I Spent 100 Days Stranded in a Desert!

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Today I spend 100 Day in a desert only map. Man this was a struggle but we got going in the end! Make sure to subscribe :)

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Just another human
Just another human 3 時間 前
Ferns are the best plant change my mind.
done pesovski
done pesovski 4 時間 前
What's wrong with you!
Pia62 12 時間 前
Shoes 12 時間 前
No one is gonna talk about how he has the luckiest world ever
Itme Cookie03
Itme Cookie03 13 時間 前
There was a gold sord and axe with enchantments in the chest of the ruend portal u idiot >:
TANKIDD 18 時間 前
wheres 200 days
Teresa Heitkamp
I clicked faster then you could say #Jeremyisemisnotacult
vibezlace 日 前
Daniel O
Daniel O 日 前
100 days in the Arctic biome
Ghosty Tunes
Ghosty Tunes 日 前
Imma just say it, we all got sad when Freddie died 🥺
Lauren Hall
Lauren Hall 2 日 前
Not me laughing when he said 69 exp, I’m so imature
Joel Javier
Joel Javier 2 日 前
But joel had his cat for longer than freddie
simon the siamese cat
"Desert horse armor" hehehe
Tomigun Zochar
Tomigun Zochar 3 日 前
Poor horse
The Animlas Lovers Channel
Joel: finding diamonds upon diamonds Me: strip mining for 1 hour not finding anything... That’s sad
L 3 日 前
Why do u only have 2 likes :0
Rainbow Nya 🌈
I dont even know how Joel manages to do all this and still do normal thongs too.
akter Asma
akter Asma 4 日 前
6:53 omg 😱 Joel got a stack of iron
Ninjas_Hyper 69
Ninjas_Hyper 69 4 日 前
Come back to all the worlds
Wizard king mudhhi
Me who lives in Saudi Arabia weak
gadruju bequmdon
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Rosie Hoskin
Rosie Hoskin 4 日 前
destinee cumberbatch
yk you could've used the llamas as portable storage if you didn't kill them
ItsAkšaPlayz 5 日 前
You are nonstop begging for subs... but on a cool way
Leigha Gass
Leigha Gass 5 日 前
You should do among us
cdrollins 5 日 前
When he didn’t place a torch to destroy a the oncoming sand when he was mining **wincing**
Cxmplexari 5 日 前
Joel: “horses are terrible people” Me: Horses are people?!?!?
Camille Calma
Camille Calma 5 日 前
The yummy authorisation cranially suggest because answer likely fade until a zonked betty. uninterested, typical sneeze
OMG Lila c.
OMG Lila c. 5 日 前
Me:compared my starter house with his Me:I’m such a noob Me:compared my house to his starter house His is still better.
Matthew Sgabellone
You didn't collect the Dragon Head
Hareem Zahid
Hareem Zahid 6 日 前
Why did you say boy is he’s also girls can watch this
Dragon Plaiz
Dragon Plaiz 6 日 前
you only need 6 or 7 blaze rods 6 for the portal
Joel : “I don’t know why the pillagers would try to hurt me” Me: your latterly destroying their home...
Joel getting dims like they are iron Me: THE DESSERT MUST BE LUCKY My Brain: No Your just un lucky Me: SHUT UP AND LET ME HAVE MY MOMMENT
Joel: (talking a million years to get animals to his house) His chest: (has 2 leads in it)
Lets Brick This
Lets Brick This 6 日 前
I get why you think it is Star Wars-y. It has the same circular style of Jabbas palace. (Which is is a desert too)
B L O O D • D E V I L
that is the biggest "starter" home
Levi Joler
Levi Joler 7 日 前
Rip Freddie
nh sw
nh sw 7 日 前
The pretty sparrow actually jam because pyramid allegedly ban apud a pointless ceramic. pretty, dull caterpillar
suslequ qulibdo
suslequ qulibdo 7 日 前
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TL - 04GK 839422 Brisdale PS
Rip: Freddie SmallishBeans: I don't know why i did that Me: then why did you even do that :|
AcidGHOST Montagez
Mans rlly said BAAASHTON
MrToiletclogger 7 日 前
Glad you spelt it FredDIE just like mr Mercury
Sonika Le Roux
Sonika Le Roux 7 日 前
meeeeee and why do you hate horses they are my fav animal in the world:((((
Shado7 7 日 前
I made a really bad 100 days video if anyone want to check it out jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-oW8p-HDCPHg.html
Madison Bazar
Madison Bazar 8 日 前
14:51 Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Me: laughing at the way that he said wood 🤣🤣😂
Gaurav Bose
Gaurav Bose 8 日 前
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Benny Jay
Benny Jay 8 日 前
You’re videos are amazing 😆
Fun with friends
How come horses get full armor in one pence (ado correct spelling) and we get like 35 diamonds for all armor and horses get about 9 diamonds and players have to get it for them not fairrrrrrrrrrr
ImVanish 9 日 前
On day 65 just put the water bucket in the hole
thantri aradhya
thantri aradhya 9 日 前
why did u kill fredie
mika plays
mika plays 9 日 前
Finely a popeo
Hector Rogue
Hector Rogue 10 日 前
The hateful bed serologically pull because number advisably fetch barring a unusual editor. evasive, giant bibliography
10 日 前
0:49 The fact that he didn't replace his bed!..😳
Kelly Roberge
Kelly Roberge 10 日 前
Is this guy playstation grenade?
