we say anyone can wear makeup...this isnt what we mean.
Matthew Blixt
Matthew Blixt ヶ月 前
I didn’t like they way the first “concealer” didn’t really blend after application. It still looked like the triangles you drew originally. This product isn’t good.
thangerstrings ヶ月 前
femininity is threatening to some people so they have to make it as masculine as possible if they wanna make money off of a wider demographic. I understand why that is silly but marketing is silly anyway and corporations have to rely on how western society works even if it's toxic and literally the root cause of misogyny and gay panic
Mathieu Jules
Mathieu Jules ヶ月 前
Even the packaging is useless... I have a NYX concealer (only makeup I use) and the packaging is black. Also the Make Up Forever one ! So for their black circles men have already the choice without this « unisex » makeup
gitte ヶ月 前
sis we don't need unisex makeup? first of all, it aint all that, now is it? the products could've been 10 times better. second of all, makeup is makeup, makeup doesn't scream "only for girls", society did, but now it's already 2019 and boys doing makeup, or non binary people doing makeup, that's just normal. so no one, literally NO ONE asked for that. and calling a shade name "mister" that definitely aint it sis.
Yessy Medina
Yessy Medina ヶ月 前
Nikkie por favor ponle subtítulos en español amo tus videos,pero no soy muy buena en el ingles😔
menecarkawan ヶ月 前
I think the glow gel is probably meant to be a bronzer
ishallbelieve23 ヶ月 前
Where is Dutch word of the day???
Kylie Jacqueline
Kylie Jacqueline ヶ月 前
everything's unisex if u don't give a fuck
Tracey Marrero
Tracey Marrero ヶ月 前
I agree with you Nikki... Since the beginning of makeup men have been using it also. This was a total money focused collection. There's nothing new or groundbreaking. Everything they made is sold in drug stores around the world except they slapped Givenchy on it and charged $100 for it. 🤦🤦🤦🤦
Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon ヶ月 前
I do believe make-up is already unisex and there's no reason to make makeup "specifically for men" and "specifically for women". Makeup is art. There are no paints, colored pencils, oils or anything that are particularly for men or for women. IT. IS. ART. Plain and simple. Now, Nikkie, I love just about all of your videos and I have never EVER been disappointed BUT are you no longer doing Dutch word of the day? It seemed like you were really enjoying that and it brought some of you and your culture into your videos. No matter what you decide, we love you anyways!
QueenMinks28 xD
QueenMinks28 xD ヶ月 前
I like it!
Kiwizle ヶ月 前
Cover girl had the first male model...this brands behind lol
holdingbacktheflood ヶ月 前
All makeup is unisex. They clearly aimed this at men who want to look natural.
marxalenina ヶ月 前
The majority of man would never wear makeup. I appreciate that Givenchy is trying to offer an option that may help them feel more comfortable with doing so. Not everyone is James Charles, makeup is definitely far from being universal in real life.
Maia Mocanu
Maia Mocanu ヶ月 前
Love your earring
dirthart29 I A G M W
dirthart29 I A G M W ヶ月 前
A bunch of sticks is what they are no self respecting man will want to wear that bunch of goop on his face. My face is me and if the world don't like it they can jump in to a flaming pit and roast for ever ever. If I have pimples? thats me! if I have bags under the eyes? thats me! dark circles around the eyes thats me!
Alan Curtin
Alan Curtin ヶ月 前
Hi Shannon
Hi Shannon ヶ月 前
This is garbage.
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