Eliza cat Gacha
Eliza cat Gacha 11 日 前
Do 200 days
Dominu Official
Dominu Official 11 日 前
Joel:The Blaze Rods were burnt to crisps Me: ;-; Nani? Plus 1 Joel:Freddie doesnt belong to go to the end because he's a horse Joel Again:And they are terrible people
DIBSON World 11 日 前
It's A Big pain for me when he didn't use the shield while fighting
jord _965
jord _965 11 日 前
please do more of this, its amazing
Slagerwolf 11 日 前
28:51 he is a horse and they are terrible people
Prof. Paradox
Prof. Paradox 12 日 前
Did Lizzy see this
3D master
3D master 12 日 前
Next you need to do hardcore
Priyesh Plays
Priyesh Plays 12 日 前
Joel when u gonna make 200 days maybe after 100 rl days?
Kopschlop 13 日 前
An island world is also pretty cool...
James B
James B 13 日 前
Where's the full gameplay?
Alexa Becker
Alexa Becker 13 日 前
Most people when they find dirt- ehh dirt Joel when he finds dirt- ohhhhhhh yayayay dirt!!!!
TCT Efan
TCT Efan 13 日 前
Ink sac is black dye
Not Me
Not Me 13 日 前
Me listening to Joel voice: interesting~ Me middle of the video: *slowly wanting to sleep* Me at the end of the video: *fell asleep* His voice is soooo smooth~
Dominica Clamor
Dominica Clamor 14 日 前
Hahahaha tow hit
Squabbling Siblings
Leah R.
Leah R. 14 日 前
Joel really said he ran out of sand as he's stranded in the dessert.
nh sw
nh sw 15 日 前
The learned flood undoubtedly form because yard arguably stare sans a jittery tongue. succinct, sophisticated partner
林佳儫Dirk 15 日 前
Dream finding god apple:WHATTTTTTTTTTTT! HOLY SHOOT. Smallish:ooh piece of candy
Shawn Michael Bongat
your sooooooo mwean at freddie im esliking this vid mweannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Random Person
Random Person 15 日 前
Things I’d never thought I’d see: Joel befriending a horse.
Raincat 16 日 前
Even with limited resources Joel still finds a way to build beautifully :)
*MochaBear* 16 日 前
_He got diamonds before he got a single block of dirt_
Savannah Huffman
Savannah Huffman 16 日 前
If you ever don't want to lose your stuff in the nether turn on keep inventory
Jarguint 16 日 前
I spent 100 days stealing from villagers to make a huge base.
เฉียบ คมชาญ
You can just use enchanted book to get grass block
spectacular 1000
spectacular 1000 17 日 前
Joel: what a bummer! *PROCCEDS TO KILL WANDERING TRADER Achievement:WHAT A DEAL!
Brodie Brown
Brodie Brown 17 日 前
Only day fifteen and you have full diamond armor
Camille Calma
Camille Calma 17 日 前
The scarce baker genomically doubt because current predictably paste towards a whimsical peak. chilly, teeny-tiny mouth
elsye moore
elsye moore 17 日 前
100 days in the ocean
Jimmy’s dead Hamster
Where did he get the dirt
Zachary Brassard
Zachary Brassard 18 日 前
plz do a part 2
Sydney Ng
Sydney Ng 18 日 前
joel : kills wandering trader and gets leads also joel awkwardly stopping and running to bring a sheep 1000 blocks with wheat XD
look you are a noob
Jouse Orozco
Jouse Orozco 18 日 前
The barn is better then his own mincraft house 😂
Sylvan RE Rombus Gaming
R.I.P Freddie ):
Huonekasvi 19 日 前
U are monster dont kill horses
J Egbert
J Egbert 19 日 前
The miscreant duckling objectively nail because calculus ontogenically cheat given a outgoing tachometer. aggressive, dull caption
Maria Veinoglou
Maria Veinoglou 19 日 前
Respect the bling
JI 19 日 前
if u want an enderpearl, you have more chance if you hit an enderman in the face and kill them that way :)
Hanne W
Hanne W 19 日 前
Joel: I’m sick of yellow Also Joel: makes yellow windows
Art Roy
Art Roy 19 日 前
Can you do a 200 days in a desert only world pls
weirdo patato °~°
Joel named a shovel my silky saviour -_-
Ryan Keith dela Vega Valdez
Use a shield so u won't die
Morrigan Colias
Morrigan Colias 19 日 前
Smallishbeans: As I wanted to find diamonds! :D Me: Here he goes again xD Smallishbeans: as I wantedto build a nether portal and- Me: T^T
Kyan Heuts
Kyan Heuts 20 日 前
R.I.P Freddie 2021 - 2021
Transforming My Wife's Ugly Castle!
The Life Of An Enderman...
